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Al-muntakhab fi tafsir al-Qur'an al-Karim

Fussilat (Explained in Detail, Revelations Well Expounded)
as rendered by [Al-Muntakhab]
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Al-muntakhab fi tafsir al-Qur'an al-Karim rendition of Surah Explained in Detail, Revelations Well Expounded(Fussilat)
41:1 H. (Ha), M; (Meem) the Surah opens with these introductory letters from the Arabic Alphabet to draw attention to the miracle of the Quran which though 4sf.itten in the people's tongue, cannot be emulated
41:2 A Book - a Quran - a Revelation, disclosed by Allah, AL- Rahaman and AL-Rahi
41:3 A Book whose veritable revelations have been expounded and made plain, a Quran in the Arabic literary form disclosed to a people who comprehend the truth
41:4 A book announcing blissful tidings to those who lift to Allah their inward sight, and intimates a cautionary advice against the denial of Allah and the disregard of the profound reverence dutiful to Him .Yet most of them deflect from the thought and turn a deaf ear
41:5 And they say: "Our hearts O Muhammad are shielded against what you induce us to accept as a matter of fact, and our ears are deaf and in fact you might say there is a screen interposed between us and you, and so, you just proceed as you have begun; we are doing what we will"
41:6 Say to them: " I am only a human like you. Nonetheless, I am being inspired by Heaven that Allah, your Creator, is One and only Ilah; make Him, then, the heart of your purpose and invoke His forgiveness; Woe betide those who incorporate with Him other deities
41:7 who deny the needy their dutiful alms and refuse to acknowledge the truth of the Hereafter
41:8 But those who believed, with hearts impressed with the image of religious and spiritual virtues and with deeds of wisdom and piety, shall rejoice at the unceasing blissful reward
41:9 Say to them the –unbelievers-: "In effect you do deny Allah who created the earth in two days, determined by His own unit of time and proclaimed in His calendar, and you incorporate with Him other deities when He is Allah, the Creator of the universe and of all beings"
41:10 " And He placed therein, in a certain setting, natural elevations* of the earth's surface rising notably above the surrounding level and fixed as with an anchor for stabilization, and He blessed it with His divine favour and He determined its livelihood and the means of sustaining life in four days of the same unit of time and made the sustenance available for all alike who seek His bounty."
41:11 "Then He applied himself to the immeasurable expanse of the realm when it was in its primordial gaseous and dusty** or smoky** state and He commanded both the realm and the primordial earth thus: " Come within My authority willingly or unwillingly": they both responded , thus: "We both come actuated with unconditional obedience to Allah's command
41:12 " Then He set them in order and arranged them in seven heavens in two days of the same unit of time and designated to each heaven its destined purpose " and We decorated the lowermost heaven with lamps or heavenly bodies and to keep guard; a plan determined by AL-Aziz and AL-Alim (the almighty and the Omniscient)
41:13 Should they -the unbelievers- as yet turn away and counsel deaf, then say to them: "I warn you of an injurious rout tempest like the thunderbolt which overtook the 'Adites and the Thamudites"
41:14 Their Messengers, who were spectacles and warnings, approached them from every angle and left no stone unturned advising them to worship no one but Allah, but they counselled deaf and said: "Had Allah, our Creator, willed us to discern divine truths, He would have sent down angels; therefore we utterly refuse to acknowledge your messages"
41:15 As to 'Ad (the 'Adites) who were unjustly extravagant in their accounts of themselves; they counselled deaf and, with inordinate self-esteem insolently said: "Who is greater than us in power; we are the mighty ones yet". Do they not see that Allah Who created them is infinitely greater in power and far mightier than they are and they continued to reject Our revelations
41:16 And so We drove against them, on some unlucky and miserable days, a fiercely cold wind swallowing the ground with fierceness and rage, vehement, merciless, roaring for vengeance, avenging wrong and punishing crime so as to taste the suffering of disgrace and multiple humiliations in life, and worse shall be the suffering Hereafter, and no one, then, can fiord them help
41:17 But as to Thamud -The Thamudites-, they preferred to close their minds' eyes than to open their hearts' ears and lift to Allah their inward sight, and so they were seized by a thunderbolt stunning them with disgrace and humiliation in requital of their deeds of iniquity
41:18 And We saved those whose hearts were impressed with the image of religious and spiritual virtues and had entertained the profound reverence dutiful to Allah
41:19 The Day Allah's enemies are forced to move on in throngs toward Hell, then those in the foremost lines are stopped until those in the rear catch up
41:20 And when they have all reached the intended end, there and then shall their senses: hearing, sight and touch or skin bear witness to their deeds of iniquity
41:21 They will then look for the how and the why and the wherefore their skins betrayed them! But their skins shall voice all their throats proclaiming: "Allah has recreated us invested, like everything else, with articulate sound and He created you in the beginning from nothingness and back to Him you return. "
41:22 But you could not hide yourselves, even if you wanted to, from the notice of your hearing or your sight or your skins lest they should bear witness against your deeds of iniquity. The fact is, you did not think that Allah knows much of what you do
41:23 Such conception as you have formed of Allah, your Creator, was an imagination proceeding from your senses, it has marked but your fall and brought great and irretrievable disaster upon you and you have come to be great losers
41:24 And now if they prefer O Muhammad to sit like patience on a monument smiling at grief, nonetheless, they are destined to the abode in Hell. If they invoke Allah's forgiveness, never will heaven respond favourably to their invocation
41:25 And We have bound them to evil and Satanic companions who would follow them like their shadows and give them evil counsel and allure them to brighter present and happier destiny by negating resurrection and affirming that black was white. There has come to be what was predicted beforehand that they, like others among the Jinn and mankind of past generations, were born to be great losers
41:26 And insolently did the infidels say to each other: "Do not listen to this Quran and, when recited, contrive and contradict the provisions of its edicts loudly as to make it nearly nugatory; perhaps you will gain the upper hand."
