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al-Anbiya` (The Prophets)
as rendered by Bijan Moeinian
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Bijan Moeinian rendition of Surah The Prophets(al-Anbiya`)
21:1 Closer and closer approaches to mankind the day that they have to face their deeds; yet they are careless of such a most important event
21:2 The Lord’s message is being presented to them while they are carelessly kidding about it
21:3 Their minds being close to truth, they say among themselves: “Do you believe in what this mortal (Mohammad) is saying? …
21:4 Do you believe in sorcery and enchantment?” Mohammad said that: “My Lord knows everything which is spoken in the heaven and the earth; He is Hearing, He is Knowing&rdquo
21:5 They have called you names saying: “These are his dreams; he has forged it; he is nothing but a poet, etc.” They also say: “Why cannot he come up with a miracle like the previous prophets?&rdquo
21:6 Not even one of those towns which I destroyed believed (in the miracles of their Prophets.) Will these people believe then (if I give you a miracle?
21:7 Before you, I sent many human beings to them as My Messengers to whom I revealed My Revelations. If you do not know about them, ask those who have inherited the Scripture
21:8 They were neither immortals, nor had a different kind of body (which did not need food to survive.
21:9 I fulfilled My promises with them. I saved them (from the punishment which was descending upon their people) with whoever else I willed. Then I destroyed the sinners
21:10 I have sent you a Book in which there is all kind of answers to your issues. What is then that you do not understand
21:11 See how many nations of the wrongdoers I destroyed in the past, replacing them with other people
21:12 When My punishment descended upon them, they tried to run from it
21:13 “Do not run. come back to those houses wherein you were enjoying a luxurious life and answer My questions.&rdquo
21:14 Their response was: “Pity on us; we bear witness that we were unjust (to our own souls as well as to other people.)&rdquo
21:15 They were repeating the same phrase again and again while I was whipping them out of the face of the earth
21:16 Know that I have not created the heavens, the earth, and whatever there is between just for fun
21:17 If I wanted to have some fun, I would have done it otherwise (it is beneath the dignity of the Lord to let sensible creatures of his suffer just for fun.
21:18 Instead, it is My intention to give the falsehood a hard blow with the truth (as explained in detail in Qur’an) and let it vanish. Pity to those who fabricate lies about their Lord (Saying He has said such and such things, He has begotten a son, etc.
21:19 To God belongs every soul in the heavens and on earth. Those who are close to Him, never feel that it is beneath their dignity to worship Him; they worship Him from the bottom of their heart
21:20 They are never tired of worshipping Him day and night
21:21 Can these earthly things (that they have taken them as their gods) create
21:22 If there were any other gods, there would have been chaos in the universe (as is the case in the Greek mythology in which the gods are always fighting among themselves.) The King of the entire universe is far high above what they ascribe to Him (such as having begotten a son.
21:23 God is never to be asked about what He does. He is the one who questions
21:24 Have they found other gods beside Him? Ask them: “How do you prove that there are other gods? (Even their own books says there is only one God [Mark John etc.]) This Qur’an (which serves as a Warner for you) is the same that warned the previous generations. Unfortunately, most of them do not get it and just engage in a senseless dispute.&rdquo
21:25 All the Messengers that I sent before you, had received the following Revelation: “There is no other god except Me; therefore, obey (worship) Me (and none but Me.)&rdquo
21:26 In spite of this, they say: “The Most Gracious has begotten a son!” Hi above all is the Lord (to beget a son through sexual act like the lower forms of life) All Prophets (including Jesus) are His dear servants
21:27 His Prophets do not speak on their own, and follow what they are ordered
21:28 The Lord knows His Prophets inside out. They cannot intercede on behalf of none; except for the one that God will be pleased to hear a plea on his behalf. As a matter of fact, the Prophets themselves worry about their own fate
21:29 If by any chance one of the Prophet claims to be a god or something, he would be thrown into Hell! This is the reward for an unjust person
21:30 Are those who have chosen the disbelief not aware of the fact that at the beginning everything in the universe was densely concentrated (so concentrated that could pass through the eye of a needle,) then I exploded it into existence?1 Do they not know that I have created everything living species from the water? What is their excuse now in order to choose the disbelief
21:31 I firmly established the mountains on earth to turn with them. I have also put highways on them so that they may travel
21:32 Do they not see that I have established a ceiling on top of the earth (referred to as ozone layer these days;) to keep the earth safe and well guarded (from life killing rays of sun?) Yet they turn their back to such signs (which testifies for the existence and the greatness of the Creator.
21:33 He is the One Who has created the night and the day (by ordering the earth to turn around itself,) and the sun and the moon which turn on their orbit and float (in the space.
