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Ali Bakhtiari Nejad

as-Saffat (Those Who Set The Ranks, Drawn up in Ranks, The Rangers)
as rendered by Bakhtiari Nejad
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Ali Bakhtiari Nejad rendition of Surah Those Who Set The Ranks, Drawn up in Ranks, The Rangers(as-Saffat)
37:1 By those who lined up in rows
37:2 and those who drive away (evil or clouds) vigorously
37:3 and those reading a reminder
37:4 that your god is certainly One
37:5 Master of the skies and the earth and what is between them, and Master of the easts
37:6 Indeed We beautified the sky of the world with beauty of the star
37:7 and as a guard against every defiant devil
37:8 They would not listen to the high assembly, for they are pelted from every side
37:9 chased away, and they have an everlasting punishment
37:10 Except someone who snatches (and overhears) the snatch (the word), then a piercing shooting flame follows him
37:11 So ask their opinion: are they a harder creation or those We created (such as angels and the universe)? Indeed We created them from sticky clay
37:12 No, but you wonder while they ridicule
37:13 And when they are reminded, they do not take notice
37:14 And when they see a sign they ridicule
37:15 and they say: this is only an obvious magic
37:16 are we raised after when we are dead and turned into dust and bones
37:17 or our forefathers
37:18 Say: yes, and you are humiliated
37:19 It is only a single shout, and then they see
37:20 and they say: woe to us, this is the judgment day
37:21 This is the day of separation/decision, the one that you used to deny it
37:22 Gather those who did wrong and their types and what they used to serv
37:23 other than God, and lead them to path of the hellfire
37:24 And stop them (on the way), indeed they are questioned (and are responsible)
37:25 What is with you that you do not help each other
37:26 No, but today they are surrendered
37:27 And they turn to each other asking one another
37:28 they say: indeed you were coming to us from the right (to seduce us)
37:29 They (the others) say: no, but you were not believers
37:30 and there was no authority for us over you, but you were rebellious people
37:31 so the word of our Master is justified against us, indeed we will taste (the punishment)
37:32 So we misled you, as we were indeed misled
37:33 And indeed on that day they are partners in the punishment
37:34 Indeed that is what We do to the guilty ones
37:35 Indeed when it was said to them there is no god except God, they were arrogant
37:36 And they would say: should we give up our gods for a mad poet?
37:37 No, but he brought the truth and confirmed the messengers (before him)
37:38 Indeed you will taste the painful punishment
37:39 And you are only punished for what you used to do
37:40 Except for God's devoted servants
37:41 They have a known provision
37:42 (all kind of) fruits, and they are honored
37:43 in gardens of the delight
37:44 on sofas facing each other
37:45 A cup of spring water is circulated among them
37:46 white and delicious for the drinkers
37:47 no sickness in it, and they do not get exhausted (and drunk) from it
37:48 And there are girls with them, with restrained glances and beautiful eye
37:49 as if they were protected eggs
37:50 And they turn to each other asking one another
37:51 A talker among them say: indeed I had a close friend
37:52 saying: are you among those confirming (the resurrection and the judgment)
37:53 Would we indeed be judged when we die and become dust and bones
37:54 He said: do you know (him)?
37:55 So he looked and saw him in middle of the hellfire
37:56 He said: by God, you almost ruined me
37:57 and if it was not for my Master’s favor, I would have certainly been of those who are brought (to hell)
37:58 and are we not to die (again
37:59 except our first death, and we are not punished?
37:60 Indeed this is the great victory
37:61 For (something) like this, the doers should do (good deeds)
37:62 Is this a better entertainment or the Zaqqum tree
37:63 Indeed We made it a suffering for the wrongdoers
37:64 It is a tree that comes out from bottom of the hellfire
37:65 Its sprout is like heads of the devils
37:66 And they certainly eat from it and fill their stomachs from it
37:67 Then indeed they have a mixture of boiling water (to drink) over it
37:68 Then their return is certainly to the hellfire
37:69 Indeed they found their fathers lost (from the right path)
37:70 and yet they rushed on their footsteps
37:71 And most of the earlier ones have certainly lost (the right path) before them
37:72 And We have certainly sent warners among them
37:73 So see what the end of those who were warned was
37:74 except God's devoted servants
37:75 And Noah has certainly called Us, and We are certainly best of the responders
37:76 And We saved him and his family from the great distress
37:77 And We made his descendants the survivors
37:78 And We left for him (a good name) among the later ones
37:79 Peace (and well-being) upon Noah among humankind
37:80 That is how We reward the good doers
37:81 Indeed he was among Our believing servants
37:82 So We drowned the others
37:83 And indeed among his followers was Abraham
37:84 When he came to his Master with a sound heart
37:85 When he said to his father and his people: what do you serve
37:86 Do you want false gods other than God
37:87 So what do you think about the Master of Human kind
37:88 Then he looked a glance at the stars
37:89 Then he said: indeed I am sick
37:90 So they turned away from him going back
37:91 Then he turned to their gods and said: do you not eat
