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as-Saffat (Those Who Set The Ranks, Drawn up in Ranks, The Rangers)
as rendered by Mohammad Shafi
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Mohammad Shafi rendition of Surah Those Who Set The Ranks, Drawn up in Ranks, The Rangers(as-Saffat)
37:1 By those that line up in row
37:2 And then charge fiercely (at the enemy
37:3 Reciting Allah's Greatness (Allaho-akbar)
37:4 Indeed! There is only One Entity Whom you should worship
37:5 (And the One Whom you should worship is the) Lord of the heavens and the earth and what is in between, and Lord of the easts!
37:6 We have indeed adorned the sky of this world with the glitter of the stars
37:7 And We have made it (the sky of this world) a safeguard against every defiant devil
37:8 They cannot listen to the deliberations of the Highest Assembly up there. And they are repelled from every side
37:9 They (the defiant devils) are driven off. And for them is perpetual punishment
37:10 In the exceptional case of a devil snatching away any secret, a piercing flame trails him
37:11 Ask them then whether what they have created was more difficult or what We have created. We have indeed created them of clinging clay
37:12 Nay! You wonder, while they mock
37:13 And when reminded, they take no heed
37:14 And when they see a (miraculous) sign (like Moses' staff turning into serpent), they mock at it
37:15 And say, "This is nothing but obvious magic."
37:16 "When we are dead and have become dust and bones, shall we then be raised to life again!?"
37:17 "We or our fore-fathers
37:18 Say, "Yes! And you will be humble."
37:19 And it will but be one big shout, and then they will see
37:20 And they will say, "O woe to us! This is the Day of Judgment."
37:21 This is the Day of Distinction (of those going to Paradise from those going to Hell), which you used to deny
37:22 Gather all those who wronged (themselves and others) and their associates, and what they worshippe
37:23 Besides Allah, and then lead them up the way to Hell
37:24 And stop them there to be questioned
37:25 "What is the matter with you that you help not one another?"
37:26 Nay! That day they will be submissive
37:27 And they will confront one another questioningly
37:28 Saying, "You did indeed use to come to us from the right side (exercise control over us)."
37:29 The others will say, "Nay! You (yourselves) were not believers."
37:30 "And we had no authority over you, but you (yourselves) were a transgressing people."
37:31 "And the word of our Lord has come true over us: we do indeed have to taste it."
37:32 "We led you astray, for we ourselves had gone astray."
37:33 So, that Day they will share the punishment
37:34 Thus do We deal with the criminals
37:35 They had indeed behaved arrogantly, when they were told, "There is no god but Allah!"
37:36 And they had said, "Shall we abandon our gods for the sake of a mad poet?"
37:37 Nay, he has come with the Truth and confirms what the Messengers (had come with before)
37:38 You shall indeed taste the painful punishment
37:39 And you shall be paid back nothing but for what you did
37:40 Save those who worship Allah alone devotedly
37:41 For them is sustenance as expecte
37:42 Of fruits. And they are honoured
37:43 In Gardens of bliss
37:44 On couches, facing one another
37:45 A bowl of pure original drink will be made to go around them
37:46 White in colour, delicious in taste
37:47 There will be nothing destructive in it, nor will they get intoxicated therewith
37:48 And with them will there be those with restraining looks from beautiful eyes
37:49 As if they were eggs, carefully shielded
37:50 Some of them will then accost others inquisitively
37:51 One of them will say, "I used to have a companion."
37:52 "Who asked, `Are you indeed of those who accept?
37:53 `When we are dead and have become dust and bones, shall we then be brought to justice?'"
37:54 Another (person in Paradise) will say, "Will you have a look?"
37:55 Then he looked down and saw him (companion on earth of the man in Paradise) in the ignominy of Hell
37:56 He will say, "By Allah! You had almost ruined me."
37:57 "And had it not been for the largesse of my Lord, I should have been among those brought there!"
37:58 "Are we to have no death
37:59 Except for our previous death!? And are we not to be punished!?"
37:60 "This indeed is the highest success!!"
37:61 For the like of this, then, let the people do their work
37:62 Is this better as hospitable reception or Zaqqum, the tree of Hell
37:63 We have indeed made it [Zaqqum] a calamity for the wicked people
37:64 It is a tree that springs up at the bottom of Hell
37:65 Its shoots repulsive as devils' heads
37:66 Then indeed they will eat therefrom and fill their bellies therewith
37:67 Then indeed for them thereupon will there be a drink made of boiling water.
37:68 Then indeed their return shall be to the Hell
37:69 They indeed had found their fathers astra
37:70 So they hasten to follow in their (fathers') footsteps.
37:71 And most of the ancient peoples did go astray before them
37:72 And We did send warners among them
37:73 Then see what end those warned met with
37:74 Except for those who devotedly worship Allah alone
37:75 And Noah did certainly call out to Us, and how excellent was our response
37:76 And We saved him and the people with him from the great grief
37:77 And made his offspring the only survivors
37:78 And left on him [the salutation] among the later generations
37:79 "Peace on Noah among the worlds !"
37:80 Thus indeed do We reward the good people
37:81 He was indeed one of Our believing worshippers
37:82 We then drowned the others
37:83 And, indeed, Abraham was of his ilk
37:84 When he came to his Lord with a sound mind
37:85 When he said to his father and his people, "What is it that you worship?"
37:86 "Do you desire to perpetrate the lie that there are gods besides Allah?"
37:87 "What do you then think about the Lord of all the worlds?"
37:88 He then cast a glance at the stars
37:89 And said, "I am sick indeed!"
37:90 So they turned away from him
37:91 Then he secretly turned to their gods and asked them, "Don't you eat?"
