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Hasan Al-Fatih Qaribullah

Hud (Hud)
as rendered by Hasan Al-Fatih Qaribullah
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Hasan Al-Fatih Qaribullah rendition of Surah Hud(Hud)
11:1 AlifLaamRa. (This is) a Book whose verses are clear, and then distinguished from Him, the Wise, the Aware
11:2 Worship none except Allah. I am for you, a warner sent from Him and a bearer of glad tidings
11:3 And ask forgiveness of your Lord and then repent to Him. He will give you enjoyment till a stated term and will give of His Bounty to those of grace. But if you turn away, I fear for you the punishment of a Mighty Day
11:4 To Allah you shall all return. He has power over all things
11:5 See, they cover their chests to conceal from Him. But when they wrap themselves in their clothes He knows what they hide and what they reveal. Indeed, He knows every thought within the chest
11:6 There is not a crawling (creature) on the earth whose provision is not by Allah. He knows its resting place and its repository. All is in a Clear Book
11:7 It is He who created the heavens and the earth in six days and His Throne was upon the waters that He might try you, (and see) which of you excel in works. If you say: 'After death you shall be raised up, ' the unbelievers will say: 'This is nothing but clear sorcery.
11:8 And if We delay the punishment till an appointed time, they will ask: 'What has detained it? ' Indeed, the Day will come to them, it will not be turned awayfrom them, and that they mocked at will encompass them
11:9 If We let a human taste Our Mercy and then withhold it from him, he becomes desperate and ungrateful
11:10 And if after adversity had come upon him, We let him taste prosperity, he says: 'Evil has left me! ' see, he is jubilant and boastful
11:11 except those who are patient and do good deeds, for them awaits forgiveness and a mighty wage
11:12 Perhaps you are leaving part of what has been sent down to you, and your chest is straitened by it, because they say: 'Why has no treasure been sent down to him, or an angel come with him? ' You are only a warner, and Allah is a Guardian over everything
11:13 Or do they say: 'He has forged it? ' Say (to them): 'Then produce ten forged chapters like it. Call, if you are able, upon other than Allah, if what you say is true.
11:14 But if they do not answer you, know that it has been sent down with the knowledge of Allah, and that there is no god except He. So, have you surrendered (become Muslims)
11:15 We shall pay those who desire the present life and its adornments in full for the work they have done therein, they shall not be defrauded
11:16 those are they who in the Everlasting Life will have only the Fire. There, their deeds will have failed and their works will be void
11:17 Then what of he who stands upon a clear proof from his Lord, recited by a witness from Him and before him is the Book of Moses for a guide and a mercy? Those believe in it. But as for those partisans who disbelieve in it, their promised land shall be the Fire. Therefore do not doubt it. It is the truth from your Lord, yet most people do not believe
11:18 And who is greater in evil than he who forges a lie against Allah? Those, they shall be brought before their Lord, and witnesses will say: 'Those are they who lied against their Lord. ' Indeed, the curse of Allah shall fall upon the evildoers
11:19 who bar others from the Path of Allah and seek to make it crooked, they disbelieve in the Everlasting Life
11:20 They are unable to frustrate Him on the earth; there is none to protect them, except Allah. Those, their punishment shall be doubled; they could neither hear nor see
11:21 Those are they that have lost their souls, and that which they forged has left them
11:22 without doubt they will be the greatest losers in the Everlasting Life
11:23 Whereas those who believe and do good deeds and humble themselves before their Lord, they are the companions of Paradise, and there they shall live for ever
11:24 The likeness of the two parties is as one who is blind and deaf, and one that sees and hears, are they equally alike, will you not remember
11:25 We sent Noah to his nation. (He said:) 'I am a warner for you, and a bearer of glad tidings
11:26 Worship none except Allah. I fear for you the punishment of a painful Day.
11:27 The unbelieving Council of his nation said: 'We do not see you other than a human like ourselves. We see your followers are none but the lowliest amongst us, and their opinion is not to be considered. We do not see you superior to us, rather, we consider you liars.
11:28 He said: 'What do you think my nation! If I have a clear proof from my Lord and He has given me mercy from Him, though it is hidden from you, can wecompel you to accept it when you hate it
11:29 My nation, for this I do not ask you for your wealth for my wage is only with Allah. Nor will I drive away the believers, for they will surely meet their Lord.But, I can see that you are ignorant
11:30 Were I to drive you away my nation, who would help me from Allah? Will you not remember
11:31 I do not say to you that I possess the treasuries of Allah, and I do not know the unseen. I do not say I am an angel, nor do I say to those whom you despise, Allah will not give them any good. Allah knows best what is in their hearts. Indeed, if this were so then I would be amongst the harmdoers.