21:34 I have not made an immortal human being before you (Mohammad.) Now, if you die, will they live forever
21:35 Every soul will taste the death. I will try you in good times and in bad times, and to Me is the return of all of you
21:36 When you see the disbelievers, they will make fun of you and say: “Is this the man who does not believe in gods?” In fact, they are the ones who disbelieve in the Most Gracious
21:37 Man is impatient by nature. You, however, should be patient and do not pray that I reveal My revelations to you earlier than their appropriate time
21:38 They say: “If what you are saying is true, then subject us to the punishment that you are warning us about!&rdquo
21:39 If the disbelievers could see the Day that they are trying to turn the Fire off from their faces and from their backs while nobody comes to their help
21:40 The catastrophe will take place all of a sudden. They will be so surprised that they cannot avoid it. The Event will not be postponed either
21:41 The previous Prophets also were laughed at. But the same thing that they were laughing at (the Lord’s punishment) came to haunt them back
21:42 Say: “Who is there looking for you, day and night, to protect you from the punishment of God, if it descends all of a sudden upon you?” Yet they turn their back to the Lord’s Message
21:43 Do they have gods who can protect them from Me? Such gods cannot even help themselves when they are summoned to the Meeting of the Lord
21:44 I have given to the disbelievers (as well as their ancestors) a fixed life span. Can they not see how, every day, they get closer and closer to the end of their life? Can they reverse this process
21:45 Say: “I am warning you with the Revelations of God.” What a shame that the deaf cannot hear when the warnings are loudly shouted at him
21:46 When they are subjected to the slightest punishment of the Lord, they (the same people who jokingly ask for the punishment of God) cry: “Pity on us. We were indeed wrong.&rdquo
21:47 On the Day of Resurrection, the scales will be reset to zero so that even the equivalent of a mustard weight of good or bad be paid for accordingly; no soul will suffer the least injustice
21:48 I am the One Who gave Moses and Aaron the Book of Criterion. It was a beacon and a reminder for the righteous ones
21:49 Those who are at awe with their Lord (even though they have not seen Him with their own eyes) and are always keep the Day of Judgment in their minds
21:50 And now, I have sent down this blessed reminder to you. Are you denying it
21:51 Even before that, knowing Abraham, I granted him a mature view
21:52 He asked his father and his people: “What are these images that you show such a devotion to them?&rdquo
21:53 They replied: “This is our cultural root! Our fathers were worshipping them.&rdquo
21:54 Abraham said: “You and your fathers have been wrong.&rdquo
21:55 They said: “Are you serious or you are just kidding?&rdquo
21:56 He replied: “Not at all. As a matter of fact, I bear witness that your God is the Creator and the Lord of the heavens and the earth.&rdquo
21:57 “By Lord, I will have a few words with your idols while you go (to the festival) and return back.&rdquo
21:58 Accordingly he broke them all into pieces, except the chief “god” so that it may serve as a subject of discussion at their return
21:59 They said: “The one who has done this to our gods (symbol of cultural identity) is really an uncultivated person.&rdquo
21:60 Some said: “We heard a young man by the name of Abraham was calling them names.&rdquo
21:61 They said: “Then bring him here so that he answers a few question before the public.&rdquo
21:62 They asked: “Have you done this to our gods, Abraham?&rdquo
21:63 He replied: “It was the chief of your gods who did it; you may ask them yourselves and see whether or not they are even capable of speaking.&rdquo
21:64 They consulted among themselves and arrived to the conclusion that they, themselves, were the real unjust people (worshipping the kind of gods who were good for nothing.&rdquo
21:65 They [were too proud, however, to admit it publicly and] returned to their roots and said: “You know well that the idols do not speak.&rdquo
21:66 Abraham said: “Why do you then worship these things (instead of God Almighty,) knowing that [they are good for nothing and] can neither profit you nor harm you?&rdquo
21:67 “Shame on you (and these gods of yours) that you worship instead of God. Have you lost your senses?&rdquo
21:68 They said to the public: “Burn him and save your gods, if you really care (about your cultural roots.)&rdquo
21:69 I commanded: “O fire, cool down and welcome Abraham in peace.&rdquo
21:70 They wanted to harm hi, but I made them to look like fools
21:71 Thus I brought Abraham (as well as Lot) to the safety of a blessed land (fertile and most visited by Prophets.