37:92 "What is the matter with you that you do not speak?"
37:93 Then, unseen by anyone, he turned upon them, hitting them with his right hand
37:94 Then they (the people) came rushing to him
37:95 He (Abraham) asked, "Do you worship that which you (yourselves) carve out!?"
37:96 "And Allah has created you and your work."
37:97 They (the people) said, "Cast him (Abraham) into the flaming fire from a structure specially built for him."
37:98 And they devised a plan against him, but We brought them down
37:99 And he (Abraham) said, "I do indeed betake myself to my Lord — He will guide me."
37:100 "My Lord, grant me a righteous son."
37:101 So We gave him the good news of a gentle and kind son
37:102 And then when he (son) grew up to be able to work with him, he (Abraham) said, "O my son! I have seen in a dream that I sacrifice you. Now consider how you see it." He (son) said, "O my father! Act upon what is commanded to you. Allah willing, you will find me patient."
37:103 And then when they had both submitted to Allah's Will, and he (Abraham) had laid him (son) upon his forehead
37:104 And We called out to him, "O Abraham!"
37:105 "You have certainly fulfilled the obligation laid upon you in the vision. We do thus reward the good people."
37:106 "This is indeed the trial manifest."
37:107 And We ransomed him (Abraham) with a great sacrifice,
37:108 And left on him [the salutation] among the later generations
37:109 "Peace upon Abraham!"
37:110 We do thus reward the good people
37:111 He was indeed one of Our believing worshippers
37:112 And We gave him the good news of (his son) Isaac, (who would also be) a prophet from among the righteous people
37:113 And We bestowed blessings on him and on Isaac. And of their offspring some have been good, but some, evidently unjust to themselves
37:114 And We did certainly confer a favour on Moses and Aaron
37:115 And We saved them both and their people from the great grief
37:116 And We helped them, and then they were the ones with the upper hand
37:117 And We gave them both the Book (Torah) that made things clear
37:118 And We guided them on the Straight Path
37:119 And left on them both [the salutation] among the later generations
37:120 "Peace upon Moses and Aaron!"
37:121 Thus do We indeed reward the good people
37:122 They both were indeed among Our believing subjects
37:123 And Elias (Elijah) was indeed among those sent as Messengers
37:124 When he asked his people, "Are you not scared of wrongful living?"
37:125 "Do you pray to Ba'l (idol worshipped by Elias' people) and forsake the Best of the creators — "
37:126 " — Allah, your Lord and the Lord of your forefathers?"
37:127 But they rejected him (Elias), so they shall indeed certainly be presented (for punishment before the Lord)
37:128 Excpt for those who worship Allah alone devotedly
37:129 And We left on him [the salutation] among the later generations
37:130 "Peace upon Elias!"
37:131 We do indeed thus reward the good people
37:132 He was indeed among Our believing subjects
37:133 And Lot was certainly indeed one of those sent as Allah's Messengers
37:134 When We saved him and his family, all &mdash
37:135 Except for an old woman who was left among those who remained behind
37:136 Then We destroyed the others [— other than those saved]
37:137 And you do indeed pass by them in the morning
37:138 And at night. Do you not then understand
37:139 And Jonah was certainly indeed one of those sent as Allah's Messengers
37:140 When he ran away to the laden ship
37:141 And then he (Jonas) embarked the ship with others but was one of those thrown overboard (into the sea).
37:142 And then the big fish swallowed him and he was himself to blame
37:143 But had he not indeed been of those who glorify (Allah)
37:144 He would have remained in its belly till the Day people are resurrected
37:145 Then We flung him on to the open shore, and he was sick
37:146 And We caused a gourd vine to grow up over him
37:147 And We sent him to a constituency of a hundred thousand or more
37:148 And they believed, so We let them enjoy life for a while
37:149 Now ask them (your people, O Muhammad) whether your Lord has daughters and they would like to have sons for themselves!
37:150 Did We create the angels as females, and did they witness their creation
37:151 Are they not just telling some of the lies they have themselves concocted
37:152 And (they say), "Allah has children." And they certainly are liars
37:153 Has He preferred to have daughters over sons
37:154 What is the matter with you? How poorly do you judge
37:155 Would you not yet take heed
37:156 Or, do you have any clear authority
37:157 Then produce your document, if what you say is true
37:158 And they assume a relationship between Him and the jinn. And the jinn do certainly know that they will be brought up for judgment
37:159 Allah is far more glorious than how they describe Him
37:160 Except for those who devotedly worship Allah alone
37:161 So you indeed and what you worship
37:162 Are incapable of tempting anyone against Him
37:163 Save him who is destined to burn in the flaming Fire
37:164 And there is none of us (Angels) but has an assigned place
37:165 And we are indeed those ranged in ranks
37:166 And we do indeed certainly glorify Him
37:167 And they did indeed use to say
37:168 "If only we had a scripture from the ancestors,"
37:169 "We would have devotedly worshipped Allah alone."
37:170 And so they now disbelieve in it (the Qur'aan), and so they will soon come to know
37:171 And Our word has certainly already gone forth to those of Our subjects sent as the Messengers
37:172 That they indeed are surely those who shall be helped
37:173 And, indeed, Ours will be the triumphant army
37:174 So turn away from them for a while
37:175 And observe them, they too will observe
37:176 Would they want Our punishment hastened
37:177 It will be a bad day for those who wait for the punishment, as it would descend in their yard
37:178 And turn away from them for a while
37:179 And observe, they too will observe
37:180 Your Lord, the Lord of Majesty, is far more glorified than how they describe Him
37:181 And peace on those sent as Messengers
37:182 And praise to Allah, the Lord of the worlds!


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