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as-Saffat (Those Who Set The Ranks, Drawn up in Ranks, The Rangers)
as rendered by N J Dawood 2014
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N J Dawood (2014) rendition of Surah Those Who Set The Ranks, Drawn up in Ranks, The Rangers(as-Saffat)
37:1 BY THOSE who range themselves in ranks
37:2 by those who cast out demons;¹
37:3 and by those who recite an Admonition
37:4 your God is One
37:5 the Lord of the heavens and the earth and all that lies between them: the Lord of the Eastern Regions
37:6 We have decked the lower heaven with constellations
37:7 guarding it against every rebellious demon
37:8 so that they may not listen in to those on high. Meteors are hurled at them from every side
37:9 then, driven away, they are consigned to an eternal scourge
37:10 Eavesdroppers are pursued by fiery comets
37:11 Ask them if they deem themselves of a nobler make than the rest of Our creation. Of coarse clay We created them
37:12 You marvel, while they scoff
37:13 When they are warned they heed no warning
37:14 When they are shown a sign they mock at i
37:15 and say: ‘This is but sorcery manifest
37:16 What! When we have died and turned to dust and bones, shall we be raised to life
37:17 we and our forefathers?&lsquo
37:18 Say: ‘Yes. And you shall be utterly humbled.&lsquo
37:19 One blast will sound, and they shall see it all
37:20 Woe betide us!‘ they will say. ‘This is the Day of Reckoning
37:21 this is the Judgement-day which you denied.&lsquo
37:22 But We shall say: ‘Herd up the sinners, their spouses, and the deities they worshippe
37:23 besides God, and lead them to the path of Hell
37:24 Hold them there for questioning
37:25 What has come over you that you cannot help each other?&lsquo
37:26 But on that day they will submit
37:27 They will reproach each other
37:28 saying: ‘You have imposed upon us!‘―
37:29 ‘No! It was you who would not be believers
37:30 We had no power over you: you were sinners all
37:31 Just is the verdict Our Lord has passed upon us; we shall surely taste the scourge
37:32 We seduced you, but we ourselves have been seduced.&lsquo
37:33 On that day they will all share in the torment
37:34 Thus shall We deal with the wrongdoers
37:35 for when they were told: ‘There is no deity but God,‘ they said with scorn
37:36 ‘Are we to renounce our gods for the sake of a mad poet?&lsquo
37:37 Surely he has brought the Truth, confirming those who were sent before
37:38 You shall all taste the grievous torment
37:39 you shall be requited only according to your deeds
37:40 But God‘s true servant
37:41 shall be well provided for
37:42 feasting on fruit, and honoure
37:43 in the Gardens of Delight
37:44 Reclining face to face upon soft couches
37:45 there shall be passed among them a goblet filled at a gushing fountain
37:46 white, and delicious to those who drink it
37:47 It will neither dull their senses nor befuddle them
37:48 They shall sit with bashful, dark-eyed virgins
37:49 as chaste as hidden pearls.¹
37:50 With questions they will approach each other
37:51 One will say: ‘I had a friend who used to say
37:52 "Do you really believe
37:53 When we have died and turned to dust and bones, shall we ever be brought to judgement?"&lsquo
37:54 And he will say: ‘Come, will you look down.&lsquo
37:55 He will look down and see his friend in the very midst of Hell
37:56 By the Lord,‘ he will say, ‘you almost ruined me
37:57 But for the grace of my Lord I should have surely been summoned myself
37:58 Shall we never die again
37:59 having died once, and shall we never be scourged at all?&lsquo
37:60 Surely that is the supreme triumph
37:61 To this end let everyone labour
37:62 Is this not a better welcome than the Zaqqūm tree
37:63 We have made this tree a scourge for the unjust
37:64 It grows in the nethermost part of Hell
37:65 bearing fruit like demons‘ heads
37:66 on it they shall feed, and with it they shall cram their bellies
37:67 together with draughts of scalding water
37:68 Then to Hell shall they surely return
37:69 They found their fathers erring
37:70 yet they eagerly followed in their footsteps
37:71 Most of the ancients went astray before them
37:72 though We had sent emissaries to give them warning
37:73 So consider the fate of those who had been warned
37:74 except God‘s true servants
37:75 Noah called to Us, and he was graciously answered
37:76 We delivered him, and his household, from the great calamity
37:77 and made his descendants the sole survivors
37:78 We bestowed on him the praise of later generations
37:79 Peace be on Noah among all mankind!&lsquo
37:80 Thus do We reward the righteous
37:81 he was one of Our believing servants
37:82 The others We peremptorily drowned
37:83 Of the self-same faith was Abraham
37:84 who came to his Lord with a pure heart
37:85 He said to his father and to his people: ‘What are these that you worship
37:86 Would you serve false deities instead of God
37:87 What think you of the Lord of the Universe?&lsquo
37:88 He lifted up his eyes to the star
37:89 and said: ‘I am sick!&lsquo
37:90 And his people turned their backs and went off
