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Ali Bakhtiari Nejad

Hud (Hud)
as rendered by Bakhtiari Nejad
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Ali Bakhtiari Nejad rendition of Surah Hud(Hud)
11:1 A.L.R. (Alif. Lam. Ra.), a book that its verses are made consistent and then explained by wise and well informed one
11:2 That you should not serve except God. Indeed I am a warner and a giver of good news for you from Him
11:3 And that you ask forgiveness of your Master, then turn to Him (in repentance), He makes you enjoy a good enjoyment for a limited period, and He gives His grace to everyone who is gracious. And if you turn away, then indeed I am afraid of the punishment of a great day upon you
11:4 Your return is to God, and He is capable of everything.
11:5 Know that they fold up their chests to hide from him (or Him). Know that (even) when they cover themselves with their clothing, He knows what they hide and what they disclose. He knows what is inside the chests (minds)
11:6 There is no creature on the earth except its food (and provision) is God’s responsibility, and He knows its habitation and its depository (where it is buried), all is in a clear book
11:7 He is the One who created the skies and the earth in six days (stages) and His kingdom is on the water, so that He tests which one of you does better work. And if you say you will be raised after the death, those who disbelieve shall say: this is only a clear magic
11:8 And if We delay the punishment from them for a limited time, they shall say: what holds it back? Know that on a day that it comes to them, it will not be turned away from them, and what they used to ridicule will surround them
11:9 If We make the human being taste from Our mercy, then We take it away from him, he is certainly hopeless and ungrateful
11:10 And if We make him taste favor after hardship touched him, he shall say: the badness went away from me. Indeed he will be happy and proud.
11:11 Except those who persevered and did good works, they have forgiveness and a great reward
11:12 So you may leave some of what is revealed to you, and your chest is tightened by it, because they say: why was not a treasure sent down to him or an angel came with him? You are only a warner, and God is in charge of everything.
11:13 Or they say: he has made it up. Say: then bring ten chapters made up like that, and call on anyone you can other than God if you are truthful
11:14 If they did not answer to you, then know that it was sent down with God’s knowledge, and that there is no god except Him, so are you submitters
11:15 Whoever wants this world's life and its luxury, We pay them for their works in it and they will not be short changed in it.
11:16 They are those who have nothing in the hereafter except the fire, and whatever they made in it (this world) is made useless and whatever they used to do is worthless
11:17 Is someone who is on a clear proof from his Master and a witness from Him reads it, and book of Moses was a guide/leader and a mercy before it (like someone who wants this world's life)? They believe in it, and whoever disbelieves in it among the factions then the fire is his promised place. So do not be in doubt about it, indeed it is the truth from your Master, but most people do not believe
11:18 And who is more wrong than someone who makes up a lie (and attributes it) to God? They will be brought before their Master, and the witnesses will say: these are those who lied against their Master. Know that God’s curse is on the wrongdoers
11:19 Those who obstruct God’s way and they look for its distortion, and they are disbelievers in the hereafter.
