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Dr. Kamal Omar

an-Naml (The Ant, The Ants)
as rendered by Dr. Kamal Omar
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Dr. Kamal Omar rendition of Surah The Ant, The Ants(an-Naml)
27:1 T. S.      These (alphabets in this verse are) signs of Al-Quran and Kitab-un-Mobin
27:2 Hudah, and Bushrah for the Believers
27:3 those who establish As-Salat, and pay-up Az-Zakat, and they, regarding the Hereafter — they feel certainty
27:4 Verily, those who do not Believe in the Hereafter, We have made their deeds (appear) fair-seeming to them, so they wander about blindly
27:5 They are those: for them is an evil torment. And they, in the Hereafter: they become the greatest losers
27:6 And verily you: indeed, you are being bestowed Al-Quran from the Presence of All-Wise, All-Knowing
27:7 (Bring to mind) when Musa said to his family: “Verily, I have noticed a fire, soon I will approach you therefrom with some information or I come to you with a burning brand so that you may warm yourself.”
27:8 So when he came to it he was called that: “Blessed has been made that whosoever is in the ‘fire’, and who is in its precincts. And glorified be Allah, the Nourisher-Sustainer to the worlds
27:9 O Musa! Verily, it is I, Allah, the All-Mighty, the All-Wise
27:10 And put you down your rod!" But when he marked it (that) it moves, as if it (is) a snake, he turned being one who turns his back and did not return. (It was said): “O Musa! Fear not. Verily, the Messengers fear not in My Presence
27:11 except that who has done wrong, (and) afterwards has brought in replacement good after evil; then surely, I am Oft-Forgiving, continuously Merciful
27:12 And put your hand into your bosom, it will come forth white without any disease. (These are) among the nine credentials to Firaun and his nation. Surely, they are a nation of those who are Fasiqun.
27:13 So when Our enlightening Credentials came to them, they said: “This is manifest magic.”
27:14 And they insulted and mocked these (credentials) — although their ownselves did get influenced by these — wrongfully and arrogantly. So see what was the end of the Mufsidun
27:15 And surely, indeed We bestowed knowledge to Daud and Sulaiman, and they both said: “Selective Praise suits Allah (Alone) Who has preferred us in rank above many of His Believing Ibad.”
27:16 And Sulaiman inherited (the possessions and qualities of) Daud. And he said: “O mankind! We have been taught the language of the birds, and we have been bestowed from all things. Surely, this indeed: it is the evident grace!
27:17 And there were made to assemble, before Sulaiman, his regiments of jinns, and humans, and birds. So they are set in groups (ready to move) —
27:18 until when they entered unto the valley of the ants, one she-ant said: “O you ants! Enter your dwellings, lest Sulaiman and his regiments crush you, while they perceive not.”
27:19 So (Sulaiman) smiled, (becoming) one who laughs at her utterance and said: “My Nourisher-Sustainer! Grant me (the initiative and desire) that I may pay thanks for Your Grace that You have showered upon me and upon my parents, and that I may do righteous good deeds with which You may agree, and admit me under cover of Your Mercy, among your righteous Ibad .
27:20 And (Sulaiman) made the (military) review of the (regiments of the) birds, and said: “What is (gone wrong) with me that I do not see the hoopoe? Or is he among the absentees
27:21 I will surely punish him with a severe punishment, or I will surely slaughter him, or he must return to me with some convincing reasoning.”
27:22 But (the hoopoe) tarried not long. So (he came back and) said: “I have surveyed what you survey not thereof. And I have returned to you from (the head of statedom of) Saba with an authentic information
27:23 Certainly I found a woman; she rules over them, and she has been bestowed with all sorts of things (which a ruler may possess) and to her is a gorgeous throne
27:24 I found her and her nation: they prostrate to the sun instead of Allah, and Satan has made their deeds fair-seeming to them, and has barred them from the (Right) way, so they receive not the guidance
27:25 (and) that they do not prostrate to Allah Who brings to light what is hidden in the heavens and the earth and Knows what you conceal and what you reveal
27:26 Allah! La-ilaha-illa-Huwa, the Nourisher-Sustainer to the Supreme Throne!”
27:27 (Sulaiman) said: “Soon We shall see whether you spoke the truth or you are out of those who misquote
27:28 Go you, with this Kitab (Book) of mine, and deliver it to them; then withdraw from them and see what is that response with which they return (to me) .
27:29 (The female ruler) said: “O you chiefs! Verily, me — has been delivered to me, unto me Kitab-un-Kareem (a Noble Book)
27:30 Verily, it is from Sulaiman, and verily it (takes a start thus): With the name of Allah — the Bestower of unlimited mercy, the continuously Merciful
27:31 (and) that: 'Be you not exalted against me and come to me as Muslims.' ”
27:32 She said: “O you chiefs! Advise me in (this) case of mine. I am not a lady who takes decision until you are present with me (to give your assent).”
27:33 They said: “We are possessors of (great) might and possessors of (capacity for) intense war, but the decision lies with you; so think over what is that which you will command.”
