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ash-Shu`ara` (The Poets)
as rendered by Bijan Moeinian
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Bijan Moeinian rendition of Surah The Poets(ash-Shu`ara`)
26:1 T.S.M
26:2 Here are the verses of Qur’an which explains religious subjects crystal and clear
26:3 O’ Mohammad, even if you go to the extreme and kill yourself of grief, those who do not want to believe will not believe in the words of God (as mentioned in Qur’an)
26:4 If I (God) wanted to make the disbelievers to believe [out of fear], I could have sent them such a terrible sign from the heaven that they would have bowed down being humiliated
26:5 These people will not believe in My Words (as revealed in Qur’an;) they will simply turn aside from it
26:6 As a result of their denial, pretty soon they will witness the reality of what they were mocking at
26:7 Do they not see how many kinds of vegetation I have put on the earth
26:8 Thinking about just this issue will provide them with enough food for thought to prove the existence and the greatness of God. Yet most of them do not care about believing
26:9 Know that your Lord is the Almighty, the Most Merciful
26:10 Recall when your lord called upon Moses: “Go to those unjust people.&rdquo
26:11 “People of Pharaoh who have lost their sensitivity.&rdquo
26:12 He replied: “My Lord, I am afraid of their denial.&rdquo
26:13 “I may loose my temper. Besides, I have a problem with my tongue (and I cannot deliver an effective speech.) Would you kindly appoint my brother Aaron as my assistant.&rdquo
26:14 “Besides, I am still charged with murder there. They may kill me for that.&rdquo
26:15 The Lord said: “Do not worry, go armed with My miracles. I will be all ears.&rdquo
26:16 When you see Pharaoh, tell him: “We are the Lord’s Messenger for all His intelligent beings.&rdquo
26:17 “Lord wants you to send the Israelites in our custody.&rdquo
26:18 The pharaoh’s response was: “Did we not bring you up among us as a child? Did you not spend so many years of your life with us?&rdquo
26:19 “Do you remember the crime that you committed. Are you not then one of the ingrates?&rdquo
26:20 Moses said: “I confess to the crime that I committed when I was an unjust person.&rdquo
26:21 “Yes, I fled from you out of fear. But now my Lord has granted me the wisdom and has appointed me to His prophet hood.&rdquo
26:22 “You are rubbing to my face that you did me a favor, and use it as an excuse to keep the Children of Israel in slavery!&rdquo
26:23 Pharaoh said: “Who is this Lord of all worlds that you are talking about?&rdquo
26:24 Moses replied: “He is the Lord of the heavens and the earth, and everything in between. Do not have the least doubt about this.&rdquo
26:25 Pharaoh turned to those around him and said in a joking manner “Did you hear this?&rdquo
26:26 Moses continued: “He is your Lord as well as the Lord of your forefathers.&rdquo
26:27 Pharaoh said to his companions: “This Messenger which is sent to you is crazy.&rdquo
26:28 Moses continued his speech: “He is the Lord in the east and the Lord in the west, do you get it?&rdquo
26:29 Pharaoh continued his chat with people around him: “If by any chance you worship any god beside me, I will throw you in jail.&rdquo
26:30 Moses said, “What if I come up with an undeniable miracle?&rdquo
26:31 Pharaoh said, “Go ahead, if you are truthful.&rdquo
26:32 Moses then threw his staff and it turned into a huge snake
26:33 Then he took his hand out of his pocket, and it radiated an intense light
26:34 Pharaoh turned to his companion and said: “What a magic.&rdquo
26:35 “His goal is to take your land, through his magical tricks. What do you suggest?&rdquo
26:36 They said: “Leave him and his brother alone for a while, and send your heralds to every town
26:37 “Let them gather all experienced magicians.&rdquo
26:38 The magicians came to the meeting place as it was planned
26:39 The people (who were excited about the whole thing) were saying to each other: “Are you going to the meeting too?&rdquo
26:40 “If the magicians win, we may follow their religion.&rdquo
26:41 When the magicians arrived, they asked Pharaoh: “Is there any reward for us (and this indicates how serious they were about their own religion.)&rdquo
26:42 Pharaoh replied: “Not only there will be a great reward, but also a high administrative position in my court will be yours.&rdquo
