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al-`Ankabut (The Spider)
as rendered by Dr. Mohammad Tahir-ul-Qadri
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Dr. Mohammad Tahir-ul-Qadri rendition of Surah The Spider(al-`Ankabut)
29:1 Alif, Lam, Mim. (Only Allah and the Messenger [blessings and peace be upon him] know the real meaning.
29:2 Do people think that they will be released (just) on saying: ‘We have believed,’ and they will not be tried
29:3 And surely, We tried (also) those who were before them. Allah will certainly show up (through trial) those who are truthful (in claiming beliefs), and shall make the liars (as well) stand out
29:4 Do the evildoers think that they will slip away from Our (grip)? How evil is what they decide (in their minds)
29:5 Whoever hopes for meeting with Allah, then Allah’s appointed time is bound to come. And He alone is All-Hearing, All-Knowing
29:6 And whoever strives hard (for the cause of truth) strives for his own (benefit). Surely, Allah is independent of (the obedience, submission and struggles) of all the worlds
29:7 And those who believe and do pious deeds, We shall remove all their misdeeds from their (record), and We shall certainly give them a reward better than the deeds which they will have (actually) accomplished
29:8 And We have enjoined upon man to behave benevolently with his parents. And if they contend with you that you should associate (others) with Me, of which you have no knowledge, then do not obey them. To Me you (all) have to return. So I shall inform you of (the deeds) which you used to do (in the world)
29:9 And those who believe and do pious deeds, then We shall certainly admit them to the (group) of the most pious
29:10 And there are (also) those amongst the people who say: ‘We believe in Allah,’ but when they are put to (some) trouble in the way of Allah, they consider the trial of the people like punishment from Allah. And if some help comes from your Lord, then indeed they start saying: ‘We were with you.’ Is Allah not best aware of those (things) which are (hidden) in the breasts of all the people of the world
29:11 And surely, Allah will distinguish those who have believed (with true hearts) and will certainly expose the hypocrites (too)
29:12 And the disbelievers say to the believers: ‘Follow our way and we shall bear (the burden of) your sins,’ whereas they will not bear any (burden) of their sins. Surely, they are liars
29:13 And they will certainly carry their own burdens (of sins), and (will also have loaded) many (other) burdens (over themselves) along with their own burdens. And they will certainly be interrogated on the Day of Resurrection about those (false allegations) which they used to invent
29:14 And indeed We sent Nuh (Noah) to his people. He lived amongst them for a millennium less fifty years. Then the Great Flood seized them whilst they were wrongdoers
29:15 Then We delivered Nuh (Noah) and those (with him) in the Ark, and made that (Ark and the incident) a sign for the people of the world
29:16 And (remember) Ibrahim (Abraham) when he said to his people: ‘Worship Allah and fear Him. That is better for you if you know (the reality)
29:17 You worship idols besides Allah and fabricate mere lies. Surely, those you worship instead of Allah are not masters of your sustenance. So always seek sustenance from Allah, and worship Him alone, and give thanks to Him. You will be returned to Him alone
29:18 And if you reject (my words), then no doubt many generations have rejected (the truth) before as well. And nothing is (obligatory) upon the Messenger but to convey (the commandments) in a clear way.
29:19 Have they not seen (i.e., pondered) how Allah originates creation, then repeats it (the same way)? Surely, this is easy for Allah
29:20 Say: ‘Travel in the land (to study life in the universe), then observe (i.e., meditate and research) as to how He initiated (the life of) Creation and how He raises and nourishes the second life (passing it through evolutionary stages). Surely, Allah has perfect power over all things
29:21 He torments whom He wills and shows mercy to whom He pleases. And to Him will you be returned
29:22 And you can escape (from Allah) neither in the earth nor in the heavens, nor is there for you any guardian or helper except Allah
29:23 And those who reject Allah’s Revelations and deny meeting with Him, they despair of My mercy. And it is they for whom there is painful punishment
29:24 So the people of Ibrahim (Abraham) had no answer except that they said: ‘Kill him or burn him.’ Then Allah delivered him from the fire (of Nimrod). Surely, there are signs in this incident for those who have believed
29:25 And Ibrahim (Abraham) said: ‘You have taken up the worship of idols leaving Allah merely for the sake of mutual friendship in the life of this world. Then, on the Day of Resurrection, (each) one of you will deny (the friendship of) the other and (each) one of you will curse the other. And Hell is your abode and there will be no helper for you
29:26 Then Lut (Lot) believed in him (Ibrahim [Abraham]) and he said: ‘I am migrating towards my Lord. Surely, He is Almighty, Most Wise.