11:20 They did not weaken/escape (God) on the earth, and there is no protector for them besides God. The punishment is doubled for them. They were not able to hear and they did not used to see (the truth)
11:21 They are those who lost themselves, and what they used to fabricate abandoned them
11:22 Without a doubt, they are the worst losers in the hereafter
11:23 Indeed those who believed and did good works and humbled themselves before their Master, they are inhabitants of the garden, remaining in there forever
11:24 Example of the two groups is like the blind and deaf, and the one who sees and hears. Are the two examples equal? Do you not take notice
11:25 And We have certainly sent Noah to his people (saying): I am a clear warner for you,
11:26 that you should not serve except God, indeed I am afraid of the punishment of a painful day for you
11:27 And the leaders of those who disbelieved among his people said: we see you are only a human being like us, and we only see those simple minded low lives among us followed you, and we do not see you have any advantage over us, rather we think of you as liars
11:28 He said: my people, what do you think, if I am on a clear proof from my Master and He gave me mercy from Himself that is made obscure to you, should we force it on you while you dislike it
11:29 My people, I do not ask you for any wealth for it, my wage is only God's responsibility, and I do not drive away those who believed. Indeed they meet their Master, but I see you as ignorant people
11:30 And my people, who helps me against God if I drive them away, do you not take notice
11:31 I do not say to you that treasures of God are with me, and I do not know the unseen, and I do not say that I am an angel, and I do not say about those who are despicable in your eyes that God never gives them any good, as God knows best what is in their souls, in that case I am indeed of the wrongdoers (if I drive them away)
11:32 They said: Noah, you have argued with us, and argued too much with us, so bring us what you promise us if you are truthful
11:33 He said: only God brings it to you if He wants and you cannot escape (or stop) it
11:34 And if I want to advise you, my advice does not benefit you if God wants to mislead you. He is your Master, and you are returned to Him
11:35 Or do they say he made it up? Say: if I made that up, then my crime is on me, and I am free of your crime
11:36 And it was revealed to Noah that your people will never believe except anyone who has already believed, so do not be sad by what they were doing
11:37 And build the Ark under Our eyes and Our revelation, and do not speak to Me about those who did wrong, indeed they will be drowned
11:38 While he was building the Ark, every time leaders of his people passed by him, they made fun of him. He said: if you make fun of us, then indeed we make fun of you as you make fun (of us)
11:39 And you will know to whom punishment comes, humiliating him and a lasting punishment falls on him
11:40 Until when Our command came and the oven burst out. We said: carry in there from every pair two (a male and a female), and your family except anyone whom the word previously issued against him, and anyone who believes. And only a few believed with him
11:41 And he said: board in it, its sailing and its anchoring is in the name of God, indeed my Master is forgiving and merciful
11:42 And it (the Ark) sailed with them in wave like mountains, and Noah called out his son while he was in seclusion: my son, board with us and do not be with the disbelievers
11:43 He said: I am going to take shelter in a mountain which guards me from the water. He said: there is no guardian against God’s command today, except anyone whom He has mercy (on him). And the wave came between them and he became of the drowned ones
11:44 And it was said: earth, swallow your water; and sky, stop (the rain). The water subsided and the matter was over, and it (the Ark) rested on the (mount) Judi. And it was said: away with the wrongdoing people
11:45 And Noah called out to his Master, and said: my Master, indeed my son is part of my family, and indeed your promise is true, and you are the wisest of judges
11:46 He (God) said: Noah, he is not of your family, for his action is not good, so do not ask Me what you don't have any knowledge of it, I advise you that do not be of the ignorant ones
11:47 He said: my Master, I look for Your protection for asking You what I do not have any knowledge of it, and if You don’t forgive me and don’t have mercy on me, I will be of the losers
11:48 It was said: Noah, come down with peace (and well-being) from Us and blessings on you and on groups that are with you. And there are groups that We are going to make them enjoy (for a while), then a painful punishment from Us happens to them
11:49 This is from news of the unseen that We reveal to you, neither you nor your people used to know it before this, so be patient as the end is indeed for those who control themselves
11:50 And to Aad (We sent) their brother Hud, he said: my people, serve God, there is no god for you other than Him, you are only making up (lies)
11:51 My people, I do not ask of you any wage for it, as My wage is only responsibility of the One who created me, do you not understand
11:52 And my people, ask forgiveness of your Master then turn to Him in repentance, He sends plenty of rain on you from the sky , and He adds power to your power, and do not turn back being guilty ones
11:53 They said: Hud, you did not bring us any clear proof, and we do not abandon our gods because of your word, and we do not believe you
11:54 We only say that some of our gods afflicted you with badness. He said: I call God to witness, and to be witness that I have nothing to do with what you associat
11:55 besides Him, so all of you plot against me and do not wait
11:56 I put my trust in God, my Master and your Master. There is no living creature unless He takes by its forehead (and controls it), indeed my Master is on a straight path.
