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Word for Word - James Ada et al

as-Saffat (Those Who Set The Ranks, Drawn up in Ranks, The Rangers)
as rendered by James Ada Word for Word
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Word for Word
Dr. Shehnaz Shaikh, Ms. Kauser Katri, and more
rendition of Surah Those Who Set The Ranks, Drawn up in Ranks, The Rangers(as-Saffat)
37:1 By those lined (in) rows,
37:2 And those who drive strongly,
37:3 And those who recite (the) Message,
37:4 Indeed, your Lord (is) surely One,
37:5 Lord (of) the heavens and the earth, and what (is) between both of them and Lord (of) each point of sunrise.
37:6 Indeed, We [We] adorned the sky [the world] with an adornment (of) the stars.
37:7 And (to) guard against every devil rebellious,
37:8 Not they may listen to the assembly [the] exalted, are pelted from every side,
37:9 Repelled; and for them (is) a punishment perpetual,
37:10 Except (him) who snatches (by) theft but follows him a burning flame, piercing.
37:11 Then ask them, "Are they a stronger creation or (those) whom We have created?" Indeed, We created them from a clay sticky.
37:12 Nay, you wonder, while they mock.
37:13 And when they are reminded, not they receive admonition.
37:14 And when they see a Sign, they mock,
37:15 And they say, "Not (is) this except a magic clear.
37:16 Is it when we are dead and have become dust and bones, shall we then be certainly resurrected,
37:17 Or our fathers former?"
37:18 Say, "Yes, and you (will be) humiliated."
37:19 Then only it (will be) a cry single, then, behold! They will see.
37:20 And they will say, "O woe to us! This (is the) Day (of) the Recompense."
37:21 "This (is the) Day (of) Judgment which you used to [of it] deny."
37:22 Gather those who wronged, and their kinds and what they used (to) worship
37:23 from Besides Allah, then lead them to (the) Path (of) the Hellfire.
37:24 And stop them; indeed, they (are) to be questioned."
37:25 "What (is) for you? (Why) not you help one another?"
37:26 Nay, they (on) that Day (will) surrender.
37:27 And will approach some of them to others questioning one another.
37:28 They will say, "Indeed, you [you] used (to) come (to) us from the right."
37:29 They will say, "Nay, not you were believers,
37:30 And not was for us over you any authority. Nay, you were a people transgressing.
37:31 So has been proved true against us (the) Word (of) our Lord; indeed, we (will) certainly taste.
37:32 So we led you astray; indeed, we were astray."
37:33 Then indeed, they that Day in the punishment (will be) sharers.
37:34 Indeed, We thus, We deal with the criminals.
37:35 Indeed, they were, when it was said to them, "(There is) no god except Allah," were arrogant
37:36 And they say, "Are we to leave our gods for a poet mad?"
37:37 Nay, he has brought the truth and confirmed the Messengers.
37:38 Indeed, you (will) surely taste the punishment painful,
37:39 And not you will be recompensed except what you used to do,
37:40 Except (the) slaves (of) Allah the chosen ones.
37:41 Those for them (will be) a provision determined,
37:42 Fruits and they (will) be honored
37:43 In Gardens (of) Delight
37:44 On thrones facing each other.
37:45 Will be circulated among them a cup from a flowing spring,
37:46 White, delicious for the drinkers;
37:47 Not in it (is) bad effect and not they from it will be intoxicated.
37:48 And with them (will be) ones who are restrai glance (having) beautiful eyes,
37:49 As if they were eggs, well protected.
37:50 And (will) approach some of them to others questioning one another.
37:51 Will say a speaker among them, "Indeed, I had for me a companion,
37:52 Who (would) say, "Are you indeed surely of those who believe?
37:53 Is (it) when we have died and become dust and bones, will we surely be brought to Judgment?
37:54 He (will) say, "Will you be looking?"
37:55 Then he (will) look and see him in (the) midst (of) the Hellfire.
37:56 He (will) say, "By Allah, verily, you almost ruined me.
37:57 And if not (for the) Grace (of) my Lord, certainly, I (would) have been among those brought.
37:58 Then are not we (to) die,
37:59 Except our death the first, and not we will be punished?"
37:60 Indeed, this surely (is) the attainment great.
37:61 For (the) like (of) this, let work the workers.
37:62 Is that better (as) hospitality or (the) tree (of) Zaqqum?
37:63 Indeed, We [We] have made it a trial for the wrongdoers.
37:64 Indeed, it (is) a tree that grows in (the) bottom (of) the Hellfire,
37:65 Its emerging fruit (is) as if it (was) heads (of) the devils.
37:66 And indeed, they (will) surely eat from it and fill with it (their) bellies.
37:67 Then indeed, for them in it (is) a mixture of boiling water.
37:68 Then indeed, their return (will) surely be to the Hellfire.
37:69 Indeed, they found their fathers astray.
37:70 So they on their footsteps they hastened.
37:71 And verily, went astray before them most (of) the former (people),
37:72 And verily, We sent among them warners.
37:73 Then see how was (the) end (of) those who were warned,
37:74 Except (the) slaves (of) Allah the chosen ones.
37:75 And verily, called Us Nuh; and Best (are We as) Responders!
37:76 And We saved him and his family from the distress, the great.
37:77 And We made his offspring [they] the survivors.
37:78 And We left for him among the later generations.
37:79 "Peace be upon Nuh among the worlds."
37:80 Indeed, We thus [We] reward the good-doers.
37:81 Indeed, he (was) of Our slaves believing.
37:82 Then We drowned the others.
37:83 And indeed, among his kind (was) surely Ibrahim,
37:84 When he came (to) his Lord with a heart sound,
37:85 When he said to his father and his people, "What is it you worship?
37:86 Is it falsehood - gods other than Allah - (that) you desire?
