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ash-Shu`ara` (The Poets)
as rendered by Abdul Majid Daryabadi
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Abdul Majid Daryabadi rendition of Surah The Poets(ash-Shu`ara`)
26:1 Ta. Sin Mim
26:2 These are the verses of a Book luminous
26:3 Belike thou shalt kill thyself with grief because they become not believers
26:4 If We list, We can send down unto them a sign from the heaven so that their necks would became to it submissive
26:5 And there cometh not unto them any fresh admonition from the Compassionate but they are wont to be there from backsliders
26:6 So they have surely belied; wherefore anon there shall come unto them the truth of that whereat they were wont to mock
26:7 Observe they not the earth, how much We make to grow therein of every fruitful kind
26:8 Verily therein is a sign; yet most of them are not believers
26:9 And verily thy Lord! He is the Mighty, the Merciful
26:10 And recall what time thy Lord called unto Musa, saying: go thou unto the wrong-doing people
26:11 The people of Fir'awn; fear they Me not
26:12 He said: my Lord! verily I fear they shall belie me
26:13 And my breast straiteneth, and my tongue moveth not quickly: so send for Harun
26:14 And they have a crime against me, so I fear that they shall slay me
26:15 He said: by no means. so go ye twain with Our signs; verily We shall be with you listening
26:16 So go ye twain unto Fir'awn and say: verily we are the apostles of the Lord of the Worlds
26:17 Send with us the Children of Isra'il
26:18 Fir'awn said: brought we not thee up amongst us as a child? And thou tarriedst amongst us for many years of thy life
26:19 And thou didst that thy deed which thou didst; and thou art of the ingrates
26:20 He said: I did it then when I was mistaken
26:21 Then I fled from you when I feared you, and my Lord bestowed on me wisdom and made me one of the sent ones
26:22 And that favour wherewith thou didst oblige me was that thou hadst enslaved the Children of Isra'il
26:23 Fir'awn said. and what is the Lord of the worlds
26:24 He said: Lord of the heavens and the earth and whatsoever is in-between, if ye seek to be convinced
26:25 Fir'awn said unto those around him: hear ye not
26:26 He said: your Lord and the Lord of your ancient fathers
26:27 Fir'awn said: verily your apostle who hath been sent unto you is mad
26:28 He said: Lord of the east and the west and whatsoever is in-between, if ye understand
26:29 Fir'awn said: if thou wilt take a god other than me, I shall surely place thee among the prisoners
26:30 He said: even though I bring unto thee something manifest
26:31 Fir'awn said: forth with it then, if thou art of the truth- tellers
26:32 Then he cast down his staff, and lo! it was a serpent manifest
26:33 And he drew forth his hand, and lo! it was white unto the beholders
26:34 Fir'awn said unto the chiefs around him: verily this is a magician knowing
26:35 He would drive you out of your land through his magic; what then is it ye command
26:36 They said: put off him and his brother, and send unto the cities callers
26:37 Thot they may bring to thee every magician knowing
26:38 So the magicians were assembled at a set time on a day made known
26:39 And it was said unto the people: are ye going to assemble
26:40 Belike we may follow the magicians if they are the winners
26:41 Then when the magicians came, they said unto Fir'awn: will there surely be a big hire for us if we are the winners
26:42 He said: yea; and ye shall verily then be of those brought nigh
26:43 Musa said unto them: cast whatsoever ye have to cast
26:44 Then they cast their cords and their staves, and said: by the might of Fir'awn, verily we! we shall be the winners
26:45 Then Musa cast down his staff, and lo! it swallowed up that which they had devised
26:46 Then the magicians flung themselves prostrate
26:47 They said: we believe in the Lord of the worlds
26:48 The Lord of Musa and Harun
26:49 Fir'awn said: ye believed in him ere I gave you leave. Verily he is your chief who hath taught you magic, so ye shall surely come to know. Surely I shall cut off your hands and feet on opposite sides and surely I shall crucify you all
26:50 They said: no harm! verily unto our Lord we are to return
26:51 Verily we long that our Lord shall forgive us our faults because we have been the first of the believer
26:52 And We revealed unto Musa saying: go by night with My bondmen verily ye shall be pursued
26:53 Then Fir'awn sent unto the cities callers
26:54 Verily these are but a band small
26:55 And verily they have enraged US
26:56 And verily we are host well-provided
26:57 Then We drave them forth from gardens and springs
26:58 And treasures and a station noble
26:59 Even so. And We caused the Children of Isra'il to inherit them
26:60 Then they pursued them at sunrise
26:61 And when the two parties saw each other, the companions of Musa said: verily we are overtaken
26:62 Musa said: by no means; verily with me is my Lord; He shall guide me
