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at-Takathur (Rivalry in World Increase, Competition, Worldly Gain)
as rendered by Maududi
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Maududi rendition of Surah Rivalry in World Increase, Competition, Worldly Gain(at-Takathur)
102:1 The craving for ever-greater worldly gains and to excel others in that regard keeps you occupie
102:2 until you reach your graves
102:3 Nay, you will soon come to know
102:4 nay, again, you shall soon come to know
102:5 Nay, would that you knew with certainty of knowledge (what your attitude will lead to, you would never have acted the way you do)
102:6 You will surely end up seeing Hell
102:7 again, you shall most certainly end up seeing it with absolute certainty
102:8 Then, on that Day, you will be called to account for all the bounties you enjoyed


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