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an-Nisa` (Women)
as rendered by Shabbir Ahmed
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Shabbir Ahmed rendition of Surah Women(an-Nisa`)
4:1 The noble goal of the development of human personality can be easier achieved in a benevolent society (9:111), (16:71), (43:32), (59:9). In this situation the individual and the society complement each other (14:34). At the outset, it is imperative for you, O Mankind, to know that all of you, men and women, have a common origin. Your Lord began the creation of life at the unicellular level. There was one life cell that divided into two, male and female (6:99). Evolution took place, as has been alluded to in this Book (16:8), (20:50), (21:30), (22:45), (30:20), (31:28), (51:49). Eventually, numerous men and women came into existence on the earth. Since all of you have this common origin, you must consider all mankind as one community (10:19), (57:25). Your first step in that direction is to strengthen your family relations. Be careful of your duty to Allah in Whose Name you expect rights from one another. Allah ever Watches over you
4:2 Orphans in the community are like your family members (33:5). Be vigilant in guarding their rights (4:127). Protect their property honestly, and give it to them when they have come of age. Exchange not their valuables with your worthless items, nor consume their property by combining it with yours; doing such would be a grave offense
4:3 If you fear that the society shall not be able to do justice with orphans, (as may happen in times of war and political turbulence, the government shall announce a state of Emergency). In order to accommodate widows and orphans, men of sound finances and character shall be encouraged to marry these widows; two, three, and four (4:127). If you fear that you shall not be able to deal justly, then you must not take additional wives, and may continue with what you already have (4:129). This will prevent injustice and financial hardship. (Second marriage during peace time is a FRANK violation of the Qur'an)
4:4 Upon marriage, give women their marital gifts, a generous portion of your property, unless they forgo it voluntarily. In that case you are welcome to accept it as rightfully yours
4:5 Do not let the immature orphans manage their property that Allah has entrusted with you as guardians, until they are able to make sound financial decisions. Feed and clothe them decently, take care of all their needs and interact with them kindly
4:6 Train and educate the orphans well. When they reach the age of marriage, and attain sound judgment, release their property to them. The marriageable age shall mean attainment of physical and mental maturity when one can legally make a solemn contract (4:21). Do not consume their property or let it be wasted. Nor hastily spend it fearing that they will come of age. If the guardian is well off, let him claim no compensation for the management of the property. But, if he is poor he may have a just and reasonable amount. When you are releasing the property to the orphans be sure to take witnesses. Remember that Allah is Competent in taking account
4:7 Men get a share of what the parents and near relatives leave behind. Women get a share of what the parents and near relatives leave behind. Women have the right to own property (4:12). Whether the inheritance is small or large, these shares have been ordained as a duty
4:8 If at the time of distribution of the inheritance, relatives, orphans, and the needy are present, give them from it and treat them kindly
4:9 The distribution of inheritance must be done responsibly and according to Law. Treat others, as you would like to be treated. You will never want injustice to be done to your children, if you leave them behind. In matters such as these, speak clearly and straight to the point
4:10 Those, who unjustly consume the wealth of orphans, are filling their bellies with fire and will be exposed to burning Flame
4:11 Preparing a will is a duty ordained (2:180). Allah decrees a will for the benefit of your children. (Since the sons have the responsibility to take care of the family, and daughters will be cared for by their husbands, or if unmarried, by other males in the family), sons get twice the share of daughters. If two, or more, daughters are the only inheritors, they get two-thirds. If only one daughter is left, she gets one-half. If the deceased has left any children, then parents get one-sixth each. If there are no children, and parents are the only heirs, the mother gets a third and the father gets two-thirds, since the male has the fiscal responsibility of the family. If the deceased has left brothers or sisters, the mother gets one-sixth and the father gets one third. Remember, this distribution shall take place after fulfilling the will if the deceased has left one, and after paying off all debts. As for your parents and your children, you know not which of them is more deserving of benefit from you. Such is the Ordinance from Allah. Verily, Allah is Omniscient, Wise
4:12 Additionally: If a couple had no children, the husband gets half of what the wife leaves behind. If they had children, the husband gets one-fourth. If they had no children, then the wives get one-fourth of what the husband leaves behind. If they had children then the wife gets one-eighth. If a man or a woman, whose inheritance is in question, was a loner, in the sense of leaving behind no ascendants or descendants, but leaves behind a sister and a brother, each of them gets one-sixth of the inheritance. If there are more than two siblings, they equally share one-third of the inheritance. For a deceased who has no living parents, see (4:176), (4:177) The above applies after fully satisfying the will, and after paying of all debts, so that no one's rights are infringed upon. This is the Will decreed by Allah who is All-Knowing, Clement
4:13 Protection of life, honor and property is the springboard of a vibrant social order. It is the pre-requisite for freedom, equality and character building to the point of self-actualization (4:24), (5:32), (13:24), (17:32), (38:52), (69:21), (89:27). Allah has drawn Boundaries of Law to help you safeguard this crucial pre-requisite. Those who refrain from trespassing these Boundaries are the ones who have obeyed the Divine System established by the Messenger. They shall be admitted to the everlasting Promised Garden that has all the aesthetic elegance that the human mind could ever imagine. That is the Supreme Success
4:14 Conversely, those who disobey Allah and the Messenger by going against the Divine System established by the Messenger, trespass the Boundaries of the Divine Law and they will be admitted into an everlasting Fire of humiliation and regret
