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al-Ahzab (The Clans, The Coalition, The Combined Forces, The Allies)
as rendered by Aisha Bewley
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Aisha Bewley rendition of Surah The Clans, The Coalition, The Combined Forces, The Allies(al-Ahzab)
33:1 O Prophet! have taqwa of Allah and do not obey the kafirun and hypocrites. Allah is All-Knowing, All-Wise.
33:2 Follow what has been revealed to you from your Lord. Allah is aware of what you do.
33:3 And put your trust in Allah. Allah suffices as a Guardian.
33:4 Allah has not allotted to any man two hearts within his breast, nor has He made those of your wives you equate with your mothers your actual mothers,* nor has He made your adopted sons your actual sons. These are just words coming out of your mouths. But Allah speaks the truth and He guides to the Way.
33:5 Call them after their fathers. That is closer to justice in Allah´s sight. And if you do not know who their fathers were then they are your brothers in the deen and people under your patronage. You are not to blame for any honest mistake you make but only for what your hearts premeditate. Allah is Ever-Forgiving, Most Merciful.
33:6 The Prophet more right to the muminun than their own selves, and his wives are their mothers. But blood-relations have more rights to one another in the Book of Allah than the muminun and Muhajirun. All the same you should act correctly by your friends; that is inscribed in the Book.
33:7 When We made a covenant with all the Prophets — with you and with Nuh and Ibrahim and Musa and ´Isa son of Maryam — We made a binding covenant with them,
33:8 so that He would be able to question the sadiqun about their sincerity; and He has prepared a painful punishment for the kafirun.
33:9 You who have iman! remember Allah´s blessing to you when forces came against you and We sent a wind against them and other forces you could not see.* Allah sees what you do.
33:10 When they came at you from above you and below you, when your eyes rolled and your hearts rose to your throats, and you thought unworthy thoughts about Allah,
33:11 at that point the muminun were tested and severely shaken.
33:12 When the hypocrites and people with sickness in their hearts said, ´What Allah and His Messenger promised us was mere delusion.´
33:13 and a group of them said, ´People of Yathrib, Your position is untenable so return!´ some of them asked the Prophet to excuse them, saying, ´Our houses are exposed,´ when they were not exposed; it was merely that they wanted to run away.
33:14 If they had been overrun from every side, and had then been asked to revert to kufr, they would have done so and hesitated very little about it.
33:15 Yet they had previously made a contract with Allah that they would never turn their backs. Contracts made with Allah will be asked about.
33:16 Say: ´Flight will not benefit you if you try to run away from death or being killed. Then you will only enjoy a short respite.´
33:17 Say: ´Who is going to shield you from Allah if He desires evil for you or desires mercy for you?´ They will find no one to protect or help them besides Allah.
33:18 Allah knows the obstructers among you and those who say to their brothers, ´Come to us,´ and who only come to fight a very little,
33:19 and are begrudging towards you. Then when fear comes, you see them looking at you, their eyes rolling like people scared to death. But when fear departs they flay you with sharp tongues, grasping for wealth. Such people have no iman and Allah will make their actions come to nothing. That is easy for Allah.
33:20 They think that the Confederates have not departed and if the Confederates did appear then they would wish they were out in the desert with the Arabs, asking for news of you. If they were with you they would only fight a very little.
33:21 You have an excellent model in the Messenger of Allah, for all who put their hope in Allah and the Last Day and remember Allah much.
33:22 When the muminun saw the Confederates they said: ´This is what Allah and His Messenger promised us. Allah and His Messenger told us the truth.´ It only increased them in iman and in submission.
33:23 Among the muminun there are men who have been true to the contract they made with Allah. Some of them have fulfilled their pact by death and some are still waiting to do so, not having changed in any way at all.
33:24 So that Allah might recompense the sincerely true for their sincerity and punish the hypocrites, if He wills, or turn towards them. Allah is Ever-Forgiving, Most Merciful.
