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as-Saffat (Those Who Set The Ranks, Drawn up in Ranks, The Rangers)
as rendered by Musharraf Hussain
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Musharraf Hussain rendition of Surah Those Who Set The Ranks, Drawn up in Ranks, The Rangers(as-Saffat)
37:1 By the a ngels – arranged in rows,
37:2 who stop people from evil
37:3 and by those who recite the word
37:4 that your Lord is One,
37:5 Lord of the Heavens and the Earth and what is between them, the Lord of the Easts.
37:6 We have decorated the lower sky with the stars
37:7 and protected it from every disobedient devil.
37:8 They cannot eavesdrop on the higher assembly of angels, they will be attacked from all sides
37:9 and driven out. Theirs is everlasting punishment.
37:10 The snatcher of information is chased by a fiery comet
37:11 Ask: “Are they more difficult to create than the rest of the creation?” We created them from a sticky clay.
37:12 Are you surprised they mock,
37:13 if they are reminded they take no notice;
37:14 when they see a sign they poke fun at it,
37:15 saying, “This is magic;
37:16 when we are dead and become dust and bones will we
37:17 be raised to life with our forefathers?”
37:18 Say: “Yes, and you will be despised!
37:19 It will be a single blast as they look on terrified.
37:20 With regret they will say, “This is Judgement Day.”
37:21 Indeed, the Day of Decision that you denied.
37:22 The angels will be ordered: “Gather the wicked people, including their spouses and whatever they worshipped
37:23 beside Allah, and lead them on the path to the Blazing Fire.
37:24 Stop them for questioning,
37:25 why are you not helping each other today?
37:26 No, today is the Day that they submit fully.
37:27 They will confront each other, quarrelling.
37:28 “You overpowered us,”
37:29 they will reply, “No! You didn’t want to be believers;
37:30 we had no power over you, you were rebellious anyway.
37:31 Our Lord’s judgement against us is fair. We’ll taste the punishment.
37:32 We misguided you since we were misguided.”
37:33 That Day they will share the punishment;
37:34 that’s Our way of dealing with sinners.
37:35 The arrogant people, when they were asked to say: “There is no God but Allah,”
37:36 said, “Should we give up our gods for the sake of a mad poet?”
37:37 Nay, he came with the truth and confirmed the previous prophets.
37:38 Now taste the painful punishment.
37:39 You’ll be repaid fully for what you did
37:40 The sincere servants of Allah
37:41 will have plenty of provisions; fruits they were familiar with.
37:42 They shall be honoured
37:43 in Gardens of Delight,
37:44 sitting on comfortable sofas facing each other;
37:45 they shall be served drinks in cups filled from a flowing fountain,
37:46 white and delicious for the drinkers;
37:47 this wine won’t cause headache or confusion;
37:48 sitting with their spouses of modest gaze and lovely eyes;
37:49 like precious eggs, well-preserved
37:50 They will turn to one another asking questions;
37:51 one of them will ask, “I had a friend
37:52 who would ask me, ‘Do you really believe:
37:53 when we are dead and turned to dust and bones we shall be brought back for judgement?’
37:54 He will say, ‘Would you like to see him?’
37:55 So when he looked down, he saw him in the middle of the blazing Fire.
37:56 He said, ‘By Allah, you nearly ruined me;
37:57 hadn’t it been for the gift of my Lord, I would have been in Hell too.
37:58 Aren’t we to die except for our first death?
37:59 Shall we never suffer?’
37:60 This is a real victory.
37:61 Everyone should work for this
37:62 Is this better hospitality or the tree of Zaqqum?
37:63 We made this to chastise the wicked.
37:64 It is a tree that grows in the middle of Hell.
37:65 Its fruit is like the heads of Satan.
37:66 They will eat from it to fill their bellies,
37:67 then drink boiling water,
37:68 their home is Hell.
37:69 They found their forefathers misguided,
37:70 and thoughtlessly followed in their footsteps;
37:71 previously, most of them were misguided.
37:72 We sent many warners to them.
37:73 Look, what’s the fate of those who were warned;
37:74 only the sincere servants of Allah were saved
37:75 Remember when Nuh prayed to Us, so We responded graciously
37:76 and saved him and his followers from a terrible suffering.
37:77 We made his offspring continue in the world,
37:78 and we kept his praise in the future generations.
37:79 Peace be upon Nuh of all people.
37:80 This is how We reward the righteous.
37:81 He was our faithful servant.
37:82 The others We drowned
37:83 Ibrahim was from the same group;
37:84 he turned to his Lord with a heart free of evil.
37:85 He asked his father and people, “What do you worship
37:86 do you take false gods beside Allah?
37:87 What do you think about the Lord of the worlds?”
37:88 He looked at the stars
37:89 and said, “I’m sick.”
