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Faridul Haque

ash-Shu`ara` (The Poets)
as rendered by Faridul Haque
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Faridul Haque rendition of Surah The Poets(ash-Shu`ara`)
26:1 Ta-Seen-Meem. (Alphabets of the Arabic language – Allah, and to whomever he reveals, know their precise meanings.
26:2 These are verses of the clear Book
26:3 Possibly you may risk your life (O dear Prophet Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him) by grieving, because they did not believe
26:4 If We will, We can send down on them a sign from the sky so that their leaders would remain bowed before it
26:5 And never does a new advice come to them from the Most Gracious, but they turn away from it
26:6 Indeed they have denied, so now soon coming upon them are the tidings of what they used to scoff at
26:7 Have they not seen the earth, that how many honourable pairs We have created in it
26:8 Indeed in this is a sign; and most of them will not accept faith
26:9 And indeed your Lord – indeed only He is the Almighty, the Most Merciful
26:10 And (remember) when your Lord said to Moosa, “Go to the unjust people.&rdquo
26:11 “The nation of Firaun; will they not fear?&rdquo
26:12 He said, “My Lord, I fear that they will deny me.&rdquo
26:13 “I feel hesitant, and my tongue does not speak fast, therefore make Haroon also a Noble Messenger.&rdquo
26:14 “And they have an accusation against me, so I fear that they may kill me.&rdquo
26:15 He said, “Not like this (any more); both of you go with Our signs, We are with you, All Hearing.&rdquo
26:16 “Therefore approach Firaun then proclaim, ‘We both are Noble Messengers of the Lord Of The Creation.&rsquo
26:17 ‘That you let the Descendants of Israel go with us.’ &rdquo
26:18 Said Firaun, “Did we do not raise you amongst us, as a child? And you spent many years of your life among us!&rdquo
26:19 “And you committed the deed of yours that you committed, and you were ungrateful.&rdquo
26:20 Said Moosa, “I did that at a time when I was unaware of the consequences.” (In anger
26:21 “I therefore went away from you as I feared you – so my Lord commanded me and appointed me as one of the Noble Messengers.&rdquo
26:22 “And is this some great reward for which you express favour upon me – that you have enslaved the Descendants of Israel?&rdquo
26:23 Said Firaun, “And what is the Lord Of The Creation
26:24 Said Moosa, “Lord of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them; if you believe.&rdquo
26:25 Said Firaun to those around him, “Are you not listening with attention?&rdquo
26:26 Said Moosa, “Your Lord and the Lord of your forefathers preceding you.&rdquo
26:27 Said Firaun, “This (Noble) Messenger of yours, who has been sent towards you, has no intelligence!&rdquo
26:28 He said, “The Lord of the East and the West and all that is between them; if you have sense.&rdquo
26:29 Said Firaun, “If you ascribe any one else as a God other than me, I will surely imprison you.&rdquo
26:30 Said Moosa, “Even if I bring to you something clear?&rdquo
26:31 Said Firaun, “Then bring it, if you are of the truthful.&rdquo
26:32 So Moosa put down his staff and it became a visible serpent
26:33 And he drew forth his hand, thereupon it shone bright before the beholders
26:34 Said Firaun to the court members around him, “He is indeed an expert magician.&rdquo
26:35 “He wishes to expel you out of your land by his magic; so what is your advice?&rdquo
26:36 They said, “Stop him and his brother, and send gatherers to the cities.&rdquo
26:37 “To bring to you every expert great magician.&rdquo
26:38 So the magicians were gathered at a set time on a day appointed
26:39 And it was said to the people, “Have you (also) gathered?&rdquo