26:63 Then We revealed unto Musa, saying: smite thou the sea with thy staff. So it became separated, and each part was like unto a cliff mighty
26:64 And We brought near thither the others
26:65 And We delivered Musa and those with him together
26:66 Then We drowned the others
26:67 Verily herein is a sign; but most of them are not believers
26:68 And verily thy Lord! He is the Mighty, the Merciful
26:69 And recite unto them the story of Ibrahim
26:70 When he said unto his father and his people: what worship ye
26:71 They said: we worship idols, and we are unto them ever devote
26:72 He said: hearken they unto you when ye cry
26:73 Or, benefit they you or hurt they you
26:74 They said: nay; but we found our fathers doing in this wise
26:75 He said: have ye observed that which ye worshi
26:76 Ye and your fathers of old
26:77 Verily they are an enemy unto me, save the Lord of the worlds
26:78 Who hath created me, and He guideth me
26:79 He Who feedeth me and giveth me to drink
26:80 And when I sicken, then He healeth me
26:81 And He Who shall cause me to die, and then shall quicken me
26:82 And He Who, long, shall forgive me my faults, on the Day of Requital
26:83 My Lord! bestow on me wisdom and join me with the righteous
26:84 And appoint for me an honourable mention among the posterit
26:85 And make me one of the inheritors of the Garden of Delight
26:86 And forgive my father; verily he is of the erring
26:87 And humiliate me not on the Day whereon people shall be raised
26:88 The Day whereon will profit neither substance nor sons
26:89 Unless it be he, who shall bring unto Allah a whole heart
26:90 And the Garden shall be brought nigh to the God, fearing
26:91 And the Fierce Fire shall be made apparent unto the seduced ones
26:92 And it shall be said unto them where is that which ye were wont to worship
26:93 Beside Allah? Can they succour you or succour themselves
26:94 Then they shall be hurled therein, they and the seduced ones
26:95 And the hosts of Iblis together
26:96 And they, While contending therein, shall say
26:97 By Allah, we have indeed been in an error manifest
26:98 When we equalled you with the Lord of the worlds
26:99 And none led us astray except the Culprits
26:100 So none we have as intercessors
26:101 Nor any loving friend
26:102 Were there for us a return, we would be of the believers
26:103 Verily herein is a sign, but most of them are not believers
26:104 And verily thy Lord! He is the Mighty, the Merciful
26:105 And Nuh's people belied the sent ones
26:106 When their brother Nuh said Unto them: fear ye not
26:107 Verily I am unto you an apostle trusted
26:108 So fear Allah and obey me
26:109 And I ask of you no hire therefor; my hire is but with the Lord of the worlds
26:110 So fear Allah and obey me
26:111 They said: shall We believe in thee when the meanest follow thee
26:112 He said: I have no knowledge of that which they have been Working
26:113 Their reckoning is upon my Lord, if ye but knew
26:114 And I am not to drive away the believers
26:115 I am naught but a warner manifest
26:116 They said: if thou desistest not, thou shalt surely be of those stoned
26:117 He said: my Lord! verily my people have belied me
26:118 So decide Thou between me and them with a decision, and deliver me and those who are with me of the believers
26:119 Wherefore We delivered him and those with him in the laden ark
26:120 Then We drowned the rest thereafter
26:121 Verily herein is a sign, yet most of them are not believers
26:122 And thy Lord! He is the Mighty, the Merciful
26:123 The'Aad belied the sent ones
26:124 When their brother Hud said Unto them: fear ye not
26:125 Verily I am unto you an apostle trusted
26:126 So fear Allah and obey me
26:127 And I ask of you no hire therefor: my hire is but with the Lord of the worlds
26:128 Build ye on every eminence a landmark in vanity
26:129 And take ye for yourselves castles that haply ye may abide
26:130 And when ye seize, ye seize like unto tyrants
26:131 So fear Allah, and obey me
26:132 And fear Him Who hath aided you with that which ye know
26:133 He hath aided you With Cattle and sons
26:134 And gardens and springs
26:135 Verily I fear for you the torment of a Mighty Day
26:136 They said: it is equal unto us whether thou admonishest or art not of the admonishers
26:137 This in but a custom of the ancients
26:138 And we are not going to be tormented
26:139 And they belied him; so We destroyed them. Verily herein is a sign, yet most of them are not believers
26:140 And verily thy Lord? He is the Mighty, the Merciful
26:141 The Thamud belied the sent one
26:142 When their brother Salih said unto them: fear ye not
26:143 Verily I am unto you an apostle trusted
26:144 So fear Allah, and obey me
26:145 And I ask of you no hire therefor; MY hire is but with the Lord of the worlds
26:146 Shall ye be left secure in that which is here before us
26:147 In gardens and springs
26:148 And corn-fields and palm-trees whereof the spathes are fine
26:149 And hew ye out houses in the mountains skilfully!
