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al-Mu`minun (The Believers)
as rendered by George Sale
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George Sale rendition of Surah The Believers(al-Mu`minun)
23:1 Now are the true believers happy
23:2 Who humble themselves in their prayer
23:3 and who eschew all vain discourse
23:4 and who are doers of alms-deeds
23:5 and who keep themselves from carnal knowledge of any wome
23:6 except their wives, or the captives which their right hands possess; -- for as to them they shall be blameless
23:7 But whoever coveteth any woman beyond these, they are transgressors: -
23:8 And who acquit themselves faithfully of their trust, and justly perform their covenant
23:9 and who observe their appointed times of prayer
23:10 These shall be the heirs
23:11 who shall inherit paradise; they shall continue therein for ever
23:12 We formerly created man of a finer sort of clay
23:13 afterwards We placed him in the form of seed in a sure receptacle
23:14 Afterwards We made the seed coagulated blood; and We formed the coagulated blood into a piece of flesh: Then We formed the piece of flesh into bones; and We cloathed those bones with flesh: Then We produced the same by another creation. Wherefore blessed be God, the most excellent creator
23:15 After this shall ye die
23:16 And afterwards shall ye be restored to life, on the day of resurrection
23:17 And We have created over you seven heavens: And We are not negligent of what We have created
23:18 And We send down rain from heaven, by measure; and We cause it to remain on the earth: We are also certainly able to deprive you of the same
23:19 And We cause gardens of palm-trees, and vineyards, to spring forth for you by means thereof; wherein ye have many fruits, and whereof ye eat
23:20 And We also raise for you a tree springing from mount Sinai; which produceth oil, and a sauce for those who eat
23:21 Ye have likewise an instruction in the cattle: We give you to drink of the milk which is in their bellies, and ye receive many advantages from them; and of them do ye eat
23:22 And on them, and on ships, are ye carried
23:23 We sent Noah heretofore unto his people, and he said, O my people, serve God: Ye have no God besides Him; will ye not therefore fear the consequence of your worshipping other gods
23:24 And the chiefs of his people, who believed not, said, this is no other than a man, as ye are: He seeketh to raise himself to a superiority over you. If God had pleased to have sent a messenger unto you, He would surely have sent angels: We have not heard this of our forefathers
23:25 Verily he is no other than a man disturbed with frenzy: Wherefore wait concerning him for a time
23:26 Noah said, O Lord, do thou protect me; for that they accuse me of falsehood
23:27 And We revealed our orders unto him, saying, make the ark in our sight; and according to our revelation. And when our decree cometh to be executed, and the oven shall boil and pour forth water, carry into it of every species of animals one pair; and also thy family, except such of them on whom a previous sentence of destruction hath passed: And speak not unto Me in behalf of those who have been unjust; for they shall be drowned
23:28 And when thou and they who shall be with thee, shall go up into the ark, say, praise be unto God, who hath delivered us from the ungodly people
23:29 And say, O Lord, cause me to come down from this ark with a blessed descent; for thou art best able to bring me down from the same with safety
23:30 Verily herein were signs of our omnipotence; and We proved mankind thereby
23:31 Afterwards We raised up another generation after them
23:32 and We sent unto them an apostle from among them, who said, worship God: Ye have no God besides Him; will ye not therefore fear his vengeance
23:33 And the chiefs of his people, who believed not, and who denied the meeting of the life to come, and on whom We had bestowed affluence in this present life, said, this is not other than a man, as ye are; he eateth of that whereof ye eat, and he drinketh of that whereof ye drink
23:34 And if ye obey a man like unto your selves, ye will surely be sufferers
23:35 Doth he threaten you that after ye shall be dead, and shall become dust and bones, ye shall be brought forth alive from your graves
23:36 Away, away with that ye are threatened with
23:37 There is no other life besides our present life: We die, and we live; and we shall not be raised again
23:38 This is no other than a man, who deviseth a lie concerning God: But we will not believe him
23:39 Their apostle said, O Lord, defend me; for that they have accused me of imposture