41:27 Wait for the course of events O Muhammad We will make them taste the fatal consequence, and We will requite them for every deed at the gauge of the worst of their iniquities with which they conducted themselves in life
41:28 This is the punishment which Allah's enemies shall suffer-Hell- wherein they shall find their eternal abode, in requital of their unforgivable refusal to acknowledge Our Revelations and Authority
41:29 There and then shall those who denied Allah say: "Allah, our Creator, would you show us those of the Jinn and mankind who misled us and made us wander from the path of righteousness so that we trample over them, spurn them, treat them contemptuously and reject them with contempt and disdain."
41:30 Those who have proclaimed what they reverently entertained in their minds, and put their thoughts in words: " Our Ilah is Allah, the Creator.", and they have always trodden the path of righteousness and lifted to Him their inward sight, invite the descent of the angels who come down to impel them to the feeling of security and intimate to them thus: " You are not to fear fate nor to grieve over predestined events, and rejoice your hearts and minds at the blissful tidings of winning the Paradise you were promised."
41:31 "We are your tutelary guardians here and your defenders and intercessors Hereafter, where you will find anything of any kind your emotions are directed to its attainment, and you shall have all that you express the desire for"
41:32 "A reception and entertainment with. Liberality, honour and good will, conferred by Him Who is Ghafurun and Rahimun (Forgiving and merciful)"
41:33 And who has a better discourse or thoughts expressed in words than he whose discourse induces to the belief in Allah, His Oneness and Uniqueness, and deals with His nature and attributes and he aspires to deeds of wisdom and piety, and proclaims: "I am one of those who conform to Islam and effectuate unqualified obedience to His commands? "
41:34 Nor does a deed crowned with equity and good will compare with a deed tinted with evil and ill - will. Therefore repel what affects you with distaste and aversion by what is morally and spiritually sublime, and there you will find that he who harbours to you enmity and ill - will has come to be as though he were a friend actuated with the feeling of sincerity
41:35 Nor can such a disposition that is characterized with sublimity be attained except by those who exercise patience in adversity, forbearance under provocation and constancy in labour and effort. Nor can such a disposition be attained except by those who are so fortunate as to be divinely endowed with such a privilege
41:36 And if AL-Shaytan entices you by suggesting diversity or discord secretly to your mind, do not consent nor be actuated, but commit yourself to Allah counter to the evil he instigated; Allah is indeed AL-Sami’ (the Omnipresent with unlimited audition) and AL-Aleem (the Omniscient.
41:37 Among His visible signs and His marvels displaying Omnipotence and Authority are the night and the day, the sun and the moon, He created to suberve where wisdom bears command, and not made to rule. Therefore do not bow down in adoration to the sun nor to the moon but bow down in adoration to Allah Who brought them into being and caused them to exist if it is Him you truly worship and you truly adore with appropriate acts and rites
41:38 Should they -the infidels- continue to be unjustly extravagant in their accounts of themselves and exercise inordinate self-esteem nonetheless, those with Allah in His heaven's realm praise Him and extol His glorious attributes night and day and never do they grow weary
41:39 And among His visible signs and His marvels displaying Omnipotence and Authority is that you see the earth standing so desolate and so bare and when We send down the rain, it is stirred to activity and swells by absorption of moisture and begins the process of vegetal growth. Indeed He who revived it shall bring the dead back to life. He is indeed Qadiron (Omnipotent.) over all thing
41:40 Those who corrupt Our revelations and distort them from their intended purpose and meaning are not hidden from Us nor is their motive unknown to Us. But then, is he who is cast into Hell fire better or he who comes back in Day of Judgment actuated with the feeling of security? You -infidels- just proceed as you have begun if you will; He is indeed Bassirun (Omnipresent Who sees all that you do.
