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Muhammad (Muhammad)
as rendered by Muhammad Mahmoud Ghali
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Muhammad Mahmoud Ghali rendition of Surah Muhammad(Muhammad)
47:1 The ones who have disbelieved and barred from the way of Allah, (He) will make their deeds to err away
47:2 And the ones who have believed and done deeds of righteousness and have believed in what has been successively sent down upon Muhammad-and it is the Truth from their Lord-He will expiate for them their odious deeds and will make righteous their state
47:3 That is because the ones who have disbelieved have closely followed untruth and the ones who have believed have closely followed the Truth from their Lord. Thus Allah strikes their similitudes for mankind
47:4 So when you meet the ones who have disbelieved, then it is striking of the necks until, when you have subjugated (Wrongly understood by Arberry and others to mean "slaughter") them, then uphold the bonds; (i.e., take them captives) then (it is) either being bounteous (i.e., "showing" bounty by setting them free) hereafter (to them), or (exacting) ransom, until the war lays down its encumbrances. So it shall be; and if Allah had (so) decided, He would have vindicated Himself upon them; but that He may try some of you by means of others (Literally: by means of some "others"). And the ones who have been killed in the way of Allah, then He will never send their deeds into error
47:5 He will soon guide them and make righteous their state
47:6 And He will cause them to enter the Garden that He has acquainted them with
47:7 O you who have believed, in case you vindicate Allah, He will give you victory and confirm your feet (i.e., give you victory)
47:8 And the ones who have disbelieved, then misfortune is for them, and He will make their deeds to err away
47:9 That is for that they hate what Allah has sent down, so He has frustrated their deeds
47:10 Then have they not traveled in the earth (and) so looked into how was the end of the ones even before them? Allah destroyed (their houses) above them, and the disbelievers will have the likes thereof
47:11 That is for that Allah is the Supreme Patronizer of the ones who have believed and (for) that the disbelievers have no patronizer
47:12 Surely Allah will cause the ones who have believed and done deeds of righteousness to enter Gardens from beneath which rivers run; and the ones who have disbelieved take their enjoyment and eat even as cattle (Ancam includes cattle, camels, sheep and goats) eat; and the Fire will be their lodging
47:13 And (similarly) how many a town that was more valiant in power than your town, which has driven you out, have We caused to perish! So there was no vindicator for them
47:14 Then is he who is upon a supreme evidence from his Lord like him whose odious deeds have been adorned (i.e., made attractive) for him, and (such as) have closely followed their prejudices
47:15 (This) is the similitude of the Garden which the pious have been promised; therein are rivers of water not staling, and rivers of milk that does not change in taste, and rivers of wine- a delicious (drink) to the drinkers- and rivers of honey unadulterated; (Literally: carefully selected; clear; limpid, strained) and therein for them are all kinds of products, (i.e., fruits) and forgiveness from their Lord. Are they as he who is eternally (abiding) in the Fire, such as are made to drink scalding water so it cuts up their bowels
47:16 And among them are (the ones) who listen to you, until, when they go out of your presence, they say to (the ones) to whom was brought knowledge, "What did he say just now?" Those are they upon whose hearts Allah has stamped, (i.e., impressed or set a seal) and they have closely followed their prejudices
47:17 And (the ones) who have been guided (aright), (He) increases them in guidance and brings them their piety
47:18 Are they then looking for (anything) except the Hour, that it will come up to them suddenly? Then its portents have already come, so however (will they believe) when their Reminding comes to them
47:19 So know that there is no god except Allah, and ask forgiveness for your guilty deed, and for the male believers and female believers; and Allah knows your moving about and your lodging
47:20 And the ones who have believed say, "Had a s?rah been successively sent down!" Then, when a clear s?rah is sent down, and therein fighting is mentioned, you see the ones in whose hearts is sickness looking at you with the look of one enveloped by the swooning of death; yet worthier of them would be
47:21 Obedience and beneficent saying. Then, when the Command is resolved, then if they were sincere to Allah, indeed it would be more charitable (i.e., better) for them
47:22 Then, in case you turn away, might it be that you corrupt in the earth and sever your bonds of kin
47:23 Those are they whom Allah has cursed; so He made them deaf and blinded their be holdings (i.e., eyesight "s")
47:24 Will they then not contemplate the Qur'an? Or are there locks upon (their) hearts
47:25 Surely the ones who have turned back in their traces even after the guidance has become evident to them, Ash-Shaytan (The ever-vicious) has incited them and Allah) has reprieved them
47:26 That is for that they said to the ones who hate what Allah has been successively sending down, "We will soon obey you in some of the Command." And Allah knows their secret (talk)
47:27 So how will it be when the Angels take them up, striking their faces and their hind parts
47:28 That is for that they have closely followed what causes wrath from Allah and hated His all-blessed Satisfaction; so He frustrated their deeds
47:29 Or (even) did the ones in whose hearts is sickness reckon that Allah would never bring out their malice
47:30 And if We had (so) decided, We would indeed have shown them to you. Then you would indeed recognize them by their marks, and indeed you would definitely know them by the distortion in their saying, and Allah knows your deeds
47:31 And indeed We will definitely try you until We know the ones of you who strive and the ones who are (steadfastly) patient and (we will) try your tidings (i.e., test your news to see who is a liar)
47:32 Surely the ones who have disbelieved and barred from the way of Allah and opposed the Messenger even after the guidance has become evident to them, they will never harm Allah anything, and He will soon frustrate their deeds
47:33 O you who have believed, obey Allah, and obey the Messenger, and do not void your deeds
47:34 Surely the ones who have disbelieved and barred from the way of Allah, thereafter die (while) they are steadfast disbelievers, then Allah will never forgive them
47:35 So do not feel feeble and call for (your) submission while (Literally: and) you are the most exalted ones; and Allah is with you, and He will never divest you of your deeds
47:36 Surely the present life (Literally: the lowly life, i.e., the life of this world) is only playing and diversion; and in case you believe and be pious, He will bring you your rewards and will not ask of you your riches
47:37 In case He asks you for them, and so importune you, you would be miserly, and He would bring out your malice
47:38 Now, you are these called to expend in the way of Allah. Then among you (some) are miserly; and whoever is miserly, then he is miserly only upon himself. And Allah is the Ever-Affluent, (Literally: Ever-Rich) and you are the poor ones. And in case you turn away, He will (readily) exchange you for another people; thereafter they will not be your likes


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