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Ali Bakhtiari Nejad

al-Kahf (The Cave)
as rendered by Bakhtiari Nejad
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Ali Bakhtiari Nejad rendition of Surah The Cave(al-Kahf)
18:1 All praise belongs to God, the One who sent down the book to His servant, and did not place any distortion in it
18:2 Straight (and without any distortion) to warn of a severe punishment from Him and to give good news to the believers who do good works that there is a good reward for them
18:3 staying in it forever
18:4 And warns those who say: God took a child
18:5 They have no knowledge of it, and neither did their fathers. Word coming out of their mouths is serious. They only say a lie
18:6 So you may kill yourself from sorrow over their actions if they do not believe in this saying
18:7 And We made all that is on the earth as decoration for it, so that We test them as to which one of them does better work
18:8 And indeed We make whatever is on it, a barren wasteland
18:9 Did you think that inhabitants of the cave and the inscription were among Our amazing signs
18:10 When the youths took shelter in the cave then they said: our Master, give us mercy form You and arrange a sensible conduct for us in our affairs
18:11 And We sealed their ears (and made them sleep) in the cave for a number of years.
18:12 Then We woke them up, so that We know which of the two groups was better at counting the time they stayed (asleep)
18:13 We tell you their story in truth. Indeed they were youths who believed in their Master and We increased their guidance
18:14 And We strengthened their hearts with patience when they stood up, and they said: our Master is Master of the skies and the earth, we never call on any god other than Him, (for if we did) then we have certainly said an outrageous (word)
18:15 These are our people who took god other than Him, why do they not bring a clear reason for them? Who is more wrong than someone who makes up a lie and attributes it to God
18:16 And (they told each other:) when you stay away from them and what they serve other than God, then take shelter in the cave, so your Master opens up His mercy on you and set up ease for you in your affairs
18:17 And you see the sun when it rises, it turns toward the right side of their cave, and when it sets, it passes them from the left, while they are in the spacious part of it (in the middle of the cave). That is among God’s signs. Whomever God guides then he is guided, and whomever He misguides then you will never find any guardian for him guiding to the right way
18:18 And you think of them as awake while they are sleep, and We turn them to the right and to the left, and their dog stretches out its forelegs toward the entrance. If you find out about them you would turn away from them running away and you would be filled with fear of them.
18:19 And that is how We woke them up, so that they may ask each other (how long they stayed sleep). A spokesperson among them said: how long did you stay? They said: we stayed a day or part of a day. They said: your Master knows better how long you stayed. So send one of you with this money of yours to the city, then he should see which of them has the cleanest food, then he should bring you a supply of it, and he should be careful and let no one find out about you
18:20 Indeed if they learn about you, they stone you or make you return to their faith and you will never ever prosper
18:21 And that is how We made (others) acquainted with them, so that they know that God’s promise is true and that there is no doubt about the hour. When they disputed about their affair among themselves, they said: build a structure over them, their Master knows better about them. Those who won about their affair said: we shall build a temple over them
18:22 (Some) are going to say: three, their fourth being their dog. While (others) say: five, their sixth being their dog. Throwing stone in the dark, and (others) say: seven, their eight being their dog. Say: my Master knows their number better as only a few know them (their number), so do not argue about them except in a superficial argument, and do not ask opinion of any of them about them
18:23 And do not say about anything: I will do that tomorrow
18:24 Unless (you say) if God wants. And remember your Master when you forget and say: perhaps my Master guides me to a closer to right way than this.
