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Fussilat (Explained in Detail, Revelations Well Expounded)
as rendered by Mohammad Shafi
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Mohammad Shafi rendition of Surah Explained in Detail, Revelations Well Expounded(Fussilat)
41:1 Ha Mi
41:2 [This is] sent down from the Gracious, the Merciful
41:3 [It is] a Book with its Verses well explained, [and it is] a recitation in Arabic for people with knowledge
41:4 Heralding good news and giving warnings. And most of them turn away and listen not
41:5 And they say, "Our minds are immune to what you call us to, our ears are deaf thereto, and there is a barrier between us and you. So you act your way, we do indeed act our way."
41:6 Say, "Although I am a man like you, it is revealed to me that the Entity worthy of worship by all of you is One and only One. So take the straight path to Him, and ask for gorgiveness of Him. And woe to all those who worship others besides Allah."
41:7 "Those that do not give the Zakaat, and do not believe in the Hereafter."
41:8 Those indeed that believe and do righteous deeds, those will have an uninterrupted reward
41:9 Say, "Do you really deny Him Who created the earth in two spans of time, and set up equals to Him — Him, the Lord of all the worlds!?"
41:10 "And, in four spans of time, He placed firm mountains rising above its surface, blessed it with plenty and growth, and ingrained within itself its provisions, sufficient for all needs. "
41:11 "Then He turned to the heaven, and it was all smoke. And He said to it and to the earth, `Come you both, willingly or unwillingly!' They both said, `We do willingly come.'"
41:12 Then He decreed it to become seven heavens in two spans of time, and ingrained in every heaven its function. And We adorned the nearest heaven with lamps (stars), and set it up as a guard (to protect the earth and life thereon). This is how the One Omnipotent, All-knowing has decreed
41:13 If even then they turn away, tell them, "I forewarn you of a thunderbolt like the one that struck (the ancient people of) AAad and Thamood."
41:14 When the Messengers came to them or to those who lived before or after them asking them not to worship any one but Allah, they all said, "If our Lord had so pleased He would certainly have sent the angels down. So we do indeed reject what you are sent with."
41:15 So as regards AAad, they unjustly turned arrogant on earth, and said, "Are there any people stronger than us?" Did they not see that Allah Who created them was far greater in power than they? Yet they arrogantly denied Our signs
41:16 Then We let loose on them a blowing wind for several calamitous days to make them taste a disgraceful punishment here in this world. And the punishment in the Hereafter will be far more disgraceful! And they will have none to help them
41:17 And as regards Thamood, We did give them guidance, but they loved blindness over guidance! Then the thunderbolt of a humiliating punishment seized them because of what they earned
41:18 And We saved those who believed and were pious
41:19 And the Day Allah's enemies are gathered at the Fire and are then set in rows
41:20 By the time they reach it (Fire), their ears and eyes and skins would have testified to what they had done
41:21 And they ask their skins, "Why did you testify against us?" They reply, "Allah — who gave all things the power of speech — made us speak. It is He who created you the first time, and to Him you will return."
41:22 You could never prevent your ears or eyes or skins from testifying against you. And you thought that Allah was mostly unaware of what you did
41:23 It is this false notion you had of your Lord that ruined you, and you find yourselves among those doomed
41:24 Whether they patiently bear their suffering or not, they shall continue to abide is Hell! And if they beg for favour, they shall not be among the recepients thereof
41:25 And We had assigned to them companions who made their present and their past look good to them. And the fate that had once befallen the communities of jinns and men before them befell upon them. They were indeed doomed
41:26 And those that suppress the Truth say, "Do not listen to this Qur'an, and insert frivolities in it, so that you may prevail over the believers."
41:27 We shall make all those who suppress the Truth taste the severe punishment, and pay them back for the evil that they had perpetrated
41:28 This — the Hell — is the requital for Allah's enemies. They will have therein their eternal home, as punishment for arrogantly denying Our signs
41:29 Those who had suppressed the Truth will say, "O Lord! Show us those among the jinns and human beings who had led us astray that we may trample them under our feet to render them among the lowliest of creatures."