4:15 Protection of honor and chastity for men and women, both, is the cornerstone of a virtuous society (17:32), (4:24). If any woman or a group of women spread sexual immorality or lewdness in the society, it is required that the appropriate court takes four honorable and reliable witnesses. If their testimony corroborates with other evidence (12:26), confine them to their houses, since immorality is as contagious as good conduct. This confinement would be for an indefinite period, unless such women seek the Way of Allah, such as repentance and amendment, or the singles among them get honorably married
4:16 If a couple spreads such immorality or lewdness in the society, both of them shall be punished by the appropriate court of law. If they repent and amend, leave them alone. Allah is the Acceptor of repentance, Merciful
4:17 Allah graciously accepts the repentance of those who do evil in ignorance, and then return quickly to the right conduct. Allah turns to them in Mercy. He is the Knower, the Wise
4:18 The forgiveness is not for those who commit transgressions until death comes to one of them and he says, " Behold, I repent now." (They have no time to make mends). Nor is the forgiveness for those who die as deniers of the Truth. We have prepared an awful suffering for them
4:19 O You who have chosen to be graced with belief! It is not lawful for you to force women into marrying or holding on to them in marriage against their will. Pressuring women to remain in wedlock by threatening to take away the marital gift is forbidden. A wife could forfeit the right to the marital gift only if she has indulged in clear lewdness. You shall treat your wives nicely. Even if you dislike them, it may happen that Allah has placed much good in what you have failed to realize
4:20 If you wish to marry another wife in place of your present wife, and you have given her a great deal, you shall not take back anything. Would you take it back by way of slander, a transgression that shall sink your "Self" down
4:21 And how could you take the marital gift back from her after you have lived intimately with each other and after she has taken from you a very Solemn Pledge of the marital contract
4:22 Marry not women whom your fathers have ever married, except what has already happened in the Age of Ignorance. Doing such was a shameful and abominable custom indeed
4:23 The following women are prohibited for you in marriage: Your mothers, daughters, sisters, father's sisters, mother's sisters, brother's daughters, sister's daughters, foster-mothers who have ever nursed you, foster-sisters, your wives' mothers, your step-daughters unless you have divorced their mother without being intimate with her. Also forbidden are women who have ever been the wives of your sons. You are not allowed to keep two sisters in wedlock at one time except what has already happened in the past. Allah is Forgiving, Merciful
4:24 Also forbidden to you are women who are already married, except those women who have sought asylum with you against their disbelieving husbands at war with you (60:10). This is Allah's Ordinance binding upon you. All other categories are permitted for you in marriage, with mutual consent, as confirmed by giving her a generous marital gift or dowry. You shall seek them in honest wedlock and let marriage be a fortress of chastity for the husband and wife. You shall maintain morality and go not near adultery (17:32). You like to marry women for a better quality of life, so give them their portions as a duty. And there is nothing wrong in adjusting the sum with mutual agreement after the duty has been done. These Laws are given to you by Allah, the Knower, the Wise
4:25 (As the Qur'an is being revealed to you (O Messenger), the emancipation of the slaves, male and female, is steadily taking place). A man among you who cannot find a free believing woman willing to marry him, should have no hesitation in asking the hand of a believing maiden from her guardian. Allah knows your beliefs and reiterates that all human beings are equal in the Sight of Allah (17:70). Pay them a generous marital gift in kindness. They shall maintain moral behavior, by not committing adultery, or having secret relations. Since their upbringing has been deficient in the environment of slavery, their punishment will be half that of the free women, if they commit indecency after marriage. The permission to marry a bonded woman is for him who fears to commit sin. The better recourse is freeing her first from bondage. Men and women must be patient and exercise self-control while waiting to get married. Allah is Forgiving, Merciful
4:26 Allah would explain to you and guide you by the examples of those who were before you, and turn to you (in Mercy). And Allah is Knower, Wise
4:27 Allah turns to you in kindness, while those who follow their desires want that you drift far away from the right path. (They would rather have no laws to constrain their desires)
4:28 Allah wishes to lighten your burden with His Guidance. The human being is created weak, having the tendency to fall victim to his own selfish desire (7:17), (25:28-29)
4:29 O You who have chosen to be graced with belief! Consume not one another's wealth wrongfully, not even in mutually agreed trade. Be just in your trade and cause not people to suffer losses. Do not destroy one another, and thus do not destroy your "Self". Allah is Merciful to you so you must be merciful to others." ("Illa" here means 'not even' and not 'except'). (2:188), (26:181)
4:30 After such clear Guidance, people and nations that indulge in transgressions and injustice, shall form a society that shall easily burn itself according to Our Law of Requital. And the eternal Fire is not far off either
4:31 If you refrain from the great transgressions against humanity that are prohibited in the Qur'an i.e. violation of human rights, We have room in Our Laws to remove the slight inequities in your society, and admit you through the gate of honor in this world and the Hereafter
4:32 Covet not the qualities bestowed upon others by Allah. Men shall earn what they do and women shall earn what they do. Men excel in some areas and women excel in some areas. Envy not one another but seek Allah's bounty to the best of your abilities. Allah is ever Knower of all things
4:33 We have ordained the writing of wills, and for each of you are the designated shares in the property left by the parents and the relatives (4:11) (4:12) (4:33) (4:176). As for those to whom you have solemnly pledged, give them in your life. Allah is Witness over all things and events