11:32 They said: 'O Noah, you have disputed, and disputed too much, with us. Bring (down) upon us that which you promised us, if what you say is true!
11:33 He replied: 'Allah will bring it (down) upon you if He will; you will never frustrate Him
11:34 Nor will my sincere counsel benefit you if I sincerely desire to counsel you if Allah desires to lead you astray. He is your Lord, and to Him you shall return.
11:35 Or do they say: 'He has fabricated it (himself)? ' Say: 'If I had fabricated it, then the sin rests upon me. I reject the sins you do.
11:36 And it was revealed to Noah: 'None of your nation will believe except whosoever has already believed. Do not distress yourself with what they may do
11:37 Build the Ark with Our seeing (and protection), and as We reveal. Do not speak to Me concerning the evildoers; they shall be drowned.
11:38 Whenever an assembly of his nation passed by him as he was building the Ark, they mocked him. Whereupon he said: 'If you mock us, we shall indeedmock you, just as you mock
11:39 You shall know to whom a degrading punishment will come, and upon whom an everlasting punishment will fall.
11:40 And when Our command came and the oven gushed (forth with water), We said (to Noah): 'Take on board (the Ark) a pair from every species and yourfamily, except he of whom the word has already been spoken, and those who believe. And none except a few believed with him
11:41 He (Noah) said: 'Embark. In the Name of Allah will be its course and berthing. Indeed, my Lord is Forgiving, the Most Merciful.
11:42 And so it (the Ark) ran with them amidst the mountainous waves, and Noah cried out to his son, who was standing apart, 'Embark with us, my son, do not be with the unbelievers!
11:43 But he replied: 'I shall seek refuge on a mountain, which will protect me from the water. ' He (Noah) said: 'Today, there is no defender from the command of Allah, except those to whom He has mercy. ' And the waves came between them, and he was drowned
11:44 And it was said: 'Earth, swallow up your waters. Heaven, cease! ' The water subsided and the matter was accomplished. And the Ark came to rest upon (the mountain of) AlJudi, and it was said: 'Be gone, evildoing nation!
11:45 Noah called out to his Lord, saying: 'O Lord, my son was of my family, and Your promise is surely the truth. You are the most Just of judges.
11:46 He said: 'Noah, he is not of your family. It is not a good deed. Do not ask Me about things of which you have no knowledge. I reproach you lest you become among the ignorant.
11:47 He said: 'My Lord, I seek refuge with You from asking You of that which I have no knowledge. If You do not forgive me and have mercy on me, I shall be among the losers.
11:48 It was said: 'O Noah, descend with peace from Us and blessings on you and on the nations of those with you; and nations We shall give them enjoyment, and then from Us they shall be visited with a painful punishment.
11:49 That is from the news of the unseen which We reveal to you; neither you nor your nation knew this before now. Have patience; the outcome is for the cautious
11:50 To Aad (We sent) their brother Hood. He said: 'My nation, worship Allah; you have no god except He. You are only forgers
11:51 My nation, for this I ask of you no wage. My wage is only with He who created me. Will you not understand
11:52 My nation, ask your Lord to forgive you and turn to Him in repentance. From the sky He will loose an abundance (of rain) upon you; He will add strength to your strength. Do not turn away as sinners.
11:53 They replied: 'Hood, you have not brought us a clear sign. We will not forsake our gods because of what you say. We do not believe you
11:54 We say nothing except our gods have afflicted you with some kind of evil. ' He said: 'I call Allah to witness, and you to bear witness, that I reject what you associate
11:55 other than Him, so all of you, scheme against me, then you shall give me no respite
11:56 In truth, I have put my trust in Allah, (who is) my Lord and your Lord. There is no crawling creature that He does not take by the forelock. Indeed, my Lord is on a Straight Path
11:57 If you turn away, I have delivered to you that with which I was sent, and my Lord will cause people other than you to be your successors. You cannot harm Him a thing. My Lord is the Guardian over every thing.