37:91 He stole away to their idols and said: ‘Will you not eat
37:92 Why do you not speak?&lsquo
37:93 With that he fell upon them, striking them down with his right hand
37:94 The people came running to the scene
37:95 ‘Would you worship that which you have carved with your own hands,‘ he said
37:96 ‘when it was God who created you and all that you have made?&lsquo
37:97 They said: ‘Build up a pyre and cast him into the blazing hell.&lsquo
37:98 Thus did they scheme against him: but We abased them all
37:99 He said: ‘I will take refuge with my Lord; He will give me guidance
37:100 Lord, grant me a righteous son.&lsquo
37:101 We gave him joyful tidings of a gentle son
37:102 And when he reached the age when he could work with him, his father said to him: ‘My son, I dreamt that I was sacrificing you. Tell me what you think.‘ He said: ‘Father, do as you are bidden. God willing, you shall find me steadfast.&lsquo
37:103 And when they had both submitted, and he had laid him down upon his brow
37:104 We called out to him, saying: ‘Abraham
37:105 you have confirmed the vision.‘ Thus do We reward the righteous
37:106 That was indeed the veritable test
37:107 We ransomed him with a noble sacrific
37:108 and left for him the praise of later generations
37:109 ‘Peace be on Abraham!&lsquo
37:110 Thus do We reward the righteous
37:111 He was one of Our believing servants
37:112 We gladdened him with news of Isaac, a saintly prophet
37:113 and blessed him and Isaac. Among their descendants were some who did good works and some who clearly sinned against their souls
37:114 We showed favour to Moses and to Aaro
37:115 and delivered them both, with their people, from the great calamity
37:116 We succoured them, and it was they who were the victors
37:117 We gave them the Illuminating Boo
37:118 and guided them to the straight path
37:119 We left for them both the praise of later generations
37:120 Peace be on Moses and Aaron!&lsquo
37:121 Thus do We reward the righteous
37:122 They were two of Our believing servants
37:123 Elias¹ also was one of those sent forth
37:124 He said to his people: ‘Have you no fear
37:125 Have you no fear? Would you invoke Baal and forsake the most gracious of creators
37:126 God is your Lord and the Lord of your forefathers.&lsquo
37:127 But they rejected him, and will thus be called to account
37:128 Not so God‘s true servants
37:129 We bestowed on him the praise of later generations
37:130 Peace be on Elias!&lsquo
37:131 Thus do We reward the righteous
37:132 He was one of Our believing servants
37:133 Lot also was one of those sent forth
37:134 We delivered him and his kindred all
37:135 except for an old woman who stayed behind
37:136 and utterly destroyed the others
37:137 You pass by their ruins in the mornin
37:138 and at night: have you no sense
37:139 Jonah was also one of those sent forth
37:140 He fled to the laden ship
37:141 cast lots, and was condemned
37:142 The whale swallowed him, for he had sinned
37:143 and had he not devoutly praised the Lor
37:144 he would have stayed in its belly till the Day of Resurrection
37:145 We cast him, gravely ill, upon a desolate shor
37:146 and caused a gourd-tree to grow over him
37:147 We sent him to a hundred thousand, or even more
37:148 they believed in him, and We let them live in ease for a certain time
37:149 Ask them if it be true that your Lord has daughters, and they sons
37:150 Or did We create the angels females; and were they witnesses
37:151 Surely they lie when they assert
37:152 God has given birth.&lsquo
37:153 Would He choose daughters, rather than sons
37:154 What has come over you that you should so judge
37:155 Will you not take thought
37:156 Have you a veritable proof
37:157 Bring us your scripture, if what you say be true
37:158 They assert kinship between Him and the jinn. But the jinn well know that they will be called up to account
37:159 Exalted be God above their imputations
37:160 Not so God‘s true servants
37:161 Neither you nor your idol
37:162 shall deceive any about Go
37:163 save him who is destined to be burnt in Hell
37:164 We¹ each have our appointed place
37:165 It is we who range ourselves in ranks
37:166 and we are they that give glory
37:167 And they say
37:168 Had we received an Admonition from the ancients
37:169 we would have become God‘s true servants.&lsquo
37:170 Yet they disbelieve; and they shall learn
37:171 Before then We promised Our servants who were sent fort
37:172 they would be helpe
37:173 and Our armies would surely be the victors
37:174 So pay no heed to them awhile
37:175 you will surely see their downfall as they shall see your triumph
37:176 Do they wish to hurry on Our scourge
37:177 Evil shall be that morning when it smites them in their courtyards, forewarned though they have been
37:178 So pay no heed to them awhile
37:179 You will surely see their downfall as they shall see your triumph
37:180 Exalted be your Lord, the Lord of Glory, above their imputations
37:181 And peace be on those who were sent forth
37:182 and praise to God, Lord of the Universe


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