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2017/12/16 Navigation
- added ayat navigation at page end for convenience - JZAK to Samir Abboushi for the suggestion.

2017/12/16 Mir Aneesuddid
- corrected sequence error in Syrah Ta Ha; thanks to Samir Abboushi for the report.

2017/11/26 Muhammad H. al-`Asi
 - new addition of The Ascendant Qur‘an, by Muhammad H. al-‘Asi; work in progress, as of November 2016 ayat 1:1 to 2:141 have been transcribed.

2017/11/26 Wahiduddin Khan
 - corrected missing period in 18:30; thanks to brother Larbs Ben for the reports.

2017/11/24 Wahiduddin Khan
 - corrected partial truncation in al-Kahf 18:18 and missing apostrophe in 18:21; thanks to brother Larbs Ben for the reports.

2017/11/21Yusuf Ali (original) 
 - corrected typos in al-Baqarah 2:136, 2:177, 2:185, 2:243, 2:249, 2:283; also al-Imran 3:7, 3:20, 3:25, 3:64, 3:84; thanks to sister Erica Bolliger for the reports.

2017/11/21 Hamad S. Aziz 
 - corrected truncation in an-Nahl 16:71; thanks to Samir Abboushi for the report.

2017/10/09 Literal / word-for-word translation 
 - fixed missing word in at-Talaq 65:3; thanks to Fayaad Ali for the report.

2017/09/26 N. J. Dawood (edited) translation 
 - thanks to the hard work of sister Samina Khan, the translation by N.J.Dawood has been updated.

2017/07/30 All changes complete
 - redirects to will still occur for some, but both are aliases of the same site

2017/06/13 Temporary move to backup site due to hack attack
 - repair continues 6/18 - word-for-word individual audio files in place

2016/12/09 Truncated 2:187 Hamid Aziz fixed

2016/12/09 Truncated 22:15 Dr. Kamal Omar fixed

2016/12/09 Entire surah 22 Mir Aneesuddin fixed

2016/12/09 Corrrected special characters in Sayyid Qutb (transcription in progress)

2016/12/09 Corrrected 18:12 Muhammad Asad


2016/09/05 Truncated 27:40 Hamid Aziz fixed

2016/09/05 4:46 Yusuf Ali "What hear and obey" corrected to "We hear and obey"


2016/04/23 Complete updated revision of Bakhtiari Nejad rendition.

2016/04/23 Corrected transcription error in 16:51 Safi Kaskas rendition.

2016/03/06 Added Bakhtiari Nejad rendition. 

2016/03/05 Added Safi Kaskas rendition. JZAK to the author for his assistance.


2015/02/02 UPGRADE to Joomla 3 


2014/12/07 Fixed parsing error in Aisha Bewley Surah al-A'raf (shukron to Shibli Zaman)

2014/07/26 Added missing ayah [various] to M. Farooq Malik rendition

2014/07/26 Added missing ayah 25:63-77 to [Al-Muntakhab] rendition

2014/07/26 Added redirect for

2014/07/26 Fixed run-together words in Wahiduddin Khan al-Imran 3:134

2014/07/26 Fixed transcription error in Muhammad Mahmoud Ghali al-Ahzab 33:33

2014/07/26 Fixed run-together words in Wahiduddin Khan ar-Ra`d 13:29

2013/09/14 Per author request "Progressive Muslims" renamed "The Montheist Group (2011)"

2013/09/14 Per author request "Free Minds" renamed "The Montheist Group (2013)"

2013/07/26 Added Free Minds translation; replaced bad Qur'an Index link

2013/07/20 Added internation translation pages; added ease-of-use tabs on all ayat pages

2013/06/15 fixed incorrect parsing in N J Dawood 25:30-32 (shukron to Wasim Uddin) 

2013/06/08 added translation "Quran in English: Clear and Easy to Read (2012)" by Talal Itani. 

2013/06/08 corrected truncation of [al Mukatab] 74:31

2013/06/01 deprecated Amatul Rahman Omar, due to oddities in al-Baqarah 2:72 translation (and related ayah)

2013/05/25 updated Dr. Mohammad Tahir-ul-Qadri to latest edition

2013/05/10 added Ahmed Raza Khan - Barelvi - redition (in the yellow section)

2013/05/05 added Link and images for

2013/05/03 fix transcription error in Asad's surah 18 ayat 46; two transcription error in surah 2, ayat 27 (shukron to Mubashir Inayet); one transcription error located in Bijan Moeinian surah 81 ayat

2013/04/18 updated entire Bilal Muhammad rendition to 2013 edition 

2013/03/10 corrected transcription errors in multible ayah as reported by Arshad Chaudhry;corrected transcription error in Asad 86:9  (shukron to Mubashir Inayet); added missing ayah to T.B.Irving 42:17-19, 69:48; corrected several errors in surah 35, translator [al-Munkatab] (shukron to Arshad Chaudhry);  corrected several errors in surah 81, ayat 1 (shukron to Mubashir Inayet)

2013/03/08 corrected several errors in Kamal Omar (shukron to Samir Saikali) and one in Wahiduddin Khan 7:205

2013/03/05 added surah 76 thru 87 of rendition by Sayyed Abbas Sadr-Ameli

2013/03/01 corrected Muhammad Asad missing word in al-Insan 76:21 (shukron to Mubashir Inayet)

2013/02/26 corrected Muhammad Asad missing word in al-Muzammil 73:6 (shukron to Mubashir Inayet); corrected Maududi truncated ayat in Hud 11:7

2013/02/23 corrected T.B. Irving missing ayat and seven resulting sequence errors in surah al-Mulk (shukron to Samir Saikali)

2013/01/06 corrected reported '—' problem (shukron to Francis Chabot of Université de Montréal)

2013/01/05 re-labeled two Yusuf Ali versions; moved 1938 edition to green/mainstream category

2013/01/04 added missing Farook Malik ayah

2013/01/03 added NEW TRANSLATON: draft N. J. Dawood (shukran to sister Samina Khan)

2012/07/28 corrected sequence issues with Hamid S. Aziz translation; corrected  [al-Mutakhab] 25:63

2012/06/19 Corrected sequencing error in T.B.Irving rendition, in Surrah Al-Maidah.