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Dr. Munir Munshey

al-Isra` (Children of Israel, The Israelites)
as rendered by Dr. Munir Munshey
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Dr. Munir Munshey rendition of Surah Children of Israel, The Israelites(al-Isra`)
17:1 Exalted is He Who took His servant one night from the sacred masjid (in Mecca) to the masjid in Jerusalem _ the vicinity of which We have blessed _ so that We may show him Our signs. Surely, He listens and hears all
17:2 We awarded Musa the book, and deemed it to be the directive for the Israelites, that they should not accept anyone other than Me as their Lord
17:3 Oh you, the sons of those whom We put aboard (a ship) with Nooh! Surely, he was a grateful person
17:4 In the book, We foretold the destiny of Israelites, "Twice you will cause severe mischief in the land and exceed greatly in arrogance."
17:5 "At the time of the first prediction (mischief), We sent (in combat) against you, one of Our powerful nations. They were well versed in warfare and they stormed through your homes. The promise had to come true."
17:6 Then (when you repented), We restored you back to power. We bolstered you with resources and offspring and caused you to abound in numbers. (And said)
17:7 "Your good deeds are for your own good, and similarly, your bad deeds are to afflict your own self!" At the time of the second prediction, (We sent another nation) to mangle your faces and to run over your masjid just like the first time, and to lay in ruin everything they laid their hands on."
17:8 "Maybe (now) your Lord will have mercy on you. But if you repeat (your offense), We shall reinstate (Our punishment). We have fashioned hell to be a prison for the unbelievers."
17:9 Indeed, this Qur´an leads on to an appropriate and secure path. It gives the good news to those who perform righteous deeds, that theirs is a great reward
17:10 And We have prepared a painful punishment for those who do not believe in the afterlife
17:11 Man covets wickedness as if it were something admirable; man happens to be hasty
17:12 We appointed both the night and the day as signs. One of the signs _ the night _ We made dim, while We made the day bright and full of light, so that you may seek the blessings of your Lord, and so that you may count the years and have a measure of time. Thus, We have explained everything in detail
17:13 We have forced each one´s actions to hang around his neck. On the Day of Judgment, We will bring out his record of deeds; he will find it an open book
17:14 "Read your record! Today, even you shall suffice to evaluate your own self!"
17:15 The one who adopts the guidance (of the Qur´an) does so only for his own benefit. The one who strays also does so for his own self. No soul shall carry another´s burden! We never inflict punishment, unless We have already sent around messengers
17:16 When We resolve to ruin a town, (and before We actually destroy it), We first order its affluent inhabitants (to obey). They carry on their lives of sin. So the prediction (against them) comes to pass. Thereafter, We finish them off completely
17:17 Many towns have We destroyed after Nooh. Your Lord is Aware, and He is enough to watch over the sins of His created beings
17:18 We grant the wishes in this (transitory) world _ whatever We please and for whomever We decide. For the one who prefers this temporal existence, We have prepared hell (in the hereafter). He will join it, cursed and ostracized
17:19 Provided he is a believer, anyone who desires (the rewards of) the afterlife and strives effectively for it, will discover that his efforts have found acceptance
17:20 We bestow the bounties of your Lord to both _ this group as well as that. The grant of your Lord is not restricted
17:21 But observe how We, in this world, excel some over others; and the afterlife is bigger in status and higher in esteem
17:22 Do not associate any god with Allah, else you shall find yourself cursed and abandoned
17:23 Your Lord has decreed that you should not worship anyone other than Him, and that you treat your parents well. When either, or both of them, reach an old age do not grumble and do not be angry with them. Rather, always have kind words to say to them
17:24 Be responsive to them and treat them with kindness and compassion, and say, "Oh my Lord. Have mercy on them as they brought me up when I was a small child."