26:40 The people said, “Perhaps we may follow the magicians if they are victorious.&rdquo
26:41 So when the magicians came, they said to Firaun, “Will we get some reward if we are victorious?&rdquo
26:42 He said, “Yes, and you will then become close to me.&rdquo
26:43 Moosa said to them, “Cast whatever you intend to cast.&rdquo
26:44 So they threw down their ropes and their staves and exclaimed, “By the honour of Firaun, indeed victory is ours!&rdquo
26:45 Therefore Moosa put forth his staff – so it immediately began swallowing all their fabrications
26:46 The magicians therefore fell down prostrate
26:47 They said, “We have accepted faith in the Lord Of The Creation.&rdquo
26:48 “The Lord of Moosa and Haroon.&rdquo
26:49 Said Firaun, “You accepted faith in him before I permitted you! He is indeed your leader who taught you magic; so now you will come to know; I swear, I will certainly cut off your hands and your feet from alternate sides, and crucify all of you.&rdquo
26:50 They said, “No harm (in it), we will return to our Lord.&rdquo
26:51 “We hope that our Lord will forgive us our mistakes, as we are the first to believe.&rdquo
26:52 And We sent the divine revelation to Moosa that, “Journey along with My bondmen within the night, for you will be pursued.&rdquo
26:53 So Firaun sent gatherers into the cities
26:54 They announced “These people are a small group.&rdquo
26:55 “And indeed they have angered all of us.&rdquo
26:56 “And indeed we are an alert army.&rdquo
26:57 We therefore got them out from the gardens and water springs
26:58 And from treasures and nice houses
26:59 So it was; and We made the Descendants of Israel its inheritors
26:60 So the Firaun’s people followed them at sunrise
26:61 And when the two groups saw each other, those with Moosa said, “They have caught us.&rdquo
26:62 Said Moosa, “Never! Indeed my Lord is with me, He will now show me the way.&rdquo
26:63 So We sent the divine revelation to Moosa that, “Strike the sea with your staff”; thereupon the sea parted; so each part was like a huge mountain
26:64 And We brought the others close to that place
26:65 And We saved Moosa and all those with him
26:66 Then drowned the others
26:67 Indeed in this is surely a sign, and most of them were not Muslims
26:68 And indeed your Lord - only He is the Almighty, the Most Merciful
26:69 And recite to them the news of Ibrahim
26:70 When he said to his father and his people, “What do you worship?&rdquo
26:71 They said, “We worship idols, and we keep squatting in seclusion before them.&rdquo
26:72 He said, “Do they hear you when you call?&rdquo
26:73 “Or do they benefit you or harm you?&rdquo
26:74 They said, “In fact we found our forefathers doing likewise.&rdquo
26:75 He said, “Do you see these – (the idols) whom you worship?&rdquo
26:76 “You and your forefathers preceding you.&rdquo
26:77 “They are all my enemies, except the Lord Of The Creation.&rdquo
26:78 “The One Who created me, so He will guide me.&rdquo
26:79 “And the One Who feeds me and gives me to drink.&rdquo
26:80 “And when I fall ill, so it is He Who heals me.&rdquo
26:81 “And He will give me death, then resurrect me.&rdquo
26:82 “And the One Who, upon Whom I pin my hopes, will forgive me my mistakes on the Day of Judgement.&rdquo
26:83 “My Lord, bestow me the command and join me with those who deserve your proximity.&rdquo
26:84 “And give me proper fame among the succeeding generations.&rdquo
26:85 “And make me among the inheritors of the Gardens of serenity.&rdquo
26:86 “And forgive my father * – he is indeed astray.” (His paternal uncle
26:87 “And do not disgrace me on the day when everyone will be raised.&rdquo
26:88 “The day when neither wealth will benefit nor will sons.&rdquo
26:89 “Except he who presented himself before Allah, with a sound* heart.” (Intact or unblemished.
