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Dr. Kamal Omar

an-Nahl (The Bee)
as rendered by Dr. Kamal Omar
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Dr. Kamal Omar rendition of Surah The Bee(an-Nahl)
16:1 The Decree of Allah has (already) approached, so seek not to hasten it. Glory be to Him, and He became much Exalted in relation to what they assign as partners (to His Dominion)
16:2 He sends down the angels with Ar-Ruh under His Command unto whom He thinks proper out of His Ibad (telling them in inspiration) that: “Warn (mankind) that it is so, (that) La ilaha illa Ana, so pay obedience to Me
16:3 He has created the heavens and the earth under a just and sound purpose. He became Exalted above all they associate as partners (with Him)
16:4 He created the human being from Nutfah, and afterwards he (behaves as) one who indulges in all sorts of arguments and disputes
16:5 And the cattle: He has created them; for you, in them, (there is) warmth (source of warm clothing) and (also other) benefits, and some of them you consume as food
16:6 And for you in them is beauty (a pretty-loohead of state scene) when you leave them in open free breeze and when you leave them grazing (on green fertile land)
16:7 And they hold (and carry) your loads to a place that you could not reach except under great burden and tiredness to yourselves. Surely, your Nourisher-Sustainer is indeed full of kindness, continuously Merciful
16:8 And (He has also created) horses, mules and donkeys that you may ride thereon and (also) as an adornment. And he creates and will create what you know not
16:9 And upon Allah is the responsibility (to tell you the) detailed description of the (Permanent) Path and (there is) one who deviates therefrom. And had He willed, indeed He would have guided you altogether
16:10 He it is Who sent down (rain-) water from towards the sky; for you, therefrom is (the most vital and indispensable) drink and from it (grows the) vegetation (of every kind like grass, plants, trees and shrubs) in which you send your cattle to pasture
16:11 He causes to grow for you therefrom (i.e., with the help of rain-water) the crops, and the olives, and the date-palms, and the grapes and all kinds of fruits. Verily, in this is indeed an evident sign (as Proof for the Existence and Oneness of the Creator and Sustainer Allah and many other facts of life and knowledge) for a nation who think
16:12 And He has controlled and regulated in your interest the night and the day, and the sun and the moon; and the stars remain controlled and regulated under His Command. Surely, in this are indeed proofs and signs for a nation who use intellect
16:13 And whatever He made to grow for you on the earth: their colours are different. Surely, in this is indeed a sign for the nation who remind (realities to themselves, and remind others)
16:14 And He it is Who has controlled and regulated the sea and the ocean, that you may eat therefrom meat, fresh and tender; and you bring out of it ornaments which you put on. And you see the ships ploughing and sailing through it. And this (is so) that you may seek of His Bounty; and so that you may pay thanks (and become grateful)
16:15 And He has affixed into the earth firm mountains lest it may become unstable with you (while in motion), and (He arranged) rivers and tracks that you find the way (to your destinations and targets)
16:16 and land-marks (during the day) and with the help of the stars they guide themselves during the night
16:17 Is then That Who creates is like that who does not create? Will you then not remind (realities) to yourselves and to others
16:18 And if you count the bounty of Allah you will not (be able to) count it. Truly, Allah is indeed Oft-Forgiving, continuously Merciful
16:19 And Allah Knows what you conceal and what you make evident
16:20 Those whom people invoke besides Allah, they do not create anything; rather, they have been created (by Allah)
16:21 (They in their graves and their resting places are) dead people, quite different from the living-ones, and they sense not as to when they would be Resurrected
16:22 Your ilah is One Ilah (God). So those who do not believe in the Hereafter: their hearts are those which deny and they are those who feel pride out of arrogance
16:23 No doubt that Allah knows what they conceal and what they keep evident. Certainly, He does not like those who feel proud out of arrogance
16:24 And when it is said to them: “What is it that your Nourisher-Sustainer has sent down?” They said: “Written record produced by the earlier people!”