17:25 Your Lord is fully aware of the thoughts that cross your mind. If you are righteous (then remember), your Lord forgives those who turn to Him in repentance
17:26 And honor the rights of the kinsfolk, the poor and needy, and the homeless; and do not be overly wasteful
17:27 Surely, the spendthrift are the brothers of Shaitan; and Shaitan is ungrateful to his Lord
17:28 Speak to them politely even if you must decline them, because you might still be awaiting and looking for the blessings of your Lord
17:29 Do not have your hands restrained to your neck (do not be stingy), nor stretch them free and unfettered (nor be a spendthrift), lest you later feel sorry and constrained
17:30 Your Lord certainly provides the provisions in abundance _ or limits them _ to whomever He pleases. Indeed, He is all Knowing, and Watchful over His servants
17:31 Do not, out of fear of poverty, put your offspring to death. We shall provide them as well as you, the means of life. Killing your offspring is a blunder of a grave proportion
17:32 And do not even wander close to extra marital sex. Indeed, adultery is a way of decadence
17:33 And do not kill anyone. Allah has prohibited it, except when it is rightful and befitting (and corresponds to the crime). We have awarded a right (of redress) to the heir of a person wrongfully killed. But let him not exceed the bounds and overdo in (his quest to seek redress by) killing. He is to be helped
17:34 And do not approach the assets of an orphan except with noble intentions, right until he comes of age. Honor your pacts! Surely you are answerable for your pacts
17:35 When you measure, be exact (do not curtail); and when you weigh, use the correct and proper scales (do not diminish). This is beneficial for you, and better in consequences
17:36 Do not take a stand about anything you have no knowledge of. Indeed, the ears the eyes and the heart have all to render an account
17:37 And do not walk on the earth arrogantly. You will neither wear down the earth, nor match the stature of the mountains
17:38 All of that is wrong and despised by your Lord
17:39 This wisdom is revealed to you by your Lord! Do not accept any god other than Allah; else you will be hurled into hell _ cursed and ostracized
17:40 (Oh you who accept gods other than Allah), did your Lord favor you with sons while He settled on angels as daughters for Himself? Surely what you utter is a grave thing
17:41 We have repeatedly explained matters in this Qur´an, so they may come to their senses. But it has only intensified their aversion (for the truth)
17:42 Say
17:43 Glorified is He! Exalted and far above what they assert
17:44 The seven heavens, the earth, and all those who exist therein, glorify Him. There isn´t anything that does not chant His praises! But you fail to (hear their chants, or) comprehend their manner of praise. Surely, He is Gentle and Forgiving
17:45 As you recite the Qur´an, We station an invisible shield between you and those who do not believe in the afterlife
17:46 We have encased their hearts in covers, so they understand nothing; and their ears are plugged with corks. When you mention none but your Lord in the Qur´an, they scornfully turn their backs on you
17:47 We know (their motives) very well. We know what they (want to) hear when they listen to you closely! When the evildoers talk secretly (with their companions), they say, "You are merely following a man possessed."
17:48 See! How they depict you? They have strayed off and cannot find the way
17:49 They ask, "Once we turn into dust and bones, will we be raised back to a renewed existence?"
17:50 Say, "(Yes! Indeed, even if you) turn into stone or steel!"
17:51 "Or any other matter which, in your mind is harder (to resurrect)." They will say, "Who will bring us back?" Say, "The One who brought you into being the first time!" Then, they will shake their heads at you and say, "When will that happen?" Say, "It might be close at hand!"
17:52 When He orders you to emerge on that day, you will comply (and come out) singing praises for Him. You will assume that you had stayed on this earth only for a brief while
17:53 Tell My servants to always say the right thing! Surely, Shaitan incites them to do evil. Shaitan is the professed enemy of the human beings
17:54 Your Lord knows your circumstances very well. If He pleases He will have mercy on you, and He will punish you if He so please. (Oh Muhammad, SAW) We did not appoint you a manager over them
17:55 Your Lord knows all those in the heavens and the earth. He has exalted some messengers over others; He gave Da´ood the Zaboor (the book ´Psalm´ in Bible)
17:56 Say, "Call those you claim (to be gods) beside Him. They do not possess any ability either to remove, or to modify any hardship."