18:25 And they stayed in their cave three hundred years, and added nine (if counting in lunar years)
18:26 Say: God knows better how long they stayed, the unseen of the skies and the earth belongs to Him, and how well He sees and He hears! They do not have any protector other than Him, and He does not make anyone partner in His command (and statute)
18:27 And read what was revealed to you from your Master’s book. No one can change His words, and you never find any refuge other than Him
18:28 And be patient with those who call on their Master in the morning and the evening, looking for His attention, and do not overlook them wanting luxury of this world’s life, and do not obey anyone whom We made his heart pay no attention to remembering Us and followed his desires and he is excessive in his affairs
18:29 And say: the truth is from your Master, so anyone who wants then let him believe and anyone who wants then let him disbelieve. Indeed We prepared a fire for the wrongdoers that its canopy surrounds them. And if they ask for help, they will be helped with water like melted metal (or burning oil) that burns the faces. What a bad drink and a bad resting place
18:30 Indeed those who believed and did good works, (know that) We would not waste the reward of anyone who does good work
18:31 Eternal gardens are for them, which rivers flow through them, they are adorned with bracelets of gold in it and they wear clothes of green fine silk and heavy silk (brocade), leaning on sofas in it. What a good reward and a good resting place
18:32 And give them an example of two men. We gave two gardens of grapes to one of them and We enclosed them with date palms and We placed a plantation between them
18:33 Both gardens yielded their produce, and did not fail in that at all, and We made a river flow through them
18:34 And (their) produce was for him. Then he said to his friend while talking to him: I am more wealthy than you and I am more powerful in (number of) men
18:35 Ad he entered his garden while he was wrong to himself, he said: I do not think that this (garden) will ever ruin
18:36 and I do not think the hour establishes, and even if I am returned to my Master, I shall certainly find better than this in return
18:37 His friend said to him while talking to him: do you disbelieve in the One who created you from dust, then from fertilized egg (zygote), then He shaped you as a man
18:38 But as for me, (I say:) God is my Master and I do not associate anyone (as partner) with my Master
18:39 and when you entered your garden, why did you not say that whatever God wants, there is no power except by God? If you see me (as having) less than you in wealth and children
18:40 then perhaps my Master gives me better than your garden and sends a thunderbolt from the sky on it, so it becomes a slippery wasteland
18:41 or its water dries up, and you can never reclaim it
18:42 And his produce was surrounded (by destruction), then he began to twirl his hands (in regret) over what he had spent in it, and now it was fallen down on its trellises, and he said: I wish I did not associate anyone (as partner) with my Master
18:43 And there was not any group to help him other than God, and he could not help himself
18:44 There (he realized that) the protection belongs to the true God, He is best in reward and best in outcome
18:45 And give them example of this world’s life: it is like rain that We sent down from the sky, then the plants of the earth mixed with it (and grew), then it became dried straw that the winds scatter it. And God is able to do everything
18:46 Wealth and children are decoration (and luxuries) of this world’s life while the lasting good works are better for a reward with your Master and better to hope for
18:47 And on a day that We set the mountains in motion and you see the earth appears as a flatland, and We gather them, and We do not leave any one of them out
18:48 And they are presented to your Master in rows (and they will be told): you have certainly come to Us as We created you the first time, but you claimed that We never made an appointment time for you
18:49 And the book (of records) is placed, then you see the guilty ones afraid of what is in it, and they say: woe to us, what is with this book that does not leave out any small or any large (deed) without taking it into account. And they find whatever they did present (in the book), and your Master does not wrong anyone
18:50 And (remember) when We said to the angels to be humble to Adam, then they humbled except Iblis (Satan) who was of the Jinn, so He disobeyed his Master’s order. Do you take him and his descendants as your supporters instead of Me while they are your enemies. What a bad exchange for the wrongdoer
18:51 I did not make them witness creation of the skies and the earth or creation of themselves, and I did not take those who misguide as an assistant
18:52 And on a day when He says call out those whom you claimed to be My partners, then they call on them, but they would not answer them, and We put a steep cliff (and a place of destruction) between them
18:53 And the guilty ones see the fire and they think that they are to fall into it, and they do not find any escape from it
18:54 And We have certainly explained every kind of example for people in this Quran. And the human being, more than anything, is argumentative
18:55 And nothing prevented the people to believe and ask forgiveness from their Master when the guidance came to them except that (they would expect) the ways of the earlier ones come to them or the punishment comes to them face to face
18:56 We did not send the messengers except as givers of good news and warners. And those who disbelieved argue with falsehood to disprove the truth with it, and they took My signs and what they were warned as a joke
18:57 And who is more wrong than someone who is reminded of his Master's signs then he stays away from them and forgets what his hands sent ahead (what he did). Indeed We placed a cover on their hearts that they do not understand it (Quran) and a deafness in their ears (so they don't hear it), and if you call them to the guidance they will never ever be guided
18:58 And your Master is the forgiving, having mercy. If He was to take them to account for what they did, He would have certainly rushed the punishment for them, but there is an appointed time for them, from which they never find a refuge
18:59 And We destroyed those towns when they did wrong, and We set an appointed time for their destruction
18:60 And (remember) when Moses said to his young companion: I continue on until I reach the junction of the two seas or I go on for a long time
18:61 So when they reached the junction of the two (seas), they forgot their fish and it took its way drifting into the sea
18:62 So when they went beyond (the junction), he said to his young companion: bring us our meal, we have certainly got tired in this trip of ours
18:63 He said: did you notice that when we stayed on the rock and I forgot the fish, only Satan made me forget to mention it, and it amazingly took its way into the sea
18:64 He (Moses) said: that is where we were looking for. So they returned backtracking on their footsteps
18:65 Then they found a servant from Our servants whom We gave him kindness from Us and taught him (some) knowledge from Us
18:66 Moses said to him: may I follow you that you teach me from what you were taught of good sense (and knowledge)
18:67 He said: you can never be patient with me
18:68 how can you be patient about what you are not familiar with any knowledge of it
18:69 He (Moses) said: God willing, you are going to find me patient and I will not disobey you in any matter
18:70 He said: so if you follow me, then do not ask me about anything until I bring about mentioning of it for you.