16:25 So that they may bear their own burdens in full on the Day of Resurrection and (also) of the burdens of those whom they misled without Knowledge. Behold! Evil it is which they shall bear (as the burdens)
16:26 Indeed, plotted those who (went) before them; so Allah came to their structure via the foundations, so the roof (of their structure) fell down over them, from above them. And the torment overtook them from (the directions, places and sources) which they do not perceive
16:27 Then, on the Day of Resurrection, He will disgrace them and will say: “Where are My (so called) ‘partners’ — those you used to remain involved in them?” Those endowed with knowledge said: “Surely the disgrace and evil this Day (falls) over the disbelievers.
16:28 Those whom the angels cause to die while they are those who transgress against their souls, (then while leaving this world and becoming a witness to death) they offered submission (to Islam) saying: “We did not use to commit any evil!” Nay! Surely Allah is All-Aware what you used to do
16:29 So (now) enter the gates of Hell (becoming) settlers therein. So, surely, evil is the abode for the proud and arrogant people
16:30 And (when) it was said to those who obeyed in righteousness: “What is that which your Nourisher-Sustainer sent down?” They said: “Good and positive (to those who have Faith).” For those who did good in perfection in this world (is a reward which is) excellent, and (their) home in the Hereafter is the best. And, indeed, ideal is the home of Al-Muttaqun
16:31 Gardens, everlasting; they will enter therein, flow underneath them rivers; for them, therein (is all) which they wish for. Thus does Allah reward Al-Muttaqun
16:32 Those whom the angels cause to die while they are those who are pure and pious, the (angels) say: “Salamun ‘Alaikum (peace be on you). Enter you the Paradise because of that which you used to do (in your worldly life).”
16:33 What do they wait for except that the angels may come to them or may approach them the Decree of your Nourisher-Sustainer? Thus acted those before them. And Allah wronged them not, rather they used to transgress against their ownselves
16:34 So reached them the evil effects of what they did and surrounded them that which they used to mock at and ridicule
16:35 And those who assigned partners (to Allah) said: “Had Allah (so) willed we would have not worshipped besides Him any thing, (neither) we and nor our fathers. And we would not have declared haram any thing other than His (prohibitions as available in His Al-Kitab)." Thus behaved those who went before them. Then is there on the Messengers (any responsibility) except (clearly conveying) the Message
16:36 And verily, indeed We raised among every Ummah (community), a Messenger (proclaiming) that: “Pay obedience to Allah and keep away from Taghut. Then of them (are some) whom Allah guided (to His Al-Kitab) and of them (is) that on whom ignorance imposed (itself). So travel through the land, then mark how was the final end of those who belied (the statements in Al-Kitab)
16:37 If you (on your end) covet their guidance, then verily, Allah guides not whom He allows to go astray. And (there are) not for them, out of the helpers
16:38 And they swore to Allah their strongest oaths, (that) Allah does not Resurrect that who dies. Nay! A promise binding on Him (must be) true, but the majority of mankind do not know —
16:39 in order that He may make manifest to them that wherein they differ; and that those who have disbelieved (in Resurrection and Accountability) may realise that they had been liars
16:40 Verily, Our Word unto a thing when We intended it (is only) that We say unto it: "Be!" And it comes into being
16:41 And those who emigrated in (the Cause of) Allah after what they were wronged (or persecuted), surely We will establish them in the earth in a very good way and indeed, the reward of the Hereafter will be greater, if they had been knowing
16:42 (They will be) those who remained patient; and in their Nourisher-Sustainer they put their trust
16:43 And We sent not before you but (only) male-adults — We send inspirations to them: So ask Ahl-az-Zikr if you do not know
16:44 (And we sent them) with Al-Bayyinat and Az-Zubur. And We have delivered to you Az-Zikr that you may clearly explain to mankind whatever has been revealed towards them and in order that they may think over and ponder
16:45 Have they then felt secure who have plotted evils that Allah may cause the (piece of) earth sink along with them, or the punishment may come to them from the sites and directions they perceive not
16:46 Or He may get hold of them during their free movement? Then they will not be those who may create obstructions (for Allah’s plan) or may frustrate (His intentions)