4:34 Men are the protectors and maintainers of women. They shall take full care of women with what they spend of their wealth. Allah has made men to excel in some areas and women to excel in some areas. Men must see to it that women are provided for, and that they are able to stand on their feet in the society. So, righteous women are obedient to Allah's Ordinances and guard their moral values even in privacy, the Values that Allah Commands to be guarded. If you experience rebellion from women, and they stand up against you, apprise them of possible consequences. Next, leave them in their resting places apart from you. And keep admonishing them with examples that they stop rebelling. If they pay heed to you, seek not a way against them. Allah is Most High, Great
4:35 (Families and communities must adopt a proactive approach regarding a husband and a wife in discord). If you fear a breach between a husband and wife, appoint two arbiters, one from his family and one from her family. If they decide to reconcile, Allah will help them get together. Verily, Allah is Knower, Aware. (2:228-234), (4:3), (4:19), (4:35), (4:128), (33:49), (58:1) (65:1-4)
4:36 Obey Allah and associate no partner with Him. Treat kindly your parents, relatives, The orphans, And those who have been left alone in the society. Take care of the needy, The disabled, Those whose hard earned income is insufficient to meet their needs, And those whose businesses have stalled, And those who have lost their jobs. You shall treat kindly your related neighbors, And unrelated neighbors, Companions by your side in public gatherings, Or public transportation. Be generous to the needy wayfarer, the homeless son of the street, and the one who reaches you in a destitute condition. Be nice to people who work under your care. Allah does not love the proud and boastful
4:37 Those who are stingy and advise others to be stingy, and hide what Allah has given them of His Bounty, for such ungrateful disbelievers We have prepared a humiliating punishment
4:38 They give money to charity only to show off, and do not believe in Allah and the Last Day. Such people have taken Satan, their selfish desire, as their intimate companion. What a terrible companion indeed
4:39 What have they to fear if they believe in Allah and the Last Day and spend of what Allah has given them? Allah is ever Aware of them
4:40 Allah wrongs not anyone even the weight of an atom; and He multiplies a good deed, and from His Own Presence grants a great reward
4:41 How will it be with them when (on the Resurrection Day) We bring of every community a witness, their Prophet (10:47), and We bring you (O Messenger), a witness against these, of your community? (2:143)
4:42 On that Day, those who denied the Truth and paid no heed to the Messenger will wish that they were level with the ground. But not a single utterance or event could they hide from Allah
4:43 (Those who attain belief shall promptly establish the Divine System in the community, and the Masjid would assume the role of the community center. The believers will assemble in the Masjid for prayer, and to address social welfare and community action). O You who have chosen to be graced with belief! Join not the Salat congregation if your mind is beclouded for any reason, until you understand what you utter, else you might say senseless words that disturb the assembly. Physical cleanliness contributes to moral purity. So, take a bath after ceremonial impurity. If you are traveling, or are ill, or coming from the privy, and cannot find water, take a little clean sand or earth and lightly rub your faces and hands, before entering the Masjid. (This will help you prepare psychologically for the assembly (5:6)). Allah pardons and absolves your imperfections
4:44 Have you noted those who were given a portion of the Scripture but they purchased error for petty gains. (They fell for man-made books). They desire that you do the same and thus stray from the Right Path
4:45 Allah knows your enemies. (He shows you the Way to protect and help yourselves). As such, Allah is Sufficient as a Protecting Friend and Allah is Sufficient as a Helper
4:46 Some of those who are Jews, distort words to give a different meaning. They say, "We hear and disobey," and "Your words are falling on deaf ears," and "Be our shepherd," and they twist their tongues to mock the DEEN. It would have been better and more upright for them to say, "We hear and obey," and "We hear you," and "Please watch over us and guide us." Instead, they have incurred deprivation from the Grace of Allah due to their denial of the Truth. Few of them will embrace belief
4:47 O You unto whom the Scripture was given! Reflect and believe in what We have revealed, that confirms the truth that you already possess, lest We efface your hopes and bring them to an end. Just as We rejected those people who broke the Sabbath. (You will lose your identity by getting scattered in the earth). Allah's Command is always done
4:48 Allah is the Sovereign in the Universe. Whoever ascribes partners to Allah, or divinity to any of His creation, has indeed invented a tremendous sin. Allah will forgive any transgression but SHIRK. Included in this category are those who worship their own desire (45:23), those who indulge in human worship and in sectarianism (30:31), (42:21), and those who follow man-made books in lieu of the Book of Allah (6:122), (6:137), and those who claim or believe in Revelation after the Qur'an, in any form, including claims of attaining Divine knowledge through mystical experience (6:62), (7:173), (7:191). And those who uphold Trinity (4:171), (5:72-73.) And those who claim that God has a son, and those who follow their religious leaders (9:31) Such people fall from the high station of humanity. Worshiping any entity other than Allah, sinks the human "Self" down to subhuman levels (22:31). But most of those who claim belief (and call themselves Muslims), indulge in SHIRK (12:106)
4:49 Have you seen those who claim that they have purified their souls? Purification of "Self" i.e. development of the personality can only be achieved according to the Laws of Allah, by service to humanity and not through rituals or mysticism (2:177), (13:17). In the Court of Allah, men and women shall find full recompense for their doings without the least injustice
4:50 See, how the claimants to spiritual purity deceive people by inventing lies against Allah. That is sufficient to flagrantly drag them down in humanity
4:51 Are you not aware of those who after receiving their share of the Book (Qur'an) believe in JIBT (baseless mysteries, magic, future-telling, astrology, clairvoyance, evil eye, good and bad omens, amulets, dreams and prophecies, palm-reading, soothsaying, superstitions of all kind, jinn-possession of people, exorcism, blowing verses and senseless words on people or in food and drink, counting names on rosaries) and they believe in TAGHOOT (the evil humans who try to play God with their tyranny or with their religious exploitation as priests and monks, mullahs and sufis of any religion)? And then they claim that they, the deniers (of the Qur'an) are better guided than the believers in the Book
