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adh-Dhariyat (The Winnowing Winds, The Scatterers)
as rendered by Ahmed Ali
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Ahmed Ali rendition of Surah The Winnowing Winds, The Scatterers(adh-Dhariyat)
51:1 I CALL TO witness those who scatter (dust) by dispersing
51:2 And those who bear the load (of rain)
51:3 And those who move (on the water) gently
51:4 And those who distribute (it) by command
51:5 Verily the promise made to you is true
51:6 The Judgement will indeed take place
51:7 The heavens webbed-with-tracks is witnes
51:8 You are surely caught in contradictions.
51:9 From which only he turns who is turned away
51:10 Perish will those who just guess and speculate
51:11 Who are lost in deception
51:12 They ask: "When is the Day of Judgement?" -
51:13 The day they will be burnt in the Fire
51:14 (And told:) "Taste your punishment. This is what you were trying to hasten."
51:15 Surely those who fear God and follow the straight path will be amidst gardens and fresh springs of water
51:16 Receiving what is given them by their Lord. They were surely the virtuous before this
51:17 They slept little in the night
51:18 And every morning asked forgiveness
51:19 In whose wealth the suppliant and the deprived had a share
51:20 There are signs in the earth for those who are firm in their faith
51:21 And within yourselves. Can you not perceive
51:22 There is in the heavens your sustenance, and whatever has been promised you
51:23 By the Lord of the heavens and the earth, this is certainly true even as you speak
51:24 Has the story of Abraham's honoured guests come to you
51:25 When they came to him, they said: "Peace." He answered: "Peace." They were a people he did not recognise
51:26 So he hurried to the house and brought a fatted calf
51:27 And placing it before them said: "Won't you eat?"
51:28 He felt afraid of them; but they said: "Have no fear," and gave him the good news of a wise son
51:29 His wife came out lamenting, striking her forehead, and said: "I, am old and barren woman?"
51:30 They said: "Thus said your Lord. He is indeed all-wise and all-knowing."
51:31 He said: "What is then your business, O messengers?"
51:32 They said: "We have been sent to a wicked peopl
51:33 So as to let loose clods of clay on the
51:34 Marked by your Lord for those who waste their substance."
51:35 So We evacuated everyone who was a believer there
51:36 But did not find more than a single family of believers
51:37 We left a sign in this for those who fear the grievous punishment
51:38 As (there was) in Moses when We sent him to the Pharaoh with clear authority
51:39 But he turned to his counsellors, and said: "He is a magician or lunatic."
51:40 So We seized him and his armies, and threw them into the sea, for he was worthy of blame
51:41 In 'Ad (also is a sign), when We sent a blasting wind against them
51:42 Which turned everything it touched to ashes
51:43 And in Thamud, when We said to them: "Enjoy yourselves for a while;"
51:44 But they disobeyed the command of their Lord; so they were destroyed by a thunderbolt, and they could only gape
51:45 And neither stand up nor defend themselves
51:46 (So had We destroyed) the people of Noah before them: They were surely a sinful people
51:47 We built the heavens by Our authority; and We are the Lord of power and expanse
51:48 We spread the earth a carpet; what comfort We provide
51:49 And We created pairs of everything that you may contemplate
51:50 So turn to God. I give you a clear warning from Him
51:51 Do not set up another god with God. I give you a clear warning from Him
51:52 Even thus no apostle came to those before them but they said: "He is a sorcerer or a mad man."
51:53 Is this the legacy they have passed down from one to the other? In fact, they are a rebellious people
51:54 Turn away from them. You will not be blamed
51:55 But go on reminding them, as reminding benefits the believers
51:56 I have not created the jinns and men but to worship Me
51:57 I want no sustenance from them nor do I want them to feed Me
51:58 God is certainly the great provider, Lord of strength and power
51:59 Those who do wrong will indeed come to the same end as their fellows (of old). So let them not ask Me to hasten (the punishment)
51:60 Alas the woe for those who refuse to believe in the Day which has been promised them


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