26:90 And Paradise will be brought close for the pious
26:91 And hell will be revealed for the astray
26:92 And it will be said to them, “Where are those whom you used to worship?&rdquo
26:93 “Instead of Allah? Will they help you or retaliate?&rdquo
26:94 So they and all the astray were flung into hell
26:95 And all the armies of Iblis. (Satan
26:96 And they will say, and they will be quarrelling in it
26:97 “By oath of Allah , we were indeed in open error.&rdquo
26:98 “When we considered you equal to the Lord Of The Creation.&rdquo
26:99 “And none misled us but the guilty.&rdquo
26:100 “So now we do not have any intercessors.” (The believers shall have intercessors, the disbelievers none)
26:101 “Nor a caring friend.&rdquo
26:102 “So if only were we to go back, in order to become Muslims!&rdquo
26:103 Indeed in this is a sign; and most of them were not believers
26:104 And indeed your Lord - only He is the Almighty, the Most Merciful
26:105 The people of Nooh denied the Noble Messengers
26:106 When their fellowman Nooh said to them, “Do you not fear?&rdquo
26:107 “I am indeed a trustworthy Noble Messenger of Allah to you.&rdquo
26:108 “Therefore fear Allah, and obey me.&rdquo
26:109 “And I do not ask from you any fee for it; my reward is only upon the Lord Of The Creation.&rdquo
26:110 “Therefore fear Allah, and obey me.&rdquo
26:111 They said, “Shall we believe in you, whereas the abject people are with you?&rdquo
26:112 He said, “What do I know what their deeds are?&rdquo
26:113 “Indeed their account is only upon my Lord, if you perceive.&rdquo
26:114 “And I will not repel the Muslims.&rdquo
26:115 “I am not but clearly a Herald of Warning.&rdquo
26:116 They said, “O Nooh, if you do not desist you will surely be stoned.&rdquo
26:117 He said, “My Lord, my people have denied me.&rdquo
26:118 “Therefore make a decisive judgement between me and them, and rescue me and the believers along with me.&rdquo
26:119 So We saved him and those with him in a laden ship
26:120 Then after it, We drowned the rest
26:121 Indeed in this is a sign; and most of them were not believers
26:122 And indeed your Lord, only He is the Almighty, the Most Merciful
26:123 (The tribe of) A’ad denied the Noble Messengers
26:124 When their fellowman Hud said to them, “Do you not fear?&rdquo
26:125 “I am indeed a trustworthy Noble Messenger of Allah to you.&rdquo
26:126 “Therefore fear Allah and obey me.&rdquo
26:127 “And I do not ask from you any fee for it; my reward is only upon the Lord Of The Creation.&rdquo
26:128 “What! You build a structure on every height, to laugh at the passers-by?&rdquo
26:129 “And prefer strong palaces, that perhaps you may live for ever?&rdquo
26:130 “And when you apprehend someone, you seize him mercilessly?&rdquo
26:131 “Therefore fear Allah, and obey me.&rdquo
26:132 “Fear Him Who has aided you with the things you know.&rdquo
26:133 “He aided you with cattle and sons.&rdquo
26:134 “And with gardens and water-springs.&rdquo
26:135 “Indeed I fear upon you the punishment of a Great Day.&rdquo
26:136 They said, “It is the same for us, whether you advise us or not be of the preachers.&rdquo
26:137 “This is nothing but the tradition of former people.&rdquo
26:138 “And we will not be punished.&rdquo
26:139 In response they denied him - We therefore destroyed them; indeed in this is a sign; and most of them were not believers
26:140 And indeed your Lord - only He is the Almighty, the Most Merciful
26:141 The Thamud tribe denied the Noble Messengers
26:142 When their fellowman Saleh said to them, “Do you not fear?&rdquo
26:143 “I am indeed a trustworthy Noble Messenger of Allah to you.&rdquo
26:144 “Therefore fear Allah and obey me.&rdquo
26:145 “And I do not ask from you any fee for it; my reward is only upon the Lord Of The Creation.&rdquo
26:146 “Will you be left peacefully in these favours over here?&rdquo
26:147 “In gardens and water springs?&rdquo
26:148 “And fields and palm-trees, with delicate tendrils?&rdquo
26:149 “And you carve out dwellings in the mountains, with skill?&rdquo
26:150 “Therefore fear Allah and obey me.&rdquo
26:151 “And do not follow those who exceed the limits.&rdquo
26:152 “Those who spread turmoil in the earth, and do no reform.&rdquo
26:153 They said, “You are under a magic spell.&rdquo
26:154 “You are just a human like us; therefore bring some sign if you are truthful.&rdquo
26:155 He said, “This is the she-camel – one day shall be her turn to drink, and on the other appointed day, shall be your turn.&rdquo
26:156 “And do not touch her with evil intentions for the punishment of the Great Day will seize you.&rdquo
26:157 So they hamstrung her, and in the morning could only regret
26:158 The punishment therefore seized them; indeed in this is a sign; and most of them were not believers
26:159 And indeed your Lord - only He is the Almighty, the Most Merciful
26:160 The people of Lut denied the Noble Messengers
26:161 When their fellowman Lut said to them, “Do you not fear?&rdquo
