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Fatir (The Angels, Originator, The Creator)
as rendered by N J Dawood (draft)

N J Dawood (draft) rendition of Surah The Angels, Originator, The Creator(Fatir)
35:1 Praise be to God, Creator of the heavens and the earth! He sends forth the angels as His messengers, with two, three or four pairs of wings. He multiplies His creatures according to His will. God has power over all things.
35:2 The blessings God bestows on men none can withhold; and what He withholds none can bestow, apart from Him. He is the Mighty, the Wise One.
35:3 You people! Bear in mind God's goodness to you. Is there any other creator who provides for you from heaven and earth? There is no god but Him. How then can you turn away?
35:4 If they deny you, other apostles have been denied before you. To God shall all things return.
35:5 You people! The promise of God is true. Let not the life of this world deceive you, nor let the Dissembler deceive you about God.
35:6 Satan is your enemy: therefore treat him as an enemy. He tempts his followers so that they may become the heirs of Hell.
35:7 The unbelievers shall be sternly punished, but those that accept the true Faith and do good works shall he forgiven and richly recompensed.
35:8 Is he whose foul deeds seem fair to him [like the man who is rightly guided]? God leaves in error whom He will and guides whom He pleases. Do not destroy yourself with grief on their account: God has knowledge of all their actions.
35:9 35:9 God sends forth the winds which set the clouds in motion. We drive them on to some dead land and give fresh life to the earth after it has died. Such is the Resurrection.
35:10 If anyone seeks glory, let him know that glory is God's alone. The good word is heard by Him and the good deed exalted. But those that plot evil shall be sternly punished; their plots will be brought to nothing.
35:11 God created you from dust, then from a little germ. Into two sexes He divided you. No female conceives or gives birth without His knowledge. No man grows old or has his life cut short but in accordance with His decree. All this is easy enough for God.
35:12 The Two Seas are not alike. The one is fresh, sweet, and pleasant to drink from, while the other is salt and bitter. From both you eat fresh fish, and from both you bring out ornaments to wear. See how the ships plough their course through them as you sail away to seek His bounty. Perchance you will give thanks.
35:13 He causes the night to pass into the day, and the day to pass into the night. He has pressed the sun and the moon into His service, each running for an appointed term. Such is God, your Lord. His is the sovereignty. The idols whom you invoke besides Him have power over nothing.
35:14 If you pray to them they cannot hear your prayer, and even if they hear you they cannot answer you. On the Day of Resurrection they will deny that you ever served them. None can make known to you the Truth like the One who is all–knowing.
35:15 You people, it is you who stand in need of God. God is all–sufficient and glorious.
35:16 He can destroy you if He will and replace you with a new creation;
35:17 this is no impossible thing for God.
35:18 No soul shall bear another's burden. If a laden soul cries out for help, not even a near relation shall share its burden. You shall admonish none but those who fear their Lord though they cannot see Him, and are steadfast in prayer. He that keeps himself pure has much to gain. To God shall all return.
35:19 The blind and the seeing are not equal, nor are the darkness and the light.
35:20 n/a
35:21 The shade and the heat are not equal,
35:22 nor are the living and the dead. God can cause whom He will to hear Him, but you cannot make those who are in their graves hear you.
35:23 Your only duty is to give warning.
35:24 We have sent you with the Truth to proclaim good news and to give warning; for there is no community that has not had a warner.
35:25 If they disbelieve you, know that those who have gone before them also disbelieved. Their apostles came to them with veritable signs, with scriptures, and with the light–giving Book.
35:26 But in the end I smote the unbelievers: and how terrible was the way I disowned them!
35:27 Did you not see how God sent down water from the sky with which We brought forth fruits of different hues? In the mountains there are streaks of various shades of white and red, and jet–black rocks.
35:28 Men, beasts, and cattle have their different colours, too. From among His servants, only those fear God who know that God is mighty and forgiving.
35:29 Those who recite the Book of God and attend to their prayers and give from what We gave them, in private and in public, may hope for imperishable gain.
35:30 He will give them their rewards and enrich them from His own abundance. He is forgiving and bountiful in His rewards.
35:31 What We have revealed to you in the Book is the truth confirming previous scriptures. God knows and observes His servants.
35:32 We have bestowed the Book on those of Our servants whom We have chosen. Some sin against their souls, some follow a middle course, and some, by God's leave, vie with each other in charitable works: this is the supreme virtue.
35:33 They shall enter the gardens of Eden, where they shall be decked with bracelets of gold and pearls, and arrayed in robes of silk.
35:34 They will say: 'Praise be to God who has taken away all sorrow from us. Our Lord is forgiving and bountiful in His rewards.
35:35 Through His grace He has admitted us to the Eternal Mansion, where we shall endure no toil, no weariness.'
35:36 As for the unbelievers, the fire of Hell awaits them. Death shall not deliver them, nor shall its torment ever be eased for them. Thus shall We reward the thankless.
35:37 There they will cry out: 'Lord, remove us hence! We will live a good life and will not do as we have done.' But He will answer: 'Did We not make your lives long enough for anyone who would be warned to take warning? Besides, someone did come to warn you: have a taste of it then. None shall help the wrongdoers.'
35:38 God knows the mysteries of the heavens and the earth. He knows the innermost thoughts of men.
35:39 It is He who has given you the earth to inherit. He that denies Him shall beat the burden of his unbelief. In denying Him the unbeliever earn nothing but odium in the sight of God; their unbelief earns them nothing but perdition.
35:40 Say: 'Behold your other gods on whom you call besides God. Show me what part of the earth they have created! Have they a share in the heavens?' Or have We given them a scripture affording them evident proof? Truly, vain are the promises the wrongdoers give each other.
35:41 It is God who keeps the heavens and the earth from falling. Should they fall, none could hold them back but Him. Gracious is God, and forgiving.
35:42 They solemnly swore by God that if a prophet should come to warn them, they would accept his guidance more readily than did the other nations. Yet when someone did come to warn them, they turned away from him with greater aversion,
35:43 behaving arrogantly in the land and plotting evil. But evil shall recoil on those that plot evil. What end are they awaiting, except the end which overtook the ancients? You will find no change in the ways of God; nor will you find in the ways of God any alteration.
35:44 Have they never journeyed through the land and seen the fate of those who went before them, nations far mightier than they? There is nothing in the heavens or the earth beyond the power of God. All–knowing is He, and mighty.
35:45 If it was God's will to punish men for their misdeeds, not one creature would be left alive on the earth's surface. He respites them till an appointed time. And when their time comes, they shall learn that God has been watching all His servants.


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