29:27 And We blessed him with Ishaq (Isaac) and Ya‘qub ([Jacob], a son and a grandson,) and We ordained Prophethood and the Book in Ibrahim’s (Abraham’s) descendants. And We gave him his reward (here) in this world, and surely he is amongst the most pious in the Hereafter (as well)
29:28 And (remember) Lut (Lot) when he said to his people: ‘Surely, you commit the worst indecency. None of the nations in the whole world has ever committed this (indecency) before you
29:29 Do you approach men (for your sexual desire) and commit highway robberies and do indecent deeds in your (crowded) meetings?’ And his people (also) had no answer except that they said: ‘Bring Allah’s torment upon us if you are truthful.
29:30 Lut (Lot) submitted: ‘O Lord! Help me against the mischief mongers.
29:31 And when Our messengers (angels) came to Ibrahim (Abraham) with good news (then, adding,) they (also) said: ‘We are going to destroy the dwellers of this town because its inhabitants are the wrongdoers.
29:32 Ibrahim (Abraham) said: ‘Lut (Lot) is (also) here in this (town).’ They said: ‘We know very well the people who (live) in it. We shall certainly save Lut (Lot) and his family except his wife. She is of those who remain behind.
29:33 And when Our messengers (angels) came to Lut (Lot), he felt distressed (on their arrival) and felt depressed for their (intention to torment). And (the messengers) said: ‘Do not feel afraid or grieved. We shall no doubt save you and your family except your wife. She is of those who will remain behind (for torment)
29:34 Surely, we are about to bring down from the heaven torment for the inhabitants of this town because they used to disobey.
29:35 And verily, We sustained (the ruined houses) of this town as a clear sign for the wise
29:36 And (We sent) to Madyan their (kinship) brother Shu‘ayb. So he said: ‘O my people, worship Allah and look forward to the Last Day and do not do mischief in the land.
29:37 Then they rejected Shu‘ayb. So (the torment of) the earthquake seized them (as well), and at dawn they were lying prone (dead) in their houses
29:38 And (We destroyed) ‘Ad and Thamud (as well). And indeed (ruins of) some of their houses stand out (i.e., have lived to tell the tale) for you (as a lesson of warning). And Satan made their evil deeds look charming to them, and turned them away from the path (of truth) though they were vigilant and wise
29:39 And (We also destroyed) Qarun (Korah), Pharaoh and Haman. And surely, Musa (Moses) brought them clear signs and they were arrogant and violent in the land but could not escape (Our seizure)
29:40 So We seized (every one of) them for his sin. And there was (a faction) of those against whom We sent a storm of pelting stones. And of them was (also a group) whom a roaring blast seized. And (a party) of them were such whom We sank into the earth. And of them there was (yet another community) that We drowned. And Allah would never have wronged them, but they themselves wronged their own souls
29:41 The example of those (disbelievers) who have taken others (i.e., idols) as guardians instead of Allah is like the story of a spider who builds (for herself) a house (of cobweb). And no doubt the weakest of all houses is the spider’s house. Would that they knew it
29:42 Surely, Allah knows (the truth of the idols) that they worship instead of Him and He alone is Almighty, Most Wise
29:43 And these are the examples We explain for the people (to understand), and none understands them except those who have knowledge
29:44 Allah has created the heavens and the earth with a decreed celestial order. Surely, there is in this (creation) a sign (of His Oneness and Might) for those who believe
29:45 (O Esteemed Beloved!) Recite the Book which has been revealed to you and establish prayer. Surely, prayer prohibits indecency and impiety; and verily, the remembrance of Allah is the greatest. And Allah knows whatever (deeds) you do
29:46 And, (O believers,) do not argue with the People of the Book but in a suitable and decent way, except those of them who did injustice. And say (to them): ‘We believe in that (Book) which has been revealed to us and which was sent down to you, and our God and your God is but One and we obey Him alone.