4:52 It is they whom Allah has rejected, and there is no one to help whom Allah rejects
4:53 Do the people who make claims of divination and clairvoyance have a share in the Divine Kingdom? But if they did, they won't give humanity the speck on a date-stone. (4:124), (15:13)
4:54 Or do they envy other people whom Allah has given of His Bounty? But, Allah does not favor any nation arbitrarily. He is the Lord of all humanity (114:1). We gave the Children of Abraham the Scripture, the Law and Wisdom, and We gave them a great kingdom
4:55 Some of the Children of Abraham have attained belief in the Prophet while others turn away from him. And enough is Hell for a burning fire
4:56 Those who are rejecting Our Revelations and opposing the establishment of the Divine System, will soon burn in the agony of defeat. If they come with renewed preparation they will taste further chastisement. Allah is Almighty, Wise
4:57 Those who attain belief and translate their belief into action by helping people thus creating balance in the society, We shall soon admit them to the Gardens underneath which rivers flow. They will dwell therein forever. For them are virtuous companions, and We shall make them enter the pleasing shadows of Our Grace
4:58 Allah Commands you to entrust your offices to those who are capable, competent and sincere. They shall rule and judge equitably. Give your trusts to whom they belong. The Enlightenment from Allah is a blessing for you. He is Hearer, Seer of all that transpires in the Universe and in your society
4:59 O You who have chosen to be graced with belief! Obey Allah and obey the Messenger, the Central Authority of the Divine System, and those whom the System has appointed as office-bearers. If you have a dispute concerning any matter, refer it to the Central Authority. If you truly believe in Allah and the Last Day, this is the best approach for you, and more seemly in the end
4:60 Have you thought of those who claim that they believe in what has been revealed to you (O Prophet), as well as in what was revealed before you? Yet, they resort to TAGHOOT (priests and monks of any religion) for judgment in their differences. They had been commanded to reject them but their rebellious desire misleads them far astray
4:61 When they are told, "Come to what Allah has revealed and to the Messenger", you see the hypocrites shunning him completely
4:62 They feel ashamed when wrong decisions and judgments hurt them for their own doings. Then they come to you (O Messenger), swearing that they went to others with good and noble intentions
4:63 Allah knows what is in their hearts. Ignore their attitude, enlighten them and speak to them in plain terms with full understanding of their viewpoints
4:64 We have sent no Messenger but that he should be obeyed by Allah's leave. They are not sent with hypotheses, but to show people how they can establish an equitable society, in which people flourish individually and collectively. They attain personal development and become worthy of immortal life in the Paradise (89:29). If anyone hurts his or her "Self" by transgressing His Laws, or wrongs a member of the community, he or she must come to the Messenger, the Central Authority of the System, to make amends. Sitting back at home and praying in hiding won't help (9:102-105), (20:82), (5:10). The Messenger will then, decide the matter seeing if there is room for forgiveness in the Divine Law. Such is the Moral Order that the Messenger has inculcated in the hearts and in the society where one becomes the watcher over one's own "Self" (8:74-75), (9:100), (48:29), (59:8-9). Indeed, there is plenty of room for making amends, and for mercy in the Divine System. Allah is Acceptor of repentance, Merciful
4:65 By your Lord, They do not really believe unless they make you (O Prophet) a judge in all their disagreements. And then find no hesitation in their hearts in accepting your judgment, and submit with full submission
4:66 And if We had decreed for them, "Lay down your lives," or "Forsake your homelands," a few of them would do it. Although, if they did as was admonished, it would be for their own good, and a cause for strengthening themselves
4:67 And then, We would give them from Our Presence an immense reward
4:68 And would direct them straight to the Path of Paradise
4:69 Whoever obeys Allah and the Messenger, belongs with those blessed by Allah: the Prophets, the first supporters of the Truth, the martyrs, and those who helped humanity. Ah! How beautiful is their company
4:70 Such is the Bounty from Allah. And sufficient it is that Allah knows all
4:71 O You who have chosen to be graced with belief! Be fully prepared against danger. You shall remain alert to meet aggression. Take your precautions then mobilize in groups or all together as determined by your commander
4:72 Among you there is he who would rather lag behind. If a setback occurs he would say, "Thank God! I was not present among them."
4:73 But if you attain the blessing of victory from Allah, he says, as if the love between you and him was beyond question, "Oh! I wish I had been with them and could be a part of such a great victory."
4:74 Let them fight in Allah's Cause, all those who sell the life of this world for the other. Whoever fights in Allah's Cause, be he slain or be he victorious, We shall soon give him an immense Reward
4:75 What has happened to you that you fight not in the Cause of Allah? Defenseless men, women, and children are being oppressed and crying, "Our Lord! Rescue us from this town whose people are oppressors, and raise for us protectors and helpers." It is not the Law of Allah that He comes and fights in person, or sends His armies or angels physically (22:39
4:76 Believers fight in the Cause of Allah, that is, for the removal of tyranny and in self-defense (benign aggression). And the rejecters of the Truth fight in tyranny and for their selfish desire to oppress people (malignant aggression). So fight against those friends of Satan. Verily, Satan's plan is feeble because the selfish desire fails before the Divine Law of Requital
4:77 Have you seen those who have been told, "Curb your hands, and establish the Divine System and set up the just Economic Order?" But as soon as the Command came to fight, some of them feared men as they should have feared Allah, or even more. They say, "Our Lord! Why have You ordained fighting for us? If only You had granted us a little more delay!" Say, "Brief is the enjoyment of this world, whereas the life to come is the best for those who walk aright. None of you shall be wronged a hair's breadth."