11:57 If you turn away, I have indeed preached you what I was sent to you with it, and my Master replaces you with people other than you, and you do not harm Him at all, indeed my Master is guardian of everything
11:58 And when Our command came, We saved Hud and those who believed with him by a mercy from Us, and We saved them from a severe punishment
11:59 And this was Aad, they rejected their Master's signs and disobeyed His messenger and followed order of every stubborn tyrant
11:60 And they were followed by a curse in this world and the resurrection day. Know that indeed Aad disbelieved in their Master. Know that, away with Aad, people of Hud
11:61 And to Thamud (We sent) their brother Salih. He said: my people, serve God, there is no god for you other than Him, He produced you from the earth and made you develop (and stay) in it, so ask for His forgiveness then turn to Him in repentance, indeed my Master is near and answers (your prayers)
11:62 They said: Salih, indeed we were our hope among us before this, do you forbid us from serving what our fathers serve, and we are certainly in serious doubt about what you invite us to it
11:63 He said: my people, what do you think, if I am on a clear proof from my Master and He has given me a mercy from Himself, then who helps me against God if I disobey Him? You do not add anything to me except loss
11:64 And my people, this is God’s female camel as a sign for you, so leave her to eat on God’s earth and do not harm her, otherwise a punishment soon takes you
11:65 But they killed her. Then he said: enjoy in your houses for three days, this is a promise that is not a lie
11:66 So when Our command came, We saved Salih and those who believed with him by a mercy from Us and from the humiliation of that day. Indeed your Master is strong and powerful
11:67 And the awesome roar took those who did wrong, then they became motionless (bodies) in their houses
11:68 as if they did not flourish in there. Know that indeed Thamud disbelieved in their Master. Know that, away with Thamud
11:69 And Our messengers have certainly come to Abraham with good news, they said: peace (and well-being). He said: peace (and well-being). It did not take long before he brought a roasted calf
11:70 But when he saw that their hands do not reach for it, (he realized that) he did not know them, and he felt afraid of them. They said: do not fear, we are sent to Lot's people
11:71 And his wife was standing and she laughed, then We gave her the good news of Isaac, and after Isaac, of Jacob
11:72 She said: woe to me, would I give birth while I am an old woman and my husband is an old man, indeed this is a surprising thing.
11:73 They said: are you surprised about God’s order? God’s mercy and His blessings are on you, the household (of Abraham), He is indeed praiseworthy and glorious
11:74 So when Abraham’s fear subsided and the good news came to him, he (began to) argue with Us about Lot’s people
11:75 Indeed Abraham was patient, kind, and returning (in repentance)
11:76 Abraham, stay away from this, indeed your Master's command has come and indeed an unavoidable punishment comes to them
11:77 And when Our messengers came to Lot, he was anxious about them and felt uneasy about them and he said: this is a terrible day
11:78 And his people came rushing toward him, and they used to do the bad deeds in the past. He said: my people, these are my daughters, they are purer (and more proper) for you, so be cautious of God and do not humiliate me about my guests, is there not any sensible man among you
11:79 They said: you have certainly known we have no claim to your daughters, and indeed you know what we want
11:80 He said: I wish I had power against you, or I had taken shelter in a strong corner
11:81 They (the messengers) said: Lot, indeed we are messengers of your Master, they will never reach you, so travel with your family during part of the night and none of you should look back except your wife, as she suffers what they suffer, their promised time is the morning, is not the morning near
11:82 So when Our command came, We made it upside down and We rained upon them layers of stones of hard clay
11:83 (stones) marked by your Master. And it (the punishment) is not far from the wrongdoers
11:84 And to Midian (We sent) their brother Shu'aib. He said: my people, serve God, there is no god for you other than Him, and do not reduce the measure and the scale, indeed I see you are well off, and indeed I am afraid of the punishment of a surrounding day for you
11:85 And my people, give the full measure and weight with justice and do not short change the people their stuff, and do not commit mischief on the earth as corruptors
11:86 God's remainder (lawful profit) is better for you if you are believers, and I am not your guardian
11:87 They said: Shu'aib, does your mandatory prayer instructs you that we should give up what our fathers served or (to give up) what we want to do with our wealth, you are indeed patient and sensible
11:88 He said: my people, what do you think, if I am on a clear proof from my Master and He provided me a good provision from Himself. And I do not want to oppose you in what I prohibit you from it, I do not want anything but reform (and improvement) as much as I can, and my success is only by God, I trust in Him and I turn to Him
