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an-Nahl (The Bee)
as rendered by Dr. Mohammad Tahir-ul-Qadri
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Dr. Mohammad Tahir-ul-Qadri rendition of Surah The Bee(an-Nahl)
16:1 The promise of Allah has drawn (near), so do not hasten in seeking it. Holy is He and Exalted far above those objects, which the disbelievers set up as (His) peers
16:2 He alone sends down the angels by His command with Revelation (which is the spirit of all the teachings of Din [Religion]) to those of His servants He likes: ‘Warn (the people) that there is no God except Me, so fear Me against all evils.
16:3 He alone has created the heavens and the earth with a decreed celestial order. He is Exalted far above those objects which the disbelievers set up as (His) peers
16:4 He alone has created man from a drop of vital fluid, yet he has become openly contentious (instead of becoming totally submissive to Allah)
16:5 And He alone has created for you the cattle. They are for you a source of warm clothing and (other) benefits. And you (also) eat some of them
16:6 And there is beauty in them (and also a joy—an aesthetic pleasure) for you when you drive (them back) in the evening from pasture, and when you drive (them) out in the morning (to graze)
16:7 And these (animals also) carry your loads to those distant cities (and remote areas) where you cannot reach (otherwise) without toiling hard. Surely, your Lord is Most Clement, Ever-Merciful
16:8 And (He is the One Who has created) horses, mules and donkeys so that you may ride them, and that they may serve as means of adornment (for you) as well, and He will (further) create (such ornamented means of conveyance) that you do not know (today)
16:9 And the middle course reaches (the door of) Allah, and many crooked side tracks also (branch off) from it. And had He so willed, He would have guided all of you
16:10 He is the One Who has sent down for you water from the sky. (Some) of it is to drink and (some) of it is for plantation. (You grow with it plants, vegetation and pastures) wherein you take (your cattle) to graze
16:11 With the same water, He grows for you crops and olives and date-palms and grapes and all kinds of fruit. Indeed, there are signs in it for those who reflect and meditate
16:12 And He (is the One Who) has subjected to your service the night and the day and the sun and the moon, and all the stars have also been made subservient to (the system according to) His strategy. Surely, there are signs in it for those who possess reason
16:13 And (of the animal world, vegetable world and minerals,) whatever He has created for you in the earth which have separate colours (genders, species, classes, characteristics and benefits, etc. —all have been subdued to your service). Verily, there is a sign in it for those who take advice
16:14 And He is the One Who has subjected the sea (rivers and oceans) as well (in addition to air and land) so that you may eat fresh (and favourite) seafood from there and may take out from them gems (etc.) that you wear as ornaments. And, (O man,) you see the vessels (and ships) that pierce through the water (of the rivers and oceans). And (all this has been managed) so that you may look for His bounty (i.e., sustenance, far and wide) and also that you may become thankful
16:15 And He is the One Who has created firm mountains in the earth (by allying various elements) lest it tremor whilst carrying you (revolving in its orbit), and rivers and (also natural) routes so that you may find way (to reach the destinations)
16:16 And set up landmarks (to navigate during the day). And (at night as well) people find (their) way by means of the stars
16:17 Can the Creator, Who creates (all that), be like the one who cannot create (anything)? Do you not then accept advice
16:18 And if you want to count the favours of Allah, you will not be able to number them all. Surely, Allah is Most Forgiving, Ever-Merciful
16:19 And Allah knows what you hide and what you show
16:20 And the (idols) whom these (polytheists) worship besides Allah cannot create anything; they have rather been created themselves
16:21 (They) are non-living, inanimate objects which do not (even) sense when the people will be raised up
16:22 Your God is One God. So those who do not believe in the Hereafter are deniers at heart and are beliers and arrogant
16:23 This is true and established that Allah knows all that they hide and all that they show. Surely, He does not like the defiers and arrogant
16:24 And when they are asked: ‘What has your Lord sent down?’ they retort: ‘False fables of the people gone by (have been sent down).