27:34 She said: “Verily, the sovereign rulers, when they entered any habitation, they despoiled it and made the more honourable of its citizens as the more disgraced ones, and thus they will do
27:35 And verily, I am going to send them (my men) with a present, then (I will be) one who will watch and see with what the messengers return.”
27:36 So when (the messengers with the royal gift) came to Sulaiman, he said: “Will you provide me aid and assistance in the form of wealth and provisions? So, what Allah has given me is better than what He has given you. Nay, you rejoice in your gift
27:37 Go back to them. Then verily, we shall come to them with (military) forces — there is no capacity with them (i.e., with the forces of Saba) for (facing) these (Muslim regiments). And we shall surely drive them out from this (land of Saba) in disgrace, and they (will be) those who have surrendered.”
27:38 (Sulaiman now addressed the chiefs in his state and) said: “O you chiefs! Which of you comes to me with her throne prior to that they may come to me as Muslims?”
27:39 An Ifrit (strong one) from the jinns said: “I will come to you with that before you rise from your sitting. And verily, I am, for this, indeed strong and trustworthy.”
27:40 Said that with whom was knowledge from Al-Kitab : “I will come to you with it even earlier than ' the margin of your eyelid returns to you' (i.e., within the twinkling of an eye)." So when he saw it placed before him, he said: "This is by the Grace of my Nourisher-Sustainer so that He may test me whether I become grateful or I become ungrateful. And whoever pays thanks (to Allah, it is) for his own self, and whoever became ungrateful — then certainly my Nourisher-Sustainer is Free of all wants, Bountiful.”
27:41 (Sulaiman) said: “Disguise and transform in her interest, her throne (by removing all signs and engravings that depict polytheism or disbelief). We shall see whether she receives guidance or she becomes of those who do not receive guidance.”
27:42 So when she came, it was said (to her): " Is this like your throne?” She said: “As though it is that very one. And Al-Ilm (‘The Knowledge’) has been delivered to us even before this and we have become Muslims.”
27:43 And (Sulaiman’s effort) stopped her from that which she used to worship besides Allah. Surely, she used to be of a nation of disbelievers
27:44 It was said to her: “Enter the palace.” But as she saw it, she assessed it to be a wide expanse of water running in waves and she tucked up (her clothes) off her both calves (so that she may cross it over gracefully). (Sulaiman) said: “Truly, it is a palace (underneath which runs a river, simulating the delights in Paradise) paved smooth with slab of crystal-clear glass. She said: “My Nourisher-Sustainer! Verily, I have wronged myself and I have accepted Islam in the presence of Sulaiman in complete devotion to Allah, the Nourisher-Sustainer to the worlds.”
27:45 And surely, indeed We sent to Samud (people) their brother Salih, (saying) that: “Pay obedience to Allah.” Then when they (broke up into) two sects, they quarrel among each other
27:46 He said: “O my nation! Why do you hasten in evil before good? Why don’t you ask Allah for forgiveness so that you: you may be showered mercy ?
27:47 They said: “We augured ill omen from you and whoever is with you.” He said: “Your (belief about) ill omen is (under record) with Allah; nay, you are a people put under test and trial.”
27:48 And there were in the city nine bands of men: they create mischief in the land and do not indulge in (any) reform
27:49 They said : " Swear one to another by Allah that we shall make a secret night attack on him and his household; afterwards we will surely say to his heir-attorney: ‘We witnessed not the slaying place of his household and verily, we are surely those who tell the truth.'
27:50 And they devised a plot and We planned an stratagem while they perceive (it) not
27:51 Then see how was the final end of their plot — that We destroyed them and their nation, all together
27:52 So these are their houses in utter ruin as they transgressed. Surely, in this is indeed a lesson for a nation who know
27:53 And We rescued those who Believed and used to obey (Allah)
27:54 And (bring to mind) Lout when he said to his nation: “Do you indulge in Al-Fahisha while you see (the evil aspect thereof)
27:55 Is it (that) surely you people indeed approach men in sexual lust instead of women? Nay, you are a nation: you behave senselessly.
27:56 So there was no answer from his nation except that they said: “Drive out the family of Lout from your town. Verily, they are humans who remain clean and sanctified.”
27:57 So We saved him and his household except his wife. We destined her to be of those who buried themselves under dust and debris
27:58 And We rained down over them a rain (of stones). So evil became the rain cast over those who were warned (in advance)
27:59 Say: “Selective Praise suits Allah (Alone), and peace be upon His Ibad whom He selected and chose (for His Message). Is Allah better, or (all) that they ascribe as partners (to Allah)?”