16:47 Or He may get hold of them while (they are) in a state of fear (due to impending or approaching torment?). After all, surely, your Nourisher-Sustainer is indeed, full of kindness, continuously Merciful
16:48 Have they not seen some of the things what Allah has created: their shadows incline to the right and to the left sides being submissive to Allah and they are subject to the laws (of Allah)
16:49 And to Allah submits whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth — out of the moving and living creatures and the angels. And they do not feel pride in arrogance
16:50 They fear their Nourisher-Sustainer from over and above them and they do what they are commanded
16:51 And Allah directed: “Adopt not ilahain (two gods), ithnain (two in numbers)." Certainly, what (is true is that) He is the only One Ilah (God), so only Me (you accept as God). So be conscious of Me with a feeling of fear (out of love and attachment)
16:52 And to Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and the earth and to Him belongs the permanently established Religion. Will you then pay obedience to (someone) other than Allah
16:53 And whatever is with you as a blessing, so (it is) from Allah. Afterwards when affliction (in poverty, disease or other problems) made you its victim, so to Him you cry (for help)
16:54 Then when He removed the affliction from you, thereupon a group of people amongst you assign partners to their Nourisher-Sustainer
16:55 that (thus) they may deny that which We bestowed to them (and relate that to their false and imaginary gods). Well, enjoy yourselves a little, then soon you will come to know
16:56 And they assign to someone they do not know a portion of that which We provided them as sustenance. By Allah! Indeed you shall be questioned about that you used to fabricate
16:57 And people assign daughters unto Allah — Glorified be He (above all that they associate as partners to Him) — and select (sons) unto themselves what they desire
16:58 And when the good news is pronounced to one of them about the (birth of a) female (child), his face turned pale and he became filled with inward grief
16:59 He hides (himself) from the nation from ‘the evil’ in that what he has received as good news. (Under the whispers from Satan he plans): ‘shall he preserve this in dishonour or bury that under the soil’? Behold! Evil it is what decision they take
16:60 For those who do not believe in the Hereafter is an example of evil nature; and for Allah is the example — an exalted (example). And He is the All-Mighty, the All-Wise
16:61 And if Allah seizes mankind for their transgression, He left not over this (earth) out of a single Daabbah; but He postpones (for) them (the final judgement) to an specified and appointed term. And when approached their term, they will not delay (even) an hour and they will not advance it (a moment)
16:62 And they associate to Allah (female offspring) which they (themselves) dislike; and their tongues assert falsehood that for them is (always) good. No doubt, that for them is (sanctioned) the Fire, and that they shall be abandoned (therein)
16:63 By Allah! Surely, indeed We sent to the communities before you (the Messengers), then the Satan made their deeds appear alluring to them, so he (i.e., the Satan) is their wali (helper) this day and for them awaits a painful torment
16:64 And We did not deliver to you Al-Kitab except that you may explain for them (by reciting the wordings and statements of this Book) that in which they have developed difference of opinion; and it is Hudah and Rahmah for the nation who Believe
16:65 And Allah sent down (rain-) water from towards the sky, then He gave life to the earth after its death. Verily, in this is indeed a sign for the nation who listen (to the word of Allah in His Al-Kitab)
16:66 And verily, in the cattle there is a lesson for you. We give you to drink out of that which is in their bellies from between excretions and blood — milk, pure, palatable to those who drink (desirable liquids)
16:67 And from the fruits of date-palms and grapes, you people derive intoxicant drink as well as good and recommended eatables and drinks. Verily, in this (that the same source is being used to derive unpalatable and harmful as well as palatable and useful) indeed, is a sign for the nation who use intellect
16:68 And your Nourisher-Sustainer sent Wahi (inspiration) to the honey-bee (telling her) that: “Select and pick-up some of the sites in mountains as hives, and (also select such sites) out of a tree, and out of (any items) that people raise to a height