21:72 I blessed Abraham with Isaac (his son) and Jacob (his grand son) and made them both righteous
21:73 I appointed them as the leaders of their nations so that they may lead them according to My Laws. I thought them how to be righteous, worship the Lord on regular basis, and devote a part of their income to charity. Thus they became devote worshippers of Mine
21:74 As for Lot, I granted him knowledge and wisdom. I saved him from the corrupt people of that town who had indulged themselves in all kind of evil deeds.&rdquo
21:75 I brought him under the umbrella of My Mercy. He was indeed a righteous person
21:76 As for Noah (who was earlier,) he cried to me. I listened to his prayers and saved him and his folks from the great disaster
21:77 I gave him victory over those who were denying My Revelations. They were indeed evil people. This is why I drowned them all
21:78 As for David and Solomon, I was witnessing when they were trying the case of the field in which the sheep of certain people had entered and grazed at night
21:79 I made Solomon to understand the [above mentioned] case better, though to both of them I granted Wisdom and knowledge. I commanded the mountains to join David (and echo back his sweet voice) while he was praising the Lord, as well as the birds (to accompany him in his religious chants.) Yes, it was your Lord who did all these
21:80 I taught David the art of making Armor coat so that you (inherit it and) protect yourself in fighting. Do you ever thank for it
21:81 I let Solomon to perform miracles with the wind (send them at any speed anywhere and make his merchant floats [I King 10:travel faster.) Thus he could send the raging wind towards the land which I wanted to bless (with rain.) Yes, I am fully aware of everything (and behind every miracle performed by the Prophets.
21:82 I had subjected to him some satans (which may refer to extraterrestrials or time travelers) who would dive for him (in the ocean) and do other (unimaginable at the time) tasks. It was I who did not let them loose
21:83 As for Job, one day he cried to his Lord saying: “I am in distress and you are the Most Merciful.&rdquo
21:84 I answered his call, healed him and reunited his family together to serve as an example of My Mercy to those who worship Me
21:85 As for Ishmael, Enoch (Idris) and Isaiah (Zul- Kafl), they were all patient creatures of Mine
21:86 I brought them under the umbrella of My Mercy. They were indeed righteous people
21:87 As for Jonah, he left his mission in anger, not thinking that I may punish him. From the midst of the darkness then, he prayed: “O the One beside Whom there is no other god, be you glorified, I have been one of those unjust creatures of yours.&rdquo
21:88 I answered his call and saved him from sorrow. Thus I help the believers
21:89 As for Zechariah, he cried to his Lord saying: “My Lord, do not leave me alone (without any child and inheritor) even though (it is a pleasure to have you as inheritor; after all,) you are the best inheritor
21:90 So I answered his call and gave him John and healed his wife. They used to race with each other in doing good and call on Me with love and respect. they were submissive to their Lord
21:91 As for virgin Mary, I blew (this word is used here as a figure of speech) in her through My Spirit (Angel Gabriel) and made her and her son (Jesus) a [living] miracle of Mine for the inhabitants of the universe (terrestrials and extra-terrestrials.
21:92 Know that you all belong to one nation and that I am your Lord. Therefore, worship none but Me
21:93 As for those who have broken this nation into pieces [creating different sects and religions,] they have an appointment with Me
21:94 The one who chooses to believe and does good deeds, will not find his works lost. His deeds are all recorded
21:95 I have forbidden a second chance to those people whose community was destroyed by the order of the Lord. They shall not return
21:96 Until the Gog and Magog are released and descend from every hill and mountains down
21:97 Then it will be very close for the true promise of God (the Day of Resurrection) to take place. You will see the horrified eyes of the disbelievers while saying: “Pity on us! We never took this seriously; indeed we were so unjust to ourselves.&rdquo
21:98 They will hear: “You and what you took as gods for yourselves will become the fuel for Hell, once you are cast in.&rdquo
21:99 If these subjects of your worship were truly gods, they would not have ended up staying in the Hell forever
21:100 Theirs will be sighs and the roaring of the Fire and they will hear nothing (no news, absolutely abandoned.
21:101 As for those who have already been nominated for My rewards, they will be removed from the Hell
21:102 They will not hear the least noise to distract their soul from enjoying their lives
21:103 They will not be affected by the terror of the Event . They will be welcomed by the angels saying: “This is the Day that you had been promised.&rdquo
21:104 On that Day, I will roll up the space, the same way that a long letter is being rolled up. This is how the creation was started; it will be repeated again. This is a promise of Mine which will materialize
21:105 Recall that I mentioned in Psalms: “The righteous servants of Mine will inherit the land.&rdquo
21:106 In this Qur’an, indeed there is a good news for the worshippers of the Lord
21:107 I (God) have sent you (Mohammad) as the manifestation of My Mercy to the entire universe
21:108 Say: “It has been revealed to me that there is only one God for you. Now, will you submit to Him?&rdquo
21:109 Now if they turn away, say to them: “I have conveyed the Message. I do not know how soon or late, the punishment of the Lord will descend upon you.&rdquo
21:110 “Know that the Lord hears whatever you say publicly or whatever you keep for yourselves as a secret.&rdquo
21:111 “For all that I know, life in this world is a mean of trial and a temporary pleasure.&rdquo
21:112 Say: “The Lord Judges with justice. Our Lord is the Most Merciful. Only His help is to be sought against what you attribute (such as attributing a son) to Him


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