27:60 Is That One Who created the heavens and the earth and sent down for you water from towards the sky (better or other gods)? So We brought forth therewith orchards full of beauty and delight. It is not for you that you may grow the trees thereof. Is there any ilah (god) alongwith Allah? Nay, they are a nation who ascribe equals (to Him)
27:61 Is That One Who has made the earth as a place of stay and has placed in its midst, rivers and has placed in its interest mountains (which give it stability of motion), and has set between two seas a barrier (which keeps the sweet and salt water as separate collections) — is there any ilah alongwith Allah? Nay, most of them know not
27:62 Is That One Who responds to the distressed one when he called Him, and removes the evil and makes you settling-successors on the earth — is there any ilah alongwith Allah? Little is that which you remind (yourself or remind the others)
27:63 Is the One Who guides you in the darknesses of the land and the sea, and Who sends the winds as heralds of glad tidings between the two hands (i.e., just prior to) His Mercy (i.e., the rains) — is there any ilah alongwith Allah? Allah became Exalted above all that they associate as partners (to Him)
27:64 Is the One Who originates creation and shall thereafter repeat it; and Who provides provisions to you from the heavens as well as the earth — is there any ilah alongwith Allah? Say (to the polytheists): “Bring your proof if you are truthfull.”
27:65 Say: “Does not know, whosoever is in the heavens and the earth — al-ghaib except Allah; and they perceive not when they shall be resurrected.”
27:66 Nay, their knowledge went in vain regarding the Hereafter; nay, they are in doubt about it; nay, they are (rather) blind to it
27:67 And those who have disbelieved said: “What, when we have become dust, and our fathers, shall we indeed, surely be brought out people (from our burial sites)
27:68 Truly, indeed we were promised this — we, and our fathers, since before; it is not but writings of the earlier people.”
27:69 Say, “Travel in the earth and see how (evil) was the final end of the criminals.”
27:70 And do not grieve for them, and do not be in distress under effect of that what they plot
27:71 And they say: “When will this promise (be fulfilled), if you are truthful?
27:72 Say: "Some of that which you wish to hasten on: may be that it becomes attached to you (already, in this world).
27:73 And verily, your Nourisher-Sustainer is indeed Possessor of Grace for mankind, yet most of them do not pay thanks
27:74 And verily, your Nourisher-Sustainer surely knows what their chests conceal and what they reveal
27:75 And there is not a thing hidden in the heaven or the earth but (it is) in a clear Record
27:76 Verily, this Al-Quran narrates to Bani Israiel most of that which they: therein they differ
27:77 And verily, it is surely Hudah and Rahmah for the Believers
27:78 Verily, your Nourisher-Sustainer will decide between them by Hukmehi (His Judgment). And He is the All-Mighty, the All-Knowing
27:79 So put your trust in Allah, surely you are on Al-Haqq-ul-Mobin
27:80 Verily, you do not make the dead to hear, and you do not make the deaf to hear to the call, when they fled turning their backs
27:81 And you (are) not (that) who guides the blind inspite of their persistence in ignorance and error. You do not make one hear (the Message) except that who Believes in Our Ayaat, so they are Muslims
27:82 And when the Statement (about the final destruction of this world) got issued in their presence, We brought forth to them a Daabbah from within the earth; she will talk to them (to make them realise their state) because mankind believed not with certainty in Our Ayaat
27:83 And (bring to mind) the Day when We shall gather out of every community the horde of those who deny Our Ayaat, then they will be separated into groups (on the basis of the degree of their arrogance and disbelief)
27:84 till when they reached (the place of reckoning before their Nourisher-Sustainer), He said: “Did you deny My Ayaat while you comprehended them not in knowledge — or what else was it that you used to do?”
27:85 And the Statement (about the final punishment after accountability) got issued in their presence because they transgressed; so they speak not (in self-defence)
27:86 Don’t they see that We have made the night so that they may take rest therein, and the day as sight-giving? Verily, in this are indeed signs (and lessons) for a nation who Believe
27:87 And (bring to mind) the Day when the siren will be blown, then became terrified whosoever is in the heavens and whosoever is in the earth except that whom Allah thought proper (to keep him stay calm and satisfied). All came to Him as beings, conscious of their lowliness
27:88 And you see the mountains and you think them solidly fixed; and they shall fly like the passing away of the clouds. (Such is the) artistry of Allah Who provided stability to all things. Verily, He is Well-Aware with what you do
27:89 Whoever approached with a good deed, then for him is better than that and they will be feeling safe from the terror on that Day
27:90 And whoever approached with sin and evil then their faces (personalities) got cast down into the Fire (of Hell, and it was said to them):" Would you be recompensed (with something else) except what you used to do?”
27:91 Surely, what (is a fact is that) I have been commanded that I may pay obedience to the Nourisher-Sustainer of this Township Who has made it a Harem [a protected, prohibited (to polytheists), and an honoured area]; and all things belong to Him. And I have been commanded that I be of the Muslims
27:92 And that I may read, understand, adopt and propagate Al-Quran. So whosoever received guidance, so surely what (is a fact is that) he receives guidance for his ownself; and whosoever went astray, then say (to them): “Surely what (is a fact is that) I am out of the warners.”
27:93 And say: “Selective Praise suits Allah (Alone). Soon He will show you His Signs, so you shall recognise them. And your Nourisher-Sustainer is not unaware of what you do.”


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