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ash-Shu`ara` (The Poets)
as rendered by Ahmed Hulusi
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Ahmed Hulusi rendition of Surah The Poets(ash-Shu`ara`)
26:1 Ta, Sin, Meem.
26:2 These are the signs of the clear Knowledge (sunnatullah).
26:3 Are you going to destroy yourself because they don’t believe?
26:4 If We so will, We could reveal a miracle upon them from the heavens and they will be forced to bend their necks and accept the command!
26:5 But whenever a new reminder comes to them from ar-Rahman they turn away from it.
26:6 Indeed, they have denied! But the news of the thing they mock will come to them soon.
26:7 Did they not see the earth, how much We have produced and raised therein from every generous couple (double stranded DNA)?
26:8 Indeed, there is a sign in this... But most of them have not believed (in the Truth, in their Truth).
26:9 Indeed, your Rabb is is HU, the Aziz, the Rahim.
26:10 And remember when your Rabb called to Moses, “Go to the wrongdoing people!”
26:11 “To the people of Pharaoh... Will they not fear and protect themselves?”
26:12 (Moses) said, “My Rabb, I fear that they will deny me!”
26:13 “I feel constricted and tongue-tied, so appoint Aaron (for this task instead)!”
26:14 “I fear they will kill me, for I am guilty of a crime about which they are right!”
26:15 He said, “No! Never!... Go, both of you, as Our miracles – proofs... Indeed, We are ONE with you, listening.”
26:16 “Go, both of you, to Pharaoh and say, ‘Indeed, We are the Rasuls of the Rabb of the worlds (the creator of everything in existence with the qualities of His Names).’”
26:17 “Send the Children of Israel with us.”
26:18 (Pharaoh) said, “Did we not raise you and tame you while you were a child among us? Did you not spend many years of your life with us?”
26:19 “And you did that deed! (Killed one of Pharaoh’s people)... You are of the ungrateful!”
26:20 (Moses) said, “When I did that deed I was not aware of myself.”
26:21 “So I fled from you out of fear... Then my Rabb granted me a command and made me of the Rasuls.”
26:22 “And this favor of which you remind me is no more than the result of your enslavement of the Children of Israel!”
26:23 Pharaoh said, “And what is the Rabb of the worlds?”
26:24 (Moses) said, “The Rabb (creator with His Names) of the heavens, the earth, and everything in between, if you are of the people of certainty (you will know)!”
26:25 (Pharaoh) said to those around him, “Do you hear him?”
26:26 (Moses) said, “Your Rabb and the Rabb of your forefathers.”
26:27 (Pharaoh) said, “This Rasul who has been disclosed to you is most definitely possessed.” (Most of the Rasuls have been accused of being possessed after they have conveyed the reality.)
26:28 (Moses) said, “The Rabb of the east, the west and everything in between... If you use your intellect!”
26:29 (Pharaoh) said, “Indeed, if you take anything besides me as god I will surely imprison you!”
26:30 (Moses) said, “Even if I have come to you with something clear (proof)?”
26:31 (Pharaoh) said, “Then show it, if you are of the truthful?”
26:32 (Moses) released his staff, suddenly it appeared as a serpent!
26:33 (Moses) drew out his hand (from his shirt) the observers saw it to be bright white!
26:34 (Pharaoh) said to his leaders, “Indeed, he is a learned magician...”
26:35 “He wishes to drive you out of your land with his magic... What do you advise?”
26:36 They said, “Seize him and his brother... And send heralds to the cities...”
26:37 “Let them gather all the skilled magicians and bring them to you!”
26:38 So the magicians assembled at a specified time and place.
26:39 And it was said to the people, “Have you all gathered?”
26:40 “If they prevail we will probably follow the magicians” said the people.
26:41 When the magicians came they said to Pharaoh, “And what if we prevail, will we be rewarded?”
26:42 “Yes” (said Pharaoh)... “In that case you will be of those most near to me.”
26:43 Moses said to them, “Throw (down) what you have in your hands!”
26:44 So they threw their ropes and staffs and said, “By the might of Pharaoh, indeed, it is we who will prevail.”
26:45 Then Moses threw his staff, and alas, at once it devoured their apparitions!
26:46 Upon seeing this, the magicians prostrated in front of Moses!
26:47 They said, “We believe in the Rabb of the worlds...”
26:48 “The Rabb of Moses and Aaron!”
26:49 (Pharaoh) said, “Have you believed in Him without my permission? Surely he is your leader in teaching you sorcery... Soon you will know... I will cut off your hands and feet on opposite sides and have you all crucified.”
