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ad-Dukhan (Smoke, The Evident Smoke)
as rendered by The Study Quran
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The Study Quran rendition of Surah Smoke, The Evident Smoke(ad-Dukhan)
44:1 ?a. Mim
44:2 By the clear Book
44:3 truly We sent it down on a blessed night—truly We are ever warning
44:4 Therein every wise command is made distinct
44:5 as a command from Us—truly We are ever sending
44:6 as a mercy from thy Lord. Truly He is the Hearing, the Knowing
44:7 Lord of the heavens and the earth and whatsoever is between them; would that you were certain
44:8 There is no god but He; He gives life and causes death, your Lord and the Lord of your fathers of old
44:9 Nay, but they are playing in doubt
44:10 So keep watch for a day when the sky brings forth manifest smoke
44:11 covering the people. This is a painful punishment
44:12 “Our Lord! Remove from us the punishment; truly we are believers.
44:13 How can there be a reminder for them, when a clear messenger had come to them
44:14 Then they turned away from him and said, “He is taught, possessed.
44:15 We shall indeed remove the punishment a little. Surely you will revert
44:16 On the Day when We strike with a terrible striking, surely We are vengeful
44:17 And indeed We tried the people of Pharaoh before them, and a noble messenger came unto them
44:18 “Deliver God’s servants unto me! Truly I am a trustworthy messenger unto you
44:19 And rise not against God; surely I have come to you with a manifest authority
44:20 Truly I seek refuge in my Lord and your Lord, lest you stone me
44:21 But if you believe me not, then keep away from me.
44:22 Then he called unto his Lord, “These are a guilty people.
44:23 “Set forth with My servants by night; you will indeed be pursued
44:24 And leave the sea at rest; truly they will be a drowned host.
44:25 How many gardens and springs did they leave behind
44:26 sown fields and a noble dwelling
44:27 and prosperity in which they rejoiced
44:28 Thus it was. And We bequeathed it unto another people
44:29 Neither Heaven nor earth wept for them, nor were they granted respite
44:30 And We delivered the Children of Israel from a humiliating punishment
44:31 from Pharaoh. Truly he was foremost among the prodigal
44:32 We knowingly chose them over the worlds
44:33 And We gave them signs wherein was a manifest trial
44:34 Truly these say
44:35 “There is naught but our first death, and we shall not be resurrected
44:36 Bring us our fathers, if you are truthful.
44:37 Are they better, or the people of Tubba? and those before them? We destroyed them. Truly they were guilty
44:38 And We did not create the heavens and the earth and whatsoever is between them in play
44:39 We did not create them, save in truth. But most of them know not
44:40 Truly the Day of Division is their tryst, all together
44:41 The Day when no friend will avail a friend in any way, nor will they be helped
44:42 save him unto whom God has been merciful. Truly He is the Mighty, the Merciful
44:43 Truly the tree of Zaqqu
44:44 is the food of the sinner
44:45 like molten lead boiling in their bellies
44:46 like the boiling of boiling liquid
44:47 “Seize him and thrust him into the midst of Hellfire
44:48 Then pour the punishment of boiling liquid upon his head.
44:49 “Taste! Surely you are the mighty, the noble
44:50 This is that which you used to doubt.
44:51 Truly the reverent are in a station secure
44:52 amid gardens and springs
44:53 wearing fine silk and rich brocade, facing one another
44:54 Thus it is. And We shall wed them to wide-eyed maidens
44:55 Therein they call for every fruit, secure
44:56 They taste not death therein, save the first death. And He will shield them from the punishment of Hellfire
44:57 a bounty from thy Lord; that is the great triumph
44:58 We have only made this easy upon thy tongue, that haply they may remember
44:59 So be on the watch, for they, too, are on the watch


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