4:78 Wherever you may be, death will find you, even if you live in fortified castles. When something good happens to them, they say, "It is from Allah." And when affliction befalls them they say to each other, "This is from you O fellow-man!" Tell them, "All things happen according to Allah's Laws." What is amiss with these people, they understand not a thing
4:79 Allah never creates evil. Things and events have good and evil aspects. When you act according to the Law of Allah the results are pleasant, and when you act against the Law the results are unpleasant (42:30). So whatever good happens to you is from Allah, and whatever evil happens to you is from yourself. We have sent you as a Messenger to mankind and Allah is Sufficient as Witness
4:80 Whoever obeys the Messenger, automatically obeys Allah since he rules by the Book of Allah (5:44). But if they turn away, We have not sent you as a watcher over them
4:81 They express verbal allegiance to the System, "It is Obedience!" But when they go away from you a party of them spends the night in planning against the Belief System you preach. They discuss ways to corrupt the Message. Allah records what they plan by night. Ignore them, go ahead with your Program and trust in Allah (6:107). Allah is Sufficient as Guardian
4:82 Will they not then, try to understand this Qur'an? If it were from other than Allah they would surely have found in it much contradiction
4:83 The Book of Allah provides easy and practical social guidance. There are people who spread rumors pertaining to safety or fear. Those who hear rumors shall refer the matter concerning public safety and threat, to the Messenger and the government officials. Those who are engaged in obtaining intelligence will indeed know what to do with it. Had it not been for the Bounty of Allah and His Mercy, most of you would still be following the Satanic elements
4:84 O Messenger! Fight in the Cause of Allah. You are responsible only for your own actions. While conveying the Revelation is your prime duty, you also teach the believers wisdom, knowledge and self-development by serving humanity (2:151). Therefore, inspire the believers to overcome all fear of death. Allah may well restrain the fury of the unbelievers who are bent upon destroying the System. Allah is Strongest in Might, Strict in Restraining
4:85 Whoever rallies to a cause that benefits people shall have a share in its blessings, and whoever rallies to a cause that creates injustice, shall be answerable for his part in it. Allah is Watcher over everything
4:86 Good deeds that contribute to the well being of the society begin with kindness (2:177). When someone greets you, respond with similar or more courteous greetings. Allah reckons all things. Anyone who contributes towards peace and betterment of life, do as much or better for him
4:87 Allah! There is no god but He. He will summon all of you on the Day of Resurrection about the advent of which there is no doubt. Who can tell you a more reliable HADITH (saying) than Allah
4:88 How could you be of two minds about the hypocrites, seeing that Allah has disowned them because of their own guilt? Can you guide anyone against Allah's Law of Guidance? You can never find a way of enlightenment for those who violate the Divine Laws of Guidance: (Open mind, freedom from prejudice, arrogance, and blind following; use of the faculties of perception and reasoning (7:173), (7:179), (17:36), (27:80-81), (30:22), (37:113), (40:35), (56:79.
4:89 These hypocrites wish that you reject Belief and become like them. Do not consider them friends unless they practically demonstrate that they have changed, and move along with you in the Way of Allah. But if they persist in their behavior of being with you in word, and against you in action, they are more dangerous than your open enemies. Then subdue them regardless of which group they belong to, and choose no friend or helper from among them
4:90 Fight not the hypocrites who join a people with whom you have signed a peace treaty. And fight not those who come to you wishing not to fight you or their believing relatives. Had Allah willed they could have fought against you. Therefore, if they leave you alone, and offer you peace, Allah has opened no way for you but the way of peace. Your prime duty remains the establishment and defense of the Divine Order in which there is no room for revenge (24:22)
4:91 You will find others who desire peace for their people and make peace with you. But at the slightest opportune moment they come to fight against you. If they neither leave you alone, nor offer peace, nor hold their hands, subdue them regardless of which group they belong to. In their case, Allah has given you a clear authority to fight
4:92 It is not conceivable that a believer will slay another believer unless it be a mistake. If one kills a believer by mistake, there is the duty of freeing a believing person from bondage; may it be slavery, extreme poverty, crushing debt or oppression. And pay compensation to the victim's family unless they forgo it by way of charity. If case the victim was a believer, and belonged to a tribe who are at war with you, free a believing person from bondage. If the victim was a believer, and belonged to a tribe with whom you have a peace treaty, you should pay the compensation to his family in addition to freeing a believing person from bondage. For those who find this settlement beyond their means, two consecutive months of Abstinence, as in the month of Ramadan, are ordained by way of repentance from Allah. And Allah is the Knower, the Wise
4:93 Whoever slays a believer intentionally, his or her maximum punishment, considering the circumstances, is up to capital punishment (2:178), (5:32-33). His requital shall be Hell, therein to abide, and Allah will condemn him, and reject him and prepare for him awesome suffering. (Unjust killing of any human being, regardless of color, creed, religion or sex is a grievous offense that is tantamount to slaying the entire humankind (5:32). Hence, the offender shall be punished accordingly. Intentional murder of any human being is also a crime against the State, therefore, the State would be responsible for tracing, arresting and trying the offender in a court of law. QISAS = the duty of tracing an offender for just recompense)
4:94 O You who have chosen to be graced with belief! When you go forth in the Cause of Allah (to meet the armed challenge), use your discernment. And do not say, out of a desire for the fleeting gains of this worldly life, to anyone who offers you the greeting of peace, "You are not a believer." For with Allah are abundant gains. Remember, once you were ignorant, and you were weak like the disbelievers are now. Allah has been Gracious to you, so be gracious to His servants (9:128), (90:17). Use your discernment. Allah is always Aware of what you do
4:95 Those believers who sit back, except for a disability, are not equal in ranks to those who strive with their wealth and person in the Cause of Allah. Allah has granted a grade higher to those who strive with their wealth and person than that granted those who remain passive. Although Allah has promised the ultimate good to all believers, yet Allah has exalted with immense reward those who strive, above the ones who sit back at home
4:96 The higher ranks come from Him, as well as forgiveness and Grace. Allah is ever Forgiving, Merciful
4:97 As for those who wrong their own "Self" by not striving until the angels (the Universal Laws of death) approach them, they are asked, "What kept you occupied?" They say, "We were weak and oppressed in the land." The angels say, " Was not the earth of Allah spacious enough for you to migrate?" As for such, their habitation will be Hell, a miserable destination
4:98 Exempted are the feeble, whether men or women, and children who are unable to devise a plan and to find a way out
4:99 There is room in Allah's Law for absolving their inabilities. Allah is indeed the Absolver of imperfections, Forgiver
