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Fussilat (Explained in Detail, Revelations Well Expounded)
as rendered by Sher Ali
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Sher Ali rendition of Surah Explained in Detail, Revelations Well Expounded(Fussilat)
41:1 Ha Mim
41:2 This Qur'an is a revelation from the Gracious, the Merciful God
41:3 A Book, the verses of which have been expounded in detail and which will be repeatedly read, couched in clear, eloquent language, for a people who have knowledge
41:4 A bringer of glad tidings and a warner. But most of them turn away and they hear not
41:5 And they say, `Our hearts are secure under coverings against that which thou callest us, and in our ears there is a heaviness, and between us and thee is a veil. So carry on thy work; we, too, are working.
41:6 Say, `I am only a mortal like you. It is revealed to me that your god is One God; so go ye straight to HIM without deviating, and ask forgiveness of HIM.' And woe to the idolaters
41:7 Who give not the Zakat, and they it is who disbelieve in the Hereafter
41:8 As to those who believe and do righteous deeds, for them, surely, is a reward that will never end
41:9 Say, `Do you really disbelieve in HIM Who created the earth in two days? And do you set up equals to HIM?' That is the Lord of the worlds
41:10 HE placed therein firm mountains rising above its surface, and blessed it with abundance, and provided therein its foods in proper measure in four days - alike for all seekers
41:11 Then HE turned to the heaven, while it was something like smoke, and said to it and to the earth; `Come ye both of you in obedience, willingly or unwillingly.' They said, `We come willingly.
41:12 So HE completed them in the form of seven heavens in two days, and HE revealed to each heaven its function. And WE adorned the lowest heaven with lamps for light and provided it with the means of protection. That is the decree of the Mighty, the All-Knowing
41:13 But if they turn away, then say, `I warn you of a destructive punishment like the punishment which overtook Ad and Thamud.
41:14 When their Messengers came to them before them and from behind them, admonishing them, `Worship none but ALLAH,' they said, `If our Lord had so willed, HE would, certainly, have sent down angels. So we do disbelieve in that with which you have been sent.
41:15 As for Ad, they behaved arrogantly in the earth without justification and said, `Who is mightier than we in power?' Do they not see that ALLAH, Who created them, is mightier than they in power? Still they continued to deny Our Signs
41:16 So WE sent upon them a furious wind for several ominous days, that WE might make them taste the punishment of humiliation in this life. And the punishment of the Hereafter will, surely, be more humiliating, and they will not be helped
41:17 And as for Thamud, WE guided them, but they preferred blindness to guidance, so the calamity of a humiliating punishment seized them, on account of what they had earned
41:18 And WE saved those who believed and acted righteously
41:19 And warn them of the day when the enemies of ALLAH will be gathered together and driven to the Fire, and they will be divided into groups
41:20 Till when they reach it, their ears and their eyes and their skins will bear witness against them as to what they had been doing
41:21 And they will say to their skins, `Why have you borne witness against us?' They will say, `ALLAH has made us speak as HE has made everything else speak. And HE it is Who created you the first time, and unto HIM have you been brought back
41:22 `And you did not apprehend, while committing sins, that your ears and your eyes and your skins would bear witness against you; nay, you thought that even ALLAH did not know much of what you used to do
41:23 `And that thought of yours, which you entertained concerning your Lord, has ruined you. So now you have become of those who are lost.
41:24 Now if they can endure, the Fire is their abode; and if they ask for favour, they are not of those whom favour will be shown
41:25 And we had assigned to them companions who made to appear attractive to them what was before them and what was behind them of their deeds, and the same sentence was proved true concerning them as had proved true concerning the communities of jinn and men that had gone before them. Surely, they were the losers
41:26 And those who disbelieve say, `Listen not to this Qur'an, but make noise during its recital that you may have the upper hand.
41:27 And, most certainly, WE will make those who disbelieve taste a severe punishment, and, most certainly, WE will requite them for the worst of their deeds
41:28 That is the reward of the enemies of ALLAH - the Fire. For them there will be an abiding home therein as a requital because they persisted in denying Our Signs
41:29 And those who disbelieve will say, `Our Lord, show us those who led us astray from among both the jinn and men, that we may trample them under our feet so that they may be abased.