16:25 (They are making all these utterances) so that they may carry a full load (of their evildoings) on the Day of Resurrection, and also (carry) some of the load of those that they are misguiding due to (their) ignorance. Beware! It is an extremely evil load which they are carrying
16:26 No doubt, those who lived before them (also) devised plots, but Allah knocked down the edifice (of their deceptive plots) from its foundations, and the roof caved in upon them, and the torment came at them from whence they least expected
16:27 Then He will humiliate them on the Day of Resurrection and say: ‘Where are those that you set up as peers to Me, and in whose favour you disputed (with the believers)?’ Those endowed with knowledge will say: ‘Today (all types of) humiliation and destruction will surely befall the disbelievers
16:28 Those whom the angels cause to die, whilst they are (constantly) doing wrong to their own souls.’ They will display obedience and submission (on the Day of Resurrection and say:) ‘We were not given to doing any evil (in the world).’ No indeed! Allah surely has thorough knowledge of what you used to do
16:29 So, enter the gates of Hell. You are its permanent residents. So how evil is the abode of the arrogant
16:30 And (when) the Godfearing are asked: ‘What has your Lord sent down?’ they say: ‘All good (for here and the Hereafter has been sent down).’ There is good for those who do good in this world (too), and certainly the abode of the Hereafter is even better. And how excellent is the abode of those who are Godfearing
16:31 There are Gardens of Eternity which they will enter with streams flowing under them. Therein will be (available) whatever they will long for. That is how Allah rewards the Godfearing
16:32 The angels take their lives whilst they are pure, clean, pleased and contented (due to obedience and piety. The angels tell them the moment they take their lives:) ‘Peace be upon you! Enter Paradise due to (the pious deeds) that you used to do.
16:33 And what else are they waiting for except that the angels should come to them, or there should reach the command (of torment) from your Lord? Those before them (also) did the same. And Allah did not do them any wrong, but they themselves used to wrong their own souls
16:34 So the punishments that came upon them were due to the acts that they had perpetrated, and the same (chastisement) they used to make fun of engulfed them
16:35 And those who set up peers with Allah say: ‘Had Allah so willed, we would not have worshipped anything apart from Him, neither we nor our fathers. Nor would we have forbidden anything without His (command).’ Those before them (also) did the same. Are the Messengers responsible for anything in addition to clearly conveying (the message and commandments of Allah)
16:36 And indeed We raised a Messenger amongst every people (saying): ‘(O people,) worship Allah and keep away from Taghut (i.e., Satan and idol-worship).’ Then some amongst them were those whom Allah guided, and there were others amongst them for whom misguidance proved (appropriate). So travel through the land and see what was the end of those who belied (the truth)
16:37 If you ardently desire them to take the path of guidance then (let not your sanctified disposition be overburdened), for indeed Allah does not guide him whom He holds strayed, nor do they have any helpers
16:38 And they swear by Allah most earnestly that Allah will not resurrect him who dies. No indeed! The true promise is a bountiful obligation upon Him, but most people do not know
16:39 (The dead will be raised up again) so that He makes evident (the truth) wherein they disagree, and that the disbelievers may realize that they alone are in fact liars
16:40 Our command for a thing is but only this much that when We intend (to bring) it (into existence), We say to it: ‘Be,’ and it becomes
16:41 And those who emigrated after they had been subjected to (different kinds of) torture and brutality, We will certainly provide them with a better abode in this (very) world. And the reward in the Hereafter is certainly greater. Would that they knew (this secret)
16:42 Those who remain steadfast and put their trust in their Lord
16:43 And before you also, We sent only men as Messengers towards whom We sent Our Revelations. So if you yourselves do not know (anything), then ask the People of remembrance
16:44 (They too were sent) with clear proofs and the Books. And, (O Glorious Messenger,) We have revealed to you the Glorious Reminder (the Qur’an) so that you may explain clearly to people (the message and the commandments) that have been sent down to them and that they may meditate
16:45 Have these evil and deceitful people gone free of the fear that Allah may sink them into the earth, or may send them torment from (any) quarter that is beyond their imagination
16:46 Or He may seize them during their movements (travelling and business trips). So, they cannot hinder Allah
16:47 Or He may seize them for being struck with fear. Indeed, your Lord is Most Compassionate, Ever-Merciful
16:48 Have they not seen those (shady) objects that Allah has created; their shadows keep crawling on the right and the left sides, prostrating themselves before Allah? And, (in fact, in this way) they display humbleness and obedience
16:49 And whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth, all living beings and angels prostrate themselves before Allah (alone), and are not (a bit) proud and arrogant
16:50 They keep fearing their Lord, Who is high above them, and obey whatever command they are given
16:51 And Allah has ordained: ‘Do not take two gods; assuredly, He (Allah) alone is the only One God. So fear Me alone persistently.