26:43 Moses said to them “Go ahead, do your tricks.&rdquo
26:44 They threw their ropes and sticks, and said: “By the Grace of the Pharaoh’s majesty, we will be the winners.&rdquo
26:45 Then Moses threw his staff which started to swallow all their tricks
26:46 At this, the magicians fell prostrate
26:47 They said, “We believe in the Lord of all worlds.&rdquo
26:48 “The Lord of Moses and Aaron.&rdquo
26:49 Pharaoh said: “How dare you to believe in Moses before getting permission from me? Now I see; he is your master and has taught you the art of magic. You will surely find out when I cut your hands and feet on alternate sides. I will crucify you all.&rdquo
26:50 They replied: “No problem; (as a matter of fact, you are doing us a favor as) we will return to our Lord
26:51 “We hope that our Lord will forgive us our sins as we are the first to believe in God and the prophet hood of Moses.&rdquo
26:52 Eventually, I said to Moses: “Set off with My servants (at night;) you will be pursued.&rdquo
26:53 Pharaoh sent his heralds to the cities
26:54 They announced the Pharaoh’s declaration: “They are only a small gang.&rdquo
26:55 “But they have outraged us.&rdquo
26:56 “We have to stay vigilant&rdquo
26:57 Subsequently (after having drowned Pharaoh and his army,) I took away from them their gardens and springs
26:58 As well as their treasures and their prestigious positions
26:59 On the other hand, I showered all the children of Israel with such blessings
26:60 Pharaoh’s army pursued them towards the east
26:61 When both parties saw each other, Moses’ people said, “Now we are doomed.&rdquo
26:62 Moses said, “Not at all. My Lord is with me; He will guide me.&rdquo
26:63 At that time I said to Moses: “Strike the sea with your staff,” whereupon it parted. Each part was like a great wall
26:64 Thus I delivered them all
26:65 Thus I saved Moses and all those who were with him
26:66 Then I drowned Pharaoh and his troop
26:67 This by itself is a sufficient proof for the disbelievers. What a shame that most people do not join the believers
26:68 Truly, your Lord is the Almighty, Most Merciful
26:69 Now recite the story of Abraham [in this part of the Book.]
26:70 Once in a gathering he said to his father and the present people: “What are these things that you worship?&rdquo
26:71 They replied: “We are totally devoted to these idols that we worship.&rdquo
26:72 Abraham said, “Can they hear your prayers?&rdquo
26:73 Then he continued: “Have they ever brought anything good to you? Have they ever punished you?&rdquo
26:74 They said: “To be honest with you No. But they constitute our cultural routes; we do what we have culturally inherited from our forefathers.&rdquo
26:75 Abraham asked: “Have you ever opened your eyes to see the absurdity of what you worship?&rdquo
26:76 “I am the enemy of you and your ancestors’ gods….
26:77 I am devoted only to the Lord of the all worlds:&hellip
26:78 the One who created me, and guided me.&rdquo
26:79 “The One who provides food and water for me.&rdquo
26:80 “The one that heals me, when I get sick.&rdquo
26:81 “The One who puts me to death, then brings me back to life.&rdquo
26:82 “The One who hopefully will forgive my wrongdoings on the Day of Judgment.&rdquo
26:83 Abraham then prayed: “My Lord, grant me knowledge and wisdom, and gather me among the righteous ones.&rdquo
26:84 “Make me a role model for the future generations.&rdquo
26:85 “Please include me among those who will have the pleasure of ending up in the Paradise.&rdquo
26:86 “May you forgive my father, for following those who are in the darkness.&rdquo
26:87 “I beg you not to abandon me on the Day of Resurrection:&hellip
26:88 the day in which neither money, nor children, is of any help.&rdquo
26:89 On the Day of Resurrection, only those who have wholeheartedly devoted themselves to the Lord will find the help
26:90 On that Day, Paradise will be presented to the righteous people
26:91 On that Day, the Hell will be opened waiting for the sinners to enter in
26:92 The disbelievers will be asked, “Where are those idols of yours that you used worship instead of God?…
26:93 Can they help you now? As a matter of fact, can they help themselves?&rdquo
26:94 Those idols, along with those who worshipped them, will be thrown therein
26:95 They will be followed by the Satan’s helpers
26:96 Therein they will dispute with one another saying: .
