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adh-Dhariyat 51:59 

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Arabic Source
Arabic فَإِنَّ لِلَّذِينَ ظَلَمُوا ذَنُوبًا مِّثْلَ ذَنُوبِ أَصْحَابِهِمْ فَلَا يَسْتَعْجِلُون zoom

EnglishTransliterationArabicArabic RootAudio
So indeed,fa-innaفَإِنَّا ن ن
for those wholilladhīnaلِلَّذِينَا ل ل ذ ى
do wrong,ẓalamūظَلَمُواظ ل م
(is) a portiondhanūbanذَنُوبًاذ ن ب
likemith'laمِثْلَم ث ل
(the) portiondhanūbiذَنُوبِذ ن ب
(of) their companions,aṣḥābihimأَصْحَابِهِمْص ح ب
so not falāفَلَال ا
let them ask Me to hasten.yastaʿjilūniيَسْتَعْجِلُونِع ج ل
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