33:25 Allah sent back those who were kafir in their rage without their achieving any good at all. Allah made saved the muminun from having to fight. Allah is Most Strong, Almighty.
33:26 He brought down from their fortresses those of the People of the Book who supported them and cast terror into their hearts. You killed some of them and some you took prisoner.
33:27 He bequeathed their land, their houses and their wealth to you, and another land you had not yet trodden on. Allah has power over all things.
33:28 O Prophet, tell your wives: ´If you desire the life of the dunya and its finery, come and I will give you all you need and release you with kindness.
33:29 But if you desire Allah and His Messenger and the abode of the akhira, Allah has prepared an immense reward for those among you who are good-doers.´
33:30 Wives of the Prophet! if any of you commits an obvious act of indecency she will receive double the punishment. That is an easy matter for Allah.
33:31 But those of you who are obedient to Allah and His Messenger and act rightly will be given their reward twice over; and We have prepared generous provision for them.
33:32 Wives of the Prophet! you are not like other women provided you have taqwa. Do not be too soft-spoken in your speech lest someone with sickness in his heart becomes desirous. Speak correct and courteous words.
33:33 Remain in your houses and do not display your beauty as it was previously displayed in the Time of Ignorance Establish salat and pay zakat and obey Allah and His Messenger. Allah desires to remove all impurity from you, People of the House, and to purify you completely.
33:34 And remember the Signs of Allah and the wise words which are recited in your rooms. Allah is All-Pervading, All-Aware.
33:35 Men and women who are Muslims, men and women who are muminun, men and women who are obedient, men and women who are truthful, men and women who are steadfast, men and women who are humble, men and women who give sadaqa, men and women who fast, men and women who guard their private parts, men and women who remember Allah much: Allah has prepared forgiveness for them and an immense reward.
33:36 When Allah and His Messenger have decided something it is not for any man or woman of the muminin to have a choice about it. Anyone who disobeys Allah and His Messenger is clearly misguided.
33:37 When you said to him whom Allah has blessed and you yourself have greatly favoured, ´Keep your wife to yourself and have taqwa of Allah,´ while concealing something in yourself which Allah wished to bring to light, you were fearing people when Allah has more right to your fear. Then when Zayd divorced her We married her to you so that there should be no restriction for the muminun regarding the wives of their adopted sons when they have divorced them. Allah´s command is always carried out.
33:38 There is no restriction on the Prophet regarding anything Allah allots to him. This was Allah´s pattern with those who passed away before — and Allah´s command is a pre-ordained decree —
33:39 those who conveyed Allah´s Message and had taqwa of Him, fearing no one except Allah. Allah suffices as a Reckoner.
33:40 Muhammad is not the father of any of your men, but the Messenger of Allah and the Final Seal of the Prophets. Allah has knowledge of all things.
33:41 You who have iman! remember Allah much,
33:42 and glorify Him in the morning and the evening.
33:43 It is He Who calls down blessing on you, as do His angels, to bring you out of the darkness into the light. He is Most Merciful to the muminun.
33:44 Their greeting on the Day they meet Him will be ´Peace!´ and He has prepared a generous reward for them.
33:45 O Prophet! We have sent you as a witness, and a bringer of good news and a warner,
33:46 and a caller to Allah by His permission and a light-giving lamp.
33:47 Give good news to the muminun that they will receive immense favour from Allah.
33:48 Do not obey the kafirun and hypocrites and disregard their abuse of you. Put your trust in Allah. Allah suffices as a Protector.
33:49 You who have iman! when you marry believing women and then divorce them before you have touched them, there is no ´idda for you to calculate for them, so give them a gift and let them go with kindness.
