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Sad (The Letter Sad)
as rendered by N J Dawood 2014
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N J Dawood (2014) rendition of Surah The Letter Sad(Sad)
38:1 Ṣād. BY the Koran, proclaiming the Admonition
38:2 Surely the unbelievers are imbued with arrogance and perverseness
38:3 How many generations have We destroyed before them! They all cried out for mercy, when it was too late to escape
38:4 They marvel that one of their own should come to warn them. ‘This is a sorcerer, a teller of lies,‘ the unbelievers say
38:5 Does he claim the gods are one god? This is indeed a strange thing.&lsquo
38:6 Their elders go about saying: ‘Go, and stand firm in the worship of your gods: it is a binding duty
38:7 We have not heard of this¹ in the Christian faith². It is nothing but a false invention
38:8 What! Was the Admonition sent down to him alone among us?‘ Indeed, they are in doubt about My Admonition, indeed, they have not yet tasted My scourge
38:9 Do they possess the treasures of the mercy of your Lord, the Almighty, the Munificent One
38:10 Is theirs the sovereignty over the heavens and the earth and all that lies between them? Then let them climb up to the sky by ropes
38:11 There, non shall be found but factions of defeated warriors
38:12 Before them the people of Noah, ‘Ād, and Pharaoh, who impaled his victims upon the stakes
38:13 Thamūd, the people of Lot, and the dwellers of the Forest³ ― they disbelieved, they were all those factions
38:14 all charged their apostles with imposture. And my punishment justly smote them
38:15 Yet these are waiting but for a single cry ― which none may retard
38:16 They say: ‘Lord, hasten our doom before the Day of Reckoning!&lsquo
38:17 Bear with what they say, and remember Our servant David, who was both a mighty and a penitent man
38:18 We made the mountains¹ join with him in praise evening and morning
38:19 and the birds, too, in all their flocks; all were obedient to him
38:20 We made his kingdom strong, and gave him wisdom and discriminating judgement
38:21 Have you heard the story of the litigants who entered his chamber by climbing over the wall
38:22 When they went in to David and saw that he was alarmed, they said: ‘Fear not. We are two litigants, one of whom has wronged the other. Judge rightly between us and do not be unjust; guide us to the right path
38:23 My brother here has ninety-nine ewes, but I have only one ewe². He demanded that I should entrust it to him, and got the better of me in the dispute.&lsquo
38:24 He said: ‘He has certainly wronged you in seeking to add your ewe to his flock. Many partners are unjust to one another; but not so those that have faith and do good works, and they are few indeed.‘ David realized that We were only testing him. He sought forgiveness of his Lord and fell down penitently on his knees
38:25 We forgave him that; and in Our presence he shall be honoured and well received
38:26 David, We have made you master in the land. Rule with justice among people and do not yield to lust, lest it turn you away from God‘s path.‘ Because they forget the Day of Reckoning, those that stray from God‘s path shall be grievously punished.&lsquo
38:27 It was not in vain that We created heaven and earth and all that lies between them. That is what the unbelievers think. But woe betide the unbelievers when they are cast into the Fire
38:28 Are We to equate those that have faith and do good works with those that perpetrate corruption in the land? Are We to equate the righteous with the ungodly
38:29 This Book We have revealed to you with Our blessing, that those that are of good sense possessed might ponder its revelations and take warning
38:30 And We gave Solomon to David; and he was a good and penitent servant
38:31 When, one evening, his prancing steeds were ranged before him, he said
38:32 My love for good things has distracted me from the remembrance of my Lord, until the sun disappeared behind the veil of darkness
38:33 Bring me back my chargers!‘ And with this he fell to hacking their legs and necks
38:34 We put Solomon to the proof and placed a body upon his throne, so that he at length repented