26:50 (The magicians who now believed) said, “No harm! Indeed, to our Rabb we will return.”
26:51 “As the first believers, we hope that our Rabb will forgive us for our mistakes.”
26:52 We revealed to Moses, “Travel with My servants by night... You will be pursued.”
26:53 Pharaoh sent heralds to the cities...
26:54 “They (the Children of Israel) are an insignificant minority!”
26:55 “But they are enraging us!”
26:56 “Indeed, we are a well-prepared people,” said Pharaoh.
26:57 Thus We made them leave their gardens and springs.
26:58 Their treasures and wealth!
26:59 Thus it is... And then We made the Children of Israel inheritors of them (the dynasty of Pharaoh).
26:60 (Pharaoh and his army) pursued them as the sun rose.
26:61 When the two groups saw each other Moses’ companions said, “They have caught up to us.”
26:62 “No!” said Moses, “My Rabb is with me; He will show us the way (to liberation)!”
26:63 We revealed to Moses, “Strike the sea with your staff”... (When he did) the sea parted into two; each part was like a big mountain.
26:64 We made the others (who were following) approach that place too.
26:65 Then We saved Moses and all those with him.
26:66 Then We drowned the others.
26:67 Indeed, there is a miracle – a lesson – in this! Yet most of them have not believed.
26:68 Indeed, your Rabb is HU, the Aziz, the Rahim.
26:69 Tell them about Abraham too.
26:70 How he had asked his father and his people, “What is that which you serve?”
26:71 They said, “We serve our idols; we are constantly engaged in them.”
26:72 (Abraham) said, “Do they hear you when you pray to them?”
26:73 “Or do they help or harm you?”
26:74 They said, “No! But we found our forefathers doing the same (so we are imitating them)!”
26:75 (Abraham) said, “Think! What are you serving...?”
26:76 “You and your forefathers!”
26:77 “They are definitely my enemies... Only the Rabb of the worlds...”
26:78 “Who created me... It is He who guides me (to my essential reality).”
26:79 “Who gives me food and drink.”
26:80 “It is He who heals me when I am sick.”
26:81 “And He who takes life and gives life.”
26:82 “And it is He who I hope will forgive me for my mistakes during the period when the laws of Religion are in effect.”
26:83 “My Rabb, grant me a judgment and include me among the righteous ones!”
26:84 “And allow me to convey the Truth to the generations to come after me!”
26:85 “Make me one of the inheritors of your Paradise of Bliss!”
26:86 “Forgive my father! Indeed, he is of those who have gone astray from the right faith!”
26:87 “Do not disgrace me during the resurrection period!”
26:88 “The time when neither wealth nor sons will be of any avail.”
26:89 “Only he who has come to Allah with a sound heart (in whose consciousness the reality has become manifest)!”
26:90 (The life of) Paradise has been brought near to the protected ones.
26:91 And for those who have deviated from the reality, Hell has been brought in front of them!
26:92 They are asked, “Where are the things you worshipped?”
26:93 “The things you worshipped besides Allah... Can they help you or can they even help themselves?”
26:94 They (the things you worshipped) and those of you who have deviated from their essential reality and worshipped those idols will be thrown face down into Hell!
26:95 And (so will) the armies of Iblis.
26:96 They argue therein, saying:
26:97 “By Allah, we were definitely in clear corruption!”
26:98 “When we held you equal to the Rabb of the worlds.”
26:99 “It was the guilty (who denied the reality) who led us astray.”
26:100 “And we have no intercessor.”
26:101 “And we have no trustworthy friend.”
26:102 “If only we can go back (to the reality) and attain the results of faith.”
26:103 There is indeed a lesson in this... Most of them have not believed (in their essential reality).
26:104 Indeed, your Rabb is HU, the Aziz, the Rahim.
26:105 The people of Noah also denied the Rasuls.
26:106 When their brother Noah said to them, “Do you not fear and beware?”
26:107 “I am indeed a trustworthy Rasul for you.”
26:108 “So, protect yourselves from Allah (for He will most definitely subject you to the consequences of your deeds) and obey me!”
26:109 “I do not ask you for anything in return... It is the Rabb of the worlds who will make me live the consequences of my working!”
26:110 “So, protect yourselves from Allah (for He will most definitely subject you to the consequences of your deeds) and obey me!”
26:111 They said, “Why should we believe in you when your followers are but the lowest of classes?”
26:112 (Noah) said, “I have no knowledge of their doings...”
26:113 “My Rabb knows the consequences of their deeds... If only you had become conscious of it!”
26:114 “I am not one to drive believers away!”