29:47 And in like manner, We revealed the Book to you. And those (knowers of the truth) whom We had given the Book (already) believe in this (Book). And of these (inhabitants of Mecca too) there are those who believe in it. And none but the disbelievers deny Our Revelations
29:48 And, (O Beloved,) you never recited any book before this, nor did you write it with your own hand in which case the disbelievers would certainly have doubted
29:49 But these are the clear Verses (of the Qur’an) that are (preserved) in the breasts of those who have been given (true) knowledge. And none other than the unjust deny Our Revelations
29:50 And the disbelievers say: ‘Why have signs not been sent down on him (the Holy Prophet [blessings and peace be upon him]) from his Lord?’ Say: ‘The signs are with Allah alone and I am simply an open Warner.
29:51 Is this (sign) not enough for them that We have revealed to you (that) Book which is recited to them (or will always be recited)? Surely, in this (Book) there is mercy and direction and guidance for the believers
29:52 Say: ‘Sufficient is Allah as a Witness between me and you. He knows (the state of) all that is in the heavens and in the earth. And those who believe in falsehood and disbelieve in Allah, it is they who are the losers.
29:53 And they want you to hasten the torment. And had the time (of the torment) not been fixed, the torment would have overtaken them. And that (torment, or the time of the torment,) shall certainly come upon them all of a sudden and they will not be aware (of it)
29:54 They seek the torment from you in haste, and surely Hell is about to besiege the disbelievers
29:55 The Day when the torment wraps them from above them and from beneath their feet, Allah will say: ‘Savour the taste of works you used to perform.
29:56 O My servants who have believed! Surely, My earth is vast, so worship Me alone
29:57 Every soul is to taste death and then to Us you will be returned
29:58 And those who believe and persevere with right actions, We shall certainly house them in the upper palaces of Paradise with streams flowing beneath them; they will live there forever. What an excellent reward for those who do (constructive) works
29:59 (These are the people) who remain steadfast and always trust their Lord alone
29:60 And many an animal there is that does not carry its sustenance (with it)! Allah provides for them and for you too. And He is All-Hearing, All-Knowing
29:61 And if you ask these (disbelievers): ‘Who created the heavens and the earth and made the sun and the moon law-abiding?’ they will certainly say: ‘Allah.’ Then where are they turning away
29:62 Allah increases sustenance for whom He pleases of His servants and restrains for whom He wills. Surely, Allah knows everything full well
29:63 And if you ask them: ‘Who sends down water from the sky, then gives life (and freshness) to the earth after its death?’ they will surely say: ‘Allah.’ Say: ‘All praise belongs to Allah alone.’ But most of them do not have sense
29:64 And, (O people,) the life of this world is nothing but sport and pastime and the Home of the Hereafter is the only (true) life. Would that they knew (this secret)
29:65 When they board a vessel they (abandon the idols in hard times and) call upon Allah alone, making their Din (faith and devotion) sincerely (and purely) for Him. Then, when Allah rescues and brings them safe to the land, they start setting up partners with Him (again)
29:66 So that they may show ingratitude towards that (favour of deliverance) which We granted them and enjoy (the unlawful) benefits (of the life of disbelief). But soon they will know (their fate)
29:67 And have they not seen that We have made the Sanctuary (of the Ka‘ba) a safe haven while people are abducted from all around them? Do they (still) believe in falsehood, and will they continue disregarding the favour of Allah
29:68 And who can be more unjust than someone who fabricates a lie concerning Allah or belies the truth when it comes to him? Is there not an apartment in Hell (appointed) for the disbelievers
29:69 And those who strive hard (and struggle against the lower self vehemently) for Our cause, We certainly guide them to Our ways, and verily Allah blesses the men of spiritual excellence with His companionship


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