11:58 And when Our command came, We saved Hood, together with those who believed with him through Our Mercy, and saved them from a harsh punishment
11:59 Such was Aad. They disbelieved the verses of their Lord, rebelled against His Messengers, and did the bidding of every rebellious tyrant
11:60 They were overtaken by a curse in this world, and (they shall be cursed) on the Day of Resurrection. Indeed, Aad disbelieved in their Lord. Gone are Aad, the nation of Hood
11:61 And to Thamood, (We sent) their brother Salih. He said: 'My nation, worship Allah; you have no god except He. It is He who made you from the earth and let you live upon it. Ask His forgiveness then repent to Him. Indeed, my Lord is near and answers (prayers).
11:62 They said: 'Salih, before this you were a source of hope to us. What, would you now forbid us to worship what our fathers worshipped? Indeed, we are disquieted, and doubt that to which you invite.
11:63 He said: 'My nation, think! If I have a clear proof from my Lord and He has given me His Mercy, who would help me against Allah if I rebel against Him?Indeed, you would do nothing for me except increase my loss.
11:64 'My nation, this is the shecamel of Allah, a sign for you. Leave her to graze upon the earth of Allah and do not touch her with evil lest you be seized by a punishment that is near.
11:65 Yet they hamstrung her. He (Salih) said: 'Take your enjoyment in your homes for three days! This is a promise that cannot be belied!
11:66 And when Our command came, We saved Salih together with those who believed with him through Our Mercy, and from the ignominy of that day. YourLord is Strong and Mighty
11:67 And the harmdoers were seized by the Shout (of the angel), and in the morning, they were found crouched in their dwellings, dead
11:68 as though they had never lived there. Indeed, Thamood disbelieved in their Lord. So, begone Thamood
11:69 Our Messengers came to Abraham with glad tidings. They said: 'Peace! ' He replied 'Peace! ' and in a while brought them a roasted calf
11:70 But when he saw that their hands did not reach towards it, he was wary and became fearful of them, but they said: 'Do not be afraid. We are sent to thenation of Lot.
11:71 His wife (Sarah), who was standing nearby, laughed. Thereupon, We gave her the good news of Isaac, and after Isaac of Jacob
11:72 She replied: 'Alas for me! Shall I bear (a child) when I am old woman and my husband is advanced in years? This is indeed a strange thing.
11:73 They said: 'What, do you marvel at the command of Allah? The Mercy of Allah and His Blessings be upon you, O people of the House. Indeed, He isPraised, Exalted.
11:74 And when the wonderment departed from Abraham and the glad tidings reached him, he pleaded with Us for the nation of Lot
11:75 indeed, Abraham was forbearing, tenderhearted and penitent
11:76 (It was said:) 'Abraham, turn away from this; your Lord's command has indeed come, and there is coming upon them a punishment that will not be turned back.
11:77 And when Our messengers came to Lot, he was troubled and distressed for them, and said: 'This is a harsh day.
11:78 His nation came running towards him; whilst they were doing evil deeds. 'My nation, ' he said: 'here are my daughters (take them in marriage), they are cleaner for you. Fear Allah and do not humiliate me by my guests. Is there not one man amongst you of right mind?
11:79 They replied: 'You know we have no right for your daughters. You know very well what we desire.
11:80 He said: 'Would that I were powerful over you, or might take refuge in a strong pillar!
11:81 They (the angels) said: 'Lot, we are the Messengers of your Lord, they shall not touch you. Depart with your family in the watch of the night and let none of you turn round, except your wife. She shall be struck by that which strikes them. Their appointed time is the morning. Is it not that the morning is near?
11:82 And when Our command came, We turned it upside down, and rained on it, stone after stone of baked clay
11:83 marked with your Lord, and never far from the evildoers
11:84 And to Midian, (We sent) their brother Shu'aib. He said: 'My nation, worship Allah; you have no god except He. Do not reduce the measure nor the scale. I see you are prosperous, and fear the punishment of an encompassing day for you
11:85 'My nation, be just in filling the measure and the scale. Do not reduce people's goods and do not corrupt the land with mischief
11:86 What remains with Allah is better for you, if you are believers. I am not your guardian.
11:87 'Shu'aib, ' they replied, 'does your prayer command you that we should abandon that which our fathers worshipped or do as we please with our goods? You are clement and rightminded!
