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adh-Dhariyat (The Winnowing Winds, The Scatterers)
as rendered by Dr. Laleh Bakhtiar
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Dr. Laleh Bakhtiar rendition of Surah The Winnowing Winds, The Scatterers(adh-Dhariyat)
51:1 By the winnowing winds of ones that winnow
51:2 by the burden-bearers, the ones who carry a heavy burden
51:3 and the ones that run with ease
51:4 and the ones who distribute the command,
51:5 truly, what you are promised is that which is sincere.
51:6 And, truly, the judgment is that which falls.
51:7 By the heaven that is full of tracks,
51:8 you are ones who are at variance in your sayings.
51:9 He is misled there by he who was misled.
51:10 Perdition to those who guess,
51:11 ones who are inattentive because of obstinacy.
51:12 They ask: When will the Day of Judgment be?
51:13 A Day when they are tried over the fire:
51:14 Experience your test. This is that for which you had been seeking to hasten.
51:15 Truly, the ones who are Godfearing will be in the Garden and springs,
51:16 ones who take what their Lord gave them. Truly, they had been before this—ones who are doers of good.
51:17 They had been slumbering little during the night.
51:18 And at the breaking of the day, they ask for forgiveness.
51:19 And there is an obligation from their wealth for the one who begs and the one who is deprived.
51:20 On the earth are signs, for the ones that are certain
51:21 and in yourselves. Will you not, then, perceive?
51:22 And in the heaven is your provision as you are promised
51:23 by the Lord of the heaven and the earth. It is, truly, The Truth just as you yourselves speak.
51:24 Truly, approached thee the discourse of guests of Abraham, the ones who are honored?
51:25 When they entered to him they said: Peace. He said: Peace, to a folk, ones who are unknown.
51:26 Then, he turned upon his people and brought about a fattened calf
51:27 so he brought it near to them. He said: Will you not eat?
51:28 Then, he sensed a fear of them; they said: Be not in awe. They gave him good tidings of a knowing boy.
51:29 Then, his woman came forward with a loud cry. She slapped her face and said: I am an old barren woman!
51:30 They said: Thus, spoke thy Lord. Truly, He is The Wise, The Knowing.
51:31 Abraham said: O ones who are sent, what is your business?
51:32 They said: That we were sent to a folk, ones who sin,
51:33 to send on them rocks of clay,
51:34 ones distinguished by thy Lord for ones who are excessive.
51:35 So We brought out whoever had been in it of the ones who believe.
51:36 But We found in it nothing but a house of ones who submit to God.
51:37 And We left a sign in it for those who fear the painful punishment.
51:38 And in Moses, then, We sent him to Pharaoh with a clear authority.
51:39 Then, Pharaoh turned away to his court. He said: One who is a sorcerer, one who is possessed!
51:40 So We took him and his armies and cast them forth into the water of the sea and he is one who is answerable.
51:41 And in Ad, when We sent against them the withering wind.
51:42 It forsakes not anything it approached, but made it like it was decayed.
51:43 And in Thamud, when it was said to them: Take joy for a while.
51:44 Yet they defied the command of their Lord so the thunderbolt took them while they look on.
51:45 They were neither able to stand up nor had they been ones who are aided.
51:46 And the folk of Noah from before. Truly, they had been a folk, ones who disobey.
51:47 And We built the heaven with potency. And, truly, We are ones who extend wide.
51:48 And the earth, We spread it forth. How excellent are the ones who spread!
51:49 And of everything We created pairs so that perhaps you will recollect.
51:50 So run away towards God. Truly, I am to you a clear warner from Him.
51:51 And make not with God any other god. Truly, I am to you a clear warner from Him.
51:52 There approached not those who were before them any Messenger but that they said: One who is a sorcerer or one who is possessed!
51:53 Counseled they this to one another? Nay! They are a folk, ones who are defiant!
51:54 So turn thou away from them that thou be not one who is reproached.
51:55 And remind, for, truly, the reminder profits the ones who believe.
51:56 And I created not jinn and humankind but that they worship Me.
51:57 I want no provision from them nor want I that they feed Me.
51:58 Truly, God, He is The Provider, The Possessor of Strength, The Sure.
51:59 And, truly, the impiety of those who did wrong is like the impiety of their companions. So let them not seek to hasten the Judgment.
51:60 Then, woe to those who disbelieved in that Day of theirs that they are promised.


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