37:87 Then what (do) you think about (the) Lord (of) the worlds?"
37:88 Then he glanced a glance at the stars,
37:89 And he said, "Indeed, I am sick."
37:90 So they turned away from departing.
37:91 Then he turned to their gods and said, "Do not you eat?
37:92 What (is) for you not you speak?"
37:93 Then he turned upon them striking with the right hand.
37:94 Then they advanced towards him, hastening.
37:95 He said, "Do you worship what you carve
37:96 While Allah created you and what you make?"
37:97 They said, "Build for him a structure and throw him into the blazing Fire."
37:98 And they intended for him a plot, but We made them the lowest.
37:99 And he said, "Indeed, I am going to my Lord, He will guide me.
37:100 My Lord grant me of the righteous."
37:101 So We gave him the glad tiding of a boy forbearing.
37:102 Then when he reached with him the (age of) working he said, "O my son! Indeed, I have seen in the dream that I am sacrificing you, so look what you see." He said, "O my father! Do what you are commanded. You will find me, if wills Allah, of the patient ones."
37:103 Then when both of them had submitted and he put him down upon his forehead,
37:104 And We called out to him that "O Ibrahim!
37:105 Verily, you have fulfilled the vision." Indeed, We thus [We] reward the good-doers.
37:106 Indeed, this (was) surely [it] the trial clear.
37:107 And We ransomed him with a sacrifice great,
37:108 And We left for him among the later generations.
37:109 "Peace be on Ibrahim."
37:110 Thus We reward the good-doers.
37:111 Indeed, he (was) of Our slaves believing.
37:112 And We gave him glad tidings of Ishaq, a Prophet among the righteous.
37:113 And We blessed him and [on] Ishaq. And of their offspring (are) good-doers and unjust to himself clear.
37:114 And verily, We conferred Favor upon Musa and Harun.
37:115 And We saved both of them and their people from the distress the great,
37:116 And We helped them, so became they the victors.
37:117 And We gave both of them the Book the clear.
37:118 And We guided both of them (to) the Path the Straight.
37:119 And We left for both of them, among the later generations.
37:120 "Peace be upon Musa and Harun."
37:121 Indeed, We thus reward the good-doers.
37:122 Indeed, both of them (were) of Our slaves believing.
37:123 And indeed, Ilyas (was) surely of the Messengers.
37:124 When he said to his people, "Will not you fear?
37:125 Do you call Baal and you forsake (the) Best (of) Creators -
37:126 Allah, your Lord and (the) Lord (of) your forefathers (of) the former (people)?"
37:127 But they denied him, so indeed, they (will) surely be brought,
37:128 Except (the) slaves (of) Allah the chosen ones.
37:129 And We left for him among the later generations.
37:130 "Peace be upon Il yas ( Ilyas)
37:131 Indeed, We thus reward the good-doers.
37:132 Indeed, he (was) of Our slaves believing.
37:133 And indeed, Lut (was) of the Messengers.
37:134 When We saved him and his family all,
37:135 Except an old woman (was) among those who remained behind.
37:136 Then We destroyed the others.
37:137 And indeed, you surely pass by them (in the) morning,
37:138 And at night. Then will not you use reason?
37:139 And indeed, Yunus (was) surely of the Messengers.
37:140 When he ran away to the ship laden.
37:141 Then he drew lots and was of the losers.
37:142 Then swallowed him the fish, while he (was) blameworthy.
37:143 And if not that he was of those who glorify
37:144 Certainly, he (would have) rem in its belly until the Day they are resurrected.
37:145 But We cast him onto the open shore while he (was) ill.
37:146 And We caused to grow over him a plant of gourd.
37:147 And We sent him to a hundred thousand or more.
37:148 And they believed, so We gave them enjoyment for a while.
37:149 Then ask them, "Does your Lord (have) daughters while for them (are) sons?"
37:150 Or did We create the Angels females while they (were) witnesses?
37:151 No doubt, indeed, they of their falsehood [they] say,
37:152 "Has begotten Allah," and indeed, they surely (are) liars.
37:153 Has He chosen [the] daughters over sons?
37:154 What is with you? How you judge?
37:155 Then will not you pay heed?
37:156 Or (is) for you an authority clear?
37:157 Then bring your book, if you are truthful.
37:158 And they have made between Him and between the jinn a relationship, but certainly, know the jinn that they (will) surely be brought.
37:159 Glory be (to) Allah above what they attribute,
37:160 Except (the) slaves (of) Allah the chosen.
37:161 So indeed, you and what you worship,
37:162 Not you from Him can tempt away (anyone).
37:163 Except who he (is) to burn (in) the Hellfire.
37:164 "And not among us except for him (is) a position known.
37:165 And indeed, we surely, [we] stand in rows.
37:166 And indeed, we surely, [we] glorify (Allah)."
37:167 And indeed, they used to say,
37:168 "If that we had a reminder from the former (people),
37:169 Certainly, we (would) have bee slaves (of) Allah the chosen."
37:170 But they disbelieved in it, so soon they will know.
37:171 And verily, has preceded Our Word for Our slaves, the Messengers,
37:172 Indeed they, surely they (would be) the victorious.
37:173 And indeed, Our host surely, they (will be) those who overcome.
37:174 So turn away from them until a time.
37:175 And see them, so soon they will see.
37:176 Then is (it) for Our punishmen they hasten?
37:177 But when it descends in their territory, then evil (will be) (the) morning (for) those who were warned.
37:178 So turn away from them for a time.
37:179 And see, so soon they will see.
37:180 Glory (be to) your Lord, (the) Lord (of) Honor, above what they attribute.
37:181 And peace be upon the Messengers.
37:182 And all praise (be) to Allah, (the) Lord (of) the worlds.


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