26:97 “By God, we were on absolute darkness.&rdquo
26:98 “How could we raise you up to the level of the Lord of all worlds?&rdquo
26:99 “What criminals were those who misled us.&rdquo
26:100 “Now no one will beg God to have pity on us.&rdquo
26:101 “We do not even have a single friend.&rdquo
26:102 “If we were given another chance, we would have chosen the belief.&rdquo
26:103 The story of Abraham’s life conveys a good lesson. But most people care less
26:104 Your Lord is the Almighty, Most Merciful
26:105 The people of Noah disbelieved in the concept of prophet hood
26:106 Their brother Noah advised them: “Why do you care less?&rdquo
26:107 “I am a true Messenger of God.&rdquo
26:108 “Respect the Lord and follow me.&rdquo
26:109 “I am not charging you any consulting fee. My wage is being paid by the Lord of all worlds.&rdquo
26:110 “Respect the Lord and follow me.&rdquo
26:111 They said: “How can we believe you, when only our low lives have joined you?&rdquo
26:112 Noah replied: “It is not up to me to judge them.&rdquo
26:113 “Their judgment rests only with my Lord. Do you get it?&rdquo
26:114 “I will never dismiss those who have chosen to believe (in account of their past or social background.)&rdquo
26:115 “My only mission is to clearly convey the Lord’s Message.&rdquo
26:116 They said, “Noah, If you do not stop, we will stone you.&rdquo
26:117 Noah then turned to God and said: “Lord, my people, thus, has rejected me.&rdquo
26:118 “Please settle the account between us, and save me and the believers from their wicked intentions.&rdquo
26:119 Eventually I saved him, and those who had joined him in belief, on board the loaded ark
26:120 While drowning the others
26:121 There is a lesson to be learned from this story; yet most people care less
26:122 The fact is: your Lord is the Almighty, Most Merciful
26:123 Another nation who rejected the prophet hood was Ad
26:124 Their brother Hud said to them: “Why do you not choose righteousness?&rdquo
26:125 “I am a true Messenger of God.&rdquo
26:126 “Respect the Lord, and follow me.&rdquo
26:127 “I do not ask you for any consulting fee; I am already being paid by the Lord of all worlds.&rdquo
26:128 “On every high ground You build a monument to satisfy your vanity.&rdquo
26:129 “You build huge palaces to live in as if you are immortal.&rdquo
26:130 “And when you fight, you do not show any mercy.&rdquo
26:131 “Respect the Lord and follow me.&rdquo
26:132 “Respect the One who has taught you all knowledge that you are proud of.&rdquo
26:133 “The One Who has given you livestock and children.&rdquo
26:134 “The One Who has given you gardens and springs.&rdquo
26:135 “I am worried for the punishment of the most awesome Day for you.&rdquo
26:136 They said: “Do not worry and do not bother yourself preaching to us.&rdquo
26:137 “The punishment that you are talking about was meant only to our ancestors.” (This attitude is manifested today by the Jews and the Christian who believe that God has promised not to be angry after the Noah’s flood as mentioned in Genesis 9:11.
26:138 “No punishment will ever be imposed upon us.&rdquo
26:139 They chose to disbelieve and, consequently, I destroyed them as a punishment. This should be a great lesson; yet most people care less
26:140 The fact is: your Lord is the Almighty, Most Merciful
26:141 Thamood also disbelieved in the prophet hood
26:142 Their brother Saleh said to them: “Why do you not choose the righteousness?&rdquo
26:143 “I am a true Messenger of God.&rdquo
26:144 “Respect the Lord and follow me.&rdquo
26:145 “I do not ask for any consulting fee from you; I am already paid by the Lord of all worlds
26:146 “Do you think this blessing is forever?&rdquo
26:147 “You are enjoying your gardens and springs.&rdquo
26:148 “You are enjoying the abundance of vegetables and date palms with delicious fruits.&rdquo
26:149 “You are carving luxurious houses inside the mountains with a great skill.&rdquo
26:150 “Respect the Lord and follow me.&rdquo
26:151 “Do not follow the vanities of those who go beyond the limits.&rdquo
26:152 “Do not follow the mischief makers who never do anything good .&rdquo
26:153 Their reply was: “You are possessed!&rdquo
26:154 “You are only a human being like us. come up with a miracle, if you are for real.&rdquo
26:155 He said: “Here is the camel [with the miraculous nature as you see.] she will drink on given days assigned to her and you will use the water well on the days assigned to you.&rdquo
26:156 “If you touch her with a bad intention, you will be severely punished on an awesome day.&rdquo
26:157 Yet they slaughtered her and became regretful…
26:158 when they were subjected to their punishment
26:159 The fact is your Lord is the Almighty, Most Merciful
26:160 The people of Lot also rejected the prophet hood of the messengers
26:161 Their brother Lot said to them: “Why do you not choose righteousness?&rdquo
26:162 “I am a true Prophet of God.&rdquo
26:163 “Respect the Lord and follow me.&rdquo
26:164 “I am not asking any consulting fee from you. The Lord of the worlds supports me
26:165 “What is the matter with that, out of all creatures in the world, you are the only one who have adopted homosexuality? (even animals do not do that.)&rdquo