38:35 He said: ‘Forgive me, Lord, and bestow upon me such sovereignty as shall belong to none after me. You are the Bountiful Giver.&lsquo
38:36 We subjected the wind to him, so that it blew softly at his bidding wherever he directed it;
38:37 and the demons, too, every builders and diver
38:38 and others bound with chains
38:39 This is Our giving. It is for you to bestow or to withhold, without reckoning.&lsquo
38:40 In Our presence he shall be honoured and well received
38:41 And tell of Our servant Job. He called out to his Lord, saying: ‘Satan has afflicted me with anguish and torment.&lsquo
38:42 Stamp your feet, here is a cool spring for you to wash in and to drink from.&lsquo
38:43 We restored to him his household and as many more with them: a blessing from Ourself and an Admonition to those that are of good sense possessed
38:44 Take a bunch of twigs and beat with it; do not break your oath.‘¹ We found him steadfast; a good and penitent man
38:45 And tell of Our servants Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob: men of might and visio
38:46 We made pure with the thought of the hereafter
38:47 They shall dwell with Us among the chosen and the righteous
38:48 And tell of Ishmael, Elisha, and Dhūl-Kifl,² who were all among the just
38:49 This is but an Admonition. The righteous shall return to a blessed retreat
38:50 to the Gardens of Eden, whose gates shall open wide to receive them
38:51 Reclining therein
38:52 they will call for abundant fruit and drink with bashful virgins for companions,
38:53 All this you are promised for the Day of Reckoning
38:54 this is Our gift: a gift unending
38:55 But doleful shall be the return of the transgressors
38:56 In Hell shall they burn, an evil resting-place
38:57 Therein let them taste their drink: scalding water, festering blood
38:58 coupled with other putrid things
38:59 This band shall be thrown in headlong with you. No welcome shall await them; they shall be promptly cast into the Fire.&lsquo
38:60 No welcome for you either! It was you who prepared this for us, an evil plight.&lsquo
38:61 Then will they say: ‘Lord, inflict on those who brought this fate upon us a twofold torment in the Fire
38:62 And they will say: ‘But why do we not see men whom we deemed wicke
38:63 and whom we laughed to scorn? Or have our eyes missed them?&lsquo
38:64 All this shall come to pass. The inmates of the Fire will wrangle among themselves
38:65 Say: ‘I am only to give warning. There is no divinity but God, the One who conquers all
38:66 He is the Lord of the heavens and the earth and all that lies between them: the Almighty, the Forgiving One.&lsquo
38:67 Say: ‘This is a fateful message
38:68 yet you pay no heed to it
38:69 I had no knowledge of those on high when they wrangled among themselves
38:70 It was revealed to me, only that I might warn you plainly.&lsquo
38:71 Tell of your Lord when He said to the angels
38:72 ‘I am creating man from clay. When I have fashioned him and breathed My spirit into him, kneel-down and prostrate yourselves before him.&lsquo
38:73 The angels prostrated themselves one and all
38:74 except Satan, who was too proud and was an unbeliever
38:75 Satan,‘ said He, what prevented you from bowing to him whom I have created with My own hands? Are you too proud, or do you deem yourself superior?&lsquo
38:76 He said: ‘I am nobler than he. You created me from fire, but him from clay.&lsquo
38:77 Get you out hence, you are accursed!‘ said He
38:78 And My curse shall remain on you until the Day of Reckoning.&lsquo
38:79 He said: ‘Reprieve me, Lord, till the Day of Resurrection
38:80 He said: ‘Reprieved you shall b
38:81 till the Day of the time Appointed.&lsquo
38:82 I swear by Your glory,‘ said Satan, ‘that I will seduce them al
38:83 except your faithful servants.&lsquo
38:84 He said ‘Learn the truth, then, and I speak nothing but the Truth
38:85 I will surely fill Hell with your offspring and with your followers all.&lsquo
38:86 Say: ‘I demand of you for this no recompense. Nor do I pretend to be what I am not
38:87 This is but an Admonition to mankind
38:88 in a while you shall learn about it all.&lsquo


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