41:41 Indeed, those who declared the Quran, when it was revealed to them, to be untrue and untenable and not what it is stated to be, shall regret their declaration. It is indeed a Book enjoying the majesty and splendour attendant upon a manifestation of Allah
41:42 A Book that is not open to falsehood, past, present or ever nor from any aspect. Even if assailed, its inherent power and operative influence are never hurt; it is a disclosure of knowledge, wisdom, and guidance authoritatively revealed by Him, Who is Hakimun (the Source of wisdom and wise mysterious dispensations), and Hamidun (Worthy of all praise.
41:43 Nothing is said to you O Muhammad by your opponents who call you everything they could lay their tongues to that was not said to Messengers sent before you. Indeed Allah, your Creator, has on hand mercy and forgiveness and He has on hand also condign punishment
41:44 Had We made it a Quran in a literary form that is ambiguous, un understandable and foreign to their thoughts, they would have said: "If only its revelations and precepts were expounded so that We could apprehend the intended tense!" How is it that We render it in a literary form foreign to people's thoughts when it is addressed to an Arab! Say to them :. " It -the Quran- is the spirit of truth guiding those whose hearts have been touched with the divine hand into all truth. Its inherent heavenly power exerts a remedying effect on their minds to counteract doubt and redress uncertainties; whereas to those who deny it, and their heart's ears are deaf, it exerts a blinding effect on their intellectual and spiritual perception. These are they who seem to be called upon from afar as the earth's distant ends; they are also distant from Allah's blessed abode
41:45 We gave Mussa (Moses) the Book AL-Tawrah (the Torah) and there it was met with disagreement; it was not in accordance with some of his people's taste and liking; it excited their displeasure and disgust. And had it not been for Allah's Word proclaimed beforehand to put punishment of your opponents O Muhammad in respite, their Hereafter would have been planted in the now. They are in perplexity about it -the Quran- with suspicions amongst their thoughts
41:46 He who imprints his deeds with wisdom and piety, advantages himself of spiritual privileges, and he who weds himself to evil, invites his own detriment and loss, and never is Allah, your Creator, unjust to His servants
41:47 To Him, the Ultimate source and Authority is attributed the knowledge of the point of time of the predetermined and Eventful Hour. And no blossoms come out of their calyces as seeds or fruits, nor does a female - human or animal- conceive a seed in her womb or gives birth to - a child or an animal respectively - but come to His knowledge. And there shall come the Day when He - Allah- calls them up-the infidels - to bring into their minds those whom they incorporated with Him. There and then shall they say: "We truly acknowledge, by way of reparations, our offence which we do regret and none of us can bear witness to a corporate deity."
41:48 And there, they are forsaken and renounced by those whom they regarded and adored before with appropriate acts and rites, who have failed their expectation. And now such a sure watch laid upon them makes them realize that there is no escape
41:49 Nonetheless, man does not weary of invoking Allah's benefaction and benediction, but no sooner he is befallen with a misfortune or wedded to a calamity than he nurses despair and gives up hope
41:50 And if We should extend to man Our mercy and make him taste Our benefaction and benediction following what had befallen him of a misfortune, he ventures to say: " This is the meritorious outcome of my thought which ran before my action and I doubt if the alleged Eventful Hour will ever present itself, and if I happen to be resurrected and return back to Allah, my Creator, there and then and at His hands shall I merit the desert of good. In effect there and then We will inform those who denied Allah, and refused to acknowledge His Omnipotence and Authority, of the detailed particulars of their life and We will subject them to a condign punishment which doubles their torment
41:51 And when We mercifully bring man in Our grace and show it in Our munificence, he feels impelled to move away and more distant from what Allah inclines him to propound. And when he is befallen with a misfortune or wedded to a calamity- in consequence of his wrongful and unclean hands- he spends his breath invoking Allah's mercy and blessings
41:52 Say to them -the infidels- : "What if it -the Quran- is a disclosure of knowledge and wisdom and a guide from Allah, and you refuse to acknowledge it ! who then will have strayed far and wandered widely from the path of righteousness
41:53 We will exhibit to them Our marvels in the remote parts of the universe and within themselves until it becomes evident to them that it -the Quran- is the truth personified and the glory of Allah by it is typified. Is it not enough that Allah, your Creator, is Shahidun (a witness) of all things
41:54 Yet they continue to be in doubt of the encounter with Allah their Creator. However, never doubt but He is Mohiton (the Omnipresent who is Omniscient of all things in all respects and all in all.


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