26:115 “I am only a clear warner!”
26:116 They said, “Indeed, O Noah, if you do not desist, you are going to be stoned to death!”
26:117 (Noah) said, “My Rabb... My people have most certainly denied me!”
26:118 “So part me from them (so that they get what they deserve, for, while a Rasul is among them, they shall not be subject to suffering) and save me, and those who are with me from among the believers.”
26:119 So We saved him and the ark full of those who were with him.
26:120 Then We drowned the rest!
26:121 Indeed, there is a miracle – lesson – in this... But the majority of them are not believers!
26:122 Indeed, your Rabb is HU, the Aziz, the Rahim.
26:123 Aad (the people of Hud) also denied the Rasuls.
26:124 When their brother Hud said, “Do you not fear (and protect yourselves)?”
26:125 “Certainly, I am a trustworthy Rasul for you.”
26:126 “So, protect yourselves from Allah (for He will most certainly make you live the consequences of your deeds) and obey me.”
26:127 “I do not ask you for anything in return... The return of my works belongs to the Rabb of the worlds.”
26:128 “Do you build mansions on every hilltop and amuse yourselves?”
26:129 “And make castle-like houses as though you will live forever?”
26:130 “You rely on your strength and abolish all rights and seize all that you can!”
26:131 “So, protect yourselves from Allah (for He will most definitely subject you to the consequences of your deeds) and obey me.”
26:132 “Protect yourselves from the One who assists you with all the blessings that you know.”
26:133 “And gave you cattle (sacrificial animals) and sons.”
26:134 “And gardens and springs...”
26:135 “Truly, I fear for you as the suffering of a tremendous time is upon you.”
26:136 They said, “Whether you admonish us or not, it is all the same for us!”
26:137 “These are only the fables of the past!”
26:138 “And we will not be subject to any suffering!”
26:139 And thus they denied him, and We destroyed them! Indeed, there is a miracle – a lesson – in this! But most of them are not believers.
26:140 Indeed, your Rabb is HU, the Aziz, the Rahim.
26:141 Thamud also denied the Rasuls.
26:142 Their brother Salih said to them, “Do you not fear and beware?”
26:143 “I am most certainly a trustworthy Rasul.”
26:144 “So protect yourselves from Allah (for He will most definitely subject you to the consequences of your deeds) and obey me.”
26:145 “I do not ask you for anything in return... The return of my service belongs only to the Rabb of the worlds!”
26:146 “Do you think you will always be safe (regardless of whatever you do)?”
26:147 “In Paradises (gardens) and springs...”
26:148 “With crops and date-palms with fruit buds!”
26:149 “Skillfully and cheerfully hewing out houses in the mountains!”
26:150 “So, protect yourselves from Allah (for He will most definitely subject you to the consequences of your deeds) and obey me.”
26:151 “Do not follow the orders of those who exploit their authority!”
26:152 “They (who exploit their authorities) guide people in the world to the wrong, rather than being corrective.”
26:153 They said, “You have been bewitched (influenced).”
26:154 “You are only a man like us (but you think you are different)! Then show us a miracle if you are truthful!”
26:155 (Salih) said, “Here is an (unattended) she-camel... She has a turn of drinking water, as do your camels...”
26:156 “Give her no harm (otherwise) an intense period of suffering will overtake you.”
26:157 (Taking no heed of this warning) they viciously slaughtered her; and became very regretful.
26:158 So the suffering struck them! Indeed, there is a sign – a lesson – in this... Most of them have not believed!
26:159 Indeed, your Rabb is HU, the Aziz, the Rahim.
26:160 The people of Lot also denied the Rasuls.
26:161 When their brother Lot asked them, “Do you not fear and beware?”
26:162 “Indeed, I am a Rasul you can trust.”
26:163 “So, protect yourselves from Allah (for He will most definitely subject you to the consequences of your deeds) and obey me!”
26:164 “I do not ask you for anything in return... The return of my service belongs only to the Rabb of the worlds.”
26:165 “Do you wish to (leave the females and) sleep with men (instead)?”
26:166 “You leave your women whom your Rabb has created for you! No, you are indeed a people who transgress all bounds!”
26:167 They said, “O Lot, if you do not desist (your lecturing) you will surely be driven out (of here)!”
26:168 (Lot) said, “In truth, I abhor this act of yours!” (Note the hatred is expressed in reference to the action not the doer.)
26:169 “My Rabb, save me and my people from what they do.”
26:170 So We saved him and his people.
26:171 Except the old woman (Lot’s wife who did not believe) who did not wish to join them!