26:162 “I am indeed a trustworthy Noble Messenger of Allah to you.&rdquo
26:163 “Therefore fear Allah and obey me.&rdquo
26:164 “And I do not ask from you any fee for it; my reward is only upon the Lord Of The Creation.&rdquo
26:165 “What! Among all the creatures, you commit the immoral acts with men?&rdquo
26:166 “And leave the wives your Lord has created for you? In fact you are people who exceed the limits.&rdquo
26:167 They said, “O Lut, if you do not desist, you will be expelled.&rdquo
26:168 He said, “I am disgusted with your works.&rdquo
26:169 “My Lord, rescue me and my family from their deeds.&rdquo
26:170 We therefore rescued him and his entire family
26:171 Except one old woman, who stayed behind
26:172 We then destroyed the others
26:173 And We showered a rain upon them; so what a wretched rain for those who were warned
26:174 Indeed in this is a sign; and most of them were not Muslims
26:175 And indeed your Lord - only He is the Almighty, the Most Merciful
26:176 The People of the Woods denied the Noble Messengers
26:177 When Shuaib said to all of them, “Do you not fear?&rdquo
26:178 “I am indeed a trustworthy Noble Messenger of Allah to you.&rdquo
26:179 “Therefore fear Allah and obey me.&rdquo
26:180 “And I do not ask from you any fee for it; my reward is only upon the Lord Of The Creation.&rdquo
26:181 “Measure in full, and do not be of those who reduce.&rdquo
26:182 “And weigh with a proper balance.&rdquo
26:183 “And do not give the people their goods diminished, and do not roam the earth causing turmoil.&rdquo
26:184 “And fear Him Who created you and the earlier creations.&rdquo
26:185 They said, “You are under a magic spell.&rdquo
26:186 “You are just a human like us, and indeed we consider you a liar.&rdquo
26:187 “Therefore cause a part of the sky to fall upon us, if you are of the truthful.&rdquo
26:188 He said, “My Lord is Well Aware of what you do.&rdquo
26:189 In response they denied him – therefore the punishment of the day of the tent * seized them; that was indeed a punishment of a Great Day. (The clouds formed a tent and rained fire upon them)
26:190 Indeed in this is a sign; and most of them were not Muslims
26:191 And indeed your Lord - only He is the Almighty, the Most Merciful
26:192 And indeed this Qur’an has been sent down by the Lord Of The Creation
26:193 The Trustworthy Spirit brought it down. (Angel Jibreel – peace be upon him.
26:194 Upon your heart, for you to convey warning
26:195 In plain Arabic language
26:196 And indeed it is mentioned in the earlier Books
26:197 And was this not a sign for them, that the scholars of the Descendants of Israel may recognise this Prophet
26:198 And had We sent it down upon a person other than an Arab
26:199 In order that he read it to them, even then they would not have believed in it
26:200 This is how We have made (the habit of) denying embedded in the hearts of the guilty
26:201 They will not believe in it to the extent that they see the painful punishment
26:202 So it will come upon them suddenly, whilst they will be unaware
26:203 They will therefore say, “Will we get some respite?&rdquo
26:204 So do they wish to hasten Our punishment
26:205 Therefore observe, that if We give them some comforts for some years,
26:206 And then the promise that is given to them, does come upon them
26:207 So of what benefit will be the comforts that they were using
26:208 And never did We destroy a township which did not have Heralds of warning,
26:209 To advise; and We never oppress
26:210 And this Qur’an was not brought down by the devils
26:211 They are unworthy of it, nor can they do it
26:212 Indeed they have been banished from the place of hearing
26:213 Therefore do not worship another deity along with Allah, for you will be punished
26:214 And O dear Prophet (Mohammed – peace and blessings be upon him), warn your closest relatives
26:215 And spread your wing of mercy for the believers following you
26:216 So if they do not obey you, then say, “Indeed I am unconcerned with what you do.&rdquo
26:217 And rely upon (Allah) the Almighty, the Most Merciful
26:218 Who watches you when you stand up
26:219 And watches your movements among those who prostrate in prayer
26:220 Indeed only He is the All Hearing, the All Knowing
26:221 Shall I inform you upon whom do the devils descend
26:222 They descend on every great accuser, extreme sinner. (The magicians
26:223 The devils convey upon them what they heard, but most of them are liars
26:224 And the astray follow the poets
26:225 Did you not see that they keep wandering in every valley
26:226 And they speak what they do not do
26:227 Except those who believed and did good deeds, and profusely remembered Allah, and took revenge after they had been wronged *; and soon the unjust will come to know upon which side they will be overturned **. (* The Muslim poets who praise Allah and the Prophet. ** The disbelievers will be punished.


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