16:69 Then take inside your belly out of all fruits, then follow the tracks of your Nourisher-Sustainer dutifully and diligently." There comes forth out of their bellies a liquid-drink whose colours (become) different (depending upon the areas and orchards which the bees select) — herein is healing-power to (the diseases of) mankind. Definitely, in this is indeed (yet another) sign for the nation who think and ponder
16:70 And Allah has created you, afterwards He will cause you to die. And of you is that who is sent back to the weakest and tendermost portion of age (much similar to the times when he was a new born or an infant or a child), so that (then) he knows not anything after (he had attained considerable maturity and climax in) knowledge. Verily, Allah (Only) is All-Knowing, All-Capable
16:71 And Allah has elevated, some of you over some (others) in provision. Then those who have been elevated, do not become those who share their provision with those whom their right hands held in trust so that they become at the same footing. Do they then create hurdles for the bestowings of Allah (from reaching every one in equal proportion)
16:72 And Allah appointed for you out of your own Anfus (persons) spouses and He set for you through your marital-partners children and grand children; and He provided you provisions out of At-Tayyibat. Do they then Believe in that which is unrealistic and regarding the bestowings of Allah they exhibit disbelief? [This statement desires that the provisions provided to mankind by Allah in this world must be made to be equally shared by all]
16:73 And they worship besides Allah that who does not own any provision for them from the heavens and the earth; and they have no capacity (to own or sanction provisions)
16:74 So coin not similitudes for Allah. Surely, Allah knows and you do not know
16:75 Allah brought forward (of two opposite categories): an abd under ownership (of some body), he has no power of any sort and (another) one whom We have bestowed a good provision from Us, so he spends thereof secretly and openly. Are (such) people equal? Specified Praise is restricted to Allah (Alone). Nay! The majority of them do not know
16:76 And Allah brought forward (another) example of two male-adults; one of these two is dumb, he has no power over any thing, and he completely depends on his master; whichever way he (i.e., the master) directs him, he brings no good. Does become equal he and that who commands with justice and he is on the Permanent Path
16:77 And to Allah belongs the (Knowledge of the) hidden and the unseen of the heavens and the earth. And the ordainment for the Hour (is not remote) but like the blinhead of state of the eye or it (may be even) nearer. Truly, Allah is All-Capable over all things
16:78 And Allah has brought you out from the bellies of your mothers (while) you know nothing. And he made available for you the hearing, and the sights and the hearts, that you may give thanks
16:79 Do they not focus their attention to the birds kept under full control in the space in the sky? Does not hold them (in flying position) except Allah (Himself). Verily, in this are signs and proofs (for Oneness of the Supreme Creator) for the nation who Believe
16:80 And Allah has made for you in your homes an abode, and made for you out of the hides of cattle (tents as) dwellings, which you find so light and handy (on) the day of your travel and (on) the day of your stay; and of their all kinds of wool, and of their fur and of their hair furnishings and (other) articles of convenience for a specified period (of your life-span)
16:81 And Allah has made in your interest out of that which He has created, shades; and He has made for you in the mountains places of refuge; and He has made in your interest garments — these protect you from the heat, and (military) garments — these protect you from your (mutual) violence. Thus He perfects His grace unto you so that you may submit yourselves (as Muslims in Islam)
16:82 Then if they turn away so surely whatever is on you (as your responsibility, it is) to convey and propagate (the Message) in a clear way
16:83 They fully recognise the Grace of Allah (i.e., Al-Kitab and Islam), afterwards they disassociate (themselves) from it and majority of them are (confirmed) disbelievers
16:84 And the Day we raise up from all communities a shaheed (witness), then permission shall not be given for those who disbelieved (for any extra time to make amends) and nor they would be provided an opportunity to put forward excuses
16:85 And when those who transgressed witnessed the punishment then it would not be lightened unto them, and nor will they be given respite
16:86 And when those who associated partners (to God) saw their associate-gods, they said: “Our Nourisher-Sustainer! All these are our associate-gods, those whom we used to invoke besides You.” Thereupon they retorted on them the statement: “Surely you are indeed liars!”