33:50 O Prophet! We have made halal for you: your wives to whom you have given dowries and any slavegirls you own from the booty Allah has allotted you and the daughters of your paternal uncles and the daughters of your paternal aunts and the daughters of your maternal uncles and the daughters of your maternal aunts who have made hijra with you and any mumin woman who gives herself to the Prophet if the Prophet desires to marry her: exclusively for you as opposed to the rest of the muminun — We know very well what We have prescribed for them regarding their wives and any slavegirls they possess — in order that there be no restriction on you. Allah is Ever-Forgiving, Most Merciful.
33:51 You may refrain from any of them you will and keep close to you any of them you will. And if you desire any you have left alone, there is nothing wrong in that. This makes it more likely they will be comforted and not be grieved, and all of them will be content with what you give them. Allah knows what is in your hearts. Allah is All-Knowing, All-Forbearing.
33:52 After that no other women are halal for you nor may you exchange them for other wives, even though their beauty might be pleasing to you, with the exception of any you own as slaves. Allah is watchful over all things.
33:53 You who have iman! do not go into the Prophet´s rooms except when you are invited to come and eat. Do not wait there while the food is being cooked. However, when you are called, go in, and when you have eaten, disperse, not remaining there to chat with one another. Doing that causes annoyance to the Prophet though he is too reticent to tell you so. But Allah is not reticent with the truth. When you ask his wives for something, ask them from behind a screen. That is purer for your hearts and their hearts. It is not right for you to cause annoyance to the Messenger of Allah or ever to marry his wives after him. To do that would be a dreadful thing in Allah´s sight.
33:54 Whether you divulge a thing or conceal it, Allah has knowledge of all things.
33:55 They incur no blame in respect of their fathers or their sons or their brothers or their brothers´ or sisters´ sons, or their women or any slaves they own. Have taqwa of Allah. Allah is witness of all things.
33:56 Allah and His angels call down blessings on the Prophet. You who have iman! call down blessings on him and ask for complete peace and safety for him.
33:57 As for those who abuse Allah and His Messenger, Allah´s curse is on them in this world and the Next World. He has prepared a humiliating punishment for them.
33:58 And those who abuse men and women who are muminun, when they have not merited it, bear the weight of slander and clear wrongdoing.
33:59 O Prophet! Tell your wives and daughters and the women of the muminun to draw their outer garments closely round themselves. This makes it more likely that they will be recognised and not be harmed. Allah is Ever-Forgiving, Most Merciful.
33:60 If the hypocrites and those with sickness in their hearts and the rumour-mongers in Madina do not desist, We will set you onto them. Then they will only be your neighbours there a very short time.
33:61 They are an accursed people. Wherever they are found they should be seized and mercilessly put to death.
33:62 This is Allah´s pattern with those who passed away before. You will not find any alteration in Allah´s pattern.
33:63 People will ask you about the Last Hour. Say: ´Only Allah has knowledge of it. What will make you understand? It may be that the Last Hour is very near.´
33:64 Allah has cursed the kafirun and prepared a Searing Blaze for them
33:65 where they will remain timelessly, for ever and ever, not finding any protector or any helper.
33:66 They will say on the Day their faces are rolled over in the Fire, ´If only we had obeyed Allah and obeyed the Messenger!´
33:67 And they will say, ´Our Lord, we obeyed our masters and great men and they misguided us from the Way.
33:68 Our Lord, give them double the punishment and curse them many times over!´
33:69 You who have iman! do not be like those who abused Musa. Allah absolved him of what they said and he was highly honoured with Allah.
33:70 You who have iman! have taqwa of Allah and speak words which hit the mark.
33:71 He will put your actions right for you and forgive you your wrong deeds. All who obey Allah and His Messenger have won a mighty victory.
33:72 We offered the Trust to the heavens, the earth and the mountains but they refused to take it on and shrank from it. But man took it on. He is indeed wrongdoing and ignorant.
33:73 This was so that Allah might punish the men and women of the hypocrites, and the men and women of the idolaters, and turn towards the men and women of the muminun. Allah is Ever-Forgiving, Most Merciful.


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