11:88 He said: 'Think, my nation! If I have a clear sign from my Lord and He has provided me with good provision, I do not desire to go behind you, taking for myself that which I forbid you. I seek but to reform as much as I can, my help comes only from Allah. In Him I have put my trust and to Him I turn in penitence
11:89 And my nation, do not let your breaking with me bring upon you something similar to that which struck the nation of Noah, Hood, and Salih and it is not long since the people of Lot (were punished)
11:90 Ask the forgiveness of your Lord and turn to Him in repentance. Indeed, my Lord is the Most Merciful, Loving.
11:91 They said 'Shu'aib, we do not understand much of what you say to us. Indeed, we see you weak among us. If it was not for your tribe we would have stoned you because you are not strong against us.
11:92 He said: 'My nation, is my tribe stronger against you than Allah? You have taken Him to be thrown behind you, my Lord encompasses all that you do
11:93 My nation, do according to your position; as I am doing; and certainly you will know to whom the degrading punishment will come and who is a liar. Be watchful; I shall be watching with you.
11:94 And when Our command came We saved Shu'aib through Our Mercy, together with those who believed. (Then) the evildoers were seized by a Shout, and when morning came they were crouched in their dwellings, dead
11:95 as if they had never have lived there. Begone, the nation of Midian, just as Thamood are gone
11:96 We sent Moses with Our signs and with clear authorit
11:97 to Pharaoh and his Council. But they followed the command of Pharaoh, and Pharaoh's command was not rightminded
11:98 He shall go before his nation on the Day of Resurrection and lead them into the Fire. Evil is the wateringplace to be led down to
11:99 A curse was sent to follow them in this world and then upon them on the Day of Resurrection. Evil is the offering to be offered
11:100 That, which We have related to you, is the news of the villages; some of them still stand, whereas others are stubble
11:101 We did not wrong them, rather, they wronged themselves. Their gods that they called upon, other than Allah, did not help them when your Lord's command came they did not increased them except in their destruction
11:102 Such is the seizing of your Lord, when He seizes the evildoing villages. His seizing is painful, stern
11:103 Indeed, for he who fears the punishment of the Everlasting Life that is a sign. That is a Day on which everyone shall be assembled. That shall be a witnessed Day
11:104 We shall not postpone it except until a counted term
11:105 When that Day arrives no soul shall speak except by His permission. Some shall be wretched, and others happy
11:106 The wretched shall be (cast) in the Fire where they will moan and sigh
11:107 and there they shall live for ever, as long as the heavens and the earth endure, and as your Lord wills. Indeed, your Lord accomplishes whatsoever He will
11:108 As for the happy, they shall live in Paradise for ever, so as long as the heavens and the earth endure, and as your Lord wills an unbroken gift
11:109 Therefore do no be doubtful as to what these worship. They worship only that which their fathers worshiped before them. We shall indeed pay them in full their undiminished measure
11:110 We gave Moses the Book, but they differed regarding it, but for a word that preceded from your Lord, it had been decided between them; and they are indisquieting doubt of it
11:111 Indeed, your Lord will pay each one of them in full for their deeds. He is aware of the things they do
11:112 So you and whosoever repents with you go straight as you have been commanded and do not be insolent, indeed, He sees what you do
11:113 And do not incline to the wrongdoers lest you are touched by the Fire, for then you shall not be helped. You have no guardians other than Allah
11:114 And establish your prayer at the two edges of the day and in part of the night. Good deeds will repel evil deeds. That is a remembrance for those whoremember
11:115 Therefore have patience; Allah will not let the wage of the gooddoers go to waste
11:116 If (only) there had been except for a few among them whom We saved among the generations that have gone before you, some that remained forbidding corruption in the land, but the wrongdoers pursued the ease they had been given to delight in and became sinners
11:117 Your Lord would never destroy the villages unjustly, whilst their people were reforming
11:118 Had your Lord willed, He would have made mankind a single nation. But they continue in their difference
11:119 except those on whom your Lord shows mercy. For this end He has created them. The Word of your Lord shall be perfectly completed: 'I shall fillGehenna (Hell) with jinn and people, all together.
11:120 And all We relate to you of the tidings of the Messengers is that whereby We strengthen your heart and through these the truth has come to you, and anadmonition and a reminder to the believers
11:121 Say to those who disbelieve: 'Do according to your station; we are doing according to our station.
11:122 Wait; we too are waiting.
11:123 To Allah belongs the unseen in the heavens and in the earth; to Him the matter, in its entirety, shall be returned. Worship Him, and put your trust in Him.Your Lord is not inattentive of the things you do


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