26:150 So fear Allah, and obey me
26:151 And obey not the command of the extravagant
26:152 Who work corruption in the land and rectify not
26:153 They said: thou art but one of the bewitched
26:154 Thou art but a human being like unto us. So bring thou a sign if thou art of the truth-tellers
26:155 He said: yonder is a she-camel; to her a drink, and to you a drink, each on a day known
26:156 And touch her not with ill, lest there take hold of you the torment of a Mighty Day
26:157 Then they hamstrung her; and then they became regretful
26:158 So the torment took hold of them: verily herein is a sign, but most of them are not believers
26:159 And verily thy Lord! He is the Mighty, the Merciful
26:160 The people of Lut belied the sent ones
26:161 When their brother Lut said unto them: fear ye not
26:162 Verily I am unto you an apostle trusted
26:163 So fear Allah, and obey me
26:164 And I ask of you no hire there for; my hire is but with the Lord of the worlds
26:165 Go ye in, of all creatures, unto the males
26:166 And leave ye your spouses your Lord hath created for you? Aye! ye are a people trespassing
26:167 They said: if thou desistest not, O Lut! thou shalt surely be of those driven forth
26:168 He said: verily I am of those who abhor your work
26:169 My Lord! deliver me and my household from that which they work
26:170 So We delivered him and his household all
26:171 Save an old woman among the lingerers
26:172 Thereafter We annihilated the rest
26:173 And We rained on them a rain. So ill was the rain on those warned
26:174 Verily herein is a sign, yet most of them are not believers
26:175 And verily thy Lord! He is the Mighty, the Merciful
26:176 The dwellers of the wood belied the sent ones
26:177 What time Shu'aib , said unto them: fear ye not
26:178 Verily I am unto you an apostle trusted
26:179 So fear Allah, and obey me
26:180 And ask of you no hire therefor; and my hire is but with the Lord of the worlds
26:181 Give full measure, and be not of those who cause others to lose
26:182 And weigh with a balance straight
26:183 And defraud not people of their things, and commit not corruption on the earth
26:184 So fear Him Who created you and the former generations
26:185 They said: thou art but of the bewitched
26:186 And thou art but a human being like unto us, and we deem thee to be of the liars
26:187 So cause thou a fragment of the heaven to fall upon us, if thou art of the truth-tellers
26:188 He.said: My Lord is the Best Knower of that which ye work
26:189 Thenn they belied him; wherefore there laid hold of -them the torment of day of shadow. Verily it was the torment of a Mighty Day
26:190 Verily herein is a sign; but most of them are not believers
26:191 And verily thy Lord! He is the Mighty, the Merciful
26:192 And verily it is a revelation of the Lord of the worlds
26:193 The Trusted spirit hath brought it down
26:194 Upon thy heart, that thou mayest be of the warners
26:195 In plain Arabic speech
26:196 And verily it is in the Scriptures of the ancients
26:197 Is it not a sign unto them that the learned among the Children of Isra'il know it
26:198 And had We revealed it unto any of the ncn-Arabs
26:199 And he had-read it unto them, even then they would not have been believers therein
26:200 In this wise have We made way for it into the hearts of the culprits
26:201 They will not believe therein until they behold the torment afflictive
26:202 It shall come unto them on a sudden, and they shall not perceive
26:203 Then they will say: are we to be respited
26:204 Seek haste then they with our torment
26:205 Beholdest thou? - if We let them enjoy for years
26:206 And then there cometh unto them that which they had been promised
26:207 What shall that which they enjoyed avail them
26:208 And We destroyed not a city but it had its warners
26:209 By way of admonition, and We have never been oppressors
26:210 And the satans have not brought it down
26:211 It behoveth them not, nor they can
26:212 Verily far from hearing are they removed
26:213 So call not thou unto anot her god along with Allah, lest thou be of the doomed
26:214 And warn thou thy clan, the nearest ones
26:215 And lower thou thy Wlng Unto those who follow thee as believers
26:216 And if they disobey thee, say thou: verily I am quit of that which ye work
26:217 And rely thou upon the Mighty, the Merciful
26:218 Who seeth thee when thou standest u
26:219 And thy movements among those who fall prostrate
26:220 Verily He! He is the Hearer, the Knower
26:221 Shall declare unto you upon whom the satans descend
26:222 They descend upon every calumniator, sinner
26:223 Who give ear, and most of them are liars
26:224 As for the poets -it is the seduced who follow them
26:225 Observest thou not, that they Wander about every vale
26:226 And that they say that which they do not
26:227 Save those who believed and worked righteous works and remembered Allah much, and vindicated themselves after they had been wronged. And anon those who do wrong shall come to know with what a translating they shall be translated


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