23:40 God answered, after a little while they shall surely repent their obstinacy
23:41 Wherefore a severe punishment was justly inflicted on them, and We rendered them like the refuse which is carried down by a stream. Away therefore with the ungodly people
23:42 Afterwards We raised up other generations after them
23:43 No nation shall be punished before their determined time; neither shall they be respited after
23:44 Afterwards We sent our apostles, one after another. So often as their apostle came unto any nation, they charged him with imposture: And We caused them successively to follow one another to destruction; and We made them only subjects of traditional stories. Away therefore with the unbelieving nations
23:45 Afterwards We sent Moses, and Aaron his brother, with our signs and manifest power
23:46 unto Pharaoh and his princes: But they proudly refused to believe on him; for they were a haughty people
23:47 And they said, shall we believe on two men like unto our selves; whose people are our servants
23:48 And they accused them of imposture: Wherefore they became of the number of those who were destroyed
23:49 And We heretofore gave the book of the law unto Moses, that the children of Israel might be directed thereby
23:50 And We appointed the son of Mary, and his mother, for a sign: And We prepared an abode for them in an elevated part of the earth, being a place of quiet and security, and watered with running springs
23:51 O apostles eat of those things which are good; and work righteousness: for I well know that which ye do
23:52 This your religion is one religion; and I am your Lord: Wherefore fear Me
23:53 But men have rent the affair of their religion into various sects: Every party rejoiceth in that which they follow
23:54 Wherefore leave them in their confusion, until a certain time
23:55 Do they think that We hasten unto them the wealth and children, which We have abundantly bestowed on them
23:56 for their good? But they do not understand
23:57 Verily they who stand in awe, for fear of their Lord
23:58 and who believe in the signs of their Lord
23:59 and who attribute not companions unto their Lord
23:60 and who give that which they give in alms, their hearts being struck with dread, for that they must return unto their Lord
23:61 These hasten unto good, and are foremost to obtain the same
23:62 We will not impose any difficulty on a soul, except according to its ability; with us is a book, which speaketh the truth; and they shall not be injured
23:63 But their hearts are drowned in negligence, as to this matter; and they have works different from those We have mentioned; which they will continue to do, until
23:64 when We chastise such of them as enjoy an affluence of fortune, by a severe punishment, behold, they cry aloud for help
23:65 But it shall be answered them, cry not for help to day: For ye shall not be assisted by Us
23:66 My signs were read unto you, but ye turned back on your heels
23:67 Proudly elating your selves because of your possessing the holy temple; discoursing together by night, and talking foolishly
23:68 Do they not therefore attentively consider that which is spoken unto them; whether a revelation is come unto them which came not unto their forefathers
23:69 Or do they not know their apostle; and therefore reject him
23:70 Or do they say, he is a madman? Nay, he hath come unto them with the truth; but the greater part of them detest the truth
23:71 If the truth had followed their desires, verily the heavens and the earth, and whoever therein is, had been corrupted. But We have brought them their admonition; and they turn aside from their admonition
23:72 Dost thou ask of them any maintenance for thy preaching? Since the maintenance of thy Lord is better; for He is the most bounteous provider
23:73 Thou certainly invitest them to the right way
23:74 And they who believe not in the life to come, do surely deviate from that way
23:75 If we had had compassion on them, and had taken off from them the calamity which had befallen them, they would surely have more obstinately persisted in their error, wandering in confusion
23:76 We formerly chastised them with a punishment: Yet they did not humble themselves before their Lord, neither did they make supplications unto Him
23:77 until, when We have opened upon them a door, from which a severe punishment hath issued, behold, they are driven to despair thereat
23:78 It is God who hath created in you the senses of hearing and of sight, that ye may perceive our judgments, and hearts, that ye may seriously consider them: Yet how few of you give thanks
