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adh-Dhariyat (The Winnowing Winds, The Scatterers)
as rendered by George Sale
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George Sale rendition of Surah The Winnowing Winds, The Scatterers(adh-Dhariyat)
51:1 By the winds dispersing and scattering the dust
51:2 and by the clouds bearing a load of rain
51:3 by the ships running swiftly in the sea
51:4 and by the angels who distribute things necessary for the support of all creatures
51:5 Verily that wherewith ye are threatened is certainly true
51:6 and the last judgment will surely come
51:7 By the heaven furnished with paths
51:8 ye widely differ in what ye say
51:9 He will be turned aside from the faith, who shall be turned aside by the divine decree
51:10 Cursed be the liars
51:11 who wade in deep waters of ignorance, neglecting their salvation
51:12 They ask, when will the day of judgment come
51:13 On that day shall they be burned in hell fire
51:14 and it shall be said unto them, taste your punishment; this is what ye demanded to be hastened
51:15 But the pious shall dwell among gardens and fountains
51:16 receiving that which their Lord shall give them; because they were righteous doers before this day
51:17 They slept but a small part of the night
51:18 and early in the morning they asked pardon of God
51:19 And a due portion of their wealth was given unto him who asked, and unto him who was forbidden by shame to ask
51:20 There are signs of the divine power and goodness in the earth, unto men of sound understanding
51:21 and also in your own selves: Will ye not therefore consider
51:22 Your sustenance is in the heaven; and also that which ye are promised
51:23 Wherefore by the Lord of heaven and earth I swear that this is certainly the truth; according to what yourselves speak
51:24 Hath not the story of Abraham's honoured guests come to thy knowledge
51:25 When they went in unto him, and said, peace: He answered, peace; saying within himself, these are unknown people
51:26 And he went privately unto his family, and brought a fatted calf
51:27 And he set it before them, and when he saw they touched it not, he said, do ye not eat
51:28 And he began to entertain a fear of them. They said, fear not: And they declared unto him the promise of a wise youth
51:29 And his wife drew near with exclamation, and she smote her face, and said, I am an old woman, and barren
51:30 The angels answered, thus saith thy Lord: Verily He is the wise, the knowing
51:31 And Abraham said unto them, what is your errand, therefore O messengers of God
51:32 They answered, verily we are sent unto a wicked people
51:33 That we may send down upon them stones of baked clay
51:34 marked from thy Lord, for the destruction of transgressors
51:35 And we brought forth the true believers who were in the city
51:36 But we found not therein more than one family of Moslems
51:37 And we overthrew the same, and left a sign therein unto those who dread the severe chastisement of God
51:38 In Moses also was a sign: When We sent him unto Pharaoh with manifest power
51:39 But he turned back, with his princes, saying, this man is a sorcerer, or a madman
51:40 Wherefore We took him and his forces, and cast them into the sea: And he was one worthy of reprehension
51:41 And in the tribe of Ad also was a sign: When We sent against them a destroying wind
51:42 it touched not ought, whereon it came, but it rendered the same as a thing rotten and reduced to dust
51:43 In Thamud likewise was a sign: When it was said unto them, enjoy yourselves for a time
51:44 But they insolently transgressed the command of their Lord: Wherefore a terrible noise from heaven assailed them, while they looked on
51:45 and they were not able to stand on their feet, neither did they save themselves from destruction
51:46 And the people of Noah did We destroy before these: For they were a people who enormously transgressed
51:47 We have built the heaven with might; and We have given it a large extent
51:48 And We have stretched forth the earth beneath; and how evenly have We spread the same
51:49 And of every thing have We created two kinds, that peradventure ye may consider
51:50 Fly, therefore, unto God; verily I am a public warner unto you, from Him
51:51 And set not up another god with the true God: Verily I am a public warner unto you, from Him
51:52 In like manner there came no apostle unto their predecessors, but they said, this man is a magician, or a madman
51:53 Have they bequeathed this behaviour successively the one to the other? Yea; they are a people who enormously transgress
51:54 Wherefore withdraw from them; and thou shalt not be blameworthy in so doing
51:55 Yet continue to admonish: For admonition profiteth the true believers
51:56 I have not created genii and men for any other end than that they should serve Me
51:57 I require not any sustenance from them; neither will I that they feed Me
51:58 Verily God is He who provideth for all creatures; possessed of mighty power
51:59 Unto those who shall injure our apostle shall be given a portion like unto the portion of those who behaved like them in times past; and they shall not wish the same to be hastened
51:60 Woe, therefore, to the unbelievers, because of their day with which they are threatened


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