4:100 Anyone who emigrates in the Cause of Allah, will find that Allah has placed refuge and abundance in the earth. Whoever forsakes his home, as 'An immigrant to Allah and His Messenger', and death overtakes him, his reward is then incumbent upon Allah. Allah is ever Forgiving, Merciful
4:101 When you are traveling through the earth, there is no blame on you if you shorten the congregations of prayers, if you fear that the rejecters of the Truth may attack you. Verily, the rejecters are an open enemy to you
4:102 O Messenger! When you are with them and establish the congregations of prayers for them, let some of you stand guard, and let them hold their weapons standing with you as you prostrate. Then let the other group who has not prayed take their turn praying with you, while the others stand guard and hold their weapons. The disbelievers wish to see you neglect your weapons and equipment, and ambush you once and for all. You commit no error, if you are hampered by rain or injury, by putting down your weapons. But always be fully prepared against danger. Verily, Allah has readied a humiliating suffering for those who deny the Truth
4:103 Be mindful of Allah's Commands whatever state you are in, standing, sitting or lying down. And when you are once again secure, establish the congregations of Salat. Joining the congregations of Salat at the times appointed by the Central Authority is a duty unto believers
4:104 Do not show weakness in pursuing the enemy. If you suffer hardship they too suffer hardship, but you have hope to receive Allah's reward that they cannot rightfully hope. Allah is the Knower, the Wise
4:105 We have sent down the Book to you (O Prophet) in Absolute Truth. Rule and judge among people according to what Allah has shown you (in this Revelation). You shall not advocate for those who are known to have violated their pledges and trusts and betrayed the works assigned to them
4:106 Pray to Allah that the betrayers and the hypocrites mend their ways and thus become worthy of forgiveness (4:81) Allah is Forgiving, Merciful
4:107 (You may pray for their guidance but) do not plead on behalf of the people who have betrayed their own "Self". Allah loves not one who drags down his own humanity by betraying his pledges, duties and trusts
4:108 They seek to hide from people and do not seek to hide from Allah! He is with them when they discuss and plot by night that which He dislikes. And Allah encompasses with His Knowledge all they do
4:109 You people contend on their behalf in this world. But who will contend with Allah for them on the Resurrection Day? Or who will be their defender
4:110 Anyone who transgresses against his or her own "Self", then seeks Allah's forgiveness, will find Allah Forgiving, Merciful. (The way to achieve Allah's forgiveness is repentance, taking corrective action and doing good deeds for others (4:17), (11:114))
4:111 Whoever earns a violation against the Permanent Values given in the Qur'an does it against, and drags down, his own "Self". Allah, the Knower, the Wise imparts this information to you
4:112 And whoever commits a fault or such violation, but throws the blame on the innocent, burdens himself with slander and a clear violation that drags the "Self" down
4:113 But for the Grace of Allah upon you (O Prophet), a party among them were bent upon diverting you, but they only misled themselves. They cannot hurt you at all. He has given you the Law and the Logic behind it. He teaches you that which you knew not. Contrary to blind faith, the use of Reason empowers you with Conviction (12:108). The Grace of Allah upon you is Infinite
4:114 There is no good in much of their secret conferences. Most meetings that take place behind closed doors are detrimental to humanity. However, whoever arranges meetings that discuss matters of social welfare, economic equity, human resource development, just legislation and reconciliation of conflicts seeking Allah's Approval, We shall bestow upon him / her a great Reward
4:115 One who opposes the Messenger, dissents and treads contrary to the way of the believers, after the Guidance has been made plain to him, We shall let him continue in his chosen direction, and expose him to Hell, a miserable destination
4:116 Allah will not forgive SHIRK (choosing authorities besides Him) though He may forgive other transgressions according to His Law of forgiveness. Whoever commits SHIRK, has wandered far astray (4:48)
4:117 (Think how this attitude downgrades the human "Self".) Some of them stoop so low that they make seductive statues of females and worship them! In fact, they worship Satan, their selfish desire that rebels against the Divine Values
4:118 Allah has rejected Satan for saying, "Verily, of your servants I will take my due share." (A great many people follow their own Satans (45:23) and the clergy eats a portion from their wealth in the name of God; that is Satan's share (9:31), (9:34)
4:119 Satan (Iblis) in allegorical terms had said, "I surely will lead them astray, I will entice them, confound them." (2:34-36), (7:11), (15:30-32), (17:62), (18:50), (20:116), (38:74). According to Satan's promise, these representatives of his mislead men and women away from the Qur'an, and confound them with ritualism and superstitions, such as magic, dreams, astrology, amulets, numerology, ghoul, exorcism, and vain beliefs. Marking cattle's ears, choosing red cows or black goats for specific sacrifices, are superstitions that the clergy propagates. They try to present the Laws of Allah operative in the World of Creation in a distorted fashion. They assign miracles to living or dead "saints" ignoring the Law of Cause and Effect (4:51), (4:60). Whoever befriends this handiwork of Satan, has ignored Allah. Such a person is verily a loser and his loss is manifest
4:120 (You have seen how associating partners with Allah, and ignoring the Qur'an in favor of human dogmas, drag the "Self" down to subhuman levels.) You will find these agents of Satan dispensing paradise and hell to their followers in outright deception (false hopes and vain desires such as seventy two beauties etc.)
4:121 These custodians of man-made dogmas and their followers will have their dwelling in Hell with no EXIT signs
4:122 On the other hand, We shall soon admit those who attain belief, and work to improve the lot of humanity, to the Gardens beneath which rivers flow. They will abide therein forever. This is the unwavering Promise of Allah; and who can be truer in word than Allah
4:123 (The clergy have borrowed many of their dogmas from the previous nations.) But neither your wishful thinking, nor the wishful thinking of some People of the Book shall be of any avail. Whoever lives contrary to the Divine Laws, will have the recompense for it. And he or she will find, besides Allah, no protector and helper
4:124 And whoever fulfills the needs of the people whether male or female, and is a believer, will enter Paradise. And not the least injustice will be done to them (not amounting to the 'speck on a date-stone' (4:53), (35:13)
4:125 Who has a better DEEN (System of Life) than the one who submits completely to Allah, and thus becomes a benefactor of humanity? Such a person is, in fact, following the Way of Abraham, the upright whom Allah chose for friend
4:126 Unto Allah belongs all that is in the Highs and all that is in the Lows; and indeed Allah encompasses all things
4:127 (It is imperative to realize that women are no less a part of the society. Moreover, they are the custodians of the future generations like a garden that bears flowery plants (2:223)) They ask you to enlighten them further about the Laws concerning women (O Prophet). Say, "Allah Himself enlightens you about the Laws concerning them, and the Book which has been recited to you conveys the decree. (You shall be especially kind to women who are widowed, orphaned, or left helpless for any reason (2:83), (2:215), (4:3), (2:240), (8:41)) You shall restore the rights of the orphaned women to whom you give not what is ordained (their due marital gifts) when you wish to marry them. And Allah decrees about helpless children, and your duty to treat orphans in a most kind manner. And whatever good you may do, behold, Allah is ever Aware."
