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al-Qamar (The Moon)
as rendered by N J Dawood (draft)

N J Dawood (draft) rendition of Surah The Moon(al-Qamar)
54:1 The Hour of Doom is drawing near, and the moon is cleft in two.
54:2 Yet, when they see a sign, the unbelievers turn their backs and say: 'Ingenious sorcery!'
54:3 They deny the truth, and follow their own fancies. But in the end all issues shall be laid to rest.
54:4 Cautionary tales, profound in wisdom, have been narrated to them:
54:5 but warnings are unavailing.
54:6 Let them be. The day the Crier summons them to the dread account,
54:7 they shall come out from their graves with downcast eyes, and rush towards him like swarming locusts.
54:8 The unbelievers will cry: 'This is indeed a woeful day!'
54:9 Long before them, the people of Noah disbelieved. They disbelieved Our servant, and called him a madman. Rejected and condemned,
54:10 he cried out, saying: 'Help me, Lord, I am overcome!'
54:11 We opened the gates of heaven with pouring rain
54:12 and caused the earth to burst with gushing springs, so that the waters met for a predestined end.
54:13 We carried him in a vessel built with planks and nails,
54:14 which drifted on under Our eyes: a recompense for him who had been disbelieved.
54:15 This We have left as a sign: but will any take heed?
54:16 How grievous was My scourge, and how clear My warning!
54:17 We have made the Koran easy to remember: but will any take heed?
54:18 'Ad, too, did not believe. How grievous was My scourge, and how clear My warning!
54:19 On a day of unremitting woe, We let loose on them a howling wind
54:20 which snapped them off like trunks of uprooted palm trees.
54:21 How grievous was My scourge, and how clear My warning!
54:22 We have made the Koran easy to remember: but will any take heed?
54:23 Thamud, too, disbelieved Our warnings.
54:24 They said: 'Are we to follow a mortal who stands alone among us? That would surely be error and madness.
54:25 Did he alone among us receive the admonition? He is indeed a foolish liar.'
54:26 To him We said: 'Tomorrow they shall learn who the foolish liar is.
54:27 We are sending to them the she–camel, that We may put them to the proof. Observe them closely and have patience.
54:28 Tell them that they must share their drink with her, and that for every draught they must attend in person.'
54:29 They called their friend, who took a knife and slew her.
54:30 How grievous was My scourge, and how clear My warning!
54:31 A single cry was heard, and they became like the dry twigs of the sheep–fold builder.
54:32 We have made the Koran easy to remember: but will any take heed?
54:33 The people of Lot disbelieved Our warnings.
54:34 We let loose on them a stone–charged whirlwind which destroyed them all, except the house of Lot, whom We saved at dawn
54:35 through Our mercy. Thus do We reward the thankful.
54:36 Lot had warned them of Our punishment, but they doubted his warnings.
54:37 They demanded his guests of him. We put out their eyes, and said: 'Taste My punishment, now that you have scorned My warning.'
54:38 And at daybreak a heavy scourge took them.
54:39 'Taste My punishment, now that you have scorned My warning!'
54:40 We have made the Koran easy to remember: but will any take heed?
54:41 To Pharaoh's people also came the warnings.
54:42 But they disbelieved all Our signs, and We smote them with the scourge of the Mighty One, the All–powerful.
54:43 Are your unbelievers better men than these? Or are you given immunity in the Scriptures?
54:44 Do they say: 'We are a victorious army'?
54:45 Their army shall be routed and put to flight.
54:46 The Hour of Doom is their appointed time. More calamitous, and more doleful, shall that Hour be than all their worldly trials.
54:47 Yet the wrongdoers persist in error and madness.
54:48 On the day when they are dragged into the Fire with faces down, We shall say to them: 'Feel the touch of Hell!'
54:49 We have surely made all things according to a fixed decree.
54:50 We command but once: Our will is done in the twinkling of an eye.
54:51 We have destroyed many a nation like yourselves. Will you not take warning?
54:52 All their deeds are in their books:
54:53 every action, small or great, is noted down.
54:54 The righteous shall dwell in gardens watered by running brooks,
54:55 honourably seated in the presence of a Mighty King.


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