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Sad (The Letter Sad)
as rendered by Dr. Laleh Bakhtiar
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Dr. Laleh Bakhtiar rendition of Surah The Letter Sad(Sad)
38:1 @[d. By the Quran, Possessor of the Remembrance.
38:2 Nay! Those who were ungrateful are in vainglory and breach.
38:3 How many before them have We caused to perish of generations! And they cried out but there was no time for escape for a while.
38:4 And they marveled that drew near them one who warns from among themselves. And the ones who are ungrateful said: This is one who is a sorcerer, a liar.
38:5 Made He all gods One God? Truly, this is an astounding thing!
38:6 And the Council set out from them, saying: Be gone! And have patience with your gods. Truly, this is a thing to be wanted!
38:7 We heard not the like of this in the later creed. This is only made up tales!
38:8 Was the Remembrance only caused to descend to him from among us? Nay! They are in uncertainty about My Remembrance. Nay! They experience not My punishment!
38:9 Or are they owners of the treasures of mercy of thy Lord, The Almighty, The Giver?
38:10 Or is theirs the dominion of the heavens and the earth and what is between them? Let them climb up with cords!
38:11 Their army is one that is put to flight among the confederates.
38:12 The folk of Noah before them denied and Ad and Pharaoh, the possessor of the stakes,
38:13 and Thamud and a folk of Lot and the Companions of the Thicket. Those were the confederates.
38:14 All of them denied the Messengers so My repayment was realized.
38:15 These expect not but one Cry. There was no holding it back.
38:16 And they said: Our Lord! Quicken the sentence of the judge on us before the Day of Reckoning.
38:17 Have patience with what they say, and remember Our servant David, the possessor of potency. Truly, he was penitent.
38:18 Truly, We caused the mountains to be subservient to glorify with him in the evening and the rising of the sun.
38:19 And the birds were ones who are assembled, all penitent to Him.
38:20 And We strengthened his dominion and gave him wisdom and decisiveness in argument.
38:21 Approached thee the tiding of the disputants when they climbed over the wall of a sanctuary?
38:22 When they entered in on David, he was terrified of them. They said: Fear not. Two disputants were insolent, one of us against the other. So give judgment duly between us and transgress not and guide us to the right path.
38:23 Truly, this is my brother. He has ninety-nine ewe, while I have one ewe. And he said: Place it in my charge and he triumphed over me in argument.
38:24 David said: Certainly, he did wrong to thee in asking for thy ewe in addition to his ewes. And, truly, many partners in business are insolent, one to another, but those who believed and did as the ones in accord with morality, and they are few. And David thought that We tried him and he asked for forgiveness of his Lord and fell down as one who bows down penitent.‡
38:25 So We forgave him that. And, truly, for him is nearness with Us and goodness of destination.
38:26 O David! Truly, We made thee a viceregent on the earth so give judgment duly among humanity and follow not your desire for it will cause thee to go astray from the way of God. Truly, those who go astray from the way of God, for them there is a severe punishment because they forgot the Day of Reckoning.
38:27 And We created not the heaven and the earth and whatever is between the two in falsehood. That is the opinion of those who were ungrateful. Then, woe to those who disbelieved in the fire!
38:28 Or will We make those who believed and did as the ones in accord with morality like the ones who make corruption in and on the earth or will We make the ones who are Godfearing as the ones who acted immorally?
38:29 It is a blessed Book that We caused to descend to thee, so that they meditate on its signs and those imbued with intuition recollect.
38:30 And We bestowed Solomon on David. How excellent a servant. Truly, he was penitent.
38:31 When they were presented before him in the evening—steeds standing with one foot slightly raised—
38:32 he said: Truly, I cherished and loved the good instead of remembering my Lord when the sun secluded itself behind the partition of the night.
38:33 Return them to me. Then, he took wiping over their legs and their necks.
38:34 And, certainly, We tried Solomon. We cast a lifeless body on his seat. Again, he was penitent.
38:35 He said: My Lord! Forgive me and bestow on me a dominion such will not be fit and proper for another after me. Truly, Thou art The Giver.
38:36 So We caused the wind to be subservient to him. It runs at his command, a gentle wind, wherever it lit.