41:30 As for those who say, `Our Lord is ALLAH;' and then remain steadfast, the angels descend on them, reassuring them: `Fear not, nor grieve; and rejoice in the glad tidings of the Garden which you were promised
41:31 `We are your friends in this life and in the Hereafter. Therein you will have all that your souls will desire, and therein you will have all that you will ask for
41:32 `An entertainment from the Most Forgiving, Merciful God.
41:33 And who is better in speech than he who invites men to ALLAH and does righteous deeds and says, `I am, surely, of those who submit?
41:34 And good and evil are not alike. Repel evil with that which is best. And lo, he, between whom and thyself was enmity, will become as though he were a warm friend
41:35 But none is granted it save those who are steadfast; and none is granted it save those who possess a large share of good
41:36 And if an incitement from Satan incite thee, then seek refuge in ALLAH. Surely, HE is the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing
41:37 And of HIS Signs are the night and the day and the sun and the moon. Prostrate not yourselves before the sun, nor before the moon, but prostrate yourselves before ALLAH, Who created them, if it is HIM Whom you really worship
41:38 But if they turn away with disdain, they do it to their own detriment, while those who are with thy Lord glorify HIM night and day, and they are never wearied
41:39 And of HIS signs is that thou seest the earth lying withered, but when WE send down water on it, it stirs and swells with verdure. Surely, HE, Who quickened it, can quicken the dead also. Verily, HE has power over all things
41:40 Surely, those who distort Our Signs to seek deviation therein, are not hidden from US. Is he , then, who is cast into the Fire better, or he who comes to US in security on the Day of Resurrection? Do what you will. Surely, HE sees all that you do
41:41 Those who disbelieve in the Reminder - the Qur'an - when it has come to them are the losers. And truly, it is a mighty Book
41:42 Falsehood cannot approach it either from before it nor from behind it. It is a revelation from the Wise, the Praiseworthy
41:43 Nothing is said in opposition to thee but what was said to the Messengers before thee. Thy Lord is, indeed, the Master of great forgiveness; and also the master of painful chastisement
41:44 And if WE had made it a Qur'an in a foreign tongue, they, surely, would have said, `Why have not its verses been made clear? What ! a foreign tongue and an Arab Prophet?' Say, `It is a guidance and a healing for those who believe.' But as to those who believe not, there is a deafness in their ears and to them it is blindness. They are, as it were, being called from a far-off place
41:45 And indeed, WE gave Moses the Book, but differences were created concerning it; and had it not been for a word that had gone forth from thy Lord, the matter would have been decided between them, and certainly they are in a disquieting doubt about it
41:46 Whose does right, it is for the benefit of his own soul; and whoso does evil, the burden thereof will be on it. And thy Lord is not in the least unjust to HIS servants
41:47 To HIM alone is referred the knowledge of the Hour. And no fruits come forth from their spathes, nor does any female bear a child, nor does she give birth to it, but with HIS knowledge. And on the day when HE will call unto them, saying, `Where are MY partners?' They will say, `We declare unto Thee, not one of us is a witness thereto.
41:48 And all that they used to call upon before will be lost to them, and they will know for certain that they have no place of escape
41:49 Man tires not of praying for good; but if evil touch him, he despairs, giving up all hope
41:50 And if WE make him taste of mercy from US after some affliction that has befallen him, he is sure to say, `This is but my due and I do not think the Hour will ever come. But even if I am returned to my Lord, I will, surely, have with HIM the very best.' Then WE will, surely, inform the disbelievers of all that they did, and WE will, certainly, make them taste a hard punishment
41:51 And when WE bestow a favour on man, he goes away, turning aside; but when evil touches him, lo ! he starts offering long prayers
41:52 Say, `Tell me, if it is from ALLAH, but you disbelieve in it - who is more astray than one who has drifted far away from the truth
41:53 Soon WE will show them Our Signs in farthest regions of the earth and among their own people until it becomes manifest to them that it is the truth. It is not enough that thy Lord is Witness over all things
41:54 Aye, they are, surely, in doubt concerning the meeting with their Lord; aye, HE, certainly, encompasses all things


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