41:30 Those indeed who say `Allah is Our Lord' and then remain steadfast, the angels come down to them saying, "Fear not, nor regret, but rejoice in the glad news of Paradise that has been promised to you!"
41:31 "We are your close friends in this life and in the Hereafter. And in the Hereafter, you will get whatever you desire, and you will have therein whatsoever you ask for"
41:32 "As gift from the One forgiving, merciful."
41:33 And who speaks better than one who calls to God, does things righteously, and says, "I am indeed among those who submit to Allah?"
41:34 And good and evil are not alike. Repel evil with what is good. Then one, between whom and you there was enmity, will be like a close friend
41:35 And it is granted to none but those who exercise patience. And it is granted to none but those with a great endowment
41:36 And if a mischief from the Satan affects you, seek refuge in Allah. HE is indeed the One who hears, knows
41:37 And some signs of His are the night, the day, the sun and the moon. Prostrate not to the sun and the moon, and prostrate to Allah who created them, if you do truly worship Him
41:38 But if they [Allah's subjects] are too arrogant to worship Him, then those that are close to your Lord do never get weary of singing His praises night and day
41:39 And it is among His signs that the barren earth you see begins to stir and sprout when We send down rain upon it. He who gives it life will indeed also give life to the dead. He indeed has power over everything
41:40 Those that effect distortion in Our Verses — they indeed are not hidden from Us! Who then is better: he who will be cast into Hell, or he who will come out safe on the Day of Resurrection? Do whatever you want; He does indeed see whatever you do
41:41 Those that suppress the Reminder (Qur'aan) when it has come to them! It is certainly indeed a powerful Book
41:42 Falsehood can enter it neither overtly nor covertly. It is a revelation sent down from One, wise and praiseworthy
41:43 You have been told nothing but what was told to other Messengers before you. Your Lord is certainly indeed full of forgiveness, but also capable of giving severe punishment
41:44 And had We made it a Qur'aan in a non-Arab tongue, they would surely have said, "Why are its Verses not explained clearly — non-Arabic into Arabic?" Say, "It is guidance and cure for those who believe; and for those who do not believe, their ears are deaf thereto and their eyes blind. They are those to whom one calls from a place far away."
41:45 And We did give Moses the Book; but differences were created therein. And had the Word of your Lord not preceded it, matters would have been settled then and there among them. They are deeply in doubt and suspicion about it
41:46 If one does a good deed, one does it for oneself. And if one does a bad deed, one bears its consequence oneself. And your Lord is not cruel to His subjects
41:47 To Him goes back the knowledge of the Hour (the time when the present world will end and the Hereafter begin). No fruit comes out of its spathe, no female conceives or gives birth, but with His knowledge. And that Day He will call them out, "Where are those whom you worshipped besides Me?" They will answer, "We confess to You none of us has seen them!"
41:48 And those they prayed to before, will desert them. And they will realise there is no place for them to escape to
41:49 Man never tires of praying for good. And if evil befalls him he gives up all hope
41:50 And if We let him have a taste of Our mercy after some distress had afflicted him, he says, "It was my due. I do not think the Hour will ever happen. And even if I am sent back to my Lord, there will surely still be the best for me with Him." We shall tell those who suppress the Truth what they used to do, and make them suffer severe punishment
41:51 And when We shower Our favours upon man he keeps himself arrogantly aloof. And when anything bad happens to him, he prays a great deal
41:52 Say, "Do you see if this is from Allah and you deny it, would there be anyone more astray than he who is in such extreme rebellion?"
41:53 We will show Our signs to them in the wide world outside and within themselves, until it becomes clear to them that it (Qur'aan) is the truth. Is it not sufficient that your Lord is Witness over all things
41:54 Beware! They are indeed in doubt concerning their meeting their Lord. Beware! He does indeed encompass all things


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