11:89 And my people, do not misbehave (and act unjustly) because of my opposition so that you suffer like what people of Noah or people of Hud or people of Salih suffered, and people of Lot are not far from you
11:90 And ask forgiveness of your Master, then turn to Him in repentance, my Master is indeed merciful and loving
11:91 They said: Shu'aib, we do not understand most of what you say and we certainly see that you are weak among us, and if it was not for your family, we would certainly stone you, and you have no power over us
11:92 He said: my people, is my family more powerful against you than God, yet you throw Him behind your backs (and ignore Him)? Indeed my Master surrounds what you do
11:93 And my people, do what you are capable of, indeed I do (what I can), you will know on whom a punishment comes humiliating him, and who is a liar, and watch and I am watchful with you
11:94 And when Our command came, We saved Shu'aib and those who believed with him by a mercy from Us, and the awesome roar took those who did wrong, then they became motionless in their houses
11:95 as if they did not flourish in there. Know that, away with Midian as was done away with Thamud
11:96 And We have certainly sent Moses with Our signs (miracles) and clear reaso
11:97 to Pharaoh and his assembly. But they followed Pharaoh’s order while Pharaoh's order was not right
11:98 He goes ahead of his people on the resurrection day, and he leads them into the fire, and it is a bad arrival place
11:99 And they were followed by a curse in this (life) and on the resurrection day, they are offered a bad offering
11:100 That is among the news of the towns that we tell you, some of them are standing and some are wiped out
11:101 And We did not wrong them, but they did wrong to themselves. Their gods that they call on other than God were of no use to them at all when your Master's order came, and they only added destruction to them
11:102 And such is your Master's taking (for punishment) when He takes the towns while they are wrongdoers. His taking is indeed severely painful.
11:103 Indeed there is a sign in that for anyone who fears punishment of the hereafter. It is a day that the people are gathered in it and it is a witnessed day (witnessed by everyone).
11:104 And We only put it off for a limited time
11:105 A day (when) it comes, no one speaks except with His permission, then some of them are unfortunate and some are fortunate
11:106 As for those who are unfortunate, then they have moaning and screaming in the fire
11:107 They remain in it as long as the skies and the earth last, unless what your Master wants (to forgive them). Indeed your Master indeed does what He wants
11:108 As for those who are fortunate, they will be in the garden, remaining in it as long as the skies and the earth last, unless what your Master wants, a gift that is irreversible
11:109 So do not be in any doubt as to what these serve. They only serve as their fathers served in the past, and We certainly pay them back their portion without any reduction
11:110 And We have certainly given Moses the book, then they disagreed about it, and if it was not for a word that previously came from your Master, it would have been judged between them, and they are indeed in serious doubt about it
11:111 And your Master shall pay them all back for their actions. Indeed He is well informed of what they do
11:112 So, you and those who repented with you persevere as you are ordered and do not rebel, indeed He sees what you do
11:113 And do not lean toward those who did wrong, otherwise the fire touches you, and there is no protector for you other than God, then you are not helped
11:114 And perform the mandatory prayer at the two ends of the day and early part of the night. Indeed the good deeds eliminate the bad deeds. This is a reminder to the mindful
11:115 And persevere (and be patient), for God does not waste the reward of the good doers
11:116 Why there were not men of insight among the generations before you to prohibit from the corruption in the earth, except a few of those whom We saved among them? And those who did wrong followed what they took pleasure in it, and they were guilty.
11:117 And it is not for your Master to destroy any town unjustly while its people are reformers
11:118 And if your Master wanted, He would have made the people a single community (of faith), but they would not stop to disagree
11:119 except anyone whom your Master had mercy on, and for that He created them. And word of your Master fulfilled: I shall fill hell with the Jinn and the people altogether
11:120 And all that we tell you from stories of the messengers is what We strengthen your heart with it, and the truth and an advice and a reminder came to you for the believers in this
11:121 And say to those who do not believe: do what you are capable of, and indeed we are doer
11:122 and wait, indeed we are also waiting
11:123 The unseen of the skies and the earth belongs to God, and all the affairs are returned to Him, so serve Him and put your trust in Him. And you Master is not negligent of what you do


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