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al-Baqarah (The Cow)
as rendered by Thomas Cleary
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Thomas Cleary rendition of Surah The Cow(al-Baqarah)
2:1 A.L.M
2:2 This is the Book, without doubt, in it guidance for the conscientious
2:3 those who believe in the unseen, who practice regular prayer, and who give of what We have provided them
2:4 and those who believe in what was revealed to you, and what was revealed before you, and who are certain of the Hereafter
2:5 They follow guidance from their Lord; and they are the successful ones
2:6 As for those who scoff, it is the same to them whether you warn them or not— they do not believe
2:7 God has sealed their heart, and their hearing and their seeing are covered over; and their is a horrendous torment for them
2:8 And there are people who say "We believe in God and the Last Day," but they do not believe
2:9 They try to deceive God and those who believe, but they only deceive themselves, without being aware
2:10 In their hearts is sickness, and God has made them sicker; and in store for them is painful torture, because they have been lying
2:11 And when they are told not to make trouble on earth, they say "We are only reformers.
2:12 Is it not they who are the troublemakers, even if they are unaware
2:13 And when they are told to believe as the people do, they say "Shall we believe as the foolish do?". Are they themselves not the fools, and yet they do not know?
2:14 And when they meet those who believe, they say "We believe," but when they are alone with their devils they say, "We are in fact with you— we were only fooling!
2:15 God mocks them, and lets them go on wandering in their excesses
2:16 They are those who purchase error at the cost of guidance; so their trade does not profit them; and they are not guided
2:17 What they are like is one who lit a fire, and when all around was illumined, God took their light and left them in darkness, unseeing
2:18 deaf; dumb, and blind, and not returning
2:19 Or like rain clouds from the sky, containing darkness, thunder and lightening. They put their fingers in their ears from the thunderbolts, in fear of death. But God surrounds the scoffers
2:20 The lightening nearly dazzles their eyes. Every time is shines on them, they walk theirin; and when it grows dark overy them, they stand still. And if God willed, God would have taken away their hearing and their seeing. For God has power over everything


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