4:128 If a woman experiences ill-treatment from her husband or fears that he might turn away from her, there should be no hesitation in taking corrective action and resolving the matter between them amicably. Conciliation is best. Selfishness is ever present in human psyche. And if you take care to benefit each other and be mindful of Allah, verily Allah is ever Aware of all you do. (Allah, the Cognizant shows you the best way (2:228-234), (4:3), (4:19), (4:35), (4:128), (33:49), (58:1) (65:1-4))
4:129 Men who have been permitted a second wife for post-war exigencies (4:3) must understand that: You will not be able to deal equally between your wives however much you wish. But turn not altogether away from one, leaving her as if in suspense between having and not having a husband. Fulfill the rights of each one of them and be mindful of Allah. Verily, Allah is ever Forgiving, Merciful. (Your effort is seen 53:40, and He is the Absolver of your imperfections)
4:130 If the couple separate, Allah will provide for each one of them from His Abundance. Allah is Infinite, Wise. (The Divinely Ordained System is versatile enough to accommodate all circumstances)
4:131 And to Allah belong all things in the Highs and all things in the Lows. We directed those who received the Scripture before you, and We direct you to be mindful of Allah's Laws (so that your society operates as smoothly as the Universe is operating). And if you reject the Truth, know that all things in the heavens and all things in the earth belong to Allah. Allah is Self-Sufficient, Owner of Praise
4:132 Unto Allah belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth. And Allah is Sufficient as Guardian (to carry through all affairs of the Universe)
4:133 If He wills, He can cause you to disappear O Mankind! And bring forth other beings in your stead. Indeed, Allah is Able to do that
4:134 Whoever desires the reward of the world, let him know that with Allah is the reward of the world and the Hereafter. Allah is ever Hearer, Seer. (Obedience to His Commands ensures success in both worlds)
4:135 O You who have chosen to be graced with belief! Stand out firmly for justice, witnesses for Allah, even if it is against yourselves, your parents and your relatives, and whether the case is of a rich person or a poor person. Allah is nearer to them than you are; His Law comes first. Follow not your emotions lest you fall short of justice. If you distort your testimony or turn away from this Command, Allah is Aware of all your actions
4:136 O You who have chosen to be graced with belief! (and call yourselves Muslims)! Believe in Allah and His Messenger, and the Book He has revealed to His Messenger, and ( the fact that He revealed) the Scripture before. (Belief to the point of Conviction can only be attained through reason and not as a birth right (12:108)). One who denies Allah, and His Angels, and His Books, and His Messengers, and the Last Day, has gone far astray
4:137 Those who believe, then disbelieve and again believe, then disbelieve, and thus grow stubborn in denial of the Truth, Allah will not forgive them, nor will He intervene to walk them through to the Way
4:138 Give the tiding to such hypocrites that grievous suffering awaits them
4:139 Those who ally themselves with the rejecters of the Truth instead of the believers, do they seek honor among them? All Dignity, Honor and Power belong to, and come from, Allah (3:25), (35:10), (63:8)
4:140 He has already revealed unto you in the Book that, when you hear the Revelations of Allah rejected and ridiculed, sit not with them unless they engage in some other conversation (4:63), (6:68). Otherwise you shall bear similar guilt as they bear. Allah will gather hypocrites and rejecters together, all of them, into Hell
4:141 (The hypocrites adopt the opportunistic attitude.) They watch you and wait. If a victory comes to you from Allah, they say, "Weren't we with you?" And if the rejecters get a portion of success, they say, "Did we not side with you and protect you from the believers?" Allah will judge between you all on the Day of Resurrection. Allah will not give the rejecters (of the Qur'an) any way of success against the true believers in the Qur'an
4:142 The hypocrites seek to deceive Allah, but it is Allah's Law that such people deceive themselves (2:9). When they stand up for prayers, they do so reluctantly and only to be seen by people, and rarely do they think of Allah
4:143 Swaying between this and that, belonging neither to these nor to those. Anyone who strays according to Allah's Law of Guidance, you will not find a way for him (Law of Guidance (4:88))
4:144 O You who have chosen to be graced with belief! Do not take the rejecters for your allies instead of the believers. Do you wish to provide a clear proof to Allah against yourselves
4:145 Verily, the hypocrites will abide in the lowest pit of the Fire and you will find no helper for them
4:146 Except those who repent by returning to the Right Path and make amends and hold fast to Allah's Guidance in all sincerity. Those are with the believers. Allah will soon grant the believers a reward of immense value
4:147 Why should Allah punish you if you are practically grateful in spending His Bounties on others and truly believe in His Laws? Allah is Appreciative, Knower
4:148 Allah does not love loud unpleasant speech except by one who has been wronged. Allah is ever Hearer, Knower
4:149 If you contribute to the society, whether openly or secretly, and pardon someone's fault, know that Allah is Pardoner, Powerful. He absolves your individual and societal imperfections, and He has appointed due measure for all things
4:150 Those who deny Allah and His Messengers, or seek to make distinction between Allah and His Messengers, and say, "We believe in some and reject some." (The first part of the verse refers to those who believe in God as the Creator, but not as the Law-Giver (29:61-63))
4:151 Such are the real disbelievers. And for deniers of the Truth We have readied a humiliating retribution
4:152 And those who believe in Allah and His Messengers, in word and action, and understand that all Messengers were one in Purpose, We shall soon give them their rewards. Allah is ever Forgiving, Merciful