37:92 What is with you that you do not speak
37:93 Then he turned on them, striking (them) with the right hand
37:94 So they (his people) came to him in a hurry
37:95 He said: do you serve what you carve
37:96 while God created you and what you do (and make)
37:97 They said: build for him a structure (of fire), and throw him into the burning fire
37:98 They wanted to plot for him, but We made them the lower ones (failing in their plot)
37:99 And he said: indeed I go to my Master, He is going to guide me
37:100 my Master, give me (a son) from the righteous
37:101 So We gave him good news of a patient boy
37:102 So when he reached the working (age) with him, he said: my son, indeed I saw in the dream that I sacrifice you, so see what do you think? He said: my father, do what you are ordered, God willing you are going to find me of the patient ones
37:103 So when they both submitted and he (Abraham) put him down on the forehead
37:104 and We called him: Abraham
37:105 you have fulfilled the vision. Indeed that is how We reward the good doer
37:106 Indeed this was the obvious test
37:107 and We ransomed him with a great sacrifice
37:108 And We left for him (a good name) among the later ones
37:109 Peace (and well-being) on Abraham
37:110 That is how We reward the good doers
37:111 Indeed he was among Our believing servants
37:112 And We gave him good news of Isaac, a prophet from the righteous
37:113 And We blessed him and Isaac, and from their descendants, (some) are good doers and (some) are obviously wrongdoers to themselves
37:114 And We have certainly favored to Moses and Aaron
37:115 And We saved them both and their people from the great distress
37:116 And We helped them, so they became the winners
37:117 And We gave them the clear (and clarifying) book
37:118 and We guided them to the straight path
37:119 And We left both of them (a good name) among the later ones
37:120 Peace (and well-being) on Moses and Aaron
37:121 Indeed that is how We reward the good doers
37:122 Indeed they were both among Our believing servants
37:123 And indeed Elias was one of the messengers
37:124 When he said to his people: would you not be cautious (of God)
37:125 do you call on Baal and you abandon best of the creators
37:126 God is your Master and Master of your forefathers
37:127 So they denied him, therefore they are brought (to the punishment)
37:128 except God's devoted servants
37:129 And We left for him (a good name) among the later ones
37:130 Peace (and well-being) on El Yasin (or Elias)
37:131 Indeed that is how We reward the good doers
37:132 Indeed he was among Our believing servants
37:133 And indeed Lot was one of the messengers
37:134 When We saved him and his family altogether
37:135 Except an old woman (his wife who was) among those staying behind
37:136 Then We destroyed the others
37:137 And indeed you pass by them in the mornin
37:138 and by the night. Do you not understand
37:139 And indeed Jonah was one of the messengers
37:140 When he ran away to the loaded ship
37:141 Then he drew lots and he was of those proven false
37:142 So the whale swallowed him, and he was to blame
37:143 And if he was not among those who glorify (God),
37:144 he would have remained in its belly until the day of rising
37:145 So We threw him on the bare shore while he was sick
37:146 And We made a plant of squash grew over him
37:147 And We sent him to a hundred thousand or more (people)
37:148 And they believed, so We let them enjoy for a while
37:149 So ask their opinion: are the daughters for your Master, and the sons for them
37:150 Or did We create the angels as females, and they were witnesses
37:151 Know that, indeed they say as part of their lies
37:152 God fathered (children). And they are certainly liars
37:153 Did He choose the daughters over the sons
37:154 What is with you? How do you judge
37:155 Do you not take notice
37:156 Or do you have a clear reason
37:157 Then bring your book (document), if you are truthful
37:158 And they put a relationship between Him and the Jinn, while the Jinn have certainly known that they shall be brought (to punishment)
37:159 God is flawless (and beyond) what they describe
37:160 except God's devoted servants (who are saved from punishment)
37:161 So indeed you and what you serve
37:162 you are not able to mislead any one (of God's devoted servants)
37:163 except someone who enters (and burns in) the hellfire.
37:164 And (the angels say): no one is from us unless he has a known position
37:165 and we are certainly those lined up in rows
37:166 and we are certainly those who glorify (God)
37:167 And they (the disbelievers) were certainly saying
37:168 indeed if we had a reminder (or a scripture) from the earlier ones with us
37:169 we would have certainly been of God's devoted servants
37:170 And they disbelieved in it (Quran), so they will know
37:171 And Our word already went out to Our servants, the messengers
37:172 that they are certainly helped
37:173 and indeed Our troops are the winners
37:174 So turn away from them for a while
37:175 and see them, for they will see
37:176 Do they want Our punishment in a hurry
37:177 Then when it comes down to their courtyard, it is a bad morning for those who were warned
37:178 And turn away from them for a while
37:179 and see, for they will see
37:180 Your Master, the Master of power (and honor), is flawless (and He is beyond) what they describe
37:181 And peace (and well-being) upon the messengers
37:182 And all praise belongs to God, Master of humankind


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