23:79 It is He who hath produced you in the earth; and before Him shall ye be assembled
23:80 It is He who giveth life, and putteth to death; and to Him is to be attributed the vicissitude of night and day: Do ye not therefore understand
23:81 But the unbelieving Meccans say as their predecessors said
23:82 They say, when we shall be dead, and shall have become dust and bones, shall we really be raised to life
23:83 We have already been threatened with this, and our fathers also heretofore: This is nothing but fables of the ancients
23:84 Say, whose is the earth, and whoever therein is; if ye know
23:85 They will answer, God's. Say, will ye not therefore consider
23:86 Say, who is the Lord, of the seven heavens, and the Lord of the magnificent throne
23:87 They will answer, they are God's. Say, will ye not therefore fear Him
23:88 Say, in whose hand is the kingdom of all things; who protecteth whom He pleaseth, but is himself protected of none; if ye know
23:89 They will answer, in God's. Say, how therefore are ye bewitched
23:90 Yea, we have brought them the truth; and they are certainly liars in denying the same
23:91 God hath not begotten issue; neither is there any other god with Him: Otherwise every god had surely taken away that which He had created; and some of them had exalted themselves above the others. Far be that from God, which they affirm of Him
23:92 He knoweth that which is concealed, and that which is made public: Wherefore far be it from Him to have those sharers in his honour, which they attribute to Him
23:93 Say, O Lord, if thou wilt surely cause me to see the vengeance with which they have been threatened
23:94 O Lord, set me not among the ungodly people
23:95 For We are surely able to make thee to see that with which We have threatened them
23:96 Turn aside evil with that which is better: We well know the calumnies which they utter against thee
23:97 And say, O Lord, I fly unto thee for refuge, against the suggestions of the devils
23:98 And I have recourse unto Thee, O Lord, to drive them away, that they be not present with me
23:99 The gainsaying of the unbelievers ceaseth not until, when death overtaketh any of them, he saith, O Lord, suffer me to return to life
23:100 that I may do that which is right; in professing the true faith which I have neglected. By no means. Verily these are the words which he shall speak: But behind them there shall be a bar, until the day of resurrection
23:101 When therefore the trumpet shall be sounded, there shall be no relation between them which shall be regarded on that day; neither shall they ask assistance of each other
23:102 They whose balances shall be heavy with good works shall be happy
23:103 but they whose balances shall be light are those who shall lose their souls, and shall remain in hell for ever
23:104 The fire shall scorch their faces, and they shall writhe their mouths therein for anguish
23:105 and it shall be said unto them, Were not my signs rehearsed unto you; and did ye not charge them with falsehood
23:106 They shall answer, O LORD, our unhappiness prevailed over us, and we were people who sent astray
23:107 O LORD, take us forth from this fire: if we return to our former wickedness, we shall surely be unjust
23:108 God will say unto them, Be ye driven away with ignominy thereinto: and speak not unto me to deliver you
23:109 Verily there were a party of my servants, who said, O LORD, we believe: wherefore forgive us, and be merciful unto us; for thou art the best of those who show mercy
23:110 But ye received them with scoffs, so that they suffered you to forget my admonition, and ye laughed them to scorn
23:111 I have this day rewarded them, for that they suffered the injuries ye offered them with patience: verily they enjoy great felicity
23:112 God will say, What number of years have ye continued on earth
23:113 They will answer, We have continued there a day, or part of a day: but ask those who keep account
23:114 God will say, Ye have tarried but a while, if ye knew it
23:115 Did ye think that we had created you in sport, and that ye should not be brought again before us
23:116 Wherefore let GOD be exalted, the King, the Truth! There is no GOD besides him, the LORD of the honourable throne
23:117 Whoever together with the true GOD shall invoke another god, concerning whom he hath no demonstrative proof, shall surely be brought to an account for the same before his LORD. Verily the infidels shall not prosper
23:118 Say, O LORD, pardon, and show mercy; for thou art the best of those who show mercy


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