16:52 And whatever is in the heavens and the earth (all) belongs to Him alone, and obedience to Him alone is obligatory (for all). Do you then fear (anyone) other than Allah
16:53 And whatever blessing you have been provided with is from Allah alone. Then, when some distress afflicts you, you wail and weep only before Him
16:54 Then, when Allah removes that distress from you, a party from amongst you starts setting up partners with their Lord
16:55 (This disbelief and polytheism is perpetrated) so that they may show ingratitude for those (blessings) which We have bestowed upon them. So, (O polytheists,) take this (a few days’) benefit, then soon will you know (your end)
16:56 And they ascribe a portion of the provisions which We have given them to those (idols) whose (reality) even they themselves do not know. By Allah, you will indeed be asked about what you fabricate
16:57 And they (the disbelievers and polytheists) ascribe daughters to Allah—Glory be to Him (He is far above that)!—and for themselves they prefer what they desire (i.e., sons)
16:58 And when the news (of the birth) of a daughter is disclosed to any of them, his face turns dark and he gets pent up with anger
16:59 He seeks to hide himself from people due to the (presumed) bad news that is given to him. (He now gets down to thinking) whether he should keep her (alive) despite humiliation and disgrace, or bury her (alive) in the earth. See! How wicked is the decision that they make
16:60 (This) is the most evil attribute of those who do not believe in the Hereafter and the most exalted attribute is only Allah’s. And He is Almighty, Most Wise
16:61 And had Allah seized people (instantly) for their injustice, He would not have left any living being (on the surface of the earth). But He grants them respite till an appointed term. When their fixed time arrives, then they can neither advance, nor hold it back for a single moment
16:62 And they attribute to Allah what they loathe (for themselves), and their tongues utter falsehood that there is good for them. (No indeed!) The truth is that for them there is Hell, and they will be the first ones to be sent (into Hell where they shall be left forever)
16:63 By Allah! We certainly sent Messengers to (many) communities before you (also). Then Satan made their (evil) deeds look attractive and pleasing to them. So the same (Satan) is Today their friend. And for them there is painful punishment
16:64 And We have not revealed to you the Book except that you may explain clearly to them those (matters) in which they differ; and (also that this Book) is guidance and mercy for the people that have embraced faith
16:65 And Allah pours down water from the sky, and by means of that brings the earth to life (i.e., makes it fertile and green) after it has become dead (i.e., barren and infertile). Surely, there is in it a sign for those who give ear (to advice)
16:66 And indeed in the cattle (too) there is a point for you to ponder. We provide you with pure milk to drink brought forth from that substance of their bellies (which is produced by) compounding (certain) intestinal contents and blood and which freshens up those who drink it
16:67 And from the fruits of date-palms and grapes, you obtain sugar and (other) wholesome foods. Indeed, there is a sign in it for those who have reason
16:68 And your Lord seeded (the idea instinctually) in the honeybee’s heart: ‘Make your hives in certain mountains and certain trees and (also) in certain projections people build aloft (like roofs)
16:69 So, suck the juice of all kinds of fruit, and then follow those routes (suggested) by your Lord (which lead to these fruits and flowers of which you are to suck the juice, leading other bees also to the source) for their convenience.’ There oozes from their bellies a syrup (i.e., honey) of diverse colours. It has healing properties for the people. Therein is indeed a sign for those who apply their minds
16:70 And Allah has brought you into being; then He causes you to die; and He turns some of you to the most worthless age (i.e., senility) so that after knowing (so much in life) he should now know nothing (i.e., man may see to his helplessness and paucity of resources before death). Surely, Allah is All-Knowing, All-Powerful