26:172 Then We totally destroyed the rest!
26:173 And We poured such a rain upon them! Dreadful is the rain that befalls the forewarned!
26:174 Indeed, there is a sign – a lesson – in this... But most of them have not believed.
26:175 Indeed, your Rabb is HU, the Aziz, the Rahim.
26:176 The dwellers of the forest (the people of Shuayb) also denied the Rasuls!
26:177 When Shuayb said to them, “Do you not fear and beware?”
26:178 “Indeed, I am a Rasul you can trust.”
26:179 “So, protect yourselves from Allah (for He will most definitely subject you to the consequences of your deeds) and obey me!”
26:180 “I do not ask you for anything in return... The return of my service belongs only to the Rabb of the worlds.”
26:181 “Give full measure... Do not defraud people with the scale and cause loss to them!”
26:182 “Weigh with correct scales!”
26:183 Do not deprive people of their rights and corrupt the order; do not go to excess in the land.”
26:184 “Protect yourselves from the One who created you and those before you (as He will subject you to the consequences of your deeds just as He subjected those before you)!”
26:185 “They said, “You are bewitched (influenced)!”
26:186 “You are a man like us! We think you are a liar!”
26:187 “If you are truthful, then cause fragments from the sky to fall on us.”
26:188 (Shuayb) said, “My Rabb knows better what you do (as the creator).”
26:189 Thus they denied Him and the intense suffering of that dark day caught them... Indeed, it was a tremendous time of a suffering.
26:190 Indeed, there is a sign – a lesson – in this too... But most of them have not believed!
26:191 Indeed, your Rabb is HU, the Aziz, the Rahim.
26:192 Indeed, (the Quran) is the revelation of the Rabb of the worlds (a dimensional descent from your Names-based essence to your consciousness)!
26:193 The Trustworthy Spirit (the knowledge of the Names reflecting to your heart) came down with (Gabriel)!
26:194 To your heart (consciousness) so that you may be of the warners (based on this knowledge)!
26:195 In a clear Arabic language!
26:196 And, indeed, it (this knowledge of the reality) also formed part of the wisdom of those before you.
26:197 Was it not a proof for them that it was known by the scholars of the Children of Israel?
26:198 Had We revealed it to someone who did not know Arabic,
26:199 And he recited it to them, they would still not have believed.
26:200 Thus We insert it in the minds of those who are guilty (of denying the reality)!
26:201 They do not believe until they see a tragic suffering.
26:202 It (suffering of death) comes to them suddenly, at a time when they least expect it! (Death is the biggest suffering, as through the experience of death, one observes his essential reality and realizes how much he failed to give its due right, and that he no longer has the opportunity to compensate, falling into the suffering of deep regret.)
26:203 And they say, “Will we be given additional time?”
26:204 Do they want Us to hasten the manifestation of Our suffering upon them?
26:205 Thus you see... If We give them enjoyment for many years with various blessings,
26:206 Then the thing of which they are warned comes to them...
26:207 Neither their possessions nor the pleasures they enjoyed will give them any benefit!
26:208 And We have never destroyed a city to which a warner has not come.
26:209 (First) a reminder is given! We are not unjust!
26:210 It was not the devils that formed (the Quran)!
26:211 It does not suit them to do so! Nor do they have the power to do so!
26:212 They are indeed devoid of the capacity to perceive!
26:213 So do not turn to any concept of god/godhood when (the reality of) Allah (is clearly evident)! Otherwise you will be among those subject to the suffering!
26:214 Start your warning from those who are closest to you!
26:215 Take those who follow you from among the believers under your wing!
26:216 If they disobey you say, “I am free (disassociated) from what you do!”
26:217 Place your trust in the Aziz the Rahim (the Names comprising your essential reality)!
26:218 Who sees you when you arise (to fulfill your function)...
26:219 And that you are among those who prostrate!
26:220 Indeed, He is HU, the Sami, the Aleem.
26:221 Shall I inform you on whom the devils descend?
26:222 They take under their influence those who are responsible of betraying themselves!
26:223 Those who betray themselves give ear to (the devils – delusive ideas in their subconscious) and most of them are liars.
26:224 And the poets (who incite the emotions and guide people to worship things they take as deities) – only those who have truly deviated follow them.
26:225 Do you not see how they live in the world of fantasy and doubt!
26:226 They say things that they cannot do!
26:227 Except those who believe (in the reality) and fulfill the requisites of their faith, who remember Allah much and who attain victory after being wronged... Those who wrong (themselves) will soon comprehend the kind of transformation they will undergo (but alas, it will be too late)!


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