16:87 And they offered to Allah, this Day, full submission (in Islam). And vanished from them what they had been inventing in falsehood
16:88 Those who disbelieved and hindered from the Way of Allah: We added to them a torment over the torment because of that which they used to do as mischief
16:89 And the Day We raise in all communities a shaheed (witness) over them from amongst themselves and We came, with you as a witness over all these people (Our Al-Kitab became the judge to decide every case on merit.See Verse 39/69). And We delivered to you Al-Kitab, Tibyan-un-le-kulle-sha'in (‘An Exposition of all things’), Hudah, Rahmah and Bushrah for the Muslims
16:90 Verily, Allah enjoins Al-Adl and al-Ehsan (doing good in perfection), and giving (help and assistance) to close-relations. And He forbids against Al-Fahisha, and Al-Munkar and Al-Baghy. He admonishes you that you may remind yourselves and remind others
16:91 And fulfil the covenant of Allah when you have made the covenant and break not the oaths after their testification, and indeed you have made Allah over yourselves as a surety. Surely, Allah Knows what you do
16:92 And be not you people like that (Ummah or Community) which undid (or untied) her yarn, after (attaining) power (i.e., getting properly spun in the form) into loose, isolated threads. You regard your oaths a means of deception amongst you (for fear) lest an Ummah become that which is greater than (another) Ummah. Surely, what (is the fact is that) Allah puts you to a test and trial therewith. And indeed, He will make completely clear to you on the Day of Resurrection (all) that wherein you used to differ
16:93 And if Allah had desired He would have surely made you one homogenous, non differing Ummah; but He lets go astray whom He thinks proper and He guides whom He thinks proper. And surely, you shall be questioned concerning that which you had been doing
16:94 And make not your oaths a means of deception amongst yourselves, lest a foot may slip after its getting firmly planted and (thus) you may taste the evil because of what you hindered from the way of Allah, and for you would be a great punishment
16:95 And purchase not at the cost of Allah’s covenant a small sum. Surely, whatever is with Allah: it is better for you if you had been knowing (the Truth)
16:96 What is with you, exhausts; and what is with Allah, is that which continues and remains. And surely, We will pay those who bore in patience their reward with (much) better of what they had been doing (in their deeds, actions and Beliefs)
16:97 Whoever acted in righteousness out of a male or a female and that one is a Believer: so surely, We will keep him (or her) alive in an ideally clean life and surely We shall pay them their reward (much) better of what they had been doing
16:98 So as you recited Al-Quran, then seek protection in Allah from Satan, the outcast (the rejected)
16:99 Certainly, he: there is no authority with him against those who have Believed and they put their trust in their Nourisher-Sustainer
16:100 Certainly what (is the fact is that) authority in him is only against those who accept him as a wali and those: they, with him, assign partnership (to Allah)
16:101 And when We replaced an Ayat at the place of (another) Ayat,and Allah knows better what He delivers (on a person, from His Al-Kitab), the people said: “Surely, what (is the situation is that) you are a Muftari [one who forges (statements in the name of Allah)]. “Nay! The majority of them do not know. [It is only the Divine Scripture which has scattered the teachings on any particular subject throughout its Text. This style is not found in any human book. Therefore when one delivers the statements to his pupil on one particular subject-matter, he delivers them collectively. The teacher has to pick up the Verses from different places to make the student understand the matter. The people who are ignorant in this matter apply a charge of forgery to the teacher who teaches in this manner.]