38:37 And We made subservient the satans and every builder and diver
38:38 and others, ones who are chained in bonds.
38:39 This is Our gift. Then, hast thou shown grace or hast thou held back without reckoning?
38:40 Truly, for him is nearness with Us, and goodness of destination.
38:41 And remember Our servant Job when he cried out to his Lord: Truly, Satan afflicted me with fatigue and punishment!
38:42 It is said: Stomp with thy foot. This is a place of washing that is cool and from which to drink.
38:43 And We bestowed on him, his people, and the like of them along with them as a mercy from Us, a reminder for those imbued with intuition.
38:44 And take in thy hand a bundle of rushes and strike with it and fail not thy oath. Truly, We found him one who remains steadfast. How excellent a servant. Truly, he was penitent.
38:45 And remember Our servants Abraham, and Isaac and Jacob, all imbued with dynamic energy and insight.
38:46 And, truly, We made them sincere with that which is pure, a reminder of the Abode.
38:47 And, truly, they are to Us among ones who are favored and good.
38:48 And remember Ishmael, Elisha, and Dhu-l Kifl. And all are among the good.
38:49 This is a Remembrance. And, truly, for ones who are Godfearing this is, certainly, a goodly destination,
38:50 the Gardens of Eden, the doors, ones that are opened up for them.
38:51 Ones who are reclining in them. They will call for many sweet fruits and drink in it.
38:52 And with them will be ones who are restraining their (f) glance, persons of the same age.
38:53 This is what you are promised for the Day of Reckoning.
38:54 Truly, this is Our provision. For it, there is no coming to an end.
38:55 This is so. And, truly, for ones who are defiant, there will be a worse destination,
38:56 hell, where they will roast. And miserable will be the cradling!
38:57 This is so! Then, let them experience this—scalding water and filth
38:58 and other torment of a like kind in pairs.
38:59 This is an army unit, one that rushes in with you. There is no welcome for them! Truly, they are ones who roast in the fire.
38:60 They said: Nay! You! There is no welcome for you. It is you who put this forward on us. Miserable will be the stopping place!
38:61 They said: Our Lord! Whoever put this forward for us, increase him with a double punishment in the fire.
38:62 And they said: What is the matter with us that we see not men whom we had been numbering among the worst?
38:63 Took We them to ourselves as a laughing-stock or swerved our sight from them?
38:64 Truly, this is true of the disagreement of the people of the fire.
38:65 Say: I am only one who warns. And there is no god but God, The One, The Omniscient,
38:66 the Lord of the heavens and the earth and whatever is between them, The Almighty, The Forgiver.
38:67 Say: It is a serious tiding
38:68 from which you are ones who turn aside.
38:69 I had been without knowledge of the lofty Council when they are striving against one another.
38:70 It is revealed to me only that I am a warner, one who makes clear.
38:71 Thy Lord said to the angels: Truly, I am one who is Creator of a mortal from clay.
38:72 So when I shaped him and breathed into him My Spirit, then, fall to him, ones who prostrate themselves.
38:73 So the angels prostrated themselves, one and all, altogether
38:74 but Iblis. He grew arrogant and had been among the ones who are ungrateful.
38:75 He said: O Iblis! What prevented thee from prostrating thyself to what I created with My two hands? Hadst thou grown arrogant? Or hadst thou been among the ones who exalt themselves?
38:76 Iblis said: I am better than he. Thou hadst created me from fire while Thou hadst created him from clay.
38:77 He said: Then, go thou forth from here for, truly, thou art accursed.
38:78 And, truly, on thee is My curse until the Day of Judgment.
38:79 Iblis said: My Lord! Then, give me respite until the Day to be raised up.
38:80 He said: Truly, thou art among the ones who are given respite
38:81 until the Day of the known time.
38:82 Iblis said: By Thy Great Glory, then, I will certainly lead them one and all into error,
38:83 but Thy devoted servants among them.
38:84 He said: This is The Truth and The Truth I say
38:85 that I will fill hell with thee and with one and all of whoever heeded thee.
38:86 Say: I ask of you not for any compensation for this nor am I among the ones who take things upon themselves.
38:87 It is nothing other than a Remembrance for the worlds
38:88 and you will, certainly, know its tidings after a while.


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