16:71 And Allah has preferred some of you to others in (grades of) provision (so that He puts you to trial through the command of spending in His way). But those who have been preferred do not divert (even a portion of) their wealth to (i.e., do not spend on) their dependants, whilst they all are equal in it (as for as their basic necessities are concerned). So do they deny Allah’s favour
16:72 And Allah has created for you spouses from amongst yourselves, and has created through your mates (i.e., wives) sons and grandsons and provided you with pure sustenance. Do they still believe in falsehood (abandoning the truth) and disregard Allah’s favours
16:73 And besides Allah, they worship those (idols) who are helpless to provide them with any provision from the heavens and the earth, nor do they have any power
16:74 So never put forward any similitude about Allah. Surely, Allah knows and you do not
16:75 Allah has explained an example (that) there is a slave, possessed by (some master), having no control over anything (himself), and (the other) is the one to whom We have given the best provision, so he gives out to others out of it secretly and openly: can the two be held equal? All praise belongs to Allah alone. But most of them do not know (even the basic reality)
16:76 And Allah has illustrated an example of two (such) men of whom one is dumb, has no power over anything and is a burden on his master; wherever he (the master) sends him, he brings no good. Can he (the dumb) be equal to the (other) one who (holds such an office that he) enjoins the people to do justice, and he himself also follows the straight path
16:77 And to Allah belongs (all) the unseen of the heavens and the earth, and the advent of the Last Hour will be as quick as a twinkling of an eye or even faster. Surely, Allah has mighty control over everything
16:78 And Allah brought you forth from the wombs of your mothers (in such a state) that you knew nothing, and He endowed you with ears and eyes and hearts so that you might give thanks
16:79 Have they not seen the birds that fly aloft in the air (under the law of motion and aerodynamics)? Nothing but (the laws of) Allah hold them (in the sky). Surely, there are signs in (this law of aerodynamics) for the believers
16:80 And Allah has made your homes (permanent) places for you to reside and made for you (temporary) dwellings (i.e., tents) with the skins of cattle which you find light enough during your journey and for (reposing at break-journey) halts. And (Allah is the One Who) provides you with household goods and profitable means (in business and trade) from the wool of sheep and lambs and the fur of camels and hair obtained from goats (which are) for an appointed term
16:81 And Allah is the One Who has made for you shades of many things that He created, and He has made places of shelter for you in the mountains, and He has made such clothes for you that protect you from heat and (others like) coats of armour, which shield you (against the enemy assault) during the event of intense war. Thus Allah perfects His favour and blessing (i.e., provision and protection) upon you so that you may bow down (before His presence) with absolute submissiveness
16:82 So if (even then) they turn away, (O Glorious Messenger,) then your responsibility is only to convey and communicate (My message and My commands) clearly
16:83 They recognize Allah’s favour, then deny it and most of them are disbelievers
16:84 And the Day when We shall raise from every people (their Messenger as) a witness (to their deeds), then the disbelievers will not be accorded permission (to put forward any excuse), nor will they be asked (then) to turn to Allah in repentance
16:85 And when the wrongdoers see the torment, neither will (this torment) be mitigated for them, nor will they be granted any respite
16:86 And when the idolaters see their (self-made) partners, they will say: ‘O our Lord, these are our partner-gods which we worshipped besides You.’ Thereupon those (partner-gods) will send them the message (in reply): ‘You are liars indeed.