16:102 Say: Ruhul-Qudus (Holy Spirit) has delivered it (bringing it) from your Nourisher-Sustainer in original so that it may make firm and strengthened (in Faith) those who have Believed; and it is Hudah and Bushrah for the Muslims
16:103 And surely, without doubt We know that they say: “Surely that who teaches him is a human being." The (mother) tongue of him they refer to is Aajamiyyun (non-Arabic, not fully capable of harbouring and explaining the Divine Message), while this (i.e., the original Text of Al-Kitab) is manifestly evident, (most classical) Arabic language
16:104 Verily, those who do not Believe in Ayaatillahe, Allah will not guide them, and for them is a painful torment
16:105 Surely what (is a fact is that) those who do not believe in Ayaatillahe, fabricate falsehood and they: they very ones are liars
16:106 Whoever disbelieved in Allah after his Faith (was fully entrenched in Him), except who is compelled while his heart is at rest with Faith — but one who opened (his) breast to disbelief, then on them is wrath from Allah and for them is a great punishment
16:107 That is because they loved and preferred the life of this world over the Hereafter. And surely Allah guides not the nation of disbelievers
16:108 They are those: Allah has put a seal upon their hearts and their hearing and their sights. And they: they very ones are the ignorant
16:109 No doubt, surely, they in the Hereafter: they very ones are the losers
16:110 Then, verily! Your Nourisher-Sustainer — for those who emigrated after whatever trials and tribulations they were put to, and thereafter they strove hard and bore (the hardships) in patience — surely, your Nourisher-Sustainer, after this is indeed Oft-Forgiving, continuously Merciful
16:111 The Day every Nafs will come: she pleads for her (own) Nafs and is paid in full every Nafs what she did; and they will not be put to injustice
16:112 And Allah brought forward the example of a township: it was in complete security, fully content (what it received), its provisions come to it in abundance from all places. Then it denied the bounties of Allah (by becoming a prey to Satanic influences and adopting undesirable way of life), so Allah made it taste an atmosphere of hunger (due to poverty or famine) and fear (due to lawlessness and terrorism) because of that which they used to invent and involve (themselves therein)
16:113 And surely, indeed there came to them a Messenger from amongst them, but they denied him. So the torment seized them while they were transgressors
16:114 So eat out of that which Allah gave you as provisions in the form of lawful and palatable (food). And be grateful for the grace of Allah if you are submitting yourselves only to His obedience
16:115 Surely, what (is correct is that) He has forbidden you Al-Mytatah (The dead animal), and the blood, and the flesh of the swine, and what has been pronounced for/ dedicated to other than Allah, along with Him. But that who has been made helpless, not becoming one who is rebellious, and not becoming one who is ready to break limits — then surely Allah is Oft-Forgiving, continuously Merciful
16:116 And say not — because of the falsehood which your tongues utter — ‘This is lawful and this is unlawful,’ so as you fabricate a false statement associating (it) to Allah. Surely, those who fabricate falsehood associating (it) to Allah, do not prosper
16:117 (It is) a brief enjoyment, and (then) for them (awaits) a painful punishment
16:118 And unto those who Haadoo (became Jews) We (allowed to become) prohibited (through their man-made sectarian literature) what We have narrated unto you min qablu (already). And We placed no extra-burden on them; they themselves were imposing extra-burden over themselves
16:119 Then surely, your Nourisher-Sustainer — to those who committed evil out of ignorance (and) later on repented after this and reformed (the Beliefs and actions) — surely, your Nourisher-Sustainer, after that (transformation in one’s self is) indeed Oft-Forgiving, continuously Merciful
16:120 Indeed Ibrahim happened to be an Ummah (in himself) completely content in Allah, absolutely Unitarian. And he does not become of those who set up partners (to Allah)
16:121 (being) grateful for His bounties and favours. He (i.e., Allah) selected him and guided him to the Permanent Path
16:122 And We gave him good in this world. And surely, he in the Hereafter, shall indeed be of the righteous
16:123 Then We sent to you inspiration that: “Adopt the millat of Ibrahim the Unitarian and he was not of the Mushrikun.
16:124 Truly, what (is the fact is that) As-Sabt became a heavy burden on those who created differences therein (by shifting it from youm-ul-Jumuah to other days like Saturday or Sunday and by creating self-imposed burdens for themselves in the form of mahead of state it a closed day for work). And verily, your Nourisher-Sustainer will indeed pronounce a judgement amongst them on the Day of Resurrection in what they had been creating differences therein
16:125 Invite to the Way of your Nourisher-Sustainer with Al-Hikmah (‘The Wisdom’. This is an attribute for Allah’s Book) and Al-Mauizatil-Hasanah, and argue with them with such an approach which is better. Truly, your Nourisher-Sustainer: He knows better about that (person) who went astray from His Path. And He knows better about those who are guided
16:126 And if you chased to give hurt, then chase to give hurt with the like of what you were chased to receive hurt. And surely, if you endured patiently, verily, it is good for the perseverants
16:127 And show perseverance, and your patience is not but from Allah. And grieve not over them and be not in distress because of what they plot (against Al-Kitab, Islam and the Messenger)
16:128 Truly, Allah is on the side of those who remained obedient and those: they are Muhsinun (those who obey Islamic ordainments in perfection)


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