4:153 (O Prophet) People of the Scripture ask you to bring a published book from the sky. They made a greater demand to Moses when they said, "Show us Allah face to face". And their psyche was such that when a bolt of lightning struck around them, they fell in fear (2:55). They had displaced the true belief with falsehood. After that, they chose the calf for worship although they had seen the Manifest Truth. Yet, We pardoned them and gave Moses evident authority (as a blessing for their guidance)
4:154 Then We made a Covenant with them at the raised Mount Sinai as a witness. We said to them, "Enter the gate of the town humbly (2:63)." And We said to them, "Do not violate the Sabbath." Indeed We had made with them a Solemn Covenant
4:155 They incurred condemnation for breaking their Covenant, rejecting Allah's Revelations, and killing the Prophets wrongfully. And for saying, "Our hearts are wrapped up; we have made up our minds." Nay, Allah's Law sets the seal on their hearts because of their persistent denial. They lost their faculties of reasoning. So they do not see the Truth, except a few
4:156 And for their disbelief to the extent that they brought a terrible charge against Mary
4:157 And for claiming, "We killed the Messiah Jesus son of Mary, Allah's Messenger." They never killed him and never crucified him. But it appeared so to them and the matter remained dubious to them. Those who hold conflicting views on this issue are indeed confused. They have no real knowledge but they are following mere conjecture. Very certainly, they never killed him
4:158 Nay, Allah exalted him unto Himself. (They had plotted thinking that crucifixion was a death of dishonor. But Allah raised him in honor). Allah is Almighty, Wise
4:159 Everyone among the People of the Book must believe before dying, in the truth just stated. Jesus will be a witness against them on the Day of Resurrection (that he was neither crucified nor raised to the heavens. God is not confined to the Heavens)
4:160 Due to the transgressions of the Jews We had forbidden them good things that were before allowed to them, and because of their consistent hindering from the Way of Allah
4:161 Their clergy made usury permissible although it was forbidden, and they devoured the wealth of people with falsification. We have readied for the rejecters grievous suffering
4:162 Among them (the Jews) are those who are well founded in knowledge. And have attained conviction in what has been revealed to you, and in what was revealed before you. They are supporters of the Divine System and of the Just Economic Order, believers in Allah and in the Last Day. We shall soon give them an immense reward. (Islam is for all humanity. Any prior affiliations are irrelevant (2:62), (3:19), (4:125))
4:163 We have sent you the Revelation as We sent it to Noah and the Prophets after him. We sent Revelations to Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, and his progeny (the Tribes), Jesus, Job, Jonah, Aaron, and Solomon; and to David We gave the Psalms
4:164 We sent Our Messengers to all nations with a Uniform Message. We have told you the stories of some in the Qur'an, of the others We have not. (However, all of them were assigned a Common Mission). Allah spoke the same to Moses
4:165 All Messengers gave good news, as well as warning, so that humans won't have an argument against God, after the Messengers conveyed to them the Guidance. Allah is Almighty, Wise
4:166 Allah bears witness concerning what He has revealed to you. With His Own Knowledge He has revealed it. If you reflect on the Order in the Universe, you shall find that His angels, the Universal Laws, bear witness. And Allah is Sufficient Witness
4:167 Those who deny such obvious Reality and try to hinder from the Way of Allah, have wandered far astray
4:168 Those who indulge in such blatant denial and hinder people from Allah's Way, are wrongdoers. They are violating one of the basic human rights i.e. that of attaining knowledge (4:167). According to the Law of Requital, they block their own way to forgiveness and guidance
4:169 The only way the Divine Law leaves open for them is the way to Hell. And it is easy for Allah
4:170 O People! The Messenger has come to you with Truth from your Lord. If you believe in him, it is good for you. If you deny, know that to Allah belongs everything in the heavens and the earth. Allah is All Knowing, All Wise. (Following His Commands brings you to harmony with the Universe)
4:171 O People of the Scripture! Do not exaggerate in your religion. Say nothing about God except the truth. The Messiah Jesus son of Mary was a Messenger of Allah, the fulfillment of His Word to Mary, created according to the Laws of Creation and given free will from the Divine Energy (like all human beings (15:29), (32:7-9), (38:72)). Believe in Allah and His Messengers, and say not: "Three". Cease! It is for your own good. God is but One God. Far removed it is from His Supreme Majesty that He should have a son. Everything in the Highs and everything in the Lows belongs to Him. He is the Self-Sufficient Sustainer of the Universe (2:255)
4:172 Never was the Messiah too proud to serve Allah, nor the angels nearest to Him shy from obeying Him. Whoever shuns His service and is proud, He will assemble all unto Him
4:173 Allah will give rewards and add of His Bounty on those who attain belief and contribute to the society. On the other hand, His Law of Requital will dispense an awful doom to those who were scornful and proud. And they will find no one besides Allah, to protect or help them
4:174 O Humankind! There has come to you a Convincing Proof from your Lord, and We have sent unto you a profound Beacon of Light
4:175 Allah will admit into His Grace those who believe in Him and hold fast to His Commands, and facilitate for them the Straight Road to Him
4:176 They ask you about the inheritance of a person who is survived by neither ascendants nor descendants. If one dies and leaves no children, and he had a sister, she gets half the inheritance. If she dies first, he inherits from her if she left no children. If there were two sisters they get two-thirds of the inheritance, if there are sisters and brothers, the brother would get twice the share of the sister for reasons already explained (2:80), (4:11). Allah clarifies the Laws so that you might not go astray. Allah is the Knower of all things


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