17:57 They themselves pray to Him and vie each other to seek the means to get closer to Him. They hope for His mercy and fear His punishment. Indeed, the punishment of your Lord deserves to be feared
17:58 There is no town that We will not destroy _ or punish severely _ before the Day of Judgment. This is inscribed in the book of decrees
17:59 Nothing prevents Us from producing miracles. But the earlier people had rejected them! We assigned the camel as a proof for the people of ´Samood´, but they committed an outrage. We only display signs to serve as a warning
17:60 (Remember) We said to you that your Lord has confined and contained people. We appointed the vision, _ the one we showed you _ and the mention of the cursed tree (the tree of ´zaqum´) in the Qur´an to be a trial for the people. We alerted them. Yet, it only increased their defiance immensely
17:61 When We told the angels to fall prostrate before Adam they did, except Iblees! He said "Shall I fall prostrate before the one You have fashioned from clay?"
17:62 He said, "Look at him! You gave him precedence over me? If You give me an opportunity till the Day of Judgment, I will outwit and mislead their entire generations! (Only) a few will escape my lure!"
17:63 Said, "Get out of here! Hell is the just recompense, a plentiful penalty for both _ you and those of them who follow you."
17:64 "Tempt and allure them _ anyone among them you can _ with your sly talk. Raid them with your horses and men, bamboozle a share in their wealth and children, and hold out (false) promises for them." Surely Shaitan´s promise is nothing but an illusion
17:65 Of course, you shall have no hold over My servants; your Lord is sufficient as a Trustee
17:66 Your Lord makes the ship sail in the ocean so you could seek His blessings. Indeed, He is ever so merciful towards you
17:67 When trouble strikes you at sea, all those you invoke except Him, vanish (from your consciousness). And when He rescues you (and leads you) back to shore, you again turn away! Man is most ungrateful
17:68 Do you then feel secure that He will not cause you to sink and go under even on dry land? Or send hurricanes upon you and no one will be there to guard you
17:69 Or are you sure that He will not make you go back to sea for a second time, send a cyclone upon you and drown you for your disbelief? Then, you will find no one to assist you against Us
17:70 Indeed, We have honored the descendants of Adam. We let them move about in the land and sea, provided them wholesome food, and markedly excelled them over many of Our other created species
17:71 That day, We will summon all human beings with their record of deeds. Those given their records in their right (hand) will read it (eagerly). They shall not be wronged a bit
17:72 The one who (refuses to see, and so) does not see in this life, will be blind in the afterlife; he shall be farther away from the way
17:73 (Oh prophet!) They almost succeeded in enticing you away from Our revelations, in almost getting you to declare something contrary to Our revelations. They would have then called you a friend
17:74 Had We not kept you staunch, you would surely have begun to lean a little towards them
17:75 If so, We would have you taste the torment _ twice as much in life and twice as severe after death. You would not find any helper against Us
17:76 They had stirred you up enough and had almost succeeded in driving you out of the land. If so, they too, had not stayed behind much longer
17:77 This was Our established practice with every messenger We sent prior to you. You will not detect any departure in Our practice
17:78 And stand in prayers from sunset till dusk, and recite the Qur´an at dawn. Surely, the recitation of the Qur´an at dawn is well attended (by angels)
17:79 And prior to dawn, perform the tahajjud (non-obligatory) prayer at night. Your Lord may elevate you to the most exalted status (in heaven)
17:80 And say, "Oh Lord, usher me into the threshold (of events in life) with the truth; and take me through the outcome (of events) with the truth, and by Your grace appoint for me a mighty ally."
17:81 And say, "The truth is here and falsehood has ceased to be! Indeed, falsehood is ever bound to vanish!"
17:82 That which We revealed in the Qur´an is the mercy and the cure for the believers, and it only multiplies the losses of the evil doers
17:83 Man stays aloof and disregards (the message) when We make (life) pleasant for him, and despairs when he encounters a calamity
17:84 Each one acts according to his own way. Your Lord knows better those, who are well guided and on the (straight) path
17:85 They ask your opinion about the ´Rooh´ (the soul)! Say, "The ´Rooh´ (the soul) is by the command of your Lord. The knowledge imparted to you is just so scanty!"
