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Ali Bakhtiari Nejad

Fatir (The Angels, Originator, The Creator)
as rendered by Bakhtiari Nejad
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Ali Bakhtiari Nejad rendition of Surah The Angels, Originator, The Creator(Fatir)
35:1 All praise belongs to God, creator of the skies and the earth, Who appointed the angels who have two and three and four wings as messengers. He adds to the creation whatever He wants. Indeed God is capable of everything
35:2 Whatever God opens to the people from mercy, then there is no withholder for it, and whatever He withholds, then there is no sender for it after Him. And He is the powerful and the wise
35:3 People, remember God’s favor upon you. Is there any creator other than God who provides you from the sky and the earth? There is no god except Him, so how do you deviate (from the truth)
35:4 And if they deny you, messengers before you were also denied. And all the affairs are returned to God
35:5 People, indeed God’s promise is true, so do not let this world’s life deceive you, and do not let the deceiver (Satan) deceive you about God
35:6 Indeed Satan is your enemy, so take him as an enemy. He only invites his party so that they become among inhabitants of the burning fire
35:7 Those who disbelieved have a severe punishment, and those who believed and did good works have forgiveness and a great reward
35:8 Is someone whose bad work was decorated for him to see it as good (like someone who is not like that)? For indeed God misguides anyone He wants and guides anyone He wants, so do not kill yourself by regret about them. Indeed God knows what they do
35:9 God is the One who sent the winds, then they put cloud in motion, then We drive it to a dead land and with it We bring the earth back to life after its death. The resurrection is like that
35:10 Anyone who wants the power, (should know that) all the power belongs to God, the good talk goes up to Him, and the good work raises it up. And those who plot the bad (things) have a severe punishment, and their plot leads to nothing
35:11 And God created you from dust, then from fertilized egg, then He made you couples. And no female carries (and gets pregnant) and do not gives birth without His knowledge. And anyone who is given life is not given a long life and his life is not shortened unless it is (recorded) in a book. Indeed that is easy for God
35:12 And the two seas are not the same. Drink of this one is fresh, sweet, and pleasant, and that one salty and bitter. And you eat fresh meat (fish) from both, and you bring out jewelry that you wear it, and you see ships slicing (and sailing) through them so that you look for His bounty, and so that you may be thankful
35:13 He makes the night pass through the day and makes the day pass through the night, and He regulated the sun and the moon, each running (its course) in a finite time. This is God, your Master, the rule belongs to Him. And those whom you call on besides Him do not own the skin of a date’s pit
35:14 If you call on them, they do not hear your call, and even if they hear, they would not answer you, and on the resurrection day they deny your associating (them as God's partners). And none tells you like the well informed (God)
35:15 People, you are in need of God, and God is the rich (and needless) and the praiseworthy
35:16 If He wants, He does away with you and brings a new creation.
35:17 And that is not difficult for God
35:18 And no bearer bears burden of another. And if one with heavy load (of burdens) calls on (others) to carry it, nothing of it is carried even if they are relatives. You can only warn those who secretly fear their Master and perform the mandatory prayer. And anyone who purifies (and absolves) then he only purifies for himself. And the final return is to God
35:19 And the blind and the seeing are not equal
35:20 neither are the darkness and the light
35:21 nor are the shade and the (sun’s) heat
35:22 And the living and the dead are not equal. Indeed God makes anyone He wants listen. And you cannot make those who are in the graves listen
35:23 Indeed you are only a warner
35:24 Indeed We sent you with the truth as a giver of good news and as a warner. And there is not any community unless a warner has passed through it
35:25 And if they deny you, those before them also denied (even though) their messengers brought them the clear proofs and the scriptures and the enlightening book
35:26 Then I took those who disbelieved, so how was My rejection (and their punishment)
35:27 Did you not see that God sent down rain from the sky, then We brought out produce of various colors with it, and some of the mountains have streaks of white and red, various colors and dark black
35:28 And likewise, the people and the creatures and the livestock are different colors. Only the knowledgeable among His servants fear God. Indeed God is powerful and forgiving.
35:29 Indeed those who read God’s book, and perform the mandatory prayer and spend (in God's way) secretly and openly from what We provided them, hope for a trade that would never fail
35:30 that He pays them back their rewards in full and increases them (their reward) from His grace. Indeed He is forgiving and appreciative
35:31 And that which We revealed to you from the book is the truth, confirming what is before it. God is certainly well informed and observant of His servants
35:32 Then We gave the book as inheritance to those We chose among Our servants, and some of them were wrongdoer to themselves, and some of them were moderate, and some of them exceeded in good deeds by God’s permission. That is the great grace
35:33 (Their reward is) eternal gardens which they enter them, and they are decorated with bracelets of gold and pearl in them, and their clothes is silk in them
35:34 And they say: all praise belongs to God, the One who removed the sadness from us, our Master is certainly forgiving and appreciative
35:35 the One who settled us in the everlasting house out of His grace, suffering would not touch us in it and fatigue would not touch us in it
35:36 And those who disbelieved, fire of hell is for them, and it will not be decided for them that they die (to stop the punishment), and its punishment will not be reduced for them. That is how We punish every ungrateful one.
35:37 And they cry out in it: our Master, bring us out, we will do good works other than what we used to do. (They will be told): did We not make your life long enough so that anyone who takes notice would take notice in it, and the warner came to you? So taste (the punishment), for there is no helper for the wrongdoers
35:38 Indeed God is knower of the unseen (secrets) of the skies and the earth. Indeed He knows what is inside the chests and (and minds)
35:39 He is the One who made you successors on the earth. So anyone who disbelieves, then his disbelief is against him. And disbelief of the disbelievers only increases hatred of their Master, and disbelief of the disbelievers only increases (their) loss
35:40 Say: what do you think of your partners (of God), those you called on besides God, show me what they created on the earth, or do they have any share (in the creation) of the skies, or did We give them a book so they are on a clear proof from it? No, but the wrongdoers only promise each other a delusion
35:41 Indeed God keeps the skies and the earth so that they do not stop (functioning), and if they stop no one can keep them (functioning) after Him. Indeed He is patient and forgiving
35:42 And they solemnly swear by God that if a warner comes to them, they shall become better guided than any of the communities. But when a warner came to them, it only increased their disgus
35:43 (because) of arrogance on the earth and plotting bad (things). But the bad plot only falls on its people (who plotted it). So, are they looking for other than way of (dealing with) the earlier ones? And you will never find any change in God’s way, and you will never find any revision in God’s way.
35:44 Or did they not travel throughout the earth to see what the end of those before them was, while they were more powerful than them? And God is not to be incapacitated by anything in the skies or on the earth. Indeed He is knowledgeable and capable
35:45 And if God takes the people for what they did, He would not leave a living creature on its back, but He postpones them for a limited period. And when their appointed time comes, then indeed God is observant of His servants


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