16:87 And that Day, these (polytheists) will show humbleness and obedience to Allah, and all falsehood that they used to fabricate will vanish from them
16:88 Those who disbelieved and persistently hindered (others) from the path of Allah, We shall add torment to their torment because they used to spread mischief and spoil peace
16:89 And (this) will be the Day (when) We shall raise amongst every people one witness against them from themselves, and, (O Venerable Beloved,) We shall bring you as witness to all of them (communities and Messengers). And We have revealed to you that Glorious Book which is a clear exposition of everything and is guidance, mercy and glad tidings for the believers
16:90 Indeed, Allah enjoins justice and benevolence (towards everyone), and giving away to the kindred, and forbids indecency, evil deeds, defiance and disobedience. He admonishes you so that you may remember with concern
16:91 And always fulfil the promise of Allah when you promise, and do not break oaths after making them firm, whilst you have already made Allah a surety over you. Surely, Allah knows well whatever you do
16:92 And do not be like the woman who, after spinning her yarn firm and strong, breaks it into pieces. You employ your oaths as a means of deceiving amongst you so that (by this) one party may earn more profit than the other. The matter is that Allah (also) puts you to trial through the same, and on the Day of Resurrection He will certainly make clear those matters in which you used to disagree
16:93 And had Allah so willed, He would have made (all) of you one Umma (Community) but He holds strayed whom He wills and leads to guidance whom He wills. And you will surely be asked about the deeds you used to do
16:94 And do not use your oaths as a means of deceiving amongst you lest your foot should quiver after it is set firmly (in Islam), and you will taste the evil result because you used to hinder (the people) from the path of Allah. And there is severe torment for you
16:95 And do not barter the promise made to Allah for a paltry price (i.e., worldly wealth and gains). Surely, (the reward) that is with Allah is best for you if you know (this secret)
16:96 The (riches) that you possess will be no more and what is with Allah will last. And those who remain steadfast, We shall certainly pay their recompense for their righteous deeds which they used to do
16:97 Whoever performs pious works, man or woman, provided he or she is a believer, We will surely let such a person live a life of purity, and will indeed reward them (as well) their wage of the righteous works which they used to do
16:98 So when you undertake to recite the Qur’an, seek refuge with Allah against (the wiles of) Satan, the outcast
16:99 Surely, he has no control (at all) over those who believe and put their trust in their Lord
16:100 He overpowers only those who make friends with him and who associate partners with Allah
16:101 And when We substitute some Verse in place of another Verse, and Allah (alone) knows best whatever He sends down, (then) the disbelievers say: ‘You are but a forger!’ But most of them do not know (the rationale of sending down and substituting the Verses)
16:102 Say: ‘The Holy Spirit (Gabriel) has brought it (the Qur’an) down from your Lord with truth so as to keep the believers firm-footed, and (this) is guidance and good news for the believers.