26:166 “You have disgraced yourselves by marrying men instead of women as approved by your Lord.&rdquo
26:167 They replied “If you do not stop preaching us, like the preachers before you, we will expel you out .&rdquo
26:168 He said, “Your behavior is disgusting.&rdquo
26:169 Then he prayed: “My Lord, save me and my folks from the consequences of their style of life.&rdquo
26:170 Eventually I saved him and all his folks
26:171 Except that old woman; she was too corrupt
26:172 Then I destroyed the remaining sinners
26:173 I sent them a shower. What a miserable shower. They had already bee warned about it
26:174 This is a great lesson; yet most people care less
26:175 The fact is, your Lord is the Almighty, Most Merciful
26:176 The people of Aiykah (near Midian) also rejected the prophet hood
26:177 Shu‘aib said to them: “Why do you not choose the righteousness?&rdquo
26:178 “I am a true Messenger of God.&rdquo
26:179 “Respect the Lord, and follow me.&rdquo
26:180 “I am not asking for any consulting fee; I am already being paid by the Lord of the worlds.&rdquo
26:181 “Give full measure when you trade; do not cheat.&rdquo
26:182 “Weigh with a right scale.&rdquo
26:183 “Do not cheat the people out of their rights, and do not spread corruption on earth.&rdquo
26:184 “Fear the One who created you, and those who lived before you.&rdquo
26:185 Their reply was: “You are possessed.&rdquo
26:186 “You are just a human being like us. The only difference is, you are a liar!&rdquo
26:187 “if you are truthful, bombard us with masses from the sky!&rdquo
26:188 He replied: “My Lord is fully aware of your misdeed, (if He decides, He may grant your wish.)&rdquo
26:189 Thus they rejected him and, consequently, a Canopy (out of which they were being bombarded, as they has asked for) was sent for their punishment. It was an awesome day, an awesome punishment
26:190 This is a great lesson, yet most people care less
26:191 The fact is, your Lord is the Almighty, Most Merciful
26:192 rest assured that this Qur’an is a revelation from the Lord of the worlds
26:193 The Trustworthy Spirit (Angel Gabriel) is commissioned to bring it down to you…
26:194 in order to make you a Warner
26:195 It is revealed to you In plain Arabic language
26:196 This has been prophesied in the books of previous generations
26:197 Is this not a sufficient proof for those who are being invited to Islam that the learned men of the Children of Israel know it
26:198 If I had sent this Qur’an [in another language (as they wish it would have been sent!)]…
26:199 still they would have believed in it
26:200 This is why I render it (like a foreign language) in the hearts of the criminals [so that they do not get it.]
26:201 Thus, they cannot believe in it; not until they face their painful punishment which will come to them all of a sudden, …
26:202 when they least expect it
26:203 They will then say: “May we have a second chance?&rdquo
26:204 They are the ones who challenged Me to punish them (and now, that their wish is granted, they come with another wish!
26:205 As you see, I tolerated them for so many years
26:206 Now it is time that I punish them as I had promises
26:207 Their material possessions did not help them the least
26:208 It is not My style to destroy any nation without sending ample warnings
26:209 This is your warning; do not say that I was unjust
26:210 It is against the nature of the devils to come with guidance like this
26:211 They neither would (because of their evil nature,) nor could (because of their inability to understand the goodness.
26:212 They (like the evil people who become angry when Qur’an is being recited to them) cannot even listen to it (as it hurts them.
26:213 Now, if you do not want to end up with those who will be subjected to the punishment, simply do not worship any other God (in any form and shape such as attachment to the worldly materials, wife, woman, children social status, position at work, the boss, the governor, etc.
26:214 Preach the truth to the people who are closest to you
26:215 Treat the believers who follow you with kindness
26:216 If they rebel, say: “I am not responsible for what you do.&rdquo
26:217 Put your trust in the Almighty, Most Merciful
26:218 He sees you when you worship Him at night
26:219 He sees you when you worship Him falling in prostration
26:220 God hears everything and knows everything
26:221 Do you want to know upon whom the devils descend
26:222 They descend upon every sinner who fabricates lies (fortune tellers, those who falsify the word of God, those who lie, and those who disobey the Lord’s commandments.
26:223 Such people whisper hearsay into ears, but most of them are liars
26:224 As for the poets (and the artists who visit our houses constantly with their enchanting works,) they enchant only those who reject God pleasing moral standards
26:225 Do you not see that their opinion changes according to the situation
26:226 Actually, they preach what they do not do
26:227 Only those artists are saved who choose to believe, do good deeds, mentions the Lord frequently and use justice as their criterion in their fights. As for the wrongdoers, pretty soon they will come to know the punishment which awaits the


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