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al-Jathiyah (The Kneeling, Crouching)
as rendered by T.B.Irving
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T.B.Irving rendition of Surah The Kneeling, Crouching(al-Jathiyah)
45:1 H.M.
45:2 The revelation of the Book [happens] through God, the Powerful, the Wise;
45:3 there are signs in Heaven and Earth for believers.
45:4 In your own creation as well as how animals are propagated there are signs for folk who are convinced.
45:5 The alternation of night and daylight, and any sustenance God sends down from the sky with which He revives the earth after its death, and the wheeling of the winds are signs for folk who use their reason.
45:6 Those are God´s signs which We recite to you for the Truth, so in what report will you believe if not in God and His signs?
45:7 How awful will it be for every shamming sinner
45:8 who hears God´s signs recited to him, then proudly persists as if he had never heard them. Announce some painful torment to him!
45:9 Whenever he learns anything about Our signs, he takes them as a joke. Those shall have shameful torment:
45:10 beyond them there lies Hell. Anything they have earned will not help them out at all, nor will anything they have adopted as patrons instead of God, They will have awful torment!
45:11 This means guidance, while those who disbelieve in your Lord´s signs will have painful punishment as a blight.
45:12 God is the One Who has subjected the sea to you, so that ships may sail on it at His command and you may seek His bounty and even feel grateful,
45:13 He has subjected whatever is in Heaven and whatever is on Earth to you; it all comes from Him. In that are signs for folk who think things over.
45:14 Tell those who believe to forgive the ones who do not expect [to see] God´s days, so He may reward a folk according to whatever it has earned.
45:15 Anyone who acts honorably, acts on his own behalf; while whoever commits evil will find it stands against him; then to Lord shall you (all) return.
45:16 We already gave the Children of Israel the Book, discretion and prophethood, and We provided them with wholesome things and let excel over [everyone in] the Universe.
45:17 We gave them explanations about the Matter. They only disagreed after knowledge had come to them, out of envy towards one another. Your Lord will judge among them on Resurrection Day concerning anything they may have been differing over.
45:18 Next We placed you on a highroad [to receive] the command, so follow along it and do not follow the whims of those who do not know.
45:19 They will never help you out in any way against God; some wrongdoers act as patrons for others, while God is Patron of those who do their duty.
45:20 These are insights for mankind, as well as guidance and mercy for folk who are convinced.
45:21 Or do those who commit evil deeds reckon that We will treat them exactly like those who believe and perform honorable actions, just as if their mode of living and their way of dying were equivalent? How lamely do they judge!
45:22 God has created Heaven and Earth for a true purpose, and so every soul may be rewarded for whatever it has earned, and they will not be harmed.
45:23 Have you seen someone who has taken his passion as his god? God knowingly lets him go astray and seals off his hearing and his heart, and places a covering over his eyesight. Who will guide him instead of God? Will you not reflect [on this]?
45:24 They say: "Nothing exists except our worldly life! We die and live, and only fate destroys us?" They have no knowledge about that; they are only supposing.
45:25 Whenever Our clear verses are recited to them, their argument is merely to say: "Bring back our forefathers if you are so truthful."
45:26 SAY: "God gives you life; then brings you death. Next He will bring you (all) together on Resurrection Day; there is no doubt about it." Yet most men do not realize it.
45:27 God holds control over Heaven and Earth, and the day when the Hour will take place. On that day, quibblers will lose out!
45:28 You will see, every nation crouching; each nation will be called [to appear] before its book: "Today you will be rewarded for whatever you have been doing.
45:29 This book of Ours will pronounce the Truth about you; We have been recording whatever you have been doing."
45:30 Their Lord will admit those into His mercy who believe and perform honorable deeds; that will be the clear Achievement.
45:31 As for the ones who disbelieve: "Were not My signs recited to you, and yet you acted proudly and were such criminal folk?
45:32 When someone said that God´s promise is true and there is no doubt about the Hour, you (all) said: ´We do not know what the Hour is. We are only making a conjecture, and we are not convinced!´"
45:33 The evil deeds they have committed will appear before them while whatever they were joking about will sweep in around them.
45:34 Someone will say: ´Today we shall forget you just as you forgot about a Meeting on this day of yours. Your lodging will be the Fire; you have no supporters!
45:35 That is because you took God´s signs for a joke. Worldly life has lured you on." Today they will not be allowed to leave there nor will they be permitted to argue back.
45:36 Yet God merits praise as Lord of Heaven and Lord of Earth; even as Lord of the Universe!
45:37 He holds greatness in Heaven and Earth; He is the Powerful, the Wise!


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