16:103 And indeed, We know that they (the disbelievers and the polytheists) say: ‘It is but a human being who teaches him this (Qur’an).’ But the person they point to, turning the matter away from the truth, is the one whose language is non-Arabic and this Qur’an is (in) a clear and unambiguous Arabic language
16:104 Surely, those who do not believe in the Revelations of Allah, Allah does not provide them with guidance (i.e., does not enable them to have understanding and insight). And for them is a grievous torment
16:105 Indeed, they alone who do not believe in the Revelations of Allah invent false fabrications and they alone are liars
16:106 The one who disbelieves after having believed, except someone who is coercively forced to do so, and at heart remains contented with belief (as before), but (of course) he who (adopts) disbelief (afresh) wholeheartedly with an open mind, on them is a wrath from Allah and for them is a fierce torment
16:107 That is because they loved and preferred the life of this world to the Hereafter, and because Allah does not guide the disbelieving folk
16:108 They are those whose hearts and whose ears and whose eyes Allah has sealed, and they are the ones who are neglectful (of their end in the Hereafter)
16:109 It is a fact that these are certainly those who are the losers in the Hereafter
16:110 Then your Lord—for those who emigrated (i.e., left their homes and towns for the cause of Allah) after they had been made to suffer from trials (and atrocities at the hands of militant and tyrant disbelievers), then fought in the way of Allah and remained steadfast (in the face of violence, mischief, tyranny, oppression and terrorism); after that (O Glorious Beloved)—your Lord is Most Forgiving, Ever-Merciful
16:111 And (recall) that Day when every person will appear pleading for himself (in his defence), and every soul will be given full recompense for whatever it will have done, and they will not be wronged in the least
16:112 And Allah has described the example of a township which was (living) in peace and contentment. The means of sustenance came to (its residents) in abundance from all quarters. Then the (dwellers) of this town disregarded Allah’s blessings and showed ingratitude. Thereupon Allah clothed them in the torment of hunger and fear due to the activities that they used to carry out
16:113 And indeed, there came to them from amongst themselves a Messenger but they denied him. So the torment seized them and they were certainly the wrongdoers
16:114 So always eat of that clean and lawful sustenance which Allah has given you, and give thanks for the favour of Allah if it is indeed Him alone that you worship
16:115 He has only forbidden you carrion, blood, the flesh of swine and (the animal) on which the name of other than Allah is invoked at the time of slaughter. But he who is faced with a survival condition (forced by necessity), neither defying (Allah’s injunctions seeking taste of lust), nor transgressing (the limit of necessity), then Allah is surely Most Forgiving, Ever-Merciful
16:116 And do not tell a lie which your tongues utter: ‘This is lawful and that is forbidden,’ thus fabricating a lie against Allah. Indeed, those who fabricate lies against Allah will (never) be delivered
16:117 There is only a little profit, but the torment for them is painful (beyond proportion)
16:118 And We made unlawful for the Jews the same things that We have mentioned to you before, and We did not wrong them, but they used to wrong their souls themselves
16:119 Indeed your Lord, for those who committed wrongs out of ignorance, then turned to Him in repentance and amended (their) state, then surely after that your Lord is Most Forgiving, Ever-Merciful
16:120 Surely, Ibrahim (Abraham) was an Umma ([Community] in himself), exclusively obedient to Allah, turning away from all falsehood (ever inclined and given to Him alone) and was not of those who associate partners with Allah
16:121 Grateful to (Allah) for His blessings. Allah chose him (and exalted him to a high office in His presence) and guided him to the straight path
16:122 And We bestowed upon him good in this world, and he will surely be of the upright in the Hereafter (as well)
16:123 Then, (O Glorious Beloved,) We sent down Revelation to you: ‘Follow the Din (Religion) of Ibrahim (Abraham), who was at variance with every falsehood, and was not of those who associate partners with Allah.
16:124 Saturday (the Sabbath) was ordained only for those who differed about it, and indeed your Lord will judge amongst them on the Day of Resurrection (in the matters) in which they used to differ
16:125 (O Glorious Messenger!) Invite towards the path of your Lord with wisdom and refined exhortation and (also) argue with them in a most decent manner. Surely, your Lord knows well the one who strayed away from His path, and He also knows well the rightly guided
16:126 And if you want to punish, then punish only (as severely) as you were afflicted, but if you remain patient, then certainly that is better for those who keep patience
16:127 And, (O Glorious Beloved,) be patient and your patience is by Allah alone. And you should not grieve over their (defiance), nor distress (your gracious and benevolent heart) on account of their deceptive plots
16:128 Surely, Allah blesses them who live with Godwariness and who (also) live with spiritual excellence with His (special) companionship


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