18:71 So they went on until when they got on the boat, and he made a hole in it. He (Moses) said: did you make a hole in it to drown its passengers? You have certainly committed a terrible thing
18:72 He said: did I not say to you that you can never be patient with me
18:73 He (Moses) said: forgive me for what I forgot, and do not make me suffer difficulty (and don't be hard on me) in my affair
18:74 So they went on until when they met a young man, then he killed him. He (Moses) said: did you kill an innocent person without (him killing) a person? You have certainly committed an awful thing
18:75 He said: did I not say to you that you can never be patient with me
18:76 He (Moses) said: if I ask you about anything after that, then do not keep me in your company, for you have got an excuse from me
18:77 So they went on until when they came to inhabitants of a town, they asked its inhabitants for food, but they refused to entertain them. Then they found a wall in it that was about to fall down, so he set it up straight. He (Moses) said: if you wanted, you could have taken a wage for it
18:78 He said: this is separation between me and you. I am going to tell you the interpretation of what you could not be patient about it
18:79 As for the boat, it belonged to some needy people working in the sea, then I decided to damage it because a king was after them who would take every boat by force
18:80 As for the young man, his parents were believers, and we feared that he would press them to rebellious and disbelief
18:81 So we wanted that their Master substitute for them a better (son) than him in integrity and closer to kindness
18:82 And as for the wall, it belonged to two young orphan boys in the city, and under it there was a treasure for them, and their father was righteous, so your Master decided that they should reach their maturity to take out their treasure as a kindness from your Master. And I did not do it on my own accord. This is interpretation of what you could not be patient about it
18:83 And they ask you about Zul-Qarnain. Say: I am going to recite to you a mention of him
18:84 Indeed We established him on the earth, and we gave him means of everything
18:85 Then he followed a way
18:86 until when he reached where the sun sets, he found (perceived) it setting into a dark murky spring, and found a group of people by it. We said: Zul-Qarnain, would you punish them or would you treat them with goodness
18:87 He said: as for anyone who does wrong then I will punish him, then he is returned to his Master and He punishes him with an awful punishment
18:88 and as for anyone who believes and does good work, then there is the good reward for him, and we are going to issue easy order for him
18:89 Then he followed (another) way
18:90 until when he reached where the sun rises, he found it rising on a group that We did not make any cover for them other than it (the sun)
18:91 That is how it was, and We have thoroughly known about what knowledge he had with him of
18:92 Then he followed (another) way
18:93 until when he reached between the two obstacles (mountains), beside them he found a group who could hardly understand a word
18:94 They said: Zul-Qarnain, indeed Ya’juj (Gog) and Ma’juj (Magog) commit corruption on the land, so may we give you a payment, that you make an obstacle between us and them
18:95 He said: what my Master established me in it is better, so help me with manpower, I make a barricade between you and them
18:96 Bring me chunks of the iron. Until when he leveled between the two mountains. He said: blow. Until when he made it (look) as a fire. He said: bring me melted copper to pour over it
18:97 So they (Ya’juj and Ma’juj) could not climb it and they could not dig through it
18:98 He said: this is a mercy from my Master, so when the promise of my Master comes, He levels it to the ground, and my Master’s promise is true
18:99 And on that day, We leave some of them roll among others, and the trumpet is blown, then We gather them altogether
18:100 And on that day, We present hell to the disbelievers, in plain view
18:101 those whose eyes were in a cover from My remembrance, and they could not hear (the truth)
18:102 Did those who disbelieved think that they take My servants as their protectors instead of Me? Indeed We prepared hell for the disbelievers as an entertainment
18:103 Say: should We inform you about the worst losers' actions
18:104 (Works of) those whose effort is lost in this world’s life and they think indeed they do good work
18:105 They are those who disbelieved in their Master's signs and in meeting Him (in the hereafter), so their works became useless, and We do not assign any weight to them on the resurrection day
18:106 That is their payback, hell, because they disbelieved and took My signs and My messengers as a joke
18:107 Indeed those who believed and did good works, they have gardens of the paradise as an entertainment
18:108 remaining in there forever, and they will not look for moving from it
18:109 Say: if the sea becomes ink for (writing) the words of my Master, the sea certainly run out before the words of my Master run out, even if we bring another (sea) like it as hel
18:110 Say: I am only a human being like you, it is revealed to me that your god is the One god, so whoever is hoping to meet his Master, then he should do good work and he should not make any partner in serving his Master


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