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Muhammad Ahmed - Samira

Saba` (Saba, Sheba)
as rendered by Muhammad Ahmed - Samira
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Muhammad Ahmed - Samira rendition of Surah Saba, Sheba(Saba`)
34:1 The praise/gratitude/thanks (is) to God who for Him (is) what (is) in the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth, and for Him (is) the praise/gratitude/thanks in the end (other life), and He (is) the wise/judicious, the expert/experienced
34:2 He knows what enters/penetrates in the earth/Planet Earth, and what appears/emerges from it, and what descends from the sky/space, and what ascends/zigzags in it, and He is the most merciful, the forgiving
34:3 And those who disbelieved said: "The Hour/Resurrection does not come to us," Say: "Yes/ certainly, and (by) my Lord it comes to you (E), knower (of) the unseen/absent , a weight (of) a smallest particle of anything in the universe does not be far, hidden and distant from Him in the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth and nor smaller/littler than that, and nor greater except in a clear/evident Book ."
34:4 To reward/reimburse those who believed and made/did the correct/righteous deeds, those for them (is) a forgiveness and an honoured/generous provision
34:5 And those who strived/endeavored in Our verses/evidences disabling/frustrating, those for them (is) a torture from painful filth
34:6 And those who were given/brought the knowledge see/understand what was descended to you from your Lord, it is the truth and it guides to the glorious'/mighty's, the praise worthy's/commendable's road/path
34:7 And those who disbelieved said: "Do (should) we guide/lead you on (to) a man (he) informs you if you were torn/dispersed , every/each tearing/dispersing , that you are in (E) a new creation?"
34:8 Did he fabricate on God lies/falsehood ? Or (is there) with him insanity/madness? But those who do not believe with (in) the end (other life) (are) in the torture and the far/distant misguidance
34:9 Do they not see/understand to what (is) between their hands and what (is) behind them, from the sky/space and the earth/Planet Earth? If We will/want We make the earth/Planet Earth sink down/disappear or We drop on them pieces from the sky/space, that truly in that (is) an evidence/sign (E) to every/each repenting/returning to God slave/worshipper
34:10 And We had (E) given/brought David grace/favour , from Us: "You mountains , return with him, and the birds/bird." And We softened/flexed/smoothened for him the iron
34:11 That (E) make/do/work complete/long signs or hooks the attack helmets (shields) and predestine/evaluate/measure in the plentiful/(armour) and make/do correct/righteous deeds, that I am with what you make/do seeing/knowing
34:12 And to Soliman the wind/breeze its going early (for a) month and its departure (passing) (for a month), and We made the molten copper/brass/iron well flow/dissolve/melt for him, and from the Jinns who works between his hands with his Lord's permission/pardon, and who deviates/turns away from them from Our order/command, We make him taste/experience from the blazing's/inflamed's (inferno's) torture
34:13 They make/do for him what he wills/wants from the centers of the assemblies/sanctuaries and images/statues/pictures, and eye lids/fragments/pieces/small wells as the trough/tub , and pots anchors/firm (heavy) fixtures , David's family do/work/make thanking/gratefulness, and little/few from My worshippers/slaves (is) the thankful/grateful (E)
34:14 So when We ordered/accomplished on him the death/lifelessness, nothing guided/lead them on (to) his death/lifelessness except the land's/Earth's walker/creeper/crawler , eating his shepherd's staff/stick, so when he fell down the Jinns clarified/explained (to themselves) that (E) if they were knowing the absent/covered , they would not have stayed/remained/waited in the torture the disgracing/degrading
34:15 To Sheba (it) had been in their residence, an evidence/sign (of) two treed gardens from right and left, eat from your Lord's provision and thank/be grateful to Him, a good/beautiful/enjoyable country/land/place , and a forgiving Lord
34:16 So they opposed/objected so We sent on (to) them the dam's/strong rain's flowage/flood/torrent, and We exchanged/replaced them with their two treed gardens two treed gardens with of (B) sour and bitter/weak crop and inedible food/fruits, and a thing from little sedre/lote-tree
34:17 That We reimbursed them because (of) what they disbelieved, and do We reimburse except the (insisting) disbeliever
34:18 And We made/put between them and between the villages/urban cities which We blessed in it apparent/visible villages/urban cities, and We predestined/evaluated in it the movement/ride , say: "Move/ride in it, nights and days/times safe/secure ."
34:19 So they said: "Our Lord, make distant between our journeys/voyages ." And they caused injustice/oppression (to) themselves, so We made them (as) information , and We tore/scattered them every/each tearing/scattering , that truly in that (are) evidences/signs (E) to every/each patient/endurer, thankful/grateful
34:20 And Satan , his assumption/thought had been truthful on them, so they followed him except a group/party from the believers
34:21 And nothing from a power/authority/control was for him on them, except to know who believes with (in) the end (other life) than who he is from it in doubt/suspicion, and your Lord (is) on every thing (an) honest protector/observor
34:22 Say: "Call those whom you claimed/purported from other than God, they do not own/possess a smallest particle of any thing's in the universe's weight in the skies/space, and nor in the earth/Planet Earth, and (there is) nothing for them in them (B) from a share/partnership, and nothing for Him from them from a supporter/helper (God has no help from their gods and nor does he need their support or help)
34:23 And the mediation does not benefit/become useful at him except to whom He permitted/allowed to him, until when terror/panic (was) removed from their hearts/minds , they said: "What (did) your Lord say?" They said: "The truth, and He is the high and mighty/dignified, the great ."