37:90 So people turned away and left him alone
37:91 So he quietly went to the temple full of idols and spoke with the idols: “Don’t you eat?
37:92 Why don’t you speak?”
37:93 He turned on them striking them with full force.
37:94 His people came to him hurriedly.
37:95 He said to them, “Why do you worship something you shape with your hands?
37:96 Allah created you and all you do.”
37:97 They decided: “Let’s make a pile of wood and throw him into a blazing fire.”
37:98 They plotted against him but We ruined their plot
37:99 He said, “I’m going to my Lord, He will guide me;
37:100 Lord, give me a pious son.”
37:101 So We gave good news of a son with strong character.
37:102 When he was old enough to work with him, one day he told him: “My son, I saw in a dream I’m sacrificing you; tell me what you think?” He replied, “Father, do as you were told; you’ll find me patient, Allah willing.”
37:103 When both submitted and Ibrahim laid him face down,
37:104 We called out: “Ibrahim
37:105 you have fulfilled the dream. This is how We reward the righteous.”
37:106 It was a clear test of faith.
37:107 We saved Ismael in exchange for a slaughtered ram,
37:108 and left his tribute among future generations.
37:109 Peace be on Ibrahim.
37:110 That’s how We reward the righteous,
37:111 he was Our faithful servant.
37:112 We later gave him good news of Ishaq, a righteous Prophet.
37:113 We blessed him and Ishaq; some of their children were righteous, others wrongdoers
37:114 We favoured Musa and Harun too;
37:115 We rescued them and their people from a dreadful suffering,
37:116 and helped them to become the winners.
37:117 We gave them the Book that explained things clearly,
37:118 We guided them on the straight path,
37:119 and left their praise among the future generations.
37:120 Peace be on Musa and Harun.
37:121 That’s how We reward the righteous,
37:122 Our faithful servants
37:123 Ilyas was also from the messengers.
37:124 He said to his people: “Won’t you believe?
37:125 How can you worship Baal and turn your back on the best Creator?
37:126 Isn’t Allah Your Lord and Lord of your forefathers?”
37:127 But they denied and will be brought before Us,
37:128 except for the devout servants of Allah.
37:129 We left his praise among the later generations.
37:130 Peace be on Ilyas.
37:131 That’s how We reward the righteous,
37:132 Our faithful servants
37:133 Similarly, Lut was Our messenger.
37:134 We saved him and all his followers
37:135 except the old lady who remained behind.
37:136 Then We destroyed all others.
37:137 Quraysh! You pass through their ruins in broad daylight,
37:138 and sometimes at night, don’t you understand
37:139 Yunus was also from the messengers.
37:140 When he fled on board the heavily-loaded ship,
37:141 they cast lots, he was the loser, thrown overboard.
37:142 A whale swallowed him, as he blamed himself.
37:143 Had he not been among those who glorify Allah,
37:144 he would have stayed in its belly till the Day of Resurrection.
37:145 Eventually, We flung him out, sick, on to an empty shore.
37:146 We caused a gourd tree to grow over to shade him,
37:147 and sent him back to one hundred thousand or more people.
37:148 They believed, so We allowed them to enjoy their lives fully.
37:149 So ask the disbelievers: “You assign daughters for your Lord and sons for yourself?
37:150 Were you witness when We created the angels?”
37:151 Beware! This is another of their concocted lies, they say,
37:152 “Allah has begotten;” they are liars.
37:153 Did He choose daughters over sons?
37:154 What has come over you that you judge in this way?
37:155 Do you not pay attention?
37:156 Or do you have evidence?
37:157 Bring your book if you are truthful.
37:158 They declare a relationship between Him and the jinn, and the jinn know they will be brought before him.
37:159 Glory be to Allah, He is far above what they imagine.
37:160 The true servants of Allah don’t do such things.
37:161 Neither you nor what you worship
37:162 can tempt anyone away from Allah
37:163 except him who will burn in the Blazing Fire
37:164 The angels will say, “each one of us has a role;
37:165 we are organised in ranks
37:166 and we glorify Allah.
37:167 The disbelievers used to say,
37:168 “If we had the Scripture like the past people,
37:169 we would have been like the devout servants of Allah.”
37:170 So they disbelieved the Quran; soon they will know
37:171 Our promise to the messengers, Our servants, was fulfilled;
37:172 they were helped
37:173 and our armies were the winners.
37:174 So leave them for a while.
37:175 Watch them, they will see the reality soon.
37:176 Do they want our punishment to come sooner?
37:177 When it comes into their courtyards it will be a terrible morning for those warned.
37:178 Leave them for a while
37:179 and watch, soon they will see the reality.
37:180 Glory be to Your Lord, Lord of Might and Power far above their claims.
37:181 And peace be on the Messengers
37:182 and all praises are for Allah, Lord of the worlds


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