17:86 Surely, if We please We could revoke the knowledge revealed to you thus far. Then, you will find nothing to promote your cause with Us
17:87 Other than mercy from your Lord! Indeed, His favors upon you are enormous
17:88 Say, "If the humans and jinn were to assemble in an attempt to create anything akin to this Qur´an, they would definitely fail, even if they assisted each other!"
17:89 In this Qur´an, We have thoroughly explained all sorts of examples. But most folks reject everything and insist upon disbelieving
17:90 They say, "We would never believe you unless you could cause springs to gush out of the earth."
17:91 "Or (unless) you owned orchards of dates and grapes, and commandeered rivers to flow through them."
17:92 "Or (else, we dare you to) make the sky tumble down upon us in pieces _ like you claim it might _ and have Allah and His angels appear (face to face) before us."
17:93 "(We might believe you) if your house was made of gold, or you were to rise up into the sky. And we would only trust your ascension if you brought down a book for us to read (and verify)!" Say, "Exalted is my Lord! Am I not just a human being appointed to be His messenger?"
17:94 Nothing prevented people from accepting the guidance once it had arrived, except that they cynically raised the question, "Has Allah appointed a human being to be His messenger?"
17:95 Say, "Had angels populated the earth, _ moving about peacefully in it _ We would certainly have sent another angel from heaven as a messenger for them."
17:96 Say, "Allah is a sufficient witness between you and me. Indeed He watches over His servants and is well Aware."
17:97 The one whom Allah shows the way is indeed well guided! And you will not find any helper other than Him, for the one whom Allah leads astray. We will gather all such people on the Day of Judgment. Blind, dumb and deaf, they shall lie flat on their faces. Hell is to be their abode! We shall ignite the hellfire into a blazing inferno whenever it begins to subside
17:98 Such shall be their punishment. They rejected Our signs and asked, "Once we are bones and bits, will we be awakened into a renewed existence?"
17:99 Do they not see? Allah Who created the heavens and the earth, is capable of creating the likes of them (anew), and of assigning a specific time (for them). There is no doubt about it. The evil doers insist upon disbelief
17:100 Say, "Even if you had treasures of what my Lord blessed you with, you would still, for fear of poverty, hold it back (not spend it)." Man is indeed stingy
17:101 We had granted Musa nine very clear proofs. Ask the children of Israel! When (the proofs) appeared before them, the pharaoh said, "Indeed, Oh Musa, I think you are a man possessed!"
17:102 Musa said, "You of course know that these signs are definitely the eye opening proofs from the Lord of the heavens and the earth! Indeed, oh Pharaoh, I think you are ready to be ruined!"
17:103 Then, he resolved to dislodge them (the children of Israel) from the land, but We drowned him and all those with him
17:104 Later, to the children of Israel We said, "Inhabit the earth till the promise of the afterlife is fulfilled. Then, We will bring you out as a crowd."
17:105 We revealed it (the Qur´an) as an absolute truth and it came (to you) as an absolute truth! In fact, We have appointed you as just a bearer of glad tidings, and as a Warner
17:106 We have segmented this Qur´an in parts, so you may recite it to the people a little at a time. We have revealed it gradually, step by step
17:107 Say, "You may believe in this Qur´an or choose not to. But, when it is read to those who know the scriptures, they (are overwhelmed, and) fall down on their faces in prostration."
17:108 And they say, "Our Lord is exalted. Our Lord´s promise shall definitely happen!"
17:109 They fall down on their faces, choked up and sobbing. It (the Qur´an) fills them with humbleness
17:110 Say, "Call Him Allah, or call him Rehman. Whichever name you call Him by, (remember) His attributes are the most beautiful. During your ´salat´, do not raise your voice too loud, nor lower it to a virtual whisper. Rather, adopt a moderate tone."
17:111 And say, "All praise is for Allah Who did not beget a son, and Who shares the Lordship of His domain with none! And He (has no weakness, therefore) requires no friend to mask any weakness. So, Glorify Him for His Greatness and Majesty


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