34:24 Say: "Who provides for you from the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth?" Say: "God and that we or you (are) on (E) guidance, or in clear/evident misguidance."
34:25 Say: "You will not be questioned/asked about what we committed a crime/sin, and nor we be asked/questioned about what you make/do ."
34:26 Say: "Our Lord gathers/collects between us, then He opens/judges between us with the truth , and He is the opener/judge , the knowledgeable."
34:27 Say: "Show me/make me understand those whom you joined with Him partners (with God), no but He is God, the glorious/mighty , the wise/judicious
34:28 And We did not send you except to the people all (as) an announcer and a warner/giver of notice , and but most of the people do not know
34:29 And they say: "When (is) that the promise if you where truthful?"
34:30 Say: "For you (is) a day's/time's appointment you do not delay/lag behind an hour , and nor you advance/precede ."
34:31 And those who disbelieved said: "We will never/not believe with this the Koran, and nor with what (is) between its hands." And if you see/understand if the unjust/oppressive (were) made to stand/suspended at their Lord, some of them return to some the saying/words/opinion and belief, those who were weakened say to those who became arrogant: "Where it not for you, we would be believers/believing."
34:32 Those who were arrogant said to those who were weakened: "Did we prevent/obstruct you from the guidance after when (it) came to you? But you were criminals/sinners."
34:33 And those who were weakened said to those who were arrogant: "But the night's and daytime's cheatery/deceit when you order/command us that (E) we disbelieve with (in) God, and we make/put/create for Him equals (idols)." And they kept the regret/remorse secret, when they saw the torture, and We made/put the leather or iron collars or hand cuffs in those who disbelieved's necks, are they reimbursed except (for) what they were making/doing
34:34 And We did not send in a village/urban city from a warner/giver of notice except (that) its luxuriated ungrateful and arrogant said: "That we with what you were sent with it (are) disbelieving."
34:35 And they said: "We (have) more properties/possessions/wealths and children, and we are not with being tortured."
34:36 Say: "That truly my Lord spreads/extends the provision to whom He wills/wants, and He is capable/able and but most of the people do not know."
34:37 And your properties/possessions/wealths, and nor your children (are) not with which near/approach you at Us, approachment/advancement except who believed and made/did correct/righteous deeds, so those for them (is) the double reward/reimbursement because (of) what they made/did , and they are in the chambers/elevated (stages/places) (are) safe/secure
34:38 And those who strive/endeavor in Our verses/evidences disabling/frustrating, those are in the torture, they are made to be present/attend
34:39 Say: "That truly my Lord extends/spreads the provision to whom He wills/wants from His worshippers/slaves , and He is capable/able to it, and what you spent from a thing, so He reverses/replaces it , and He is best (of) the providers."
34:40 And a day/time He gathers them all/all together then He says to the angels: "Are those (who) were (to) you worshipping?"
34:41 They said: "Your praise/glory; you are our guardian/ally from other than them, but they were worshipping the Jinns , most of them with them (are) believing."
34:42 So the day/today some of you do not own/possess to some benefit/usefulness and nor harm, and We say to those who were unjust/oppressive: "Taste/experience the fire's torture which you were with it lying/denying/falsifying."
34:43 And if Our evidences/verses are read/recited on (to) them evidences, they said: "That (is) not except a man, he wants/intends that he obstructs you from what your fathers were worshipping." And they said: "That (is) not except fabricated/cut and split lies/falsehood." And those who disbelieved said to (about) the truth when (it) came to them: "That truly this (is) except clear/evident magic/sorcery."
34:44 And what We give/bring them from books they study/memorize/read it, and what We sent them before you from a warner/giver of notice
34:45 And those from before them lied/denied , and they did not reach one tenth what We gave/brought them, so they denied My messengers, so how was My severity/change (anger)
34:46 Say: "Indeed/but I preach to/warn you with one (thing), that (E) you stand to God two twos/twos or singularly/one by one, then you think insanity/madness (is) not with your companion/friend (your messenger is not mad), that truly he is except a warner/giver of notice for you, between a severe torture's hands."
34:47 Say: I did not ask/question you from a reward , so it is for you, that truly my reward (is) except on God, and He is on every thing (an) honest witness/testifier ."
34:48 Say: "That truly my Lord throws/hurls with the truth, knower (of) the unseens/supernaturals ."
34:49 Say: "The truth came, and the falsehood does not start/initiate , and nor return/repeat."
34:50 Say: "That if I became misguided so but I misguide on (to) my self, and if I was guided, so (it is) with what my Lord inspires/transmits to me, that He truly is hearing/listening, near/close."
34:51 And if you see/understand when/if they were frightened/panic stricken , so (there is) no passing/missing (escape) , and they were taken/punished from a near/close place/position
34:52 And they said: "We believed with (in) it." And from where/how to them (is) the skirmish/clash ? From a far/distant place/position
34:53 And they had disbelieved with (in) Him from before, and they throw/hurl with the unseen/hidden from a far/distant place/position
34:54 And intervened between them and between what they lust/desire as was made/done with their groups/supporters